Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cons and the Day of Infamy

Well what can I say that others haven't said? Except that this is an absolute disgrace.

Liberal MP Bob Rae's motion concerning a maternal health initiative at this summer's G8 summit was nominally supported by all three opposition parties in the Commons, but was defeated 144-138 when a number of Liberal MPs failed to show up for the vote.

Three staunchly pro-life Liberals also voted with the Tories

A death sentence for poor women everywhere. An assault on Canadian values. And what makes it even worse is that it's a mix of evil and STUPIDITY.

But who can be surprised? When the Harper Cons have been raping the rights of women from the moment they came to office.

And the Liberals have been too weak and disorganized to hit them where it hurts. The silly stoopid clowns.

But I'm not going to dwell on that tonight, because I don't want to take my eyes off the real enemy.

And the lesson has never been clearer.

If we are going to defeat these Bush fascists we are going to have to do it ourselves. Like these Canadians did tonight.

By warning the skanky whore Ann Coulter that this is Canada not Amerika.

In America everybody wants to be black. The feminists want to be black, the illegal aliens want to be black, the gays want to be black," she said

"There are only two things gay men can't do. Number one, get married to each other. Number two, throw a baseball without looking like a girl."

And in Canada gays and feminists fight back. And we will RESIST.

Because now more than ever to resist is to be CANADIAN.

And this is now a WAR.

Think of a desperately poor woman dying in agony because she couldn't afford birth control or couldn't get a safe abortion. Think of her hungry children. Think of her pain and our SHAME.

Then defeat them, crush them, send them back to Amerika.

Before they destroy our country...


CanadianNurse said...

Thanks, Simon. This is devastating. It feels like we've all been sucker-punched, HARD, in the gut. Wish you were over with us at our group, which I already know you support. We're talking there about the focus & action we NEED to take now - because Ms. Nice Fringer is over and it IS war. Wrote the dissenting Libs a furious, non-Canadian-polite letter re their voting death sentences to women & babies today. They've taken our Canada & completely trashed it. Well, Harper did say it would be unrecognizable when he finished, & he wasn't kidding. And I'm pretty sure he's not near finished yet.
To the ramparts, brave friend!

CanadianNurse said...

Just saw this over at "a Perfectly Cromulent Politics Blog", where Devin says, "All three of the Liberal MPs who voted against today's motion also voted against same-sex marriage. Among the Liberals who abstained or were absent from today's maternal health vote, five voted against same-sex marriage: Derek Lee, Gurbax Malhi, Alan Tonks, Lawrence MacAuley, and Jim Karygiannis. If you aren't noticing a pattern here, you should be." So much for the Libs.

Simon said...

hi CanadianNurse...yes it was a bad day wasn't it? I couldn't believe it. Those wretched fascist Cons voting like robots, and the Liberals letting us down. I don't want to be too hard on them, because we need to unite to win, but really what a clown show, what were they thinking.
And yes I am very familiar with the Liberals you mention. And then there's Dan McTeague and Paul Szabo who were two of the most fanatic enemies of gay marriage. As bad or worse than many Cons.
The good news is this issue isn't going away. Despite the Liberal clown show it's very clear who the real enemies of women are. And together we WILL defeat them... :)

PeterC said...

I think that all I can say at this point is, it is a shame they did not give Dion the time Iggy has gotten to "become a leader". I think Dion had way more strength and intelligence on his side, and cunning can be learned.

I've sent e-mails and will turn on the heat, in private, for the next liberal in this riding. It is unacceptable to be so accommodating that you invalidate your own principals.

Do these people really think they are worth the 100k a year we pay them for?


Simon said...

hi Peter...they destroyed Dion by making fun of how he looked and how he talked. It was the most disgusting act of political bullying I have ever seen. So time wouldn't have saved Dion. Even though he was far more politically courageous than Ignatieff. He was also damaged by foul Con ads, but most of the damage seems self inflicted. I have no idea what happens behind the scenes in the Liberal Party but I suspect that a pretty conservative group is pulling him one way, a younger group is pulling him in the other direction, and with Ignatieff not too sure where he wants to go, the result is total confusion.
Canadians like a strong leader and he has to make up his mind what he stands for and go for it.
And if he can't he should just GO...

'berto said...

Geez, first Paul "Mr. Dithers" Martin, then Stephane "Compromise Candidate" Dion (who was supported by neither large faction in the party), and now Mike "Thumbscrews" Ignasty (who'd really LIKE to be a right-wing Liberal, if only he had as much charisma, personality and original ideas as Paul Martin)...

Somebody needs to remind the Liberals that after three strikes you're generally considered OUT. The only thing keeping the Liberals afloat at all any more is that more people shudder over Stephen Harper and his Harpokon cronies than throw their hands up in frustration over the bungling ineptitude of Ignasty and his Klown Kar Kavalkade.

I await the Liberals' NEXT try to breathlessly convince Canadians that THIS time they've got the Great White Hope Who is Destined to Lead... Justin Trudeau? (roll eyes, retch)

(BTW, Simon, hi there; long time no comment from me... I was busy making use of our pinko commie socialized health care system -- before Harper totally wrecks it, anyway. I am pleased to be back almost as good as new, and grouchy and opinionated as ever.) ;) :D

Simon said...

hi 'berto... how nice to hear from you again you old grouch. :) I'm sorry to hear you had to go into the garage for a tune-up and I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. And if they didn't fix the grouch problem, oh well I like you the way you are.
As for the political situation I know what you mean and I share your frustration.
But as you know I have this idea in my head about creating a coalition or a new party to beat the Cons. And you may be a grouch but I'm stubborn... :)