Saturday, May 20, 2006

Harper and his poodle parade

Oh Canada. How much lower can our country go? First President Harper sells us out to the United States. For a trip to the White House that has now been delayed. Ouch.I bet that hurts. Then he invites the Australian poodle Howard to blow Bush in the Canadian House of Commons. Only to regret it later.

Uh oh. I don't think this little dinner went down too well. How long do you think it will be before Harper starts calling him his rival ? Instead of his Wizard of Ozzy. I mean holy kangaroo. Like we need fucking Australia to tell us what to do? If we need sheep to trim our lawns we'll call them.

Why doesn't that dingo poodle worry about his fucked up country? And leave us to worry about ours.

Who is Harper going to ask to address Parliament next? That other Chimp poodle Tony Blair? If this doggy parade goes on much longer, we might as well close the place down. And turn it into a kennel.

(Sigh) Will these yankee loving neocons ever learn that Canada belongs to Canadians?

And bugger off so we can do our Canadian thing. Celebrate the birthday of a dead English Queen, with fireworks and beer.

Hey she may have been really weird. And a hypocritical sex and drug fiend too.

But at least we get a holiday out of her.

Happy dead crazy English Queen weekend everyone!

Throw a shrimp, or a neocon, on the barbie for me...

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