Thursday, March 18, 2010

Margaret Wente and the Blogging Idiots

Every year around this time I feel like quitting blogging. And I never understood why I always feel the animal urge to come back.

Until I read the bourgeois fool Margaret Wente.

And I realized it's because I'm a male, I'm an idiot, and I like to pee in the snow.

Perhaps you've noticed that most of the comments on these websites are not terribly sophisticated. They contain a large insult quotient, even when they come from people with advanced degrees. They remind me of nothing so much as a bunch of 12-year-olds holding peeing contests in the snow.

Not that there's anything wrong with that eh?

But all I can say is if she's going to write about blogging, shouldn't she do some research? So she can find out that men and women are equally represented.

Spare us from this sexist nonsense:

Men clearly have an urge to blog that women lack. Like extreme snowmobiling, the blogosphere is dominated by men. Not many women are interested enough in spitting out an opinion on current events every 20 minutes.

And ask more interesting why are bloggers getting older?

According to the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, blogging activity has dropped drastically among young adults in the United States....In December 2007, for instance, 28 percent of all 18-to-29-year-olds with an Internet connection kept some sort of blog. By the same time last year, that number hovered around 15 percent.

"Sites like Twitter are offering this other way to maintain a similar social connection, but without the concerted effort of a detailed, four-paragraph blog post..."

Or the questions I ask myself. Is a four-paragraph blog post really a concerted effort? Is Wente really an IDIOT?

These days, you don't even have to start a blog to get an audience. All you have to do is write “Margaret Wente is an idiot” and hit send. Instant gratification!

And who knew she's THAT famous?

Of course I'm an idiot too. But I do love blogging.

And since I also like to make videos. And the more videos I make the less I blog. Which thanks to the Manolo Lady, I now understand is bad for my manly manliness.

I welcome this development...

Or do I? Although I liked the Late for Work one a lot, and the blond guy at the bar...when he was drunk... I STILL can't decide.

Are we becoming smarter and more creative....or dumber and more violent?

Oh well. At least two things are for sure eh?

Whether you're male or female blogging is easier when it rains. Harder when it's sunny and WARM.

And after today, nobody can deny, that Margaret Wente is an IDIOT...


Kelly Rusk said...

While I adamantly agree that Margaret Wente is an idiot. It's for completely different reasons.

She knew very well that women blogged, she probably knew many are opinionated and strong-headed as well.

And that's exactly why she wrote the article. To get a reaction which leads to traffic which leads to $$$ for the newspaper. Buhbye journalistic integrity!

See my blog post about it and I urge you to remove your link to the post!!

Simon said...

hi Kelly...I plead not guilty by reason of Spring. :)
You're right of course she's just being provocative. At least I hope you're right. Because if she was serious about what she wrote I fear the may have gone over the deep end. And we soon may have to water her.
However, I don't agree about not including the link, because without it the full extent of her idiocy might not be properly appreciated.
And some poor person might be fooled into thinking she's a serious journalist, and read her next column...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?