Monday, March 22, 2010

Exposing the Porky Action Plan

As you know I don't think much of the Con's Porky Action Plan.

I find the stench overwhelming. I hate the way those porkers are trying to buy votes with OUR tax dollars.

A post-campaign evaluation of the publicity for the tax credit – mandatory for government advertising worth more than $1 million – submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency last December suggests creating positive feelings about the government was one of the goals.

"The campaign is intended to ... increase the number of Canadians who believe that the (government of Canada) is committed to delivering tax relief to individuals and families," said an executive summary of the evaluation conducted by polling company Ekos Research Associates for about $28,000.

And the way they're squirting it like pig manure on Con ridings and religious organizations.

Instead of creating new green jobs to give young Canadians a future.

So it drives me absolutely bonkers to be bombarded with all those crappy TV ads.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one...

Our only consolation? In the fall the auditor general is going to report on the way all those billions have been spent. It's going to be the biggest money scandal in Canadian history.

And I wouldn't be surprised if some of those porkers end up in prison...or the bacon factory.

Because that's where they belong...

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