Friday, December 31, 2021

The Covid Year 2021 and the Slow Death of the Cons

It's hard to believe that it's now been almost two years since Covid first appeared, and changed our lives forever.

And even harder to believe that even after all we've been through, it's still spreading like wildfire.

So much so that we're probably all going to get it sooner or later.

But on this last day of the cursed year 2021, it seems there is some good news at last.

Omicron may be everywhere, but in South Africa where it first made its presence known, it seems to have peaked.

South Africa has lifted overnight curfew rules, with officials saying the country may have passed the peak of its fourth wave of Covid-19 infections.

A government statement said the Omicron variant, while highly transmissible, had seen lower hospitalisation rates than previous waves.

We might still have a brutal winter, but at last there could be a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

So I think that in this last post of 2021, I'll focus on the biggest good news story of the year right here in Canada.

The re-election of Justin Trudeau...

For his victory not only helped us survive a deadly pandemic, it also helped save our country and its precious values.

While the look on Erin O'Toole's face, after losing an election he was supposed to win, was worth the price of admission.

For in the end he couldn't even summon up enough courage to urge his own supporters to get vaccinated.

He's just too scared of them.

And now that Omicron is spreading like wildfire, and the word "vaccination" makes him scream, the ghastly coward is now running for cover, along with the equally ghastly Doug Ford...

Like two Con chickens heading for oblivion.

While Justin Trudeau has never let the Cons, or their shabby bought media, stop him from charting his own course.

On everything from vaccines, childcare, the fight against  bigotry, and the battle to save the planet. 

And this photo record of the year, by his great photographer Adam Scotti speaks for itself.

Especially when you look at this picture of some of the murderous hatred he has had to endure from O'Toole's ugly Cons...

Take a good look at those pictures, and weep for what O'Toole and his gang of right-wing extremists and religious fanatics have done to this country.

But then what do you expect from the scummy Cons? 

When not only are they anti-vaxxers, they are ugly misogynists, and vile homophobes.

The lowest of the low, the dirtiest of the dirtiest.

The toxic Trudeau haters who would poison the soul of this country.

And the good news?

Justin Trudeau never backed down.

Never let the Con thugs intimidate him, even when they threw rocks at his head.

Or insulted his mother...

And in 2021, he and the decent people of this country stuck a fork in the side of the RepubliCon machine.

Leaving its guts scattered all over the place like road kill.

And with a little luck in 2022, O'Toole's own supporters will finish him off...

And hopefully tear themselves to pieces in the process.

As for me,  I vow to go after the toxic Trudeau haters harder than I ever have.

The haters have bombarded me with vile comments and threats like never before, and I haven't the slightest doubt some would like to kill me. 

But they will NEVER intimidate me, I love my Canada too much, and NOTHING will save them.

Finally I'd like to thank you my readers for your support and encouragement.  And for contributing so much to this blog. You are all magnificent. 

We have gone through the darkness together, and will celebrate together when the light returns.

Happy New Year everybody!!!


Jackie Blue said...

Happy New Year Simon. Yeah I hope 2022 turns out a lot better than this hellscape of a year. So sick of the media and their feckless bothsiding of what is undoubtedly a group of "fascists with a smile" (shit-eating grin). I have completely given up on At Issue with all its Trudeau-bashing, doomer predictions for the Liberals and wishcasting for cons. The Democrats' prospects do not look good at all but man, I hope Canada can stay the course.

Thought you might appreciate the Christmas chat with PMJT's pal Terry DiMonte. I wrote a piece about it. I found it a lot more engaging than the insufferable gotcha tripe from Evan Selloutman and Pentagon Barbie Stephenson. Well worth the full half hour. The other year-enders were crap.

Canada is a better country for people like the Trudeau family, like the hardworking folks on the Liberal team, and like you and everyone else who contributes here. I find it sad that so many don't appreciate it and hate him for no reason, but I hope they're mostly just tired like we all are, and are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel and the bigger picture of just how good they have it.

If the border ever reopens and I have the opportunity (travel ain't cheap) I really want to see this country someday. And I'd love to tell the PM just how much his leadership means to a lot of us 'Muricans who want something more. Who yearn for a government that is earnest, innovative, and compassionate, and that really does put in the effort to "grow the economy from the heart." We almost had it with this Biden admin, but fucking Manchin turned out to be a traitor from within. Hopefully Canada can manage to avoid the downslide that we're on. The answer is to keep Trudeau for as long as humanly possible and get rid of Dougie and Kenney!

Happy New Year again to everyone here. Best wishes for a healthy and COVID-free 2022, and many more Liberal-governed years to come!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for 2022 Simon and all the others that support your blog. Its an upside down world we live in where authoritarian China has smashed Covid while the authoritarian worshipping Cons in North America have caused it to flourish in the name of freedom.


Cathie from Canada said...

Thanks Simon for everything you have done this year - you were my rod and my staff during the election, when things looked dark, and your positive assurance that Canadians COULD NOT actually vote in a Con government was what kept me going day after day. Hope 2022 will be a better year for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that JT's re-election is the top feel good news story of 2021, but also the top story, Simon. Without that happening, we'd be in a very bad place right now with a useless tool at the helm. Picture this (with gravol if needed), Finance Minister Peewee Poilievre, Immigration Minister Andrew Schmeer, Health Minister Michelle hic Rempel, Environment Minister Candace MAGA Bergen. Yikes! It's bad enough with the Con disasters Kenney, Moe and DOFO either MIA or when they do show their faces, making bad situations even worse. So maybe it's for the best that Jason hides out at mommy's while Dougy Doolittle jumps in his Ford Escape and well, escapes to the Muskokas. Maybe Global can send their ambush team out to the deep woods to stalk the elusive white hippo in its natural surroundings. Besides, it's much closer than Tofino.
I hadn't seen those disturbing pictures of those "parents" teaching their kids the hateful Con way, Simon. Disgusting is what it is and I can only imagine how those kids will turn out with such deplorable role models for parents. However, much of the blame for that behavior goes directly to the Cons for the many years of continuously fomenting hatred against JT. They truly are a putrid shithole of a party and we must keep reminding Canadians of that.
"As for me, I vow to go after the toxic Trudeau haters harder than I ever have."
That's music to my ears, Simon. I'm with you all the way. And a huge thank you for all you have done all these years and will continue to do. You are appreciated my friend. Happy New Year's to you and to all.

rumleyfips said...

Another win for Canada. Agreement reached on Indigenous child welfare compensation. The Trudeau libs keep making progress on the reconciliation file and making our Country better.

Happy New Year Simon and everybody else here. Maybe that light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train after all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Simon. Your posts keep me positive in a world of negativity.

Happy New Year!


Jackie Blue said...

@Rumleyfips: Globe & Fail reporting this AM, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

There's an old saying that whatever you do New Year's day you'll be in the habit of for the rest of the year. Easiest prediction ever: the Globe will continue to be in the business of reporting fake news.

Resolution recommendation for the Grits: Cancel the bailout. Let the lügenpresse bastards freeze in the dark.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…Happy New Year to you too!! As I said in my post, I’m pretty optimistic that the Covid nightmare will soon be over. I was reading my medical journals this morning, and it seems that Omicron has mutated into a much less harmful virus. A virus that can’t properly bind with lung cells and so prefers to live in our noses, throats and windpipes, which makes it very infectious but much less lethal. So soon we will be able to concentrate on the Con disease and I’m confident that they will also go the way of Omicron. The O’Toole mutation was just no match for the decency of Justin Trudeau, and is unlikely to survive 2022. Awwww poor Cons. Let us bow our heads and laugh our asses off….🥳🎉🎈

Simon said...

Hi RT….. Hi RT….The Con premiers have been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, but they have also fatally wounded themselves. And some of them know it. You should see some of the comments they have been sending me today, it’s clear that they are now so desperate they are in terrible pain. And of course the pain of the evil is my pleasure. I find it ironic that after all we have done to cut them down to size, it was a humble virus that helped finish them off. As I told Jackie, let’s show them all the respect they deserve. Happy New Year to you and yours!! 🥳🎉🎈

Simon said...

Hi Cathie….Thank you very much and Happy New Year to you too. I have always been an optimist, i don’t believe that humans can live without hope, so when I saw how the Cons were trying to take that hope away like right-wing extremists always do, I decided that I would weaponize hope and use it to demolish them. Also Progressives are the future, and that’s why we are going to win. Lordy, I’m sounding a bit preachy this morning and I blame that sip of champagne…🍾☃️☃️

Simon said...

Hi JD….Yes, it would be an even worse nightmare if O’Toole and his Ku Klux Cons were running the country into the ground. That cowardly chicken would have made sure that his buddies the Con premiers could have done as much damage as possible to our precious medicare system, so they could privatize it, which has always been their number one priority. Instead, since they have failed so miserably, they are spewing hatred out of every orifice, and infecting even their own kids. They are truly a cult, and Canada will not be safe until they are tossed into the garbage can of history. I know I can count on you and the others to help me do that. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips…Yes, the child welfare compensation is a great way to celebrate the arrival of 2022, The Trudeau Liberals are doing great work on the reconciliation front, and as you point out, that’s another win for Canada. The ugly Cons who are full of anti-indigenous bigots must be drowning in their own bile, as it slowly sinks in that the train of history is coming for them. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Simon said...

Hi UU…..Thank you for that, I have been blessed with an optimistic nature, so being told that I help keep others positive in a world of negativity makes me feel so happy. The Cons want us to feel unhappy so that we don’t get involved in politics, but they will not succeed. We will defeat them and make Canada an even better country. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….That Globe fake news eruption would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic. And to make matters worse they have yet to correct their epic fail, let alone offer an apology for getting it so wrong. But as you say it starts those Con propagandists off on the wrong foot on the first day of the year. And they can no longer even pretend to be a serious newspaper. What an absolute joke.🤡

Anonymous said...

Happy 2022 Simon, keep up the good fight! For those of us in ON, let's get behind Dr. Fisman

Simon said...

Hi anon@5:50PM....Thank you and Happy New year to you!! I'm a great admirer of Dr. Fisman and I share what he says in that tweet:

I will do everything I can to help Ontario get rid of
’s government in 2022. They are just a travesty.

The Ford regime, like all Con governments is an absolute travesty. And this country will not reach its full potential until we get rid of them all..

Steve said...

Lets save the green belt this year. Stop the silly highways to nowhere except Panama accounts.

Jackie Blue said...

Speaking of toxic Trudeau haters... this was the response from some numbskull, reacting to a video where PMJT rightly calls out the antivax "movement" as overlapping with racists and misogynists. Looks like Screwy Louie here sure enjoyed spending a LOT of time with that copy of Photoshop he got himself for Christmas. ROTFLMFAO WTF 🤪

OK, it's confirmed. The covidiots and unhinged Trudeau derangement fanatics definitely have some serious psychosexual motivations for their "reaction" to this PM. Man, talk about a beta variant.

Someone dig up that Skippy video talking about the root causes of root causes...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....From a Con with a gun as his avatar, more revolting misogyny and homophobia. It's really quite disgusting how low the Cons have fallen. No decent Canadian could vote for them. My only hope is that those perverts can be kept far away from children. And that in the next election we can finish them off once and for all...