Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Slow Collapse Of The Con Terrorist Truckers

The Con terrorist assault on our country has been going on for more than two weeks, but at last the trucker thugs are showing signs of surrendering.

At the Ambassador Bridge, as in other places, they vowed they would not move until all vaccine mandates were scrapped, the government was overthrown, and Justin Trudeau was arrested.

But sadly for them, they were the ones who ended up being arrested, and led away like sheep all their bully words dribbling out of their rear orifices.

And if they thought that was scary, this must have been even scarier.

The magnificent sight of the Ottawa resistance uniting to defeat them.

And giving some of those absurd would be insurrectionists an ultimatum. Get out of OUR town, LOSERS.

I know that's shocking, we're Canadians, and progressives don't usually act like that eh? 

But that's the only language those Con hogs and their Trumpy friends understand.

So I was glad to see Justin Trudeau bring down the hammer.

It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement's ability to effectively enforce the law," Trudeau told a news conference Monday afternoon.

It is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy. It is now an illegal occupation. It's time for people to go home."

These words from Chrystia Freeland were music to my ears... 

If I closed my eyes I could almost hear the Con hogs squealing.

And the look on Candy Bergen's face was, as they say, priceless. And I can only imagine what she was thinking...

Especially after the RCMP  busted these would be trucker terrorists.

The Alberta RCMP arrested 13 protesters described as being part of a “criminal organization” at an illegal blockade at the Coutts border crossing, after finding they had access to a cache of guns, armour and ammunition.

And made it clear that this Con conspiracy is no peaceful protest. It's almost certainly an attempt to kill Justin Trudeau and overthrow his government. 

Which has even Pierre Poilievre running for cover.

Claiming he still loves the trucker thugs, just not THAT much.

Good luck with that one...

And if all of that wasn't good enough, we finally got a chance to follow the money.

The Christian crowdfunding site that helped raise $8.7 million for the anti-vax “freedom convoy” in Canada was hacked on Sunday night, and the names and personal details of over 92,000 donors were leaked online.

And get more names and numbers that we could ever have dreamed of having.

While GiveSendGo does allow donors to make their donations public, many chose to use their company’s name or omit their names entirely, so the leaked database contains a lot of information that was never meant to be shared, data like donors’ full names, email addresses, and location.

Which should keep us busy until at least this time next week, with public shaming to follow.

Tonight the Con beasts in the Ottawa occupation zone are still partying, many no doubt high on booze and/or crack.

But their dirty little terrorist games are almost over, they're just too dumb or too high to know it. 

We know who they are, we hate who they are.

And we will not let them destroy our Canada...


Anonymous said...

I think you're right about the hard drug use, Simon. Though I believe they're using the nazi/trailer park trash drug of choice, meth. I believe that's what's fuelling these parliament hill billies. The go to during the blitzkrieg is the go to for the Cacophony Convoy as they continue to hold the downtown hostage. However, finally and mercifully, Chief Cuddles Sloly resigned and the marauding methheads time is running out to vacate the premises. I'm guessing the cops will do as I suggested before, seal off the perimeter and slowly squeeze them out like the overgrown, infected pimples that they are. If the occupiers have no fuel or food it'll get pretty dire rather quickly and in a final act of desperation, they may simmer in their hotubs while watching Scarface on their big screen TVs, then snort all their meth and inadvisably go out in a blaze of star spangled hatriotic glory. With the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, will give proof through the night, that they're no longer there. Or they can leave peacefully with their tails between their legs.
This weeks hypocrisy award goes to MAGA Candy Sturgeon who Monday was saying JT wasn't doing enough and now Tuesday, he's doing too much. FFS, another flip floppin' Con leader. I dare them to vote against the temporary use of the EA(which was brilliant and well timed) and I can hear the whining already. "The truckers have no money or insurance, how are they supposed to go home?" Who fuckin' cares is what I say. Send them to Greely to live with PePe Le Poilievre and he can have his pride and joy all to himself.
As you often say, Simon, the universe is unfolding as it should. "The Resistance" premiers have all failed miserably, the Give Send UhOh hack was absolutely priceless, the frozen funds are driving Tamara Lich nuts with everyone pleading for money. And the coup de grace to kill the coup d'attempt, Justin invokes the EA. He effectively has everyone involved with this debacle by the balls with many of them already running for the aisles. What happens next is entirely up to the hardcore group of around 150 in the core. My advice would be leave, now! Justin has been very patient with you occupiers and doesn't want to see anyone get hurt but if need be then so be it. Justin may not have said it but his whole approach to this, culminating with the invoking of the EA says it all, "just watch me".

DDR said...

I believe in Consequence Culture. No threars, no violence.
For instance the hack has made people aware, Brad Howland of Easykleen out of Sussex NB donated $75000 to the insurrectionists after receiving CEWS benefits. As he told the news, he is proud of this donation because he has done business with truckers for 40 years.
I just wonder if he means the real working truckers who were stuck at the Ambassador Bridge for 6 days while the gateway that does 1/3 of the commerce between our two countries was shut down as auto workers lost jobs and shifts, or the privileged plague rats who's only movements have been bowel movements on the streets of my fair city.
Remember this $75,000 donation was after the first week. In that first week, Nazi and Confedarate flags flew without fear, an arson attempt was made in an apartment building at 5AM while the tenants slept, or the classy defacating on Ottawa citizens property because they had the nerve to fly the Rainbow flag with pride.
Good old Brad also was investigated for threatening to beat a school principle because the Board decided to stop singing the National Anthem in 2009.
Remember folks, his name is Brad Howland from Easykleen in Sussex New Brunswick.oh yeah, he also says he loves Trump. .
If you need any pressure washer service, and I believe hes got franchaises across Canada, call some else.
I used Brad as an example because he seems to be the top Canadian donor but if you find out any of your local busineses in your city or town supported this insurrection and desecration of my beautiful city and the attempted coup, please name them and shame them for a citizen of Ottawa who is tired of these cockroaches.

rumleyfips said...

Now we find that right wing nut job Petey Peckerhead is not enough of a right wing nut job for the real right wing nut job opponents of women's rights. The games have not yet begun and pp has already lost half the delegates . What a guy.

Pierre D. said...


Aaah, but Jenni Byrne is joining Pigeon Pierre's candidacy race, the final indicator that he is Harper's chosen one. Once he goes to defeat, what will the CPC do next? I hope for the country's sake that the RCMP is wide awake on that day.

As for the local zeroes, they have all been warned in writing.
That's the first step.
Next week, the Emergencies Act comes into full force and the fines, loss of insurance and other penalties will rain down on them, and no amount of hot tubs or inane, glib statements from Tamara Zombie-Lich or her associates will stop justice and the people from finally getting their righteous peace.

Jackie Blue said...

The inquiry is going to be absolutely lit. Props to the Liberal government for being tech-savvy enough to crack down on the crypto crap that Pigeon Pete, Rempelthinskin and the PM's unbalanced half brother have gotten involved with. Sloly is now unmoored from the blue line of omertá. IMHO he should be the last chief of OPS proper; the force should be dismantled and wholly overtaken by the RCMP. How the NCR isn't already federalized, but a "creature of the province" allowed to operate like Mayberry, is just absolutely staggering.

From my side of the 49th, my biggest recommendation is that the CRTC and/or an Act of Parliament needs to outright ban Fox News from broadcasting its poison propaganda in your country, and fiercely sanction any elected official or "operative" from any party who appears, or has appeared, on their network. Go full Magnitsky on Carlson, Ingraham, Hannity and everyone else there. And on King Rupert especially. Learn from Australia's Murdoch Commission. And for the love of god investigate Postmedia and shut it down. Maybe a little headwind from the north will have a chilling effect on the pollution Fox has inflicted upon the USA too.

Anonymous said...

Neil Young vs Spotify & Rogan, DDOS hacks Givesendgo(d), CBC opinion section bashes Kenney. Is this a start of a movement where the freewheeling builders of the alt truth universe are starting to face more powerful headwinds? Perhaps the Tool and more recently the Ottawa police were visionaries, rather than deny reality, just weaken it with incompetent half hearted support.



Carl L said...

Word is spreading that there was a communication backchannel between the CoupTruxKlan Clownvoy and the Ford government through his former chief of staff Dean French. That remains to be confirmed, of course.
Still, that would explain a lot about Ford's inaction if it turns out to be the case. He was too busy helping the occupation getting a firm foothold and further sabotaging the law enforcement response, along the white supremacists in the police forces.
I wouldn't be surprised if these allegations turned out to be true. Dog Ford and his family are a sorry bunch of unspeakable scumbags.
Wonder what kind of backchannels the other Con premiers and the CPC were having with the terrorists. Judging from the way they are embracing trumpism, there's no way they didn't just made public appearances and cheer from afar.

Simon said...

Hi JD…I don’t think I have ever been so angry in my life. Watching those Con terrorist thugs debase our country and its values and get away with it, makes me want to pound the shit out of those bullies. And as you know like most Canadians I’m not a violent person. But if those Con terrorists think they can push us around without consequence we need to show them how wrong they are.
As for Candy Bergen her behaviour couldn’t be more disgusting. First she runs down to welcome the truckers, hoping they can embarrass the Prime Minister. Then she realizes that most Canadians are horrified by the damage those traitors are doing to the country and it’s economy, so she says she’s against the blockades, only to try to undermine the Emergencies Act which is the only way we’ll ever get rid of them. I don’t know what the Cons are becoming, but they are certainly not a Canadian party…

Simon said...

Hi DDR….Brad Howland really is a scumbag, he takes money from the government then makes a large donation to the terrorists who are trying to bring down the government. And to make it even worse he claims he just wants to thank the decent truckers who have never stopped working to provide us with food and other essential supplies. But if Howland thinks we will forget his treasonous behaviour, he couldn’t be more wrong. We will remember and look for any way we can to make him pay for what he has done…

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips….It would be ironic if Poilievre was considered to be too “liberal” to be Con leader, when he’s the closest thing to a raving fascist leader we have in Canada. Expect Poilievre to do or say anything he can to win the SoCons back…

Simon said...

Hi Pierre…..I’m not surprised that Byrne is joining Poilievre’s campaign. It could mean that Harper wants him to win. But it could also just be because Byrne and Poilievre were once lovers. There are pictures of the two of them passionately kissing each other all over the internet. I could never forgive Byrne for that lapse in good taste, but it must be said that Poilievre is lucky to have her, but she’s a really good organizer. As for the Emergency Act, I am hoping that it will be the straw that breaks the convoy’s back. I heard that some truckers at a blockade out West burst into tears when they heard what Trudeau had done, and then ran away like cowards. Can’t wait to see that happen in Ottawa….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I would dearly like to see Fox News being banned from our airwaves, but that would be hard. In the UK their Gollob like Boss Rupert Murdoch has the idiot Boris Johnson dancing to his tune, with a new channel fronted by Piers Morgan. Wherever you look the right-wing is trying to impose total control. And in this country we can’t even count on the CBC. At some point we’re going to have another royal commission to make some big changes to our media landscape or we’ll be in big trouble….☠️

Simon said...

Hi RT….Thanks for that link to the Kenney story, now I’m even more depressed. 😉 Although that won’t last long, for if his former leadership rival wins the March 15 by election, Kennedy’s days will almost certainly be numbered. As for the Ottawa police, I’m still not sure what to think of them. They were handing out eviction notices to the terrorists this morning, now let’s see if they can enforce them..

Simon said...

Hi Carl….Yes, it seems that story is true, Dean French is leading the back channel negotiations between the city of Ottawa and the trucker thugs. No wonder those negotiations seem to be going nowhere. A couple of trucks have moved, but most are staying where they are, with their drivers declaring they aren’t going anywhere. French says he’s only acting as a private citizen, but with his record of corruption I don’t believe a word he says. And my position remains the same, you don’t make deals with terrorists, you just give them a firm deadline to get out of town. If I’m frustrated, I can only imagine how the poor people of Ottawa must be feeling.It’s going to take all the strength we have to end this nightmare, and take our Canada back….

Steve said...

What Carl said allegedly. But what is more dish eating is Jamed brother in law allegedly funding the maddness.
If the NDP is going down in the sewer, we have entered cousins territory.

Steve said...

I may not be in line to be the next PM of Canada but I have never kissed a pig, no matter how much makeup was applied.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon , not only would it be ironic, it would be absolutely hilarious if peewee were considered too liberal for their RWNJ party. And I saw that picture with him and Jenni's not so innocent kiss on the lips. WARNING! May cause nightmares. https://twitter.com/BrettBartMuse/status/1493724373202702340
After the initial urge to vomit, I thought, what would Mrs. Poilievre think of peewee swapping bile with Jenni and now she's working for him? If I were Mrs. P., I would retroactively slap him across the face as hard as I could and then preemptively as well because with a douche like peewee I can just hear it now. Pierre, "hi honey, gotta work late again tonight. Don't bother waiting up for me". My advice to Mrs. P. would be to divorce and take him for everything he's got, including his Justin voodoo dolls. And then slap him one more time before you boot him out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I wouldn't trust the RCMP to police a shopping mall let alone Ottawa. The force is rife with misogyny, paying out millions in discrimination and sexual harassment claims. It bombed Alberta gas pipelines to frame up a local farmer. It arranged for three Muslim men, including Maher Arar, to be taken by your DHS and tortured at Gitmo. It tazed a Polish man to death in the Vancouver airport for the crime of waving a stapler. And it works hand in glove with the fossil fuel industry to target native protestors. Yes, the OPS has big problems, but they're insignificant compared to the festering sore that is the RCMP.

Pierre D. said...

Truckeres have started leaving Ottawa.
Tamara Lich knows she is going to jail.
Pat King has left town for New Brunswick.
A fenced perimeter is coming up tomorrow around the remaining trucks.
They are trapped, like rats; and while rats have fierce survival instincts and are near-impossible to put down, the very real threat of these people losing everything, including custody of their children, should be enough for most of them to leave.

I am not overly worried about the RCMP and so on. There will always be rot in the ranks, but if they can work together to evict this crisis, clean-up will follow.
Now speaking of clean-up...Ottawa City Council is a mess right now, oy vey...

DDR said...

One of my favorite things about Consequence Culture, is watching the weasel snivel and cry, while moaning "whoa is me", or "why has god forsaken me" or "Am I going back to jail,? But what about my Ligers!" Or " how much for the jackboots" (oops sorry, not the last one,I got carried away)
I'm a junkie for it. I make popcorn, sit down and say things like;
More tears, more tears!
Can't you moan with more conviction than that!
I'm not buying the tremors, more feeling.
Up the sniveling a notch!

I think its my new kink.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I totally agree that Fox "news" should be completely and permanently banned from Canada and hope everyone let's their MPs and the CRTC know it. And don't forget to mention the rebel. They're both total far right garbage with fox being hugely responsible for the current state of affairs in your country and I'll be damned if they're allowed to do the same here. Fuck Trucker Carlson, Hannity and the whole gaggle of those lying pieces of shit. As for Rupert, I best not say what I'd like to see happen to him but it ends with hell for all of eternity.

Jackie Blue said...

Well, it looks like OPS and OPP finally got the ol' stick of dynamite fired up da wazoo. VanCity cops on their way to help take out the trash. Great work PMJT and team. Hallelujah and not a moment too soon.

Cons seem to be more terrified of the financial reporting regulations than even their own self-created meme of soldiers in the streets. Hm, wonder why. Maybe there's a possibility the rot in this terror movement leads all the way back to a certain pigeon and his pappy in the IDU?

Also, too: while on the subject of Fascist Noise Network, is there any way for Canada to revoke Elon's citizenship? Asking for, uh, millions of people who don't think Trudeau is in any way comparable to Hitler. 🤷

Pierre D. said...

Tamara Lich and Christopher Barber have been booked by the OPS.
Pat King is next. Trucks are leaving as we speak.
Ottawa should be back to normal within a week or so; good ole boring Ottawa.

The real losers? The inhabitants of Centretown who will be dealing with PTSD issues.
And CPC, who will wear this in the next election and beyond.
And Chantal Hébert, who is coming undone at the seams so worried is she at the perceived lethargy of the Trudeau government.

And now I can go to sleep under the comforters, while the wind blows a welcome winter lullaby.


Anonymous said...

So there you have it folks.
The first useful article out of the G&M in a long time though I'm sure it comes as no surprise to any of us. Hint. To avoid the paywall and the data sucking ads, disable your internet connection as soon as your browser's scroll bar indicates scrollable content. Works on the star as well. You gotta be quick though.
Not sure why Musk has such a hate on for JT, Jackie, but comparing him to Hitler should hopefully see his EV sales up here plummet faster than a Starlink satellite(sunny ways Elon, sunny ways). We know the right wing rednecks wont be giving up their gas hogging four by fours any time soon so the more apt to buy an EV people on the left should avoid Tesla like the plague. And the rare earth minerals he so desperately covets for his batteries and are supposedly abundant in northern Ontario should be reserved for the manufacturers who don't use their powerful positions to spew far right rhetoric. Cut him off and hit him where it hurts, his wallet. In other words, fuck you, Elon!

Carl L said...

And they collared that white supremacist POS scumbag Pat King too.
Let them rot in jail. I hope that multi-million dollar class action lawsuit ruins everybody involved in this despicable travesty. The good people of Canada and especially Ottawa need to get justice after having endured weeks of abuse, humiliation and betrayal.

Jackie Blue said...

Mainstreet poll showing the CPC in majority territory is getting some tongues wagging. Devil's in the details of the actual article, though. As I pointed out on Twitter, Thomas Pitfield appears to have discovered alchemy. What's happening is that the CPC are running up even more insane margins where they already have seats, by siphoning off some vote share from Mad Max. The Liberals however, barely fluctuate in seats. And seats are all that matters.

An actual campaign would see them destroyed with attack ads for supporting Canada's version of January 6.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, love your blog, visit regularly. Full disclosure, I've met PET and JT and am a huge lifelong fan. I lived downtown Montreal during the October Crisis so am familiar with the imposition of martial law. This occupation was terrorism IMHO.

Anyway, wanted to share my nickname for Poilievre: if you split the name in two, Poil and Lievre, and insert a silent "de", you get Poil de Lievre, which translates to: Hare' Hair. That's how I refer to the facist in conversations!

Keep up the great work Simon.

PS, I made a right wingers head explode by opining JT prevented WW3, saved the world, by responding without violence to the Putin funded distraction. We Libtards can generate great conspiracy theories too!

Steve said...

I am not a robot but they keep trying to make me one.
Okay this is how I see it at my hard hitting blog full of adventure and
Like it was a ice cream truck on a hot summer

day when the goverment said stay away

a lot of people dont care is the ice creem

makes them sick

they just want the freedom

to lick

freedom to lick

cause you got a great mouth

and down to your tonsils

you are incredilbly resout

and if you lick

the wrong mushroom

and die

you will still be a hero

to the big lickers

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I'm not surprised that the Cons are upset about the new financial regulations, because along with the leaking of the names of convoy donors it could really screw up their big blue fundraising machine. It's the one thing they have going for them, and they must be afraid that the combination could panic some loyal donors, and cause them to hold back their hate dollars, and with a new leader to sell that could be disastrous. As for the mainstream poll, I'm not worried either. I think the vaccine restrictions could put a small dent in Trudeau's standing, but as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and after the way he forced an end to the Con hostage taking,I think he should be in tip top shape by mid summer...

Simon said...

Hi Pierre...sleep tight, the coup leaders have been arrested and their bail hearings have been very revealing. Christopher was so shaken up he should be crossing the Rio Grande by now. And Tamara Lich betrayed her appalling ignorance by asking to be protected by the First Amendment. Can you believe that? As for the aftermath, I think you're right, the poor people who were tortured for so long will probably develop symptoms of PTSD to some degree or another. But a nice warm summer and a return to an almost normal life should help restore them to good health. And I can only hope the same goes for Chantal Hébert, because she's been sounding very Con recently, and suggesting that only Jagmeet Singh can lead us out of the mess we're in. God help us all...

Simon said...

Hi JD...Thanks for the link. I knew that Cons tend to have a large so-called fear gland in the brain that makes them cling to the past and reject new ideas. But after seeing how many of the convoy Cons looked and sounded like the hillbillies in the movie Deliverance, this new study is very reassuring. I was not imagining things, they really are incredibly dumb, and when forced to deal with complex issues can become dangerously violent, and resemble a collection of zombies. I've forgotten how to deal with them, apart from chasing them with a burning torch, but I will spend tomorrow doing some serious research...

Simon said...

Hi DDR...I was astounded to see how many of the convoy thugs seemed to have no idea about the damage they were doing, to the poor people of Ottawa, or our economy. And how easily they were fooled by the convoy organizers, who among other things, apparently convinced them that if they waved a white flag, or believe it or not, a pair of white underpants, the police would not arrest them. How can we hold them responsible for anything when they are so dumb and so out of it? And we can't laugh because in the times we live in, they are fodder for demagogues. I think we're all going to have to put bars on all our windows, and at least consider installing an electrified fence...

Simon said...

Hi Carl...yes, I was especially pleased to see that the scumbag Pat King was also arrested. I hoped you were abe to watch the video of him being arrested in his own car while streaming an episode of his ghastly FB show. The look on his face was priceless as he demanded the right to speak to his lawyer, while trying to speak with a cigarette in his mouth. It was hilarious, but like you I hope they can throw the book at him, because he made a lot of the trucker trash believe that they could really overthrow the government, which in my book is treason and could have led to a bloodbath. The longer he can be locked up the better...

Simon said...

Hi anon@9:34 AM....It always make me happy to hear from those who have followed my blog through the years. It's been quite a journey, so I am glad I have been able to share it with you. Please forgive me for my not so occasional failures, and I promise to do better. AS for the occupation I can't believe that anyone could see it as anything else than terrorism on a mass scale. They honked their horns night and day, and scared the residents of downtown Ottawa so much, many of them were afraid to leave their homes. I listened for any one of them to acknowledge and apologize for the pain they were causing, but none of them seemed to give a damn. As for Poil de Lievre, I think that's a very good name for him, and if we could only convince him to stay in his hole, it would be a much better Canada...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...I like mushrooms for breakfast, and ice cream at any time of the day or night. But after reading your poem I may not ever eat them again. But by all means lick on... ;)