Monday, May 08, 2006

Wingnut alarm and the loon from Saskatoon

When the bells started ringing in the bunker way too early this morning I thought my clock radio had gone bonkers. I was ready to pick it up and throw it against a wall. Then I realized it wasn't my radio. It was my wingnut alarm.

One of President Harper's trained seals had managed to slip his muzzle off. And was mouthing crazy stuff about the Supreme Court and why it was guilty of so-called "judicial activism." (Which in wingnut code means guilty of protecting the fags.) But before I could grab a net and race to the rescue, it was all over.

In the end the ReformCon from Saskatchewan (Canada's Alabama) had to eat crow. Crumbled like a kookie. Great Leader must have been REALLY angry. For letting Canadians get a peep at the real face of the ReformCon Party BEFORE he gets a majority. After that it won't matter...

But I wasn't satisfied. Who is this rube anyway? I see he's the new chair of a Parliamentary Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. Despite his support of two disgraced cops who dumped a native man on the outskirts of Saskatoon on a freezing cold night. Not far from where other native men had been found before frozen to death. Like 17-year-old Neil Stonechild.

Isn't that a killer of an appointment or what?

But then I wondered how did this loon from Saskatoon dare to bitchslap our wonderfully civilized Supreme Court justices, about anything to do with CANADIAN law? I see he claims to have a doctoral degree from university. But the only law they believe in at that place is GOD'S LAW. (pdf)

And this is still Canada, so that's not good enough. Not if you don't believe in that mumbo jumbo. Not if you're gay or lesbian. That's over my dead body stuff.

I mean really?

" A law is just (and therefore justifiably authoritative) if it corresponds with our nature as God created it."

Or how about this zinger?

"To be a person simply means to have the capacity for relationship, and an embryo certainly has that."

Huh? Ain't that embryophilia or what?

What will these religious bubbas attack next? Birth control? Ugh. I see they already have. My poor hetero friends. They'll be forced to breed like bunnies. Spend all their money on baby food instead of booze. Or prams instead of bikes.

Because you can count on one thing with these fanatics: whatever slop is cooked up in wingnut circles down there, always gets regurgitated in wingnut circles up here.

On the other hand.... the good part is that surely now everyone in Canada, even those shortsighted Tory tools in Quebec, must understand why President Harper muzzled his trained seals. So they wouldn't bite or bark too loud. Ruin his fake moderate image, and scare voters away.

Surely it's not too much of a stretch for people to imagine what would happen if Harper won a majority. And all the muzzles came off at the same time...

I don't think a lot of Canadians realize how much Stephen Harper wants to try to change this country and the values we hold as our own. "When I'm finished with this country they won't recognize it, " he once said. He wasn't kidding. He really thinks like that.

The question is can he be stopped? And how? Maybe this story offers a little clue... From the Republicans to the Harperites. With love. Although the Harperites didn't want anyone to know
How about those boys from the secret handshake society?

Maybe the left should return the favour... Dig up the wingnut stuff that the Conservatives are trying so desperately to hide. Maybe the media can do its part too. Let Canadians know where these religious crazies are coming from BEFORE the next election.Only a culture war can change the outcome in Quebec.

Besides...Surely what's good for the Liberal goose.

Must be good for these guys too...

Just put an apple in its mouth.

And light a fire under it...

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