Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Incredible Cowardice of Erin O'Toole (Continued)

All through the campaign the Con Propaganda machine bombarded us with images portraying Erin O'Toole as a mighty warrior.

A strong brave leader, a freedom fighter, who isn't afraid of anything or anyone, especially Justin Trudeau, who he is on a mission to totally DESTROY #!!@!! 

But sadly, now we find out, he's just a cowardy custard. A man so scared of all those anti-vaxxers, religious fanatics, and other kooks in his own caucus, he felt he had to fire Denise Batters, or people might think he was one of THEM!!!

But now he's worried what the kooks and Batty Batters might do to him...

Because she's looking and sounding even scarier than usual.

So now he's claiming that he didn't fire her, she fired HERSELF!! 

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole today defended his decision to turf a Saskatchewan senator from caucus for pushing a petition to hold an earlier leadership review, saying Sen. Denise Batters is not a team player.  

"That's why we made the decision last night. You don't want to make the decision, but she really made it for herself."

Which is not only a cowardly way to try to deflect the blame, and try to keep the kooks from coming after him...

This is a REALLY cowardly way to fire anyone.

Can you believe it? 

He left a VOICE MAIL for her. He didn't have the guts or the decency to do it in person.

And he would have us believe that he's a strong leader? 

Gimme a break.

For this is beyond cowardice.

Batters said O'Toole is trying to suppress dissent by using "threats" and "intimidation" to force MPs to fall in line.

If Mr. O'Toole is certain that the members of our party support the new direction in which he is taking our party, he should have nothing to fear by facing our members democratically in an expedited confidence vote. That he is fighting against this with threats and intimidation to caucus speaks volumes," Batters said.

Who does that Con jelly belly think think he is? 

Who is pulling his strings?

And can you imagine what might happen to the decent people of this country if he was our Prime Minister, or Supreme Leader?

Especially now that he's just hired the grubby alt-right propagandist Jeff Ballingall to help him poison our country further.

Erin O'Toole has enlisted the creator of the Canada Proud network amid a public challenge to his leadership, Global News has learned. 

Jeff Ballingall, the man behind the Canada Proud and Ontario Proud social media networks, has rejoined O’Toole’s team according to multiple sources.

So Ballingall and his political pornographers can, among other things, pay people to dress up as bananas...

And debase our politics more than they already have, by suggesting that Justin Trudeau is too crazy to govern.

When in fact, as even the Con fluffer Paul Wells wonders aloud, O'Toole and his Cons may be the ones losing their marbles.

If O’Toole had won the election he’d have actual cabinet jobs to hand out, a throne speech to write, a new course in government to steer. It’s not easy and it’s not without its own peril, but power at least brings a sense of momentum. Crisis, and by this I mean a crisis out in the real world, clarifies stakes. It encourages people to set aside petty differences to meet the needs of the moment. But in the absence of a crisis, or indeed much of anything else, a party is left alone with the voices in its head. 

And Justin Trudeau just may be a political genius...

I’m almost wondering whether Justin Trudeau’s reluctance to convene Parliament, about which I 
recently grumbled, isn’t a stroke of tactical genius. Conservatives facing a Trudeau know what they’re fighting. Conservatives facing the void soon find it staring back at them.

He has the Cons where he wants them, preparing to drown in their own excrement.

While he flies above them.

Erin O'Toole, not a great leader, not a great warrior...

Just a smelly little Con coward, who is stinking out this country.

And can't be flushed soon enough...


Anonymous said...

O'Tool - “We’re focused on three things: [snip] a professional approach to dealing with the pandemic."

Can't wait to see that strong leadership in action next week when the MPs return to the House, and we see which ones are vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

Erin the useless tool is literally playing his Trump cards by firing Batty via voice mail due to his trumpy cowardice and hiring a POS like Balingall who is similar to POS, Steve Bannon. Spreading lies and creating chaos are their only skills so he's a perfect fit for the Cons. The tool just cant quit his infatuation with all things trumpy and in Ballingall, he's got someone to keep the hate machine against JT alive and well. An open, festering wound for the Cons to keep picking at, never allowing it to heal. For allowing it to heal would leave them without a purpose. That's their tried and failed agenda which has cost them their third election. Trudeau bad, we good, blah, blah, blah. It sounds simple which resonates perfectly for their simpleton base and aided by a failed MSM who wont call out their BS. Why bother doing the hard work of helping Canadians through cooperation and sound policy initiatives when you can just keep regurgitating the same bullshit talking points over and over again.
Given that they haven't learned why they lost with Herr Harper and Field Marshal's Scheer and O'toole, I expect the same old inanity when parliament resumes. I'm okay with that though. At this point it's mere noise. Knowing that they will gain nothing by it, I have to wonder if they've resigned themselves to the fact they'll never govern again with their current "diverse" group of wackos. Maybe the prize is all about living rent free at Stornoway with the chauffeurs, the servants, the wine cellar, the ghosts of Cons past and future. It's not looking good for the tool though. His only allies will soon be moving trucks to make way for who knows what the cat coughs up next.

Anonymous said...

I think Yakabuski at the Globe and Mail has a sensible take on the con’s current predicament:

“Ms. Batters appears to have drawn all the wrong conclusions from the election results. The Conservatives failed to win more seats in urban Canada not because Mr. O’Toole reversed the party’s position on carbon taxes, firearms or conscience rights, but rather because voters suspected that Tories of Ms. Batters’s ilk would inevitably prevent him from staying the centrist course....”

Say what you will about Boss Ford’s politics in Ontario. Unlike the Tool, Dougie had the good sense to extricate the bat-shit wing of his party as soon as they made themselves known. And in Ontario, Dougie has had to deal with plenty of buffoons (Rick Nicholls, Roman Baber, Randy Hiller and of course the wife of that detestable racist Karahalios) Don’t forget, once upon a time Boss Hogg was the king of the Canadian trumpsters and from time to time has trumpy moments of his own. But Dougie probably gets good advice from his Underboss and has a majority in Ontario so he can kick-out the idiots and still govern. Can the same be said of the Tool? Who knows how many more lunatics are in the wings if the best you have on offer is Rampel and Skippy? Kick out the fringe elements sure…but what do you have left after?

Yakabuski continues:

“…the petition’s mere existence will only serve to embolden others who are nostalgic for the Reform Party to call for Mr. O’Toole’s removal…that will only expose the 2003 merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party for the fraud that many centrist Tories have always believed it to be…Mr. Harper managed to maintain the illusion of a united Canadian right – until he indulged his worst Reformist instincts after winning a majority government in 2011.”
And I for one say let them implode. Better that the lunatic fringe congregates in the PPC or whatever obnoxious acronym they come up with next. This will expose and expel the last vestiges of the Reformist/Neo-trumpian scum from the Canadian political scene. Sensible people can then avoid them, like people avoided lepers in the olden days.


Jackie Blue said...

Useless media got tired of watching their preferred party self-destruct in internecine warfare, so they've decided to revive WeGhazi for the 16,777,216th time. Don the Con Martin's latest cynical take is that the tool's worst days are behind him because the return of parliament will give him a "target" in Trudeau (cough cough -- more like the media will be able to put a target on JT's back). He acknowledges that inflation is a global issue that Trudeau can't be blamed for, but says it's smart politics to blame him for it anyway (and his media colleagues will no doubt oblige).

I'm sick of these people. They can't stomach the fact that their great white dope is presiding over a disaster for their preferred party so they will stop at nothing to manufacture one after another for JT and the government. For that reason alone, I hope the cons have such a spectacular self-destruction that even the most determined partisan hacks of the ostrich media can't keep their heads in the sand long enough to keep looking away. And I hope the cons' pet stenographers all get taken down with them.

Steve said...

You know character by the characters that surround you. He still has Jennie and now he is going to love a two penny.

Anonymous said...

The election combined with a slow start to parliament has worked out beautifully for the Liberals. It disrupted the continuous flow of propaganda between the Con friendly media and fake parliamentary inquiries and forced the Cons to cobble together an election platform that more than half the party did not support. The Tool is now desperate to show the disillusioned that the Con propaganda machine is the only hope the nut bars have of destroying Trudeau and having their way with or without him once the Cons are in power. The tribe is restless and will be looking for a Con-vincing sign/omen when parliament convenes before Christmas that staying in the background and letting the machine do its work is their best option. Its only 20 days, hopefully the Liberal have a solid plan to control the agenda and are wearing hazmat suits as there is a tsunami of cow dung and pigeon excrement coming in their direction. Shock and awe is the only weapon the Tool has left before Christmas break as it will be much too late to save his hide by the time parliament returns in February.
Its also ironic but not surprising that the great champion of strong women and free speech will speedily shut them down when the message is something he does not want to hear. But of course, he personally regrets having to do it but its for the common good of the party. A true Con to the very end!


Simon said...

Hi anon@12:42AM….For a very long time now, I haven’t believed anything Erin O’Toole says. He is a serial liar as bad or worse than Andrew Scheer was. The Cons seem to have lost their moral compass, and it’s another reason they should never govern this country….

Simon said...

Hi JD….What Erin O’Toole is doing seems to makes no sense. He’s apparently trying to convince Canadians that he is a moderate by bouncing Batty Batters out of his caucus, and then he goes and hires a political thug like Ballingall to as you say keep the hate machine alive and well. But then as you also point out, that.s all the Cons know what to do. They have no sane policies, no decent principles, they are the lowest of the lowest. But the good news is that O’Toole is just doing what he did during the election campaign, and it did not work then, and it won’t work now. The Cons are in a death spiral and I look forward to the moment when they finally hit the ground with a sickening thud, for that is only what they deserve…

Simon said...

Hi BX…Good comment. And for once I can’t disagree with Yakabuski:

“Ms. Batters appears to have drawn all the wrong conclusions from the election results. The Conservatives failed to win more seats in urban Canada not because Mr. O’Toole reversed the party’s position on carbon taxes, firearms or conscience rights, but rather because voters suspected that Tories of Ms. Batters’s ilk would inevitably prevent him from staying the centrist course....”
I would have put it differently, and said that Canadians didn’t believe that O’Toole had the guts to stand up to all kooks in his caucus.
And that’s not going to change unless O’Toole purges half his caucus, or they all defect to Bernier’s extremist party.
Fifty years from now historians will see the great irony. Stephen Harper united his party, only to sow the seeds of its own destruction. I couldn’t ask for more…l

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…I long ago decided that I would never read another word about the fake WE scandal. Only in Canada would the Cons and their grubby media go after a successful children’s charity, and try to portray people building houses and schools in Africa as criminals. The whole thing disgusts me. And the only thing I would like to know is why is thevCon Broadcasting Corporation wating its time and our money producing stories like that, instead of investigating the way the far-right is spreading in this country. I’ve always defended the CBC, but it’s getting harder and harder to do that…

Simon said...

Hi Steve…I have no idea what you’re talking about, please try to be clearer in future….

Simon said...

Hi RT….I agree, the election and the parliamentary break turned out to be just what this country needed. It stuck a fork in the side of the Cons, and gave us all a break from their foul yapping. Also, it has given the Liberals a chance to put together a truly progressive agenda. And as you point out, the Cons won’t get much of a chance to shit all over it, before the Year’s end break kicks in and they are reduced to eating each other again. Perfect….

Steve said...

i AM Talking about Jeynne the Pig nose who works for the Ford family taking Ontario back back back. If the Tool needs another pig at the trough in Ottawa, she will be there.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, you should do a write-up about the incredible cowardice of Jagmeet Singh. The Wet'suwet'en conflict is heating up again (groundhog day came early, I guess). He's finally being called out by his own base on social media for remaining silent on Horgan's role in the matter. Individual NDP MPs are tweeting out vague copycat "solidarity" statements, but the name "Horgan" isn't mentioned even ONCE.

Worse, when a voter tried to contact the federal party for answers, an NDP rep redirected that person's complaint to "the party's Crown/Indigenous critic" who is an Inuit person. So it's bad enough that Jagmeet basically used a Native person as his shield (but tell me again, Charlie, about Justin "tokenizing" JWR?), but the worst thing of all? That person was told to tell angry NDP voters that "this is a provincial matter and we don't get involved." (Source)

So THIS is a provincial matter, but not when he lays the blame for Ford, Kenney etc. at Trudeau's feet? All the bitching he's done for the past two years about pharmacare and education (provincial responsibilities), NOW he has the nerve to say "oh, we don't get involved with provincial matters"?

And in the party's statement today they AGAIN put the blame for the escalation selectively on Trudeau and the feds ("picking and choosing which Indigenous rights to uphold"), and the RCMP. Who are (cough cough) PROVINCIALLY contracted by Horgan's government because BC does not have its own provincial force. He's a gameplaying charlatan and a lying fraud who is just as chickenshit and disingenuous for cynical political gains as his buddy O'Toole. That new Abacus poll revealing abysmal civic awareness among Canadians is why he gets away with it. Love and courage my ass.

Steve said...

I know about tail gunner Joe, this is no joke he was a real person paid by the goverment to do the right thing.

I know about Airshow and his prediction that a single engine bomber would never ever have a failure, not in Singapore or not in Germany and certainly not in Canada.

But tool the shooting blanks helo side man is not something
that will be historical

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I have been on family duty all weekend, and that takes my full attention, lest a clan war break out. 🙄
As for Jagmeet Singh, although I’m tempted to wade into that NDP bun fight, I don’t think I will. The Liberals and the NDP are still rumoured to be working on a three year non-aggression pact which could give us three years of blessed peace and most importantly, a chance to pass some of the most progressive legislation we have seen in a long time. So I think I’ll just keep my head down for now and quietly enjoy Singh’s discomfort….😎