Monday, November 22, 2021

Erin O'Toole and the Return to Parliament

Erin O'Toole has been pumping out pictures of himself jogging, no doubt to show Canadians that he's ready and fit for today's return to Parliament.

And he says his Cons are fit too, fully vaccinated, and if not have medical exemptions.

But sadly, I'm finding that hard to believe, because O’Toole is such a serial liar.

His Cons are such an ugly bunch.

And of course this doesn't help.

Concern over the vaccination status of Conservative MPs was front and center on the eve of a new session of Parliament after one of them tested positive for COVID-19.

This sounds ominous:

Conservative spokeswoman Josie Sabatino confirmed that Lehoux’s diagnosis came two days after he’d attended an in-person caucus retreat on Wednesday and Thursday.

And Mark Holland, the government House leader is right:

Given the Conservatives’ mixed views on vaccination, Holland suggested the party can’t be trusted to police its MPs who claim a medical exemption.

He said public health experts estimate that one to five people out of 100,000 would have valid medical reasons not to get vaccinated. Thus, he said it’s hard to believe there would be multiple Conservatives out of a group of just 119 MPs who would have legitimate exemptions.

That would be “the equivalent of winning the Lotto 6/49 six times. It just is statistically utterly improbable,” he said.

Anyone who would trust a Con with a medical exemption is either as dumb as a spoon, or dangerously delusional.

And another big reason nobody should trust anything O'Toole says about vaccinations, is that he just rehired Jeff Ballingall, the founder of the alt-right site Canada Proud. 

This is the kind of ads Canada Proud has produced to try to undermine Team Canada.

They are disgusting.

Canada Proud’s video is a classic example of a racist dog-whistle and its claims are not supported by experts, public health data or sources included in Canada Proud’s own video. 

The CTV News report cited by Canada Proud does not indicate that federal officials said “skin colour” should take precedence over “age” or “medical history” — instead, the report noted at-risk racialized communities “should also be prioritized”

And so is this latest Con ad.

Where they take a Trudeau quote out of context, and doctor a photograph to make it look more sinister or more racist.

Just like Andrew Scheer's Con gang doctored a photo of a black refugee family approaching a Canadian border post.

And turned it into another disgusting dog-whistling attack ad...

So with Ballingall back, you can imagine what kind of sewer O'Toole is planning to turn our Parliament into. 

It promises to be a grotesque spectacle, especially since the poor loser O'Toole is so desperate he's even started his own Tik Tok channel.

So him and Ballingall can go WILD!!!

And yes, it too is a pathetic attempt to get Canadians to love him or at least love his new shoes.

But nothing can change the fact that Canada can't afford his dirty politics. 

We've seen it all before, he's not just ugly, he's evil. 

He's threatening to poison our democracy further.

So in the name of human decency, he can't be flushed soon enough...


Anonymous said...

The Tool has perhaps calculated that enforcing a strict vaccination mandate on the Cons is simply not worth the trouble. This is especially poignant, because any talk of vaccine mandates drives the mentally unstable elements of O’Toole’s party into a rabid frenzy.

But in Con land overt hypermasculinity is a defining feature of con leadership. Cons have always needed a macho- patriarch at the top to keep them in check. According to con logic, “strong leadership” is a euphemism for manliness.

Take a look at what Boss Ford did with his MPPs in Ontario. Sometime ago the Don, found out that one of his good little foot soldiers, one Durham MPP Lindsey Park, was less than honest about her vaccination status. Unlike the Tool, Boss Hogg knows that when one of your guys gets sloppy on the job, you have to frighten the rest of the crew by getting a couple of guys to “take care” of the problem. So Park did what a “good earner” should do, serve your time in the “slammer” and resign.

Outside my Mafia innuendos, this is how you establish male dominance in con land. If rear-commander Tool was half the virile macho-man he portrays himself on tik-tok, he would have whipped his flock into line in the same way. Instead of pumping iron, enforce your iron will on your party members for the sake of your country! Get your members to comply and lead by example. Take a lesson from Supreme Leader Harper and enforce your will on your recalcitrant MPs!

The latest revelations about a con MP getting Covid is just a sign of how weak O’Tools leadership really is. Why comply with the Tool if all you can expect is not getting a caucus promotion? John A. kicked out MPs out of his party when they stepped out of line, why can’t the tool do the same?


Steve said...

Thankfully no one believes the MSM anymore expect for the baked in 30% who are cons.

I still do not understand why the libs do not engage
the tool on his claims.

Jackie Blue said...

The good news is Batshit Batters isn't going away quietly, which could mean Tool ends up going away too (whether quietly or not). The bad news is the rest of the party is no better, and the rehiring of that vile sewer rat and greasy Bannon cosplayer Jeff Ballzinger proves it. They crowded the chamber today and turned the place into a super spreader den. If someone gets sick as a result of the cons' selfishness, the entire party should face criminal sanctions for endangering the public health.

Instead they're gearing up for more tinfoil nonsense about GHINA, to regurgitate their conspiracy theory that a "Trudeau cover-up" resulted with COVID emerging from "spies" at the Winnipeg Lab. Remember the ludicrous accusations that "Canada did 9/11" (either by shutting off NORAD or letting the hijackers slip through the border)? Now we have "Canada did COVID" or more specifically, "Trudeau did COVID" (while Obama did 9/11). I'm so tired of the maple GOP.

I'm glad that Holland isn't letting this go. The cons will shriek about "Liberal dictatorship" and "invasions of privacy" but enough is enough. People are fed up with antivax bullshit and if O'Toole is so desperate to keep his job by courting the worst elements of society, then let him die on this hill and smother his useless political career. I only hope that Parliament Hill doesn't end up being the Hill that people literally end up dying on, due to his sadistic drive to "own the Libs." It's bad enough the cons spew their toxic ideological sickness and contaminate the discourse, but "parliamentary privilege" shouldn't extend to spreading an actual disease. Memo to the Kovidiot Kon Kaucus: Take this jab or SHOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

The picture of the tool on one of his runs, flop sweat oozing through his shirt is nauseating. The sweaty Con is now in the HoC with his mouth having the runs. Verbal diarrhea on a grand scale. Not just him though. The majority of their caucus is full of shit. I think JT should force them to provide verifiable proof of their vax status and/or their statistically near impossible level of "exemptions". If they refuse, force them to be wheeled into the HoC a la Hannibal Lechter to ensure they don't touch anything or anyone other than themselves. I think it's fitting seeing how they're eating each other, jockeying for position while the tool is slowly devoured. I can picture a future quote from Batty Batters on the tool, "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti". Cons eating Cons, how delicious it is.
Truth be told, if they wont provide proof of their status, then expel them from the HoC and hit them where it hurts the most, their wallets. And if they fraudulently provide proof and are found out, well, that's fraud which I believe is a criminal offence and should be treated as such. I could care less if they make each other sick but when they callously put others at risk, that's where they need to be dealt with quickly and harshly.

Jackie Blue said...

Dale Smith just now: "Day one, and we’re back to procedural shenanigans, privilege fights and multiple points of order." It's going to be a long 18 months.

Liberal throne speech subjects:
- Getting out of the pandemic
- Tackling climate change
- Addressing the cost of living
- Cracking down on gun violence and online hate
- Working on Reconciliation

Con response:

Liberal platform: "Forward together."
Con platform: "TURDEAU BAD!!!!"

I agree with our friend Ottlib when he said in a recent post, I am constantly reminded why I do not like politics. Nature is healing, I guess. The stupid is back in session.

Jackie Blue said...

Sorry to butt in again but I'm sick of the Globe and I'm livid with them. Report on NEWS, goddamn it, not made-up gossip! Urine O'Stoole is the one facing a leadership challenge, so Fife is back to rounding up "anonymous sources" seeding LPC backstabber bullshit. Where the hell did he find these "senior Liberals" anyway? Did Jacob Wohl help him dig them up at a hipster coffee shop? We know it was Kinsella who opened that "Chrystia for Canada" website without her approval. STOP TRYING TO DIVIDE THE PARTY, GODDAMN IT!

"...after failing twice to win majority governments." He didn't "fail" at anything. He beat the cons thrice. The first minority was Fife and JWR's fault and the second was Shachi Kurl sowing chaos in Quebec. Nobody is going to win a majority as long as the Bloc is there, so why the fuck is this being portrayed as a "failure"? O'Toole failed. Scheer failed. Harper failed. Trudeau WON. Get. It. Through. Your. Fucking. Heads. He. WON. The. Election. He beat the Globe's guy three times. Parliament opened two days ago. He's not yet 50. But the shit media is already talking about his retirement? Fuck you, Fife!!!

Simon said...

Hi BX...I think you may be right. O'Toole is clearly trying to make it look like he is a hyper masculine leader, who with the help of photo shopped biceps, his bunny jumping jogging performances, and his exaggerated military record, is the only one who can destroy Justin Trudeau. Unfortunately old jelly belly is unfit for that role, as well as unfit to govern us. For starters I don't know why he's decided to wear running shoes instead of jack boots, and of course when confronted with any Con opposition his tendency is to duck and cover. But one thing is for sure, judging from the latest polls I've seen, it's not working....

Simon said...

Hi Steve….I have always thought that the Liberal communications department, is not hard enough on the Cons. I’m not on Facebook so maybe they have a larger presence there. Or maybe they are just doing what Justin Trudeau wants them to do, and when possible ignore them. But when prices are going up, and O’Toole is blaming the Liberals, they need to do more than what they are doing to explain the real reason prices are going up…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Yes, the Cons are back and reminding us why they lost the last election. It’s a disgusting spectacle, but they are only hurting themselves. They need to moderate their image, but because O’Toole has to appear strong to hold off his enemies, they are going hog wild. It’s depressing, it’s infuriating, but it’s just a sign of how desperate they are, and as I said they are only hurting themselves. As for Fife and company, they are just trying to dig up old “scandals” and that won’t work either. Canadians already let them know what they thought of their scandalmongering, in the last election, and if it didn’t work then it won’t work now. As for Fife’s attempt to create divisions in Liberal ranks that’s even more absurd. The fact is that Freeland is just one of many candidates that may eventually replace Trudeau, while the Cons can’t even find anyone to replace the fool O’Toole. Our future looks bright, the Cons don’t have one…

Simon said...

Hi JD….Yes, O’Toole really is having a bad case of the runs. I don’t know what exactly he thinks he is doing by portraying himself jogging all over the place, and wearing runners with suits, but to me he is trying to portray himself as some kind of strongman, and although that’s pathetic, it should alarm everyone since it’s right out of the pages of the fascist handbook. And it only reinforces my view that if O’Toole ever became Prime minister he would be a bestial leader. I find it frustrating that so many Canadians still believe that the Cons are still a Canadian party, because they most definitely are not. Many of them are far right extremists and they are now the ones who are quietly calling the shots. But luckily, as you point out, they are now cannibalizing each other. And the best is yet to come…