Sunday, May 21, 2006

Killing Kyoto and the apes from Alberta

Of all the disgusting things the sellout Harper government has done so far, its secret plans to kill Kyoto, must surely be the most foul. But it does make one thing absolutely clear. Canada can't afford this yankee wannabe Oilberta government any longer. And neither can the planet.

Rona Ambrose's klown komedy in Bonn is humiliating enough. Talk about being a rube from Alberta. Talk about being out of it. Didn't somebody tell President Harper's little princess, that even the real Queen is worried about global warming?

Or tell this lightweight puppet of the oil industry that if she continues her crusade against Kyoto our international reputation will be ruined for all time. History will record that some gassy pigs, in a country called Canada, led the charge to destroy the planet's last chance of avoiding environmental disaster.

Sacrificed the future of the world's children just to please their yankee masters. And destroyed themselves in the process. A friend of mine flew over the Alberta oilsands the other day and said it looked like the surface of Mars. Soon the entire place will look like a desert. The Province of the Apes.

No politician from Alberta should ever have been allowed to become Environment Minister. Everyone knows the sellout one-party province is really run by the oil industry. The ones who claimed that global warming didn't exist. The ones who put one obstacle after the other in the way of recognizing the problem. And now that nobody can deny it are trying to kill the solution. To fatten their bloated profits.

Or have their flunkies pretend that Kyoto never happened.

I can only hope that one day soon we can return the favour. Drive these Alberta Cons from power, and erase them from Canadian history. Change every bit of legislation they ever introduced. Wipe the record clean. Pretend they never existed.

Maybe then the children of world will forgive us.

Although who could blame them if they don't ?

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