Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Erin O'Toole and the Great Economist Leader

I have called Erin O'Toole a Con clown, ever since the days he was brown nosing Stephen Harper.

Trying to make Harper look like a real leader, only to make them both look like idiots.

But don't be fooled, because under his clown make up, and his buffoon hat, lurks a dangerous right-winger.

Who would act like a monster.

And sacrifice the old and the vulnerable. 

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is rejecting the idea of imposing national standards on long-term-care homes as provinces struggle to address the industry’s crisis. 

O’Toole said the “Ottawa knows best” approach is the wrong one for dealing with the crisis in long-term care, which dates back decades but has been laid bare by the pandemic. 

Just to try to out-Bloc the racist Bloc, and pander to the Quebec government for crass political purposes.

And of course, try to stick it to Justin Trudeau.

After the pandemic drew attention to the horrific conditions some Canadian seniors were living in, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government proposed a set of national standards for long-term-care homes.

The proposal stalled after it was met with strenuous opposition from some premiers, particularly Quebec Premier Fran├žois Legault.

Even if that means further dismembering our country.

For let's face it, a country that can't have national standards of care for its most vulnerable citizens, is a country in name only.

A country where a Con clown like O'Toole can plan to do horrible things, like screwing seniors, mutilating medicare, killing the CBC, torching the planet etc etc.

And still try to make us believe he's a nice guy, and that we just need to get to know him better.

Can you believe that? 

As if the sight of O'Toole's big shiny head coming at us from every angle, in one attack ad after the other, is going to make any decent Canadian like him or even trust him.


But if that isn't bad enough, O'Toole would also have us believe that although he didn't want Canadians to get CERB payments, just more tax cuts for the rich, he is the leader we need to heal the economy.

Even though he has no idea who he is talking about....

And like everything else O'Toole touches the photo was a fake.

You know, I remember when he used to polish Stephen Harper's ass like an apple, and praise him as a Great Economist Leader in the middle of a recession...

And it was so porky, I think I'll go with this version of reality...

The desperate O'Toole claims that the more Canadians get to know him, the more they will like him.

But I believe the more they get to know the leader of Canada's Trump Party, the more they will be horrified.

And the more they will despise him...


Anonymous said...

Good luck imposing national standards on long-term care facilities. We don't even have national standards for hospital care.

The problem is the constitution, which puts provinces in charge of establishing, maintaining and managing hospitals and LTC facilities. The feds can knock themselves out setting national standards for marine hospitals. But let's face it, no federal government has properly managed indigenous healthcare, let alone looked after seniors.

The bottom line is money. If JT wants to set LTC standards, he better bring a boatload of cash or the premiers will tell him to stay in his own sandbox.

Anonymous said...

It's quite telling how the tool uses a young white male(probably Norwegian) in a feeble attempt to garner sympathy for the unemployed when Dale ably points out that it's women and minorities who are the hardest hit. Who is he appealing to? Why it's white males of course. Preferably angry white males. If not, they'll work on that and that's what resonated with me when I heard his lame ad a while back ending with him stating, "now let's get to work". Can't argue with that. It takes a lot of work to stoke fear, hatred and division. We know that and so does google.
Now let's compare how the Cons portray visible minorities in their ads. It was Simon who so ably pointed out in a past ad of a black man seemingly by himself, storming our border. It was in fact an image of a black man and his family that was doctored. The family was erased in an attempt to stoke fear of the big, single black male coming to get you. As I said it's quite telling. The bigotry is so ingrained in this national disgrace of a party that they can't even see how ads like this are perceived. Or they do and they think we're too stupid to see it. Either way, we know you Mr. tool and the more we do, the uglier it gets.

Simon said...

Hi anon 11:20PM....As I said in my post, if we can't agree on a set of national standards to help the elderly and the vulnerable, then we're not a real country. Most of the provinces are presently being run by loutish Cons who look more like Americans than Canadians, and their criminal management of long term care facilities can and must be used against them...

Simon said...

Hi JD...I must admit that when I saw that absurd O'Toole ad I practically fell out of my chair laughing. And as for his latest slogan "now let's get to work" that's equally ridiculous, for when has O'Toole worked on anything but his tacky attack ads? He has not come up with one positive suggestion since the pandemic began, but has proved himself to be as ugly and as divisive as Scheer. The Cons should have fired him long ago, but since they never will we will have to do it for them...

Anonymous said...

The Cons are a collection of special interest groups banded together in an attempt to resurrect their perceptions of past glory days. Aside from middle aged white guys the next group they are likely to resonate with is the elderly. Unfortunately Cons always end up hurting the ones that support them the most.... because no one else will put up with them for long.

The Cons and Bloc are a marriage made in hell. Its all kisses as long as each are taking what they want from the relationship but then hell erupts when its over and turns to revenge by wielding side choosing power over the family and anyone else that might get sucked into the conflict.


Steve said...

Perrier Penis just lost 6 inches, will he still stick out?

ottlib said...

True story. The Canadians health care system and the Canadian Health Act only came into existence after extensive negotiations between the Federal government and all of the provincial and territorial governments.

The Canada Health Act was passed to codify the agreement in law. Everybody knew that without a law no premier would follow the agreement when it became politically inconvenient. Of course, many premiers still push it but at least there is a legal remedy if they push it too far.

The Federal government is proposing that similar negotiations be undertaken for pharma care and National Standards for Long Term Retirement residences. The Federal government does not want to impose anything although they would take a leadership role in both negotiations. The fact that the Conservatives, the Bloc and the current Quebec government reject the idea of even negotiating is silly.

BTW, I hope that Mr. O'Toole is successful in drawing a few Bloc voters to his party. In around 30 ridings in Quebec the Liberals came in a close second to the Bloc Quebecois. If the Conservatives can draw some of those votes to them that would allow the Liberals to come up the middle and potentially provide them with a nice comfortable 180-190 seat majority.

Always remember that the Conservatives, the Bloc and the NDP are fishing for votes in the same pool of voters while the Liberals are fishing in a different pool. The Liberal pool is smaller but if the other three parties can realize equal success in the larger pool they split that vote and allow the Liberals take many seats.

So the principled part of me thinks that Mr. O'Toole should not be pandering to the most base instincts of certain segments of Quebec society but the political analyst in me hopes that he enjoys some success.