Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The Day The Cons Officially Became A Party of Right-Extremists

I vividly remember the scene. Justin Trudeau was addressing a small rally in a field in the Montérégie, back in 2018.

When suddenly a nasty old woman started heckling him in an ugly racist manner. 

Trudeau in his usual polite way told her to behave herself, only to have her accuse him of demeaning her, and sue him for $90,000.

Which was totally absurd as you can see in this video.

So I wasn't surprised that a Superior Court judge has thrown the case out of court.

A Quebec Superior Court judge has dismissed a defamation suit brought against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by a woman who heckled him at a 2018 rally south of Montreal.

Justice Michele Monast wrote in a decision released Monday that Diane Blain’s lawsuit was ill-founded and abusive.

And let Blain, a well known right-wing activist, know what she thought of her.

Blain had argued in court that Trudeau’s words made her feel humiliated, shocked and ridiculed and that she received disparaging comments from others after the incident. But Monast said the public reaction against Blain following the encounter with the prime minister were the result of Blain’s actions, not what Trudeau said.

But what I find interesting is how the Con reacted at the time, as Dale Smith points out here.

Think back to when the House of Commons returned shortly after this incident, the Conservatives all rushed to give succour to this woman, and tried to frame her aggressive questions and demands as though she was “just asking about the budget.” No, seriously. Conservative after Conservative stood up in the House of Commons to whine that “if Trudeau doesn’t like your questions, he calls you a racist.” Because in their minds, being called a racist is a worse crime than the actual racism that the woman was displaying. And it goes to show what the party is willing to stand up for, and who they are willing to protect if they think they can score points from it.

For it revealed how racist and morally corrupt the Cons had become, and marked the moment they officially became a party of right-wing extremists.

While I backed that up, and also wrote that the incident revealed how biased our shabby media had become.

By accusing Trudeau of bullying Blain, instead of going after her toxic bigotry, and her ugly friends.

According to her social media activity, Blain not only appears to hold racist views but is connected with a number of far-right extremist groups, including groups called the Front Patriotique du Québec and Storm Alliance.

Or going after all the other bigots who were at that rally.

According to Le Troupeau and independently verified by PressProgress, multiple members of far-right groups were in the crowd during the Prime Minister’s speech last week – researchers suggest it was a coordinated effort to disrupt the event.

And who were allowed to get far too close to Justin Trudeau.

Which marked the beginning of a descent into darkness, where toxic Trudeau hate is now so out of control it threatens the future of this country.

In the United States and the U.K right wing threats against political leaders are on the rise. And the same thing is happening here.

The Cons may be just a shabby gang of low life cowardly scumbags, more American than Canadian.

But normalize hate, and give them enough rope, and they can and will kill our Canada...


Anonymous said...

The Cons are so trapped in their Facebook echo chambers that they can't see how stupid their bad- faith arguments look to the rest of the country. But when they sue, they find themselves in front of a judge who spends every day pulling apart truth from BS. Ms Blain must have been amazed when the judge ripped her a new hole. Too bad she wasn't ordered to pay Trudeau's costs.

Jackie Blue said...

Sez the media, but they ducked a recorded vote on conversion therapy today, so now they're nice people!!! Yeah, that is complete and total bullshit. Let's see how they come down on the hate speech and gun bills next year, that attract deplorables like Blain like moths to a flame or flies to shit. Or con supporters to, well, cons.

I remember this bigoted bitch and how the cons defended her to the hilt. That's poor little Ella-Grace in the background looking worried about what MAGA Granny was shrieking like a banshee at her dad. Then as now, the media failed over and over again to press the cons on this subject, or connect Blain's views (or the mosque shooter, the incel who committed vehicular homicide, the yellow pests, the anti-vax gravel throwers, the QAnon-addled friendly sausage maker) to the psychotic ethos of the party. "She was just talking about the budget." Right, and the sausage guy just wanted to have a chat. The gravel throwers were upset about their civil liberties. The yellow pests were hard put-upon energy workers frustrated over national unity. Way to put the "white" in whitewashing. Considering the just released report about the abysmal dearth of diversity in Canadian newsrooms, it comes as no surprise.

O'Toole's vile response to the throne speech accused Trudeau of making Canadians feel ashamed of their "culture." What culture is he shaming? Is he making them feel embarrassed over their fondness for syrup and hockey, or is he pointing out uncomfortable truths of how white supremacism and Christopathic extremism exists in Canada too?

How much longer can they continue this charade until someone (else) gets hurt?

Anonymous said...

That's quite the myriad of white trash Blain has as her friends. Their raised fists displaying their racist hand gestures of white supremacy seemed to be overlooked by our selective Con media( #CdnMediaFail) and caucus who would rather play her as the victim to score cheap political points. Luckily the judge didn't fall for their bullshit narrative and Blain's frivolous lawsuit was tossed.
Yet another example that there is no bottom to the depths the Cons will plumb to get JT. Between that and the useless media who look the other way, it's no wonder these racist fringe groups feel empowered to show themselves and spread their hate because by and large it goes unopposed. I hope the Libs bring in extremely tough new anti-hate laws to deal with the white trash that's infecting our great country. Make them crawl back under the rocks they came from and let our minority populations feel a little safer to go about their daily lives without fear of being hurt or murdered by these lowlife scumbags.

Simon said...

Hi anon@3:37 PM....I doubt that it was Diane Blain's idea to sue Justin Trudeau. She's too dumb for that. I'm sure it was Scheer's Cons who gave her that idea. For they milked her stupid string of insults to the max, and were absolutely furious at the way things turned out. I'm sure Scheer thought he could get Quebecers enraged over Trudeau's response to Blain's Québécois de souche comments. But most Quebecers know what a pig Blain is, and I live with a Québécois de souche, so I knew her little provocation would go absolutely nowhere...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...when I saw that confrontation in that field, I was sure that those right-wing Con scumbags would try to kill Justin Trudeau. And sure enough they have. O'Toole know he'll never win as long as Trudeau is around that why he stokes hatred against him 24/7. And our scummy media only adds fuel to the flames. I also saw that part of O'Toole's response to the Throne Speech where he all but accused Trudeau of hating this country, and tried to pass himself off as a "real patriot" I was eating bag of chips at the time and laughed so loudly I almost choked to death. And you're right, how long can they continue this quasi terrorist behaviour before someone gets hurt?

Simon said...

Hi JD....Yes, Blain hangs out with some very bad people, and one group recently gave her an award as "Patriote" of the year, so you know how low she has fallen. Fortunately her appeal is limited to those bottom dwellers, and in Quebec at least the far-right isn't going anywhere.
They had their fifteen minutes of fame over the refugee influx at the Roxton crossing, but that's not a big issue anymore so she's going around cheerleading for marginal separatist groups. But still we need tougher anti-hate legislation to stick a fork in the side of the Cons who would divide us for their crass political purposes. We've been too gentle on them, and that's got to change...