Monday, November 08, 2021

The Incredible Cowardice of the Con Loser Erin O'Toole

For almost two months Erin O'Toole has been keeping a very low profile, avoiding the media and not doing any interviews.

I thought he was just pulling a Harper, and trying to recover from the beating Justin Trudeau gave him.

But now it seems that O'Toole wasn't just hiding from the Liberals.

He was hiding from his own Cons.

For as the Globe's Campbell Clark wrote recently, he has been treed by his own party.

Erin O’Toole is stuck up in a tree, and he can’t get down.

His own party is at the bottom, waiting, and he doesn’t know what to do. His voters are waiting. His leadership-race supporters are there too and, well, that’s a bit awkward.

He doesn’t dare go anywhere people might ask questions about politics, or government, or issues of the day, because one of those questions might be about vaccines, and whether his MPs are vaccinated. So Mr. O’Toole doesn’t go out into the public eye much. He doesn’t say much.

And why is O'Toole so scared?

Answer: Because some MPs like Marilyn Gladu have formed a caucus within a caucus, and are saying the craziest things.

Like why do we need vaccine mandates when Polio was more dangerous than Covid?

Which had even the Cons at the Globe editorial board wondering who is the Captain of this ship of fools?

And lamenting this gift to Justin Trudeau:

What a gift to Mr. Trudeau. He didn’t get the majority he wanted, but he did get a fractured Official Opposition whose caucus contains its own internal Official Opposition. Christmas has come early to Rideau Cottage.

Which finally had O'Toole clambering down from his tree this morning, and admitting that some of his MPs were spreading confusion.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is condemning comments made by one of his MPs regarding vaccination and the risk associated with the COVID-19 virus.

“It’s important for members of Parliament to advocate for their constituents who may be losing a job or may need reasonable accommodation, we do that all the time on a range of issues. But it’s very different to cause confusion with respect to the health and well-being of Canadians and Ms. Gladu’s interview did that yesterday,” he told reporters on Monday.

But he wouldn't say if he would do anything about the anti-vaxxer Cons.

And who can be surprised?

When he is definitely not a leader...

And with all the nuts in his party.

It could take a while before he dares to come down... 


Jackie Blue said...

Well, assuming the parties aren't bluffing, it seems the "radical coalition" was a trial balloon that went bust. The good news is that the directionless navigator is piloting the Hindenburg. Really a shame that the NDP wouldn't play ball on shared policy goals with the Liberals, all because Chucklefuck the Clown didn't want to give up his one-note act pursuing witch hunts and because the Dipshits themselves have gone into loony land. They hate Trudeau more than they love pharmacare or a climate platform. Well, now we know.

Why the so-called progressive party wants to team up with or mimic these crackpots is beyond me. Then again, it was Davies who backed Rempelthinskin accusing Pfizer of being crooks on the LPC payroll. At least the Liberals didn't give away the farm for nothing in return. They'll have to endure and deflect the "blackmail bullshit" of committee persecution antics, but they would have anyway. It's not great, but they're not losing leverage to the deranged orange kooks.

Anyway, what's the over/under on the terrified squirrel moving out of Stornoway over the Christmas break? Or has he moved out of there already and is hiding in a tree house? Odds on the next tenant? Lewis? Skippy? Marjorie Trailer Gladu? I was going to say, maybe Ted Rogers, but why not Aaron Rodgers, the anti-vax Cheesehead? Anybody who follows con medicine has to have taken way too many blows to the ol' cranium. I hear Joe Rogan is available as a policy advisor.

Disband the Conservative Party of Canada. It is beyond saving.

Anonymous said...

If the tool is supposed to be a squirrel in your last image I gotta say he's a rather dumb one, Simon. A smart squirrel would have most of his nuts stowed away for winter by now, but not the tool. His nuts are blowing freely in the wind, seemingly out of reach, seemingly taunting him to sink his ratty incisors into them. However, one could say the tool's own nuts are in a proverbial vise, being slowly squeezed as he scurries around without a clue on what to do. If he had the courage, he could expel the rogue nuts from caucus but he would need the support of all the other nuts to do so. Sounds nutty doesn't it but them's the rules. Going forward(or in Con world, backwards), I think he should seek counsel from their resident expert on squirrels and nuts, Skippy. Skippy would know what to do(for a price). Sneaky and underhanded is his specialty and the only way the tool can deal with the nutty dissenters. Oh woe is he. He better do something soon or by Christmas the carol most played by the Cons will be "...Erin's nuts roasting on an open fire...".

Anonymous said...

Gladu is nuttier than squirrel shit. Her claim that polio is riskier than Covid is laughable. According to the CBC, "between 1949 and 1954, 11,000 people in Canada incurred some degree of paralysis and 500 people died due to polio. More than 29,000 Canadians have died so far of COVID-19." With support like that no wonder O'Toole's in hiding.

Jackie Blue said...

You know we're living in the end times when children's TV puppets have more smarts than the Official Opposition in 2/3 of North America. Canada and Mexico don't want anything to do with Ted Cruz, so we're stuck with him. No point in asking for a NAFTA trade swapping him for Gladu, because it'd be like exchanging a douche for a shit sandwich.

I miss CINAR, and Nelvana. CanCon shaped my childhood even down here. When cons attack Trudeau for being a teacher it reminds me of Fox wailing on Mr. Rogers (not Aaron, or Ted). Our GOP's latest brouhaha over the Muppets getting vaccinated got me thinking: Doesn't the great north have an equivalent to Elmo and Big Bird for Gladu and her Freedumb Caucus to get mad at? Where's Rue de Sésame?

Wait, how about Gary the unicorn, is he still around? He should get the jab. Bring Casey out of retirement too. Elmo and Big Bird sure could use some continental solidarity against the legions of stupid. "Brought to you by the letters, F... U..."

Anonymous said...

In his latest pompous disquisition, Ibbitson writes "Ontario Premier Doug Ford has not hesitated to bounce unvaccinated MPPs … Mr. O’Toole, after much flipping and flopping, finally promised that all MPs who attend the House of Commons will be vaccinated."

Can you believe it?! Doug Ford is offered as a reasonable conservative!!! Where then is Jason Kenney?! But Ibbistson is not done huffing and puffing:

"Some current opposition critics deserve to be severely demoted. Top of the list is industry critic Pierre Poilievre, who has accused Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem of turning the central bank into “an ATM for Trudeau’s insatiable spending appetites.”

The Party faithful would disagree strongly. Skippy’s “nail on a chalkboard politicking” is quite popular with conservatives and especially in the prairies. His nasty rhetoric is what feeds the base and has them coming back for more. See for example Rex Murphy's fawning praise in "The prorogation of the talented* Mr. Poilievre"

Ibbitson further bloviates "O’Toole would like to lead a Conservative Party focused on critiquing the leftward drift of the Liberals, on the size of the deficit, on supporting the rights of workers [...] on fighting global warming without damaging the economy." (try re-reading that one again without laughing)


“He has some MPs like that – such as [ some no name conservative back benchers] and veteran Michelle Rempel Garner in Calgary Nose Hill. Others obsess over God, guns, gays (some Tory MPs opposed anti-conversion therapy legislation) and now vaccines."

Oh how far the Tories have fallen when Oklahoma Congresswoman Michelle Rempel Garner and Doug Ford are luminaries of the Conservative movement. God, guns and gays may as well be the official slogan of the CPC. Speaking of the 3 Gs, Ibbitson is well aware that parroting right wing trends invented by their Republican cousins is all the CPC has left. To wit, the CPC’s FORMER HEALTH CRITIC MARILYN GLADU hyping Trump’s hydroxychloroquine solution to Covid.

Ibbitson can delude himself and others of his ilk that theirs is a party of high-minded true "blue" conservatives inconvenienced by an extreme but tiny minority. But in substance, the Conservatives remain "redder" than a baboon's ass. The right wing extremism espoused by the likes of Gladue, Skippy, Rampel and now Lewis is not an aberration and very much part of the ideological orthodoxy of the cons. O'toole is upset because he is failing to keep his flock from saying the "quiet parts" loud.


rumleyfips said...

I don't know Jackie, but I think Barney the purple dinosaur that chased Stockwell day out of town may be about to make a comeback.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I think the Cons are beyond saving. I watched their grubby leader announce his shadow cabinet this morning and it couldn’t be more mediocre. What a collection of losers. The Cons are losers in the U.S., they’re losers in the U.K. so what’s happening here shouldn’t be a surprise. They are running out of history, they can’t attract any real talent, they have become the walking dead. Somebody call the funeral home and ask for a lead coffin.
As for the Liberal NDP coalition, it seems to also be approaching a state of rigor mortis. But Jagmeet Singh seems to have toned down his attacks on Justin Trudeau, which tells me he still wants it. Stay tuned for further developments…

Simon said...

Hi JD….The Cons are now a parody of themselves. O’Toole has shown himself to be a pathetically weak leader, who is too paralyzed with fear to discipline those who are plotting to overthrow him. If he had any honour he would resign, but instead he seems to be doubling down and preparing to smear Justin Trudeau just like he has done since he became leader. He can’t seem to understand that his relentless negativity is one of the biggest reasons he lost the election. So I guess you’re right, a squirrel is too smart for him…

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:24….Yes, Gladu is out of her mind, or a real moron. Where she gets her information from I don’t know, but remember she also promoted Donald Trump’s quack “miracle cure” for Covid, so she’s capable of anything. It would all be quite funny except that her ravings can only increase vaccine hesitancy, and by so doing endanger us all…

rumleyfips said...

Now Glad-ass the happy bum has backed down . Here are my principles:If you don't like them I have others. Big shoes, red nose.

Jackie Blue said...

CBC's resident con fartcatcher John Paul Tasker is up to run interference for O'Toole doing the bare minimum with the anti-vaxers. My take is all he's done is to incite further resentment, though he'll no doubt get a pat on the head from the rest of the sycophantic RW media. Like Ibbitson up there.

Skippy is back at finance only because the pigeon was circling like a vulture for O'Toole's job. "Muh inflation" -- code for austerity and privatization. The only thing inflated is his ego and his unwarranted sense of importance. No one "quivers" in his presence except to stifle laughter when he opens his beak to squawk.

And then, LOL at Tasker getting a petro-boner for Rempelthinskin as shadow minister for burning the planet, describing her as an "effective communicator." Sure, if drunken slurred words and bratty eye-rolls are your idea of "effective communication." Not that it matters. The media men aren't looking at her eyes rolling anyway.

In other news, the party is going nuclear on that exiled council member who started the petition to have O'Toole removed from the leadership. Way to kick a hornet's nest. The party of "free speech" everyone, a bulwark against "cancel culture." Sure, and I'm Queen Lizzie. This and the Keeblebrothers' mom suing Jesse Brownnoser for damages should be the most interesting court cases to watch in the year ahead.

Dumbfuck O'Toole is throwing everything at the kitchen sink out of desperation to hang on until that leadership review. Boss lady Lewis is on a mission from God and you better believe she's going to get her revenge in 2023. Hell hath no fury like a Jesus freak scorned.

Steve said...

Perrie the massive con Penis is back on the frontbenCH. Was this a deal he made to keep himself in subsidized housing?

Anonymous said...

Play the nutbars in order to get elected as leader them dump them over the side when the hot air balloon starts sinking. Now that's a leader you can trust to do whats best for himself and the money gods in charge of the purse strings. Will the disenfranchised mutiny or hang around with the hope that Karma will jettison him like a bag of sand. Good luck with an overthrow, his financial backers dumped reverend Scheer because he was impeding their financial prospects. Now the Tool is their man at least until someone better comes along.


Jackie Blue said...


ARI Poll: 46% of Cons believe climate change is a "minor threat" while 5% are "unsure." Literally half the party looks at planetary destruction with a shrug. Probably because the walking case of toxo still commandeering the Cult Party of Canada only considers it an "issue." The existential threat, for him, is Trudeau himself.

Oh mah gawd that's Harper's music! 🐱

Anonymous said...

The deadly reality of Covid has outed Gladu as someone who twists even the most basic of facts into something that suits her own views regardless of the deadly consequences for her fellow Canadians. A politician that is either unknowingly or deliberately removed from reality that ends up harming the very people she professes to help. Its very unlikely she suddenly changed or misread this one issue and much more likely she is the same as she has always been. A second term politician who garnered as many votes as the Liberals and NDP combined.
The mystery is why would people vote for her? Collectively are they any different than most other Canadians. If not how do other politicians with a more realistic view of issues and solutions compete with Gladu clones. Why not just copy Gladu and learn to how to engage the voters in a manner that locks in their loyalty. It’s a whole lot less work and little risk of not delivering on commitments.
A quick review of the Sarnia Lambton region reveals nothing glaringly obvious. Education, infrastructure, employment, standard of living, demographics, religion are all within the statistical norms for Ontario. Geographically it is close to US influence, the population tends to be slightly older and slightly less educated but nothing obvious that would explain the long-term support for a politician like Gladu.
The one thing that does stand out is the Sarnia area is home to legacy toxic industries including oil refineries that are being forced to adapt, sort of a mini oil sands. Its possible that people living the experience see any form of intervention as a threat and are prime candidates for politicians willing to spin a story that portrays them as comrades fighting a corrupt elitist system that is destroying their way of life for some nefarious reason. The good news is the Gladu effect seems to be limited to communities with a real ax to grind, the bad news is that in times of difficulty it could rapidly spread and lock people into a life of misery as it offers no solutions only misinformation and blame. Alternatives are also not that obvious as they can fall into the category of being viewed as teaching a drowning man how to swim or offering a lifeline after you kicked him overboard. We need to find workable countermeasures before difficult challenges arise that politically locks us into a self-fulfilling life of misery.