Thursday, May 25, 2006

Harper's dangerous character flaw

Talk about a bad omen. Time stands still on Parliament Hill. The clock on the Peace Tower has blown a fuse. And on the same day that President Harper confirmed what I told you last night. We won't have to wait very long for an election.

Hmmm....what a coincidence. How suspicious. Do you think the dying Liberals are trying to delay the inevitable? But it doesn't really matter. Soon it will be Harper time. All the time.

Which is why I was glad that our fake prez kind of blew a fuse of his own today and declared war on the dumbos of the parliamentary media. It was awfully ungrateful of him of course. Without the fawning coverage of the dumbos during the last election campaign he probably wouldn't be President. How could he forget their so-called coverage of him? The one that set a new world record for the longest uninterrupted blow job during an election campaign anywhere.(except North Korea)

No wonder those dumbos are so pissed off. I guess they figured he owed them at least a quickie or two... Although Susan Delacourt does provide a reasonable explanation for their little hissy fit.

But what I really like about Harper's decision to bypass the national media is that it shows once again how determined he is to mimic his hero Chimp Bush. Is that chimpy or spooky or what?

And what I really love is what it says about the way he thinks. His Me versus Them mentality. The one I've been warning you about. The one I know so well. Because I've been studying him like a bug for years. Or at least like a really interesting and very different political animal. One with fanatical tendencies, and a potentially dangerous character flaw.

Remember how I told you about his fights with Preston Manning over the policy papers Harper produced for the Reform Party? How he couldn't understand why the Parson insisted on taking them to the grassroots for approval? I told you that Harper could never accept that. He thought they were too stupid to understand his brilliant plans. He raged, he sulked, and then he finally quit.

At the time that could be dismissed as the typical behaviour of a bright policy wonk who had spent too much time wacking off philosophically in the strange right-wing world of the Calgary School.

But now he's a Prime Minister with a Presidential complex. Now nobody can challenge his plans. Not even his own Ministers and MPs. Now he could be on the verge of winning a crushing majority. Now this minor character flaw is suddenly a lot more serious.

The problem is that people who think like Harper can eventually come to believe that everyone is against them. Come to believe that only they are in possession of the pure unvarnished truth. That everyone else is either too stupid, or too corrupt, or too weak to take the ruthless measures necessary to get the job done. In Harper's case to change Canada beyond recognition.

Give a man like that a big majority. And chances are you'll have a real big problem.

As I said before.Fasten your seatbelts.

We're in for quite a ride...


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when I saw the clock had stopped, I couldn't help but think that even our greatest national monuments are trying to tell us there's a problem on the hill.

If that son of a bitch wins a majority, the Peace Tower will lose all faith in itself and I'll be right there with it.

Simon said...

Hi Bruce

It is kind of spooky isn't it? What with the gargoyles it's so Stephen King. But don't say you'll lose faith if he wins a majority. Because you're going to need it for the day after he does win one. As he will. The question is what are we going to do? Should be interesting.I'm up for it. I'm sure you will be too.

P.S. Happy Birthday!