Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Erin O'Toole, Jason Kenney, and the Great Con Revolts

It's finally happened. Somebody has finally stuck a pin into Erin O'Toole's Con balloon. 

I knew it was going to happen. The writing has been on the wall since the night O'Toole lost the election.

A loser, is a loser, is a loser.

But who knew it would be Batty?

Who knew it would be Senator Batty Batters who would fire the first shot?

Conservative Saskatchewan Sen. Denise Batters has launched a petition to oust Erin O'Toole as party leader — a high-profile effort by a caucus member who said she lost faith in O'Toole after the Conservative Party suffered "significant losses" in the last campaign.

In announcing her petition, Batters said that on O'Toole's watch, the party has flip-flopped on major issues such as carbon pricingfirearms and conscience rights and has lost once-Conservative seats in urban and suburban ridings in Alberta, B.C. and the Greater Toronto Area.

The Con establishment is trying to shut her down.

Just hours after Batters launched her effort,  the party's president Robert Batherson wrote to the senator telling her that her petition "is not in order" and that the referendum process can't be used to launch a leadership review. 

Michelle Rempel is going wild... 

Wild I tell you...

But Batty isn't biting.

The revolt could be spreading.

A Saskatchewan senator’s petition to force Erin O’Toole to face a leadership review is part of a coordinated campaign to oust the Conservative leader, sources tell Global News.

Multiple sources told Global News that her petition is part of a “multi-step” campaign that includes MPs and senators, as well as current and former party officials that want O’Toole gone after September’s disappointing election results.

And as if those cannibal games aren't entertaining enough...

Jason Kenney is also facing a backbencher revolt.

And yesterday in the presence of Justin Trudeau, he was wonderfully humiliated, on what should have been a good day.

Monday should have been one of Premier Jason Kenney’s best days in office.But he started with the familiar anvil around his neck — his own United Conservative Party.

Twenty-two of Kenney’s 87 riding associations went public with their demand for an early leadership review vote.  

And I mean humiliated.

Kenney looked almost grey when he took to the podium alongside Trudeau, who surely knew what was going on.

It had to be deeply embarrassing for Kenney to stand beside his chief political foe at a moment like that. 

So embarrassing, that from behind his mask, Trudeau couldn't stop smiling. 

But then who could blame him? 

When as Susan Delacourt points out, he has so much to celebrate.

Justin Trudeau insisted on Monday that he wasn’t going to be drawn into a discussion of Conservative leadership troubles — except to note that it was a great day to be Liberal.

“The federal Liberals have never been so united,” the prime minister said, smiling at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney standing beside him in Edmonton — one of two Conservative leaders facing new revolts in their ranks on Monday. The other is federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole.

Little wonder Trudeau permitted himself a smile. A bad day for Conservatives generally turns out to be good news for Liberals.

The Con brand is imploding. 

Rotting like a fish from the head down.

And for the rest of us, and our country.

The future looks promising...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

“The federal Liberals have never been so united,” the prime minister said, smiling at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney standing beside him in Edmonton.
Zing!!!!! Ouch. That's gotta hurt. And with Kenney beside him to boot. Love it. In the event that they're not in a jar in his mother's pantry and Jason does have testicles, I'm guessing that they shrunk about 3 sizes after that remark.
It is indeed a great day to be Liberal, Justin. Mostly for the direction the country is headed in but also for the tremendous joy at seeing the Cons implode before our very eyes. The party that likes to project that the Libs are the divisive ones are showing Canadians who, in fact, are the divisive ones. Always were and always will be. I cant wait to see how the tool's going to spin this dog's breakfast as the Con brand is slowly spinning into irrelevance, much like a just flushed toilet.
It is promising indeed, Simon and it'll only get better as they scurry around like rats after a thermonuclear explosion. Killing and eating their own just to survive. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy this version of "Survivor: Con Apocalypse".

Jackie Blue said...

I commented on Dale Smith's post that besides the dual nuclear meltdown of the provincial and federal cons, an additional reason Trudeau is having a good day has gone unmentioned: he was vindicated by a segment of the gratuitous CTV interview with JWR's family, a clip that has quietly gone viral. Surprise surprise, her own mother called her a rat. We all knew that two years ago, but the garbage media went with their predetermined narrative of an unimpeachable whistleblower standing up to a corrupt bad boss (and added a gross "white male colonizer" racial/battle of the sexes soap opera on top of it to juice the drama for maximum ratings/clickbait effect). Hate to say it (narrator: she doesn't hate to say it) but, told ya so. Oh, and the Keeblebrothers' mom is suing Jesse Brownnose, as a new book about WeGhazi is out that completely eviscerates not just Skippy but Charlie Anus as craven partisan hacks who torched a charity to dunk on the government during a pandemic and score points in the polls. Lotta karmic news lately that puts the "boom" in boomerang.

The con media that props up waste products like Klanney and Tool while trying in vain to invent a phony leadership rivalry among the Liberals is absolutely losing their shit, because they're losing the plot as their preferred party self-destructs while Trudeau just keeps doing his job for Canadians and ignoring their noise. It seems the #CdnMediaFailed hashtag campaign is working, and getting under the (thin) skin of feckless "pundits". Keep it up. Drive them all mad.

Althia is just the latest to have a Twitter tantrum after getting pushback from online fact-checkers doing yeoman's work. Some bint from Blacklocks who can't read French without bad translation from Google got caught in a lie of her own, the lowest of the low going after Sophie and her grand-uncle by accusing the Gregoires of stolen valour on Remembrance Day. They can't figure out an angle to present the self-immolating cons in a positive light, so they're flailing out of desperation to come up with anything to throw at Trudeau, facts be damned. It isn't working anymore, and the cornered rats are screeching as they enter an existential death spiral for their utterly useless careers. Get a real job, you hacks. Learn to code.

Cons and their stenographers are the worst elements of humanity, a wretched hive of scum and villainy if there ever was one. They will never admit how shambolic they are, even as their complete and utter fecklessness is on display for all to see. Let them fight and watch them burn. About time to flush every last one of them down the big blue outhouse once and for all. They bought their tickets... they knew what they were getting into... I say, let 'em crash!


Anonymous said...

The Reformacons went along with the oily religious cop - moderately liberal cop charade during the last election in the hopes that the combo would put them in the drivers seat so they could implement the Tool's visionary plan that was alluded to by Mulroney. It didn't happen so now they are stuck with trying to reconcile the tale of two Cons that essentially have nothing in common other than distain for Trudeau.
Strategically the Liberals did not paint a bulls eye on their backs and reconvene parliament. Instead they are quietly moving their agenda ahead on several fronts without the circus. After a short 20 day Poilievre/Rempel grand standing session late November it will be Christmas with little momentum to rally the troops until February when parliament reconvenes and the steady drip drip of propaganda can start in earnest. What's a Con to do? Fight with each other of course. Its only late November and the fight is already in the street who knows where it will be by February!


Steve said...

The diff between Cons and Libs. Had the situation been reversed the COn would have been like Weak Andy in the debate, you despicable scoundrel, Trudeau just had to smile to do way more damage.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh snap oh snap oh snap ohhhhhhhhhhhhh snap



Anonymous said...

I have nothing but the greatest contempt for Batters. She is by far one of the worst people to occupy a seat in the Red Chamber. I find her Refrom/Republican predilections to be revolting, unpatriotic and pathetic. Her appointment brings nothing but shame to Parliament and Canada. She should be consigned to a sewer pipe.


Anonymous said...

Senate appointments should be limited to age 75 OR maximum 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Emergency!! emergency!! circle the wagons the Liberal hordes and their satanic leader are attacking everything we hold dear oil, guns, freedom to pollute ourselves into extinction...

"As the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I will not tolerate an individual discrediting and showing a clear lack of respect towards the efforts of the entire Conservative caucus, who are holding the corrupt and disastrous Trudeau government to account," O'Toole said in a media statement late Tuesday.

The statement was released shortly after Batters emerged from a virtual meeting of the Senate Conservative caucus.

Batters launched the petition Monday, saying she and other party members have lost faith in O'Toole. She argued the party experienced "significant losses" in the fall campaign after O'Toole flip-flopped on major issues such as carbon pricing, firearms and conscience rights. She said she wants members to have a say on O'Toole's future prior to the planned 2023 party convention.



Jackie Blue said...

"FiReD mUh sTrOnG wImMenZ iN cAuCus" lol


Anonymous said...

And Harper?
The éminence grise of all things vile has quietly teamed up with an ugly Amerikann.


Simon said...

Hi JD…..Survivor Con Apocalypse, I like that, although No Survivor Con Apocalypse would be even better, for the way they are eating each other is truly frightening. I now understand why O’Toole was spending so much time jogging, so he can hope to get away when the zombies come after him. Sadly, I can’t see Jason Kenney being able to do the same thing, for after the way Justin Trudeau humiliated him yesterday he looks like he’s ready to be served up on a platter. It’s pathetic, but after what the Cons have done to the decent people of this country it’s only what they deserve…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie.. I am really enjoying the Saint Jody is deflating like an old truck tire with a puncture. She thought her book would bring down Justin Trudeau, but it’s losing value so quickly it will soon be remaindered. Her ghastly right-wing daddy promised her she would be prime minister one day, but ha ha ha ha. As for Althea Raj, she also needs a good dose of reality. She seems to have deluded herself into believing she’s a serious journalist, when in fact she’s just a shabby Con banjo plucker. We are trying to put pressure on the Toronto Star to fire her, and after that we need to pressure the CBC to fire her from their grotesque At Issue panel. We must drive home the message, that the Cons are unfit to govern this country, and all who collaborate with them will be punished….

Simon said...

Hi Steve…. you’re right, the way Justin Trudeau put down Jason Kenney was a sight to behold. First he corrected his facts, then he shrivelled him up with a devastating smile. I’ve never seen Kenney look so humiliated and I enjoyed every minute…

Dan said...

The Federal election didn't turn out the way the Liberals wanted it, but watching the Federal/Provincial Tories tear each other apart because of unrealistic expectations and their current state of general incompetence is the next best thing.

Dan said...

Re: Harper Fund

Considering that ole Stevie Harper isn't good with money, it won't end well for the Wingnut Finance Bro and his activist hedge fund (More pollution! More white dudes!) because their positions aren't much different than a lot of actual hedge funds.

Simon said...

Hi BX….You’re right, Denise Batters is one of the worst Senators ever. She was only appointed because her husband, who was a friend of Stephen Harper ,commited suicide. And she has disgraced the Senate from the moment she got there. Her vile partisan behaviour is something you might expect from a Republican in the U.S. Senate. But the Cons created a monster and now they’ll have to live with her…

Simon said...

Hi UU….Canadian Senators must retire when they reach the age of seventy five. But unfortunately that means that Batters will be around for another twenty years. The solution is to choose better candidates. It shouldn’t be hard to fill the chamber with truly distinguished Canadians, but as long as politics trumps class that will never happen…

Simon said...

Hi RT….Among other things, Infind it bizarre that the Cons who are always going on about freedom of speech and transparency are now acting like members of a junta in a banana republic, not just totalitarians but foul hypocrites as well. I always thought that O’Toole physically resembles Benito Mussolini, and now my worst fears are realized….😉

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:57AM….Yes isn’t that interesting? Harper now teaming up with a notorious vulture capitalist and well known destroyer of American jobs. It says a lot about the man. If any Canadians didn’t realize how low he can go well now they know. The Cons in this country are his foul brood, and that helps explain why they don’t behave like a Canadian party….

Simon said...

Hi Dan….Yes, I don’t know what Harper hopes to gain by teaming up with that vulture capitalist. Maybe he’s just desperate, the right wing crazy circuit isn’t as popular as it once was, and he’ll do anything for money. You’re also right about the election. The Cons started screaming at Trudeau as soon as he visited the Governor General. But now they’re screaming at each other, their party is fragmenting, and calling that election strikes me as an absolutely brilliant move….🥳