Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jason Kenney's War on Gay People

Well I have to hand it to the Con porker Jason Kenney. When Jesus or his Pope is ringing in his ears, and he smells the blood of gay people, he'll go after it like a truffle.

He says he wants to crack down on refugee fraud.

But who is he really going after?

The Conservative government's plan to speed refugee claims from countries deemed "safe" or "democratic" won't pass muster unless it takes into account that such groups as gays and lesbians still face persecution in many of those countries, the United Nation's top refugee official warned Thursday.

Because here's my question: Say a gay person from Jamaica applies for refugee status because in Jamaica gays and lesbians are raped, tortured or murdered.

“Roving mobs attacking innocent people and staining the streets with blood should shame the nation’s leaders,” “Gays and lesbians in Jamaica face violence at home, in public, even in a house of worship, and official silence encourages the spread of hate.”

Do you think Jason Kenney would consider Jamaica an unsafe country. Or would he consider it a model democracy? Where God's word RULES.


First he wrote gays and lesbians out of the Con Citizenship Guide to make sure that immigrants understood that homophobia is a Canadian value.

Then he appointed a homophobe to a refugee board.

To make sure that gay people didn't stand a chance of getting their application approved.

Now he is making sure that they can't escape their KILLERS.

Because for Kenney and his theocons their bloodthirsty religious views are more important than the lives of gay people. Or the lives of poor women to whom they would deny safe abortions.

Because Kenney's Pope says that would be EVIL.

And he should know eh?

Oh well.

At least now we know why those Cons didn't invite Sweden to that Arctic conference...

Silly Swedes. How could so few of them agree that being gay is "never justifiable?"

Don't they know if Jason Kenney heard about that he'd try to slap a visa requirement on them as well ?

For defying the will of God.

And Lord Harper....

OK I'm kidding about that one but I'm not kidding about this:

Stephen Harper and his evil religious fanatics are waging war on a group of Canadians just because of who they are. They are trying to turn our country into some kind of a quasi theocracy.

They're getting away with murder.

And they must be DEFEATED...


  1. This shocks me for Canada (I guess I am naïve and uninformed about the Canadian far-right). None of this would shock me for the USA (I am from the USA).

  2. hi Mapko...yeah it is shocking and if you're living here depressing and hugely embarrasing. But your not naive we used to be better than that once. What you need to understand is they only represent about 35% of Canadians, but because the opposition parties are divided they have more power than they should have.
    Also it's only in the last year that the theocons in the Prime Ministers Office have really started making their presence felt and tailoring policy to fit their apocalyptic religious views. So many Canadians are still not aware of what is really going on. The good news? There are more of us than there are of them and hopefully we're working on the problem... :)

  3. CanadianNurse1:52 AM

    Great post, Simon! When Kenney announced the immigration changes, I just didn't believe it. Something was funny, niggling away at the back of my brain. I found one explanation at "NO ONE IS ILLEGAL" in Vancouver, in a press release sent out today.
    But you have definitely added to my thinking with this additional theory. And it makes sense - the Cons always try to kill 12 birds with one stone. We HAVE to get rid of them!
    Btw, Your graphics & photos always blow me away. Is the "homophobic countries" graph from a source somewhere? Did I miss it? If it is, I'd love to have the source.

  4. hi CanadianNurse...thanks I'm glad you liked it. It's horrible to see the media praising Kenney for the better parts of his proposals and missing the fact as you put it they're using one stone to kill as many birds as they can.
    I can't believe that anyone can trust Jason Kenney, but these days I'm frequently disappointed.
    I'm glad you like my humble little photoshop creations because I enjoy making them.
    As for the graphic I probably shouldn't have used it didn't have anything to do with the story. And now I'm even more depressed. I just figured out that every time I walk to the grocery store I must pass at least twenty people who don't think my life isn't "justifiable." Nice eh? :(
    But I stole it from here: