Monday, January 18, 2021

Erin O'Toole and the Far Right Farce

Oh no. It seems that Erin O'Toole has changed his mind and now does NOT want Canadians to look into their mirrors, and see if they can see a Conservative.

Lest they see him and his treasonous Trump Party beaming back at them.

For once upon a time O'Toole modelled himself after Trump, thinking that the orange monster and his MAGA maggots were going to win the next election.

But sadly for him they lost, so now it's a nightmare.

So much so that the desperate O'Toole has been reduced to having his press secretary Melanie Paradis accuse Justin Trudeau's Liberals of being too American.

While Liberals should focus on procuring more vaccines and the unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Paradis said, they instead “find time to play sleazy, divisive, American-style politics.”

Can you believe it?

When in fact nobody plays "sleazy, divisive, American-style politics" more than O'Toole and his sleazy gang. 

And nobody looks and sounds more like Dirty Donald than this meaty fascist...

But if you thought that was grotesque, this is worse.

Erin O'Toole claiming that there's no room in his party for the far right.

“The Conservatives are a moderate, pragmatic, mainstream party – as old as Confederation – that sits squarely in the centre of Canadian politics. My singular focus is to get Canada’s economy back on track as quickly as possible to create jobs and secure a strong future for all Canadians. There is no place for the far right in our Party.

“If the Liberals want to label me as “far right,” they are welcome to try. Canadians are smart and they will see this as an attempt to mislead people and import some of the fear and division we have witnessed in the United States. 

Can you believe that?

Dale Smith doesn't:

And neither do I. 

Not when the Trump Party of Canada is full of far right extremists, racists, religious fanatics, misogynists, homophobes, climate change deniers, and just plain kooks.

Not when it's a party like no other:

A party that is clearly more American than Canadian.

And is full of these kind of people...

The fascist scum that attacked the Capitol, but without knowing it did us a favour by exposing the real nature of our Cons.

Who will from now on be called Canada's Trump Party.

With a leader who jumped into bed with the orange monster.

And will be going down with him...


Anonymous said...

O’tool’s cry of “I AM NOT CANADA’s TRUMP” is as empty as his party’s platform. And quite frankly I don’t think o’toole can “defenestrate” his neo-Trumpian faction. That is, not unless he wants to alienate a majority of the conservative caucus and voter base.
For one, I don’t think the screeching harpy Rempel or the obnoxious MAGA Candice will take censure well. They may very well pull a wilson-raybould by either publicly or privately undermining party morale in the prairie heartland.

Expelling Derek Sloan? Well, there go the religious bigot vote in voter rich Ontario. Toole could try finger wagging at Pierre Poilievre, but Pierre is sure to make a big fuss. In Pierre ‘s deluded mind, he is destined to become one of Canada’s greatest prime ministers worthy of song and history! Skippy is unlikely to sacrifice his delusions of grandeur for the party. Who does that leave? yosemite sam Bob Zimmer? That American fellow? Hitler Youth Cooper, didn’t they kick him out of caucus? Anti Abortion fanatic Garnet Genuis? Covidiot Marilyn Gladu? who will step up? Michael Chong, Berret, Lawrence, Mclean? A cavalcade of interchangeable cuckservatives to the heartland.

Inundated with Trumpian style propaganda, the conservative voter demands investigations into Chinese troops and the punishment of Satan / Trudeau for his father’s sins. Cordial politics wont satisfy or excite O’Toole’s constituents.

Add to this, Tool’s sponsor in the republican heartland, President Jason Trump of Alberta has made quite a few enemies in Ontario, the province that Conservatives desperately need to woo. Who could forget Jason’s public spat with Jim Flaherty over Rob Ford? Dougie certainly didn’t! He did not forgive Toronto City Counsel and he is unlikely to forgive Jason. The Tool head is Jason’s boy and boss ford has already made it known that he won’t support the tool in Ontario. Did I mention that Flaherty’s widow, Christine Elliott, is Dougies underboss?

I suppose he could offer up a few sacrificial lambs, members of Ontario Proud. But in substance O’Toole and his party remain Trumpian to their core.

Steve said...

Scott Reid said it well. As long as the CONS use Repuplician language they are Republicans. Stop with the politics of grievance and division you aholes

Anonymous said...

The media has an attention span of a few days, possibly a little longer if the story is big and plays out over a few weeks. The Tool's strategy is to deny the obvious,blame the opposition, offer up a well compensated sacrifice and presto in a few weeks time it will be business as usual selling the classier GOP dog whistles. At present the big unknown is how the Trump / Trumpist conspiracy laden circus will play out south of the border. If the GOP turf Trump and his backers retreat to the swamp then the Toolio new softer dog whistle ploy has a chance of success but if Trumpian politics remains newsworthy the Tool is done for.


Jackie Blue said...

Looks like the Sloan story ain't over yet. The Nazi pig Fromm is a registered delegate at the policy convention and the anti-abortion fanatics will be pushing HARD.

If he pivots too hard he loses the base. If he keeps pandering he comes across as completely disingenuous and loses the moderates. Parliament returns soon and the "free votes" of his trash caucus on conversion therapy and now regulating hate on social media are going to become a matter of record.

Lay down with beasts and get up with fleas. Those dogs ain't just whistling Dixie. Mad Max said it best, this could be fun.

Anonymous said...

The oaf of office of the Trumpservative Party of Canada is cornered and just like a school yard bully would do, he calls his opponents every ugly thing he is, when in fact they're not. Another pathetic trait of the far right is projection and the tool is using his Imax to try to cover the stink that fouls him and his little trumplings. Nice try tool but another fail. The jury has weighed the voluminous mountain of evidence attained over the Harper/Scheer/Tool eras and you are all guilty as charged of being far right Trumpies. Anyone who would think otherwise need only take a look at the hundreds if not thousands of Simon's blog entries. You will find a treasure trove of verifiable lies, shitposts and deceptive, divisive memes the Cons have excreted from their bowels over the years. You will also see a disturbing trend of increased death threats against the PM and his family from the same people the Cons covet and like to play footsie with. Whether it's Ezra allowing people to post this garbage on his garbage site, or Scheer sharing a stage with his fishing buddy, nazi Faith Goldy, while his yellow vested proud boys carry placards calling for the execution of Justin Trudeau. On more than one occasion and without condemning it. Despicable.
In spite of our useless MSM, Canadians are smart enough to see that the Cons are now fully trumpified, which actually fits quite well with their total lack of substance. And now they're angry that the jig is up. I expect the Trumpservative approval ratings will sink like their trumpy idol Trump's has and in the end they'll only have themselves to blame and their My Pillows to cry into. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the outrage over the Sloan story. If a white nationalist gave a donation to a Liberal politician (unbeknownst to them) would Trudeau ask him/her to resign?

Kind of a dangerous precedent we're setting here, no?


Anonymous said...

The Cons simply move in lockstep with the Republicans. Its actually amazing how fast their political strategy crosses the border. At present their major problem is how to get rid of Trump without fragmenting the party. They have discovered the conspiracy laden segment that Trump attracted are dead weight as they can veer off into virtual space without warning causing more political damage than benefit.They have to get rid of them but at the same time they have to use the opportunity to reel in but retain the fundamentalist crowd who got slightly out of hand during all of the turmoil. The old school business lobby groups that fund the GOP are willing to appease the religious segment by trading off an abortion clinic for votes but they should not think that they are going to wrestle away control of the party. Similar to the GOP that's the Tools message. How successful they will be in walling off Trump remains to be seen but likely the recent "softening up" process leaves him open for a deal. A self pardon that is not challenged perhaps?


Steve said...

If we loose Sloan we loose the Empire.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, MC. Something's fishy about O'Toole offing Sloan over a small donation, of which the party itself took a tenth without comment. The party made Fromm a member. The party let Fromm vote for leader. None of that is down to Sloan's bad judgement.

And Fromm is well-known in Con circles, after all, he got in on the ground floor. Back in the day, he was part of a circle of pro-apartheid agitators that included Stephen Harper, Con Black and Tony Clement. Harper got him to provide security for Parson Manning. Fromm was a member of Reform, but the party kicked him out when he wouldn't pretend that he'd "reformed" his white nationalist views.

No, O'Toole kicking Sloan to the curb doesn't change the nature of the Con party. If the party gave back every Trumpy donation, it'd be broke.

rumleyfips said...

This is certainly the same party that officially named themselves CRAP. Until they heard from someone a bit literate.