Friday, May 19, 2006

Monkey love and the meaning of life

Holy banana! That story about how our ancestors mated with chimps really had me scratching my armpits today. It seems so unbelievable.

It could be the oldest, not to mention the messiest, break-up in history. When humans and chimpanzees split up along the path of evolution, they carried on having sex for as long as 4m years, geneticists claim today.

How did they ever find each other across the Great Hairy Divide? What a Romeo and Juliet tale of monkey love.

It must have the religious wingnuts in a frenzy. Those chimps are making a monkey out of their so-called theory of Intelligent Design.

Tarzan. Cheetah. FRIENDS....

On the other hand it does explain a lot of things..... like why humans like bananas so much.

Or why we have a tendency to become drunk and disorderly

Or act like selfish neocons.

Oh what a CRUEL twist of fate. Of all the monkeys in the world we had to fuck with the wrong one.

Too bad. Not only are the bonobos less violent, less sexist and more fun.

They're far better looking as well.

 about a HUNKY monkey. What do you think my fellow apes?

Is it REALLY too late to start all over again?

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