Tuesday, March 16, 2010

King Harper and Mr Amerika

As the opposition prepares to back down on the Afghan detainees issue, James Travers points out that if Stephen Harper had done what he is doing now, when tin pot dictators were KINGS.

He'd be in a lot of trouble.

Too often in politics, principle is the hapless victim of expediency. In the struggle to pry Afghanistan documents from Stephen Harper's grasp, principle never had a chance.

And that whether or not it is politically convenient there can surely be no more important issue.

The Iacobucci appointment carries other, more profound implications for this country's deconstructing democracy. Most significantly, it chips more from the cornerstone principle that the Prime Minister is accountable to Parliament.

Because it defines us as Canadians not Americans.

And of course I'd like to point out that it's working.

Because what that means is that despite all the hype and the photo-ops, the Cons lost ten points because of prorogation, and they can't crawl out from under its shadow.

And Stephen Harper may still have his head but it's pretty sore.

If Nanos is reflecting reality here, it not only gives Stephen Harper reason to avoid an election, but must have strategists head-scratching themselves to figure out a salvage strategy.

It could signal that the Liberal fixation on smearing the Prime Minister’s heavy-handed Parliament-snubbing character is an attack narrative that’s starting to stick, which would be bad news for the government

Which makes me think that if the opposition doesn't force the Afghan issue,it should still keep hammering away at the Cons by working into a wider narrative. And asking the following question:

What kind of man would cover up torture, act like a President, and try to turn us into Americans?

Answer: the same man who would wage a religious war on gays and lesbians, and try to score law and order points by beating up on juvenile offenders. Just like an Amerikan would.

Or the same man whose Con flunkies are already hinting at privatizing our medicare system.

"I would hope that any country looking at the Canadian system would make sure that they include in their system an element of competition," he said. "I think that makes a big difference in terms of controlling costs."

Because Stephen Harper spent 15 years trying to kill medicare, just like Republicans are trying to do in the United States.

Yup. I think I see a theme developing...

Stephen Harper likes to pose as Mr Canada. I say we turn him into Mr Amerika.

And hit him where it HURTS...


  1. Hmm.. no posting today on all 3 opposition parties bring up points of order?

    That doesnt look like backing down to me ;)

  2. hi Scott... Damm you. I thought nobody would notice... :)
    But I did make up for it. And better late than never...