Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Cons and the Big Democracy Party

Uh Oh. Gotterdammerung alert. I understand the sinister operatives in the Con war room are starting to get desperate.

The polls discouraging disastrous.

Prorogation is on the radar of Canadians after all. And after even all those crass photo-ops there's no sign of a Haiti Bump.

“Clearly, the diversion of attention to a pretty well flawless performance on the Haiti crisis to date has not taken the Conservatives out of the penalty box with voters yet,” he told The Globe. “This underscores the depth of public disenchantment.”

Although I see the SoCon sow Jason Kenney is doing his best to suckle it.

By bringing in a planeful of orphans ...not yesterday as their parents in Canada have been demanding...but this weekend, no doubt hoping to steal away the headlines from the prorogation protest.

While denying entry to the families of Haitian Canadians, so these foul Cons can win the racist vote by keeping all those black people out. While posing as HUMANITARIANS.

Oh boy. Are these Reform Harperites UGLY or what?

But then that's why we fight them eh?

Which reminds me... I heard that the founder of the Facebook group is asking people not to attack Stephen Harper, and concentrate on reforming Parliament.

Now I understand why he's saying that. He wants to build a non-partisan coalition of progressives and decent Conservatives. And good for him, that's a noble goal.

But of course I can't go along with that...unless my lips were sealed with krazy glue. Or my tongue was cut out.

However, I do promise not to be too rowdy, or beat my drum too loudly, and to tell my friends that if they plan on making any signs to make sure they're not too rude... and spelt rite.

Because we don't want to look too young and ignorant eh? Wot?

But seriously here's the thing. I do support this awesome Facebook movement all the way. I think it's BRILLIANT. I do want to see our Parliament get back to work. And reformed so it's a better place, and a more dignified House of Democracy.

But right now. More than ANYTHING.

I want my country back....

Oh well. You know it doesn't really matter why people attend this Saturday's rallies.

On that day we'll all just be ordinary Canadians standing up for a better Canada.

The important thing is to bring your friends, and your signs, your idealism, and your enthusiasm. Just BE THERE.

Because although it's a serious issue. It's also a Democracy Party.

And we're going to have FUN !!!!


  1. How revealing is it that babies will save the cons fortunes?

    If the Haiti earthquake hadn't happened, the cons' fortunes would be even worse!

    Thank God for disasters and baybeeez!

    Speaking of disasters, the cons are a disaster right now. So much so, that I won't capitalise their party's name anymore and I haven't called Harper the prime minister for several years now.

    He has to earn my respect and the conservatives have to face up to the grim reality of getting honest with Canadians.

    Prorogation is a coward's way out and Harper is that--a coward!

    We have become a laughingstock in the world--all because of Harper and the members of his cabinet.

    Bring back group hangings, anyone?

  2. Asking people not to attack Stephen Harper?

    Fuck that. As far as I'm concerned Harper is the reason for the rallying season. I've been waiting all month for this rally and tomorrow and I'm saying it loud and proud: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. HARPER'S GOTTA GO!

  3. hi Torontonian...I hate to say it but Haiti has given the Cons a break, by forcing them to act like Canadians.
    As for the Cons I don't want any violence directed at them, just very strong criticism.
    As you know I try to differentiate between Conservatives and Cons.
    Conservatives, like my dad, are hopelessly old fashioned, but essentially Joe Clark.
    It's what Harper has turned his party into that I can't stomach. It's more Amerikan than Canadian, and they are making us look really bad all over the world.
    I mean it when I say we ALL deserve BETTER...

  4. hi Omar...I thought you might appreciate how I felt about the suggestion NOT to attack Harper. ;)
    But as I said in the post, they sound like a very decent group as long as I can sing my favourite an angelic choir boy.
    Hey Hey Ho Ho Stephen Harper has got to GO.
    You know the day he goes I'll probably lose all interest in politics and blogging. But I'll be so happy I won't care... :)

  5. Simon,

    I don't mean ever to direct violence to any person. Merely the thought of violence is slightly more repugnant than living with Harper running(?) the country.

    Either of them is distasteful.

    But Harper's attitude to US makes the reinstatement of hanging a little more appealing with each passing day.

    Granted the Haiti matter gave the cons a break and if it hadn't happened they'd look even worse.

    They're trying to gain capital on others' misfortunes. Truly vile.