Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour: When Politics is Fun

Today is Earth Hour and in our little gay house we'll be joining in the fun.

I know it's only a symbolic gesture, but when I see the lights going off around the world it still gives me goose bumps...

Because for one glorious moment people everywhere are just HUMANS. Instead of all the fancy names they call themselves.

And because I know that the day the people of the world unite to force our political leaders to do the right thing, we will save our beautiful planet.

Save ourselves and all the amazing but helpless creatures who also call it home.

Then there's the bonus parts. Exposing the Cons as pathetic losers.

Finding out that The Iceman uses extra toilet paper and flushes the toilet a lot. Thank goodness eh?

Or coming up with yet another reason not to buy the National Post.

Earth Hour is not designed to be scientific, rational, or even constructive. It is designed to inspire fear and assuage guilt.

Feel-good activities such as Earth Hour primarily appeal to three constituencies: the young, the idealistic and those who would prey on their ignorance

Because only a Con rag could turn idealism into a dirty word.

And then there's the issues with benefits part. Like not seeing seeing S├ębastien for a whole week. And getting to party with him by candlelight.

After putting a little flashing light around the neck of this little black creature...

So my friends who will be partying making a statement with us, don't step on him in the dark.

Oh boy. What more could you want eh?

Hug the ones you love.

Make the Cons look like idiots, environmental criminals, and compulsive toilet flushers.

And then hug our beautiful planet...

Gosh. Politics should be this fun all the time.

Happy Earth Hour everyone !!

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Oemissions said...

i get goosebumps too!