Friday, November 05, 2021

Are Erin O'Toole's Cons Getting Ready To Give Him the Hook?

Ever since the COP 26 summit began, Erin O'Toole has tried very hard to pretend that it isn't happening. Not saying anything, not even tweeting a word about it.

No doubt because he didn't want to remind Canadians that many of his Cons don't believe that climate change is real.

Or draw attention to Justin Trudeau's brilliant performance at the summit.

But yesterday he finally broke his silence to smear our new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, calling him a dangerous radical who wants to destroy Canada.

It is of course grotesque for a shabby oil pimp like O'Toole to smear a decent Canadian like Guilbeault. A man who has been fighting climate change ever since he was a boy.

But what can O'Toole do, when he has to feed so many rabid Cons, while hanging on for dear life?

Especially since to make matters worse, he also has to worry about all the equally rabid anti-vaxxers in his caucus. Who he clearly hasn't been feeding enough. 

Because some of them have now formed a caucus within a caucus

It's being described as a Conservative "mini-caucus" — a group of MPs and senators looking to gather to examine issues related to COVID-19 vaccines. Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu is spearheading the effort. 

She said that 15 to 30 Conservatives have expressed interest in taking part, although the final number of participants hasn't been determined. 

Gladu said the idea is for the pseudo-committee to call on experts to explore issues constituents have raised related to civil liberties.

Which must have the loser O'Toole quaking in his boots.

Not only because some, like the pollster Greg Lyle in The Hill Times, are calling it a direct challenge to his leadership: 

“It’s pretty much a direct leadership challenge to Erin O’Toole,” said Mr. Lyle, a prominent pollster. “Which makes him look weak, which doesn’t help him in his competition if he stays on as leader. And No. 2, it’s offside with the vast majority of Canadians. … Given that O’Toole said he is going to respect the ruling, it’s a direct attack on his leadership, there’s just no other way to look at it.”

But also because he's going to have to deal with Marilyn Gladu, who is on the loony side of the political spectrum.

And that won't be easy.

For who can forget how she promoted hydroxychloroquine, Donald Trump's "miracle cure" for Covid?

Or forget how she claimed that if Canada legalized marijuana we would be invaded by dangerous Mexican criminals. And little Johnny could be smoking his weed in his mother's toaster oven.

Or forget this anti-weed poem she delivered in the House of Commons 

Which would have been hilarious, if it wasn't so deeply disturbing.

But my favourite Gladu performance was when she appeared at a Con convention in 2016 dressed up as the Grim Reaper...

A chilling performance I hope she repeats for Erin O'Toole, because it does reflect the state of the Cons. 

Who judging from their latest attack ad, don't seem to know whether they are coming or going.

Can you believe that?

The Cons, who don't believe climate change is real, are now accusing Justin Trudeau of not fighting it hard enough.

Even as another group has apparently formed a mini caucus to fight O'Toole's phony carbon tax.

It's madness, madness I tell you.

And it's not hard to imagine where all this might be going...

The Cons may finally be getting ready to tear themselves to pieces.

And while it probably won't be pretty.

It should be REALLY entertaining... 


ottlib said...

Two things keep going through my mind when I see this.

First, Stephen Harper would not have allowed this to happen. The CPC was his party, he made certain it stayed his party and even after he is gone it is still his party because no since him have been able to keep the RWNJ in check. Voter fatigue with the Liberals may eventually allow the Conservatives to stumble into power but then again if they do not get their shit together and actually take this party away from Stephen Harper it could be along time before that happens.

Second, if this was happening on the Liberals side the media would be spending entire 30 minute news casts talking about it. Cripes, they would not stop talking about it. Hell, they have tried to invent some disagreement between the PM and Ms. Freeland, when none exists, so you could imagine how they would react if this were happening in the Liberal Party. But of course it is the Conservatives so their reaction is rather muted because, you know, our media is very unbiased. (Yes that is sarcasm)

Jackie Blue said...

Dale Smith writes today that Pigeon Pete, aka the Prepubescent Ted Cruz, is most likely the one leading yet another faction dedicated to Ayn Rand-style fiscal austerity obsession. So besides Marjorie Trailer Gladu leading the "Freedumb" faction, Smurfy Brown leading the QMoron faction, and Candace Owens Lewis leading the fire and brimstone faction, there are undoubtedly more Tea Party cranks waiting in the wings to swoop like wild vultures and pick apart what remains of the Con caucus -- I mean carcass. One flew over the cuckoo's nest and 117 others dropped their rotten eggs on Errant's ovular bald head. Ground control to Navigator O'Toole: Bird is the word, and the ego has landed.

The important thing to remember is this is all controlled opposition, since the Venn diagram overlapping these groups is a perfect circle. Prosperity gospel + old-time religion + Mad Max-style eugenicist libertarianism is the metastatic stage of the Reagan dementia killing the U.S., but hopefully in Canada there are enough people who, regardless of their misgivings (real or imagined) about Trudeau, are inoculated enough to recognize it for the snake oil that it is and therefore reject it wholesale. Be aware however that the prion disease is obviously contagious and is known to travel through the media. Mask up and immunize yourselves with a superdosage of facts.

Sadly, there's always an appetite for stupid, which is why the cons will never get 0% of the vote. But hopefully the diseased mega-cell can undergo a chain meiosis that leaves them in so many fragments that they're left only to cannibalize themselves. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of very fine people, i.e. a wretched hive of scum and villainy. And it should be a real spectacle to watch, but care must be taken not to let them drag the whole country down with them. Until then we can expect private member's bills and opposition day motions calling upon the government to denounce Jewish space lasers being activated by 5G vaccines, and demanding accountability for Trudeau's whereabouts with Tom Hanks and the satanic baby-eater cabal that holds rituals every Halloween in Tofino.

BTW, when I saw this campaign ad for the new Lt. Gov. of Virginia, I immediately thought of the "Doctor" from Haldimand-Norfolk. Annie Okie Rempel better get her gun, 'cuz there's a new sheriff in town!

rumleyfips said...

Maybe that stick will prove to have a hook on both ends. We can hope.

Anonymous said...

It's getting awfully warm in O'Toole's kitchen and he's ill equipped to deal with the Con uprising. We knew it was coming and the Connibalization of the tool has begun for all to see. Best he go in the wine cellar and cool off with a couple of bottles of Chateau De Aurevoir to numb the pain of being seen as even more useless than before the election.
You're definately right that it'll be entertaining, Simon. And sweetly ironic that the party of hate will be expelling most of their bile at each other instead of JT for a change. How very uplifting it is and I want to thank all the Cons that made it happen.

Steve said...

Leadership is listening to your wackos.

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….Yes, Harper created division with his many wedge issues, and for a while it worked, until Canadians decided that the Cons were acting like Republicans and gave them the boot. Erin O’Toole seems to have believed that the only thing wrong with Harper’s plan was the execution, and now his party is so fragmented he’s scared to say anything lest he alienate one faction or the other. And you’re right, if this was happening to the Liberals, the Con media would be all over that story 24/7. Unlike the fake scandals they love so much, the dilapidated state of the Cons is a big story, and by failing to cover it properly, the media is only looking even more biased and even less reliable…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Winsome Sears is one scary looking Republican, and although most Cons are not as extreme as that, there are some from the redneck province of Albertonia who are pretty close. When racism, toxic Trudeau hatred, and religious fanaticism, are mixed together anything could happen. Luckily, what works in Albertonia will never work in most parts of the rest of Canada. Judging from the comments I am seeing in the MSM, a lot of Cons are increasingly alienated from their own party. Kenney, and Ford, along with the idiot O’Toole, are doing a real demolition job on the Cons. So unless something changes, I can see them turning places like the House of. Commons into a zoo, but I very much doubt they will be successful spreading their foul gospel…

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips….When Gladu starts swinging her scythe she will make make the Cons look even more extremist. I forgot to mention that she is also a ghastly racist. The kind of racist who likes to say that any immigrant who disagrees with her should go back to where they came from. She was for sending in the military to end native protests, and opposed plans to ban conversion therapy. So she’s a real reactionary, and I look forward to the damage she’s going to do to the O’Toole gang…

Simon said...

Hi JD,,,,As I may have told you before, I am conflicted over the fate of Erin O’Toole. On the one hand after his foul never ending campaign to smear Justin Trudeau I would love to see him forced to leave town on a burro backwards. On the other hand he is such a loser, and such a coward, I would like to see him stay where he is, and ensure that the Cons will never win power. Oh boy, decisions decisions. But at least the Cons are so much less of a threat than they once were. I’m so relaxed these day that it’s sometimes hard to get up the energy to blog. But that too will pass….

Anonymous said...

Although in the Con world it might be taking a little while to sink in but their major problem is that the Tool is a double loser. Its bad enough that he lost the election but in his final days he went down embracing Liberal policies. Had he won he would have been hailed as a brilliant strategist who out foxed the lying opposition but he lost while waving the Liberal flag on several issues. At least in the short term that is an unforgivable horror.
The front end of the media supported propaganda machine is still there with stories such as Trudeau is a reckless girlish child responsible for rampant inflation but then they cannot flash up an image of a true blue air force commander as the solution because people will go Hmm isn't he the flip flopper that can't manage his own party. Their only hope is to replace him, hope people forget and then rebuild his image by staging a nail biting duel with Godzilla, or by convincing voters Trudeau is a triple loser so a double loser wins by default. It is likely the puppet masters will try for an image rebuild while holding the party together with the vision of an impending Trudeau implosion. To do this they need to turn up the media heat big time but its almost impossible with so many fires smouldering in their own tent. Although almost impossible never underestimate their short memories and the illogical beliefs that bind them together.


Simon said...

Hi RT….good point, O’Toole is a double loser. And it’s so ironic. He won the Con leadership by appealing to the SoCons who have now excommunicated him, and who can forget how he branded Peter MacKay a Liberal, only to now have the L word used against him. He really doesn’t know where to turn, and the only reason he’s still standing is that the Cons don’t have anyone to replace him. It’s the slow death of an old Canadian party, and O’Toole has nobody to blame but himself…

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Simon, love to see a post about this if you don't mind?

I have mixed feelings, because I don't trust the Dippers any further than I can throw 'em. Charlie Fungus doesn't sound like he's amenable to avoiding the "day-to-day blackmail bullshit" of fake scandals either. So what the hell is the point of signing a Faustian bargain with them and giving away the farm? It's not going to stop them from waging bogus attacks at the committee hearings. It's just budgets and stuff. They can't even afford to defeat the government. So I don't really see the point.

Apparently Katie was the one who reached out to Jaggy's junior Svengali Jennifer Howard, on the urging of Nate Erskine-Smith. She must know what she's doing, because she's won three elections for the red team so far, and she's smart as a whip. But this isn't your grandfather's Dippers of Douglas and Lewis that could cooperate and be civil with PET. This is a militant, irrational, juvenile shitposter cult that lies ad nauseam, ignores the constitution, and hates JT on a visceral level over something so asinine and insignificant as electoral reform. God help Canada if they wring a citizen's assembly out of these talks and manage to implement PropRep. PEI just did it. The national redistricting is underway. If those commie bastards score that big of a concession out of this parliament, the country would never recover. No one would be happier than Mad Max, with his two dozen MPs in 2024 cheering on Trump's second term. And thanking the NDP for their entry into the Commons.

Then there's the caucus, who unequivocally suck. Green and Gazan granted interviews to a communist publication (Jacobin, the dirtbag left's equivalent of Rebel). NDP have the nerve to go after the Liberals on this stupid Winnipeg Lab conspiracy theory even as Ashton presented spoiled-brat Meng as a victim of "Canadian imperialism" while the Michaels were imprisoned. So they're the ones simping for Pooh Bear, not Trudeau. And of course Chucklefuck the clown was vicious to Margaret; he has never apologized, and he never will.

They still worship the con artist who sacrificed Kelowna and childcare for a selfish power grab in 2006. Angry Tom wasn't the one who kickstarted the NDP's shift to the right. It was Le Mal Jack making common cause with Harper against their mutual enemy in the centre, like Bernie did as controlled opposition to Trump. (Horseshoe theory is real.) So I really don't know why the Liberals want to bother with them. The NDP are trash. Absolute gutter trash.

I mean, no offense to Katie, I'm sure she knows what she's doing, but even the smartest of Grits are human too, which is why I hope this deal with the devil doesn't turn out to be a big mistake...

What's your read on all this? Are the Liberals playing 4D chess or are they Charlie Brown trying to kick Lucy's football?

Brian Dundas said...

Right on.

Interesting though, how Harper would do now at tamping down the nut jobs, post Trump. For now the freaks are running amok. I'm not so sure even he could control them.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I’m not sure what to think of this unholy union. Like you I have not been impressed by Jagmeet Singh, and quite frankly after the way he has behaved I’m not sure this political marriage would work. On the other hand Justin Trudeau is hoping to pass some pretty important bills that could change this country for the better, and not having Singh obstructing them would be a plus. I’d need to see the deal before deciding whether I think it’s a good idea…

Simon said...

Hi Brian…I think you’re right. Thanks to Scheer the Cons are now pululating with religious fanatics and Trump supporters, and I don’t think even the Dark Lord would have been able to properly control them. Especially since the Cons are out of power, so O’Toole has nothing to bribe them into behaving. Right now he’s practically paralyzed, so I’d be very surprised if he is still the leader six months from now…

Jackie Blue said...

Oh geez. Well, it already doesn't look like the Liberal/NDP arranged marriage is off to a good start. Parliament hasn't even sat yet and Singh needs to enter the political version of couple's counseling. BTW, New Statesman is another US-headquartered commie rag. Dippers complain when Liberals accuse them of being indistinguishable from cons, but one big thing they have in common is their penchant for populist shrieking in American-owned propaganda outlets.

So Singh says PMJT's climate record is "abysmal." As opposed to the NDP's record on... pretty much anything, which is nonexistent because in 90 years they've never formed government federally and never will. He can afford to keep bitching from the cheap seats without offering feasible alternative solutions, because he'll never be PM and never have to be held accountable for his empty and unrealistic promises.

This already doesn't look like it's going to work. Trudeau could personally find a cure for cancer, and Singh would take credit for "pressing" him to do it, all the while blaming him for putting oncologists out of work. And furthermore whining, with specious speculation, that said cure would benefit "rich Liberal friends" because people with more than $0 in their bank accounts who may have voted Liberal and/or donated to the party at some point in their life were allowed to access it. Then he'd let Chuckles go hogwild with Skippy and Barrett excoriating "corrupt Liberals" on manufactured "ethics" points, over the imagined quid-pro-quo of treating their cancer with a cure from a "corrupt" Liberal prime minister. Like Frank Bayliss who signed up his company for a government grant to build ventilators that saved lives, only to have Dingus howl at him like he was an unrepentant crook skimming off the public dime.

BTW, did you know that Trudeau hasn't actually cured cancer yet? Or COVID or climate change? His record on curing cancer is abysmal! Here, sign this data-mining NDP petition to ensure that Justin Trudeau is held accountable for his abysmal failure to cure cancer, all because he cares more about "the rich." New Democrats will keep "fighting for you" by presenting a non-binding motion calling on the Liberals to condemn cancer. Then when they vote against it because it not only doesn't cure cancer, but also calls upon the government to literally implement the entire NDP platform and abolish the law of gravity, the NDP will have proof in hand that Justin Trudeau doesn't care about curing cancer because he's rich and Liberals are bad. Rinse and repeat with climate, COVID, racism, kicking puppies -- Justin Trudeau supports puppy-kicking because he voted against our anti-puppy-kicking motion! His record on the anti-puppy-kicking file is abysmal! Never mind that Trudeau has never kicked a puppy and does not in fact support kicking puppies. No, Trump has a better record on puppy-kicking than Trudeau, because Trump has never owned a dog!

This guy is so fucking predictable it's ridiculous. I can't stand him and I'm sick of his unserious party. I wish it weren't such a taboo for the Liberals to just ignore them and work across the aisle with Blanchet, who is no less of an asshole but at least he's an adult asshole who "gets" policy. No one had a "campaign song" for election 44, but I think Singh should adopt this one for election 45.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

The Liberals won.
It doesn't matter if the NDP gives short shrift, the Bloc Québecois will supply the 10 or so votes needed to pass legislation.
If there can be some peace, at the cost of Mr. Singh granstanding a bit, so be it. He can tell his family he's the prime minister while Cabinet makes decisions and moves us into the post-pandemic phase.

All is well, and could be even better if O'Toole keeps his party fractioned and divided, and thus unserious for election in the next few years.

Now, where's my St-Q*bert chicken menu?

Jackie Blue said...

Well, it looks like the Ottawa bubble burst again anyway. I don't think the Liberals would have any trouble getting legislation agreed upon. The real problem is the bear trap of committee bullshit, where "Charlie Company" is prepared to make war out of nothing at all.

That being said, I think it's obvious at this point that the cons are in no position to govern. People are so worn out and sick of nonsensical politicking that hopefully, with a bit of luck and despite any amount of phony scandals flung at him, Trudeau might well end up beating Harper's tenure after all.