Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rahim Jaffer and the Con Wonderland

OK. I want to make some things absolutely clear Your Honour. I think Rahim Jaffer should have received at least six months for hypocrisy.

I also believe that Helena Guergis should have been arrested for banging on a security door at that airport in P.E.I. Because if me or the White Rabbit had done that we'd still be in jail being "interrogated" by CSIS.

And of course, I believe this judgement IS a travesty of justice.

But I have to admit I couldn't be more delighted. Because I didn't really want to see Rahim go to jail, and it's going to hurt the Cons BIG TIME.

As we all know even though the crime rate is going down, these law and order crazies been cranking up their Fear Machine to try to scare Canadians into voting for them.

Canadians lose faith in the criminal justice system when they feel that the punishment does not fit the crime.

And now they look like hypocrites or idiots. And the opposition should use the opportunity to take control of the crime issue. Because after all, who are these criminals anyway?

Let's see...they're greedy, they're predatory, they're selfish. They're hateful, they're bullies, they despise rules and regulations. It's all about THEM and to hell with society. Does that sound like Liberals or NDPers, or does that sound like Cons?

And of course all of the above is only going to make Great Ugly Leader's Afghan Torture and Rape Scandal look even more sinister. People will wonder what is he HIDING? Could he be a criminal too?

And golly why is he so afraid of the Auditor General?

The auditor general is taking a first look at the nearly $50 billion Conservative stimulus plan that already has the opposition screeching foul over how projects are chosen and the plan promoted to voters.

It would be as reckless for Harper to wait for Fraser's late fall audit as it would be to bring down a bad-news budget before the next election.

Answer: Because when the AG gets a good sniff of that corrupt Porky Action Plan, I have a feeling she'll call in the RCMP, and bust the Cons all the way to Alberta.

Stephen Harper as a Crime Fighter? Muahahahaha. Talk about Alice in Wonderland.

Which reminds me...if we can't get Rahim to play a Card and paint the roses green in a prison garden. Because let's face, it after this debacle his only option is the Marijuana Party.

Do you think we could get Helena Guergis to play Alice or Lady Gaga?

I didn't think so.*Sigh*

Oh well. Coming soon...my even BETTER version starring Jason Kenney.

Lady Hee Haw in Gayland.

Because you know what they say about Cons and criminals eh?

They can run but they can't HIDE...

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