Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Justin Trudeau's Extraordinary COP26 Performance

Justin Trudeau is on his way home after three action packed days at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. And it's a fitting end to an amazing year.

He led his country through the darkness of a pandemic that killed so many Canadians and frightened so many others.

He fought off the ugly Cons, and the grubby Con media, and a Zombie army of toxic Trudeau haters, to win a third straight general election.

But I wouldn't be surprised if fifty years from now, he will be remembered above all by future generations for what he did at the Glasgow summit.

For it was a tour de force.

He started off by announcing plans to wind down the Tar Sands.

Canada will impose a hard cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Calling the promise "a major commitment" that should inspire other resource-rich countries to dramatically curb their own emissions, Trudeau said Canada is prepared to limit the growth of one of the country's largest industries to help the world hold the global average temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Which had people all over the world applauding him, and the Cons and the Con media in this country screaming hysterically.

If there was any doubt that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will pursue his climate goals at the expense of the Canadian economy, it was put to rest by his remarks at the COP26 conference in Glasgow on Monday, when he used the international forum to openly declare war on Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Then he went a step further by calling on other countries to do what he has done in Canada, and introduce a price on carbon.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged all countries to agree to some sort of global price on carbon, a measure he says will dramatically curb the use of fossil fuels and level the playing field for countries like Canada that already impose a levy on emissions.

Speaking at a panel discussion organized by Canada on the sidelines of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, Trudeau said his government fought hard to impose its carbon tax policy over the opposition of political opponents in Canada, and now he wants to take that fight to the global stage.

Trudeau also joined other leaders in a pledge to end deforestation by 2030, and reduce methane levels. As well as taking a leading role in a campaign to raise money to help developing nations cope with climate change.

It's an impressive list of achievements, and now it will be up to negotiators to flesh out the details.

While an army of climate activists keep the pressure on to do even more...

And I must say I'm optimistic that all of this will lead us to a better world.

I'm also pretty confident that our new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and Justin Trudeau will be a force to be reckoned with.

And that along with Chrystia Freeland, Jonathan Wilkinson, and all the other members of Team Trudeau they will be able to take on Big Oil and their media stooges, and force a transition to a greener Canada.  

While making Erin O'Toole, who has yet to mention the COP26 summit, look even more of a loser.

If that's possible.

Needless to say the Con media has been trying to downplay the progress in Glasgow, and the ghastly old Disaffected Liberace has been skittering all over his tiny dark web, dumping on Justin Trudeau, and repeating over and over again that we're all doomed.

But he only does that because he's a lonely old loser bigot, who thinks it makes him sound important. And he enjoys making other people as miserable as he is. 

While I prefer to follow the advice of a real climate change warrior like Michael Mann who said this in a recent interview:

There is still time. Don’t let the doomers convince you it’s too late to do anything about climate change. That leads us down the same path of inaction as outright denial. And the inactivists, the forces of inaction, would love nothing more than for environmental progressives to remain on the sidelines because they’re convinced it’s too late to do anything. It isn’t too late, but we have to act, and we have to act now. 

So I'm with the optimists, and with Team Trudeau.

And of course this is also encouraging:

 Canada is clearly on the right track.

And I couldn't be prouder...


Jackie Blue said...

Tool has tweeted nothing about climate. Instead he's whining about the flag while Fife and the feckless opposition are back to a rerun of their asinine Winnipeg Lab conspiracy theory. I commented on Dale Smith's blog this morning that climate is the #1 existential threat facing humanity, and the Liberals are focused on climate, while the policy-bereft opposition are back to their racist whining about GHINA. Apparently they've written off Chinese Canadian votes. And also, the #1 existential threat facing humanity. Because GHINA.

When that McCarthy committee returns, I'm sure the cons will waste time and oxygen beating the dead horse of the Allan Inquiry at the federal level, and accusing the Liberals of "crippling Canada's economy and letting GHINA pollute for free." Whataboutism isn't a valid climate policy and the cons know it. They don't have one. They don't care.

Singh also went to COP26 to troll Trudeau. He wasn't invited. He just crashed the party, to tell anyone who would listen that Trudeau sucks for reasons. That's why they have nothing on offer but fake scandals and conspiracy theories: Trudeau is eating their lunch on actual policy. Hardly anybody even noticed Singh was there, or knew or cared who he was. He can't stand it. He wants to be a celebrity so bad instead of an actual leader. JT is both. Everyone saw JT and everyone loves JT. Well, except for the ingrates back home, that is. A prophet is never welcome in his own house.

Enzo DiMatteo is right and he continues to hit grand slams out of the ballpark with his columns at NOW Toronto. The only place Canada is failing and JT is failing seems to be... Canada, at least according to the slanted media narrative that can't give their hated punching bag any credit worth a damn. History will judge Justin Trudeau a lot more favourably than the present cranks of the #CdnMediaFailure.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Canada has always suffered from the so-called tall poppy syndrome. Anytime a Canadian does something worth celebrating he or she is greeted with a chorus of boos. And it’s the same with Justin Trudeau. I don’t expect people to worship him like a god, but I do expect them to give credit where credit is due. And what he did in Glasgow was worth praising for it added to a swell of constructive climate change proposals that could finally get us to where we want to be. Or where we have to be. I get annoyed with the Disaffected Lib because he should know better, but as Michael Mann points out is actually working against those who are working so hard to fight climate change. But there are many others like him in the media who are equally biased. Of course, I myself am biased against the hideous Mound ever since he wrote to one of his Progressive Blogger buddies that gay bullied kids should neither be seen or heard, and refused to apologize. I also went after Erin O’Toole on Twitter today, for trying to ignore the climate summit. But at least the good news is that should disqualify him from ever running for Prime Minister again…

Jackie Blue said...

"There's a word for people who need talent and normalcy to be congruent, and that word is provincial. Other countries have the tall poppy syndrome, but theirs has more to do with jealousy, whereas Canada's tall poppy syndrome has more to do with an almost Calvinistic disdain for the flamboyant and the excessive. Because Canada is one of the most blessed, educated, peaceful, and tolerant countries in the world, I have great faith that the next generation of Canadians might very well be the first to abandon the tall poppy syndrome. We will go from 'Who do you think you are?' to 'Who do you want to be?' Imagine the explosion of creativity that would come from that."

SNL's Mike Myers in his book simply titled, Canada.

(I have this book. Has a nice full-page glossy of a newly elected Trudeau, at the WH Gala with Myers and other Canadian entertainers. I really miss the TruBama Bromance era. It was such a happier time.)

And speaking of must-see TV... uh, well, this guy's not exactly hosting Wayne's World on public access cable. More headaches for Tool.

Anonymous said...

Science provides a roadmap on climate change while our DNA provides another. The choice is a no brainer for many except for the no brainers who rely on ancestral rituals by offering up prayers and the weak in the short term and ramp up the Darwinian game of the "quick and the dead" in the long term. Hopefully Canadians will continue to follow the science as Covid has given us a small sample of what happens when the Darwinian games take over.