Thursday, January 07, 2021

Donald Trump's Shameful Day Of Crazy Evil

Donald Trump was already a very sick man, mentally ill and increasingly desperate. 

As CNN correspondent Jim Acosta reported, a senior GOP source had warned that Trump is "out of his mind, so traumatized by his loss in the election, it's all-consuming."

So when he woke up yesterday morning and found out that Republicans had lost the Georgia runoff, and consequently the Senate, it was too much to bear.

And when he addressed his MAGA supporters gathered in huge numbers outside the White House he was ready to blow.

And the result as we all know was a fascist spectacle that had to be seen to be believed.

With the lowest kind of Cons invading the heart of America's democracy...

Parading around with Nazi flags...

And terrorizing those who work there.

While the police seemed unable or unwilling to stop them.

At the height of the mayhem calls went out for the president to mobilize Washington's National Guard, but Trump who was transfixed by what was happening on TV hesitated to do that, and it was Mike Pence who had to authorize that deployment.

When order was finally restored, the joint session of Congress resumed, and shortly before 4 am Joe Biden's election win was certified, and Trump finally conceded

Mr. Trump, who spent months stoking the anger of his supporters with false claims that the election was stolen and who refused to condemn the violent protests on Wednesday, said early Thursday that there would be an orderly presidential transition this month.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” he said in a statement.

But since Trump can't be trusted, and there are still has two weeks to go before that takes over, the question now is should the 25th Amendment be invoked to remove him from office?

The Washington Post's editorial board believes that's what should be done.

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S refusal to accept his election defeat and his relentless incitement of his supporters led Wednesday to the unthinkable: an assault on the U.S. Capitol by a violent mob that overwhelmed police and drove Congress from its chambers as it was debating the counting of electoral votes. Responsibility for this act of sedition lies squarely with the president, who has shown that his continued tenure in office poses a grave threat to U.S. democracy. He should be removed.

The president is unfit to remain in office for the next 14 days. Every second he retains the vast powers of the presidency is a threat to public order and national security. Vice President Pence, who had to be whisked off the Senate floor for his own protection, should immediately gather the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, declaring that Mr. Trump is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” Congress, which would be required to ratify the action if Mr. Trump resisted, should do so. Mr. Pence should serve until President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated on Jan. 20.

While others like law professors David Landau and Rosalind Dixon are calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked AND for Trump to be impeached.

First, Vice President Pence and a majority of the cabinet should invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment in order to make a declaration that Mr. Trump is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This would immediately suspend, but not remove, Mr. Trump from the exercise of his presidential duties and appoint Mr. Pence as acting president. 

Second, the House should quickly draw up and pass articles of impeachment. And then the Senate should hold a fair — but immediate and efficient — trial both to remove President Trump from office and, as important, to disqualify him from serving in public office in the future.

As for me I would support all of the above, as well as a permanent Twitter ban.

For the stakes are just too high to allow Trump to communicate with his terrorist army.

In his present mental condition he is capable of finding other ways of burning down the country.

Like launching an attack on Iran and setting the Middle East on fire.

For the man is a maniac and simply cannot be trusted 

And BTW, neither can our own Cons.

For as many as one out of three of them are Trump supporters.

And their ugly leader even speaks Trump's language by constantly talking about "taking Canada back" or "cancel culture." etc etc.

So he can never be trusted to defend the interests of this country.

We need to understand that everything changed yesterday, and we are living in dangerous times.

And that nobody will be safe until the Trump terrorists are neutralized, by the use of massive lethal force if necessary

And that those of us in Canada will not be safe either, until the Trump Party North is crushed, totally destroyed, and deposited in the garbage can of history...  


rumleyfips said...

A defacto 25th action may have already taken place. Trump refused to deploy the National Guard so he was ignored; Pence gave the order and the Guard ( a well regulated milia ) complied.

Many of Trump's staff and appointees are showing disapproval. They are avoiding him to avoid being ordered to do something illegal. They are becoming hard of hearing and orders are forgotten. They are resigning.

After Trump's self-humiliation I am less worried about staff giving him the nuclear codes.

Jackie Blue said...

Thank you Simon for calling that traitor flag what it is: a Nazi flag. It has SFA to do with "heritage" or a mere "difference of opinion" and I'm tired of the media's gaslighting bothsiderism and bad-faith appeals to "free speech." I'm fed up with the First Amendment. I want Germany's laws in my country and for that goddamn hate symbol to be outright banned.

What I fear is that the rest of the GOP that created this monster will have the opportunity to wash the blood off their hands and proclaim Trump an anomaly. This is conservatism writ large, and the ones who aren't outright shouting "white power" or parading around dressed like Confederate Vikings are complicit in their tolerance of it and especially funding. Trump just says the quiet parts out loud. The bigger criminals are Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Koch, Mercer et. al. and they need to face accountability, bigly.

The $$$ media has been complicit for years with their whataboutism and putting their thumb on the scale to treat liberals more harshly while the right escapes scrutiny. The GOP needs a reckoning and a fumigation. The entire party needs to wear this shame and be disbanded as a domestic terrorism group. No one can credibly call this anything but mainstream when something like 140 GOP congressmen plus Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in the upper chamber signed onto this outright sedition. I'd say Cruz should be deported back to Kenney Klan Kountry where he fits in best, but Alberta has suffered enough.

For that matter, all of this applies to Canada's own GOP movement and its decrepit fourth estate that props it up. I saw clips online where Vichy Kapelos was describing these thugs as disenfranchised protesters. Fuck that noise. Nothing short of public apologies, mass resignations, a full public inquiry and the total dismantling of the right-wing ecosystem will suffice. Why should Hillary have had to apologize for using the word "deplorables" or Trudeau have to apologize for the nonsense fake scandals cooked up by the opposition propaganda apparatus? Trump is just the most infectious of tumors, inflamed by the underlying metastasis that is conservatism in and of itself. Greed Over People, GOP. Cancerous Party of Canada, CPC.

Paul Wells almost barely gets it with a passing mention of Harper in his latest piece, but the bastard deserves a lot more than that. Harper needs to be dragged before a fucking Nuremberg trial. MAGA is the "uncouth" expression of the hateful, money-hoarding ideology underpinning the I.D.U. Trump is not going away. Trump is the embodiment of the conservative movement worldwide. Trump is Orban. Trump is Le Pen. Trump is AfD. Trump is O'Toole. Trump is Kenney. Trump is Harper. What is it Eric says? "I want more people to see a conservative when they look in the mirror"? I guess he got his wish, because there's nothing but an evil orange Twitler in that ugly reflection of what a conservative is!

Anonymous said...

@ rumleyfips The DC National Guard reports to the president. If they were truly a well-regulated militia, they would have refused an order from someone outside the chain of command. This is not a trivial issue. Without invoking the 25th amendment to remove Trump, Pence had no business ordering them to do anything.

BTW, in the third photo there's a MAGAt on the far right wearing a red cap. If you zoom in, you can see the idiot wearing his work ID on a lanyard. He was fired after the photo was sent to his employer. Kids, if you're going to participate in an insurrection, wear a mask and leave the ID and cell phone at home.

Anonymous said...

To those who say "It can never happen here", it already has! Not long-ago Captain Andrew America found himself in treasonous hot water when he gave a seditious speech to his Yellow Vest Klansmen. A basket case of deplorables who threatened the sitting PM with execution and received a deer in the headlight selfie with Andy as a reward. And for what? An imagined slight against Alberta's dirty oil?!!! They peddle the same conspiracy theories and half truths heard on American right wing propaganda networks. The pigeon brained fools plug their “I love gas and oil” shirts deep in their earholes when you mention Dear Leader Kenny’s contribution to the equalization formula or dare to suggest the implementation of a PST. MAKE NO MISTAKE the tool head comes from the very same ugly republican cesspit that gave birth to the orange baboon. "Take back Canada" is a clarion call to northern-trumpians. Mark Critch said it perfectly "its like dingle-bat tramp's make murica great again without the nuance and wit" hence the race-baiting appeal to campus neo-Trumpians at Ryerson! they must be creaming their tidy whities thinking "with o’toole we'll get the sjw-libs like trump got the dems”.
Remember “Republiklan canary” Sloan. This degenerate emulates and loves Donny so much he might end up in one of his own gay conversion camps. Religious fanatics like Sloan are always hypocrites. With Trump bankrupt after his forceful removal, we may very well catch Trump blowing his northern-acolyte in an airport bathroom stall to pay off the Russians.
Then there is the rabid Rampel, Congresswoman from Oklahoma’s hick-town county. Bloviating like some Rebel personality from the comforts of her American husband's backyard ("this isn't my country!!! I don't recognize this country!!!") No wonder the waterhead signed the treasonous Buffalo Declaration. The hillbilly wexist movement, wants the prairie provinces to enjoy the benefits of regular school shootings and privatized healthcare.
Dont forget prageru’s “house Canadian” Stephen Harper. The dastardly covidiot Don Plett was his appointee. Unless I am mistaken, Canada's head of state is and remains her royal highness Elizabeth ii and not princess tiny-hands, yet the scum publicly endorses the bastard. Is this what “Canadian” conservatism has come to?!!! Isn’t it enough the fool is hurting the American people?! To the mind of some, Canada is some sort of an American colony!!!
What’s more the growing number of Canadian Klanservatives on social media who regularly defend TrumpenFuhrer as some sort of a tory north star is disturbing!!! Remember when boss Hog in Ontario said "I am basically a republican"?!!!!!! WTF? princess trump is apparently Canada’s head of state!
This is a dangerous blurring of the two country’s respective identities and ironic when it is encouraged by self-proclaimed “identitarians”. This discourse is not politics as usual! It represents a substantial threat to Canada's political and cultural Sovereignty! There was a time in this country’s history when disloyalty to the Crown was considered high treason! God save the Queen, Scatter thine enemies, And make them fall, Confound their politics, Frustrate their knavish tricks!!!!
They are not a goofy or tiny minority. The very same dregs that threatened a coup in Washington are also in Canada, they are biding their time and waiting for the arrival of their orange messiah. In the meantime, they hide themselves in the dark crevasses of the right-wing movement. The very same places which gifted Canadians Doug Christie, dirty-Oldman Manning, Harper, Keegstra. Zundel etc we cannot let our guard down and let them pollute our beautiful Canada
Lastly, may God help the American people in removing the orange dung-stain.

Anonymous said...

A general observation is that celebrities that try and manipulate the media through deliberate attention getting action become entrapped in a widening gyre of episodes until they either end up dead or in rehab/ locked up. Perhaps Trump is an exceptional manipulator and he will simply walk after having laid the ground work for the next scam. Then again perhaps he is now trapped in his own sensational alt reality shit show and the next act could be the big one. Walk or self destruct, which will it be?. An Ivanka intervention perhaps combined with a 2024 presidential run to avenge the "injustice".


Anonymous said...

Who didn't see this coming? Apparently those tasked to protect the seat of democracy, that's who. It was sheer luck that this didn't turn into a bloodbath by some trumpanzees with assault rifles. They literally dodged a bullet this time and those that allowed this domestic terrorism to happen will have to answer some very tough questions. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the instigator in chief himself is implicated. He watched it all on TV, apparently enjoying the show while ignoring calls to deploy the national guard. Meanwhile, his VP, wife and daughter were there and he didn't even check in to see if they were okay. What a disgusting POS.
Biden keeps calling for unity and healing but since the wounds that ailed America before Trump came to power were already bad, they are now a festering, gangrenous pustule. All I see now is a stage four cancerous tumor in dire need of amputation. Those that enabled the worst president in history and along with him, incited the trumpanzees to do what they did, well, they need to pay a very heavy price. As for the trumpanzees, I heard that Trump's new law that carries a ten year sentence for damaging national monuments, (which was enacted to protect his precious confederate symbols of racism,) can now be used against his beloved terrorists who invaded the capitol. Now there's some sweet irony.
Jackie, you hit the nail on the head as to why it's gotten so bad. The first amendment that allows the likes of Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax, Foxnews, etc. to spew their garbage unabatedly has nurtured these fanatics into the alternate universe they now live in. Not an excuse, but imagine if you grew up and your pappy and mammy only followed this alternate universe. It's no different than extremist Muslims that brain-wash their children into their twisted versions of reality. You reap what you sow.
I pray that Joe uses his newly minted senate majority(YAY!) to maximum effect to shut down the conspiracy theorists permanently. As for the GOP north party of Steven Harper and Erin O'Trump, we need to keep exposing them for who and what they are as Dale Smith so aptly describes here.
Another great post, Simon. Tuesday's events have shaken decent people around the world to their very core. Think it can't happen here? Think again. It's way beyond time for us to take out the trash.

rumleyfips said...

There's also a story about the DOD minimizing the National Guard's role in the fiasco.

jrkrideau said...

@ Anonymous 4:06
And it helps to show up with the right flag. If this is not photo-shopped, we have a "patriot" showing up carrying the flag of Georgia---that is the flag of the independent country of Georgia not the flag of the US state of Georgia.

Anonymous said...

The use of massive lethal force? That doesn't sound very progressive of you.

I have a feeling you didn't call for massive lethal force when BLM and antifa were burning and looting cities across America all summer long.

How about arresting them and charging them instead? You know, in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Well Well Well!!!!
SIMON!!! did you see the picture of MAGA hat MP Candice Bergen? might want to plaster her ugly mug as an update! did Erin O'Trump pick her for her trumpian views I wonder?

Anonymous said...

@ jrkrideau. Nice catch! That must be the Antifa guys disguised as "Patriots!" LOL Morans!

Jackie Blue said...

They deleted it but the internet never forgets

Justin is going to get JFK'ed if the Parler populist pricks don't knock this shit off. Which I'm sure is what they want, another sausage handler to come along and finish the job.

"Disband the Conservative Party of Canada. It is beyond saving."
-Stephen Gordon, economist

Anonymous said...

Some one has some issues......

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips....I saw Lindsey Graham having to run a gauntlet of Trump supporters calling him a traitor. So I’m hoping the Republicans can have themselves a nice civil war and be greatly weakened. However, I don’t share your optimism about the nuclear codes, especially after I recently discovered that the military can do NOTHING to stop him....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I have always considered the Confederate flag to be the Klan or Nazi rag, and to see it being paraded through the corridors of the Capitol made me really angry. To make matters even worse I saw somebody from an anti-racist group claim that the guy is a Canadian. I am going to see if I can confirm that, because we have a growing far right problem in this country and we need to crush them like cockroaches. Especially since, as you point out, our shabby Con media is doing nothing to expose the extent of the problem..The Cons may be dying but they’re not dead yet....

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:31 pm ....I completely agree with you, it can happen here, The Cons are the Trump Party North and they are slowly becoming more and more extreme. Our useless media doesn’t seem to understand that right-wingers are threatening democracies all over the world and we need to do more to fight them. I Just watched an old interview this morning where Doug Ford was talking about how much he admired Trump, so he’s got to go too..

Simon said...

Hi RT....I’ll be very interested to see what happens to Trump. He’s still making noises about running in 2024, which is why impeaching his would be good, for it would prevent him from running again. But even if he isn’t impeached I don’t think he will be interested in spending the next four years campaigning. Maybe I’m wrong but he is 74-years-old and between all his court cases there won’t be much time to campaign and play golf...

Simon said...

Hi you I couldn’t believe how useless the police were in dealing with the mob. They had hundreds of officers on the scene just standing around, which begs the question: were they not getting their orders or were they refusing to obey them? I understand the authorities are looking at filing charges against some of the Trump gang for inciting a riot, but we need a much wider investigation. I understand why Joe Biden wants to try to calm things down and try to unify the country, But the Trump Mob can’t be reasoned with, and like it not he will have to destroy them or risk being destroyed himself....

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips.....I’m encouraged by that raw story article, for Trump is clearly mentally ill and he must be watched closely or he could do something reckless and make the situation even worse. Until I see Trump leaving the White House in a helicopter nobody can relax...

Simon said...

Hi anon@7:20 am...Yes I did say “including the use of lethal force” and I mean it. When violent domestic terrorists invade a place like the Capitol, beat a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher, and act like animals they need to be shot as an example to the others. And you need to understand two things.
One, there is no comparing the domestic terrorists to the BLM protests. And two, I am a progressive but I am not a pacifist. My grandfathers fought the Nazis, and they would expect me to fight the modern day ones.....

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:03 AM....yes I saw that picture of the notorious Trudeau hater Candice Bergen and I intend to include her in my next post. The Cons are the Trump Party North and if we don’t crush them they will destroy this country...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....yes, I saw that Con Facebook message, and it.’s a clear attempt to incite their rabid base to attack or kill Justin Trudeau. Rest assured I will use their evil against them....

Anonymous said...


Resistance Tribute: Part 7
– by the Lone Antifa & the Canuck Crank
– revised & updated Nov 3, 2021


There's a bag of wind
Known to be insane
Hear him tellin' lies
Just to cause more confusion and pain

From the Lord of Flies
A red orange glow
I see disgrace and smear
Runnin' wild in the daily sideshow

Resist the Big Lie
Resist the Big Lie
Resist the Lie
Resist the Lie

Blowin' in the wind
Comes a prattle humdrum
Inciting mob violence
The Capitol was overcome

He plants a demon seed
They speak their tongues of fire
See the tiki torches
We see the flames, higher and higher

Resist the Lie Guy
Resist the Lie Guy
Resist the Lie
Resist the Lie

This loser comes up to me
His face orange like a pumpkin in a patch
His voice echoes the sound of Old Scratch
Skin as thin as a Baby Trump balloon
Republi-Klan anti-voter laws used soon
And he's checkin' off those fascist bills
Cheerin' 'em on
One hundred! Two hundred!

I hear Kevin and Jim on his phone
Everybody knows Donnie's cover is blown
Remember the cages where children did weep
The GQP, their master's sheep
You take the stairs to the 26th floor
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
Lauren, Matt and Marjorie Taylor Greene
The Traitor Trio are the new squad on the scene
Outside is America! Outside is America!

So back at the Willard Hotel
With Steve Bannon and his hate supreme
Rudy, Roger and John Eastman writing memos
And they're turning off, turning on the television
And I can't tell the difference between One America News, North Korea Blues
And a racial panic goblin on Fox News
Spewing disinformation, lies and conspiracy
Well, my God says the truth will set you free, mister!

It's a short way to the halls of Congress
Where the domestic terrorists ran free
For 187 minutes he watched from his room
Before calling off his very special goons
Who will stop his assault on democracy?
A republic, if you can keep it, for thee
So run! run! run!
Into the arms... into the arms... into the arms...
Of America

Anonymous said...

Democracy Death Wish