Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Donald Trump's Deadly Threat To Us All

OK, first the bad news. Trump is still alive and back at the White House  channelling Mussolini. 

He's encouraging Americans not to wear masks, 

And he made his return to the Covid House look like the return of The Messiah.

A fascist production where the pilots of Marine One had to transport a Covid patient who should have remained in a hospital, rather than spewing coronavirus all over their chopper.

And infecting even more people in the Covid House.

And the good news?

His breathing seems laboured.
So he is not out of the woods, and could still suffer a fatal relapse.

And in the meantime his judgement brain seems to be deteriorating further, if that's possible.
With Twitter posting a warning about that tweet.

And Facebook banning it altogether. 

Facebook on Tuesday removed a post from President Trump in which he falsely claimed that Covid-19 is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

Which needless to say had Trump crying foul.

Tuesday afternoon, Trump tweeted, "REPEAL SECTION 230!!!" He said no more than that, leaving precisely what he was referring to out of the tweet, but it was likely a response to the actions taken by Facebook and Twitter. Section 230 is shorthand for the part of US law that gives tech companies immunity for almost all of their decisions regarding content moderation.

Although I'm sure this was even more painful.

It seems he's not getting the sympathy vote eh?

Which is great, except that now I can't decide which bad ending I would like to see.

I think I would prefer to see Trump defeated, humiliated, and put on trial for his crimes against humanity.

For I'm sure it would go on forever and be REALLY entertaining.

And the Cons who worship him in this country would be REALLY humiliated.

But considering how The Beast has been behaving since he got COVID and started spreading it everywhere.

This ending would be fine too....

His contempt for the lives of others is now an existential threat to us all.

The powerful drugs he is taking may be driving him crazy or crazier.

So the sooner he goes the better...


Anonymous said...

Chief bone spurs who hid behind a doctors note during the Vietnam war is now a proven leader on the Covid battle field. His new motto is, be not afraid and do your patriotic duty to party like never before in order to drive the US consumption based economy and the courageous leaders fortunes to new heights. Victory is assured with the fearless general leading the charge,only the unbelieving and losers will die along the way.

Will the strategy give him the 10% boost in votes he so desperately needs, how many people will become infected and die, will health care workers decide its too crazy to continue working? Will the alternative reality shit show finally implode?


Anonymous said...

I think Typhoid Donnie has finally lost his marbles. Not that he had many to begin with but this is insanity. He is now a caricature of a soon to be deposed dictator, a punchline, a disgrace and complete embarrassment for our southern neighbors. His balcony display should be titled "Covida". Chris Rock on Trump being infected, "my heart goes out to Covid". Pretty brutal but oh so deserving. My guess as to why they don't invoke the 25th is that they're all fucking nuts.
Trump is so drunk with power he thinks he has some divine ability to just carry on as usual. We'll see how that works out as I foresee him collapsing into a heap at either the next debate or one of his rally's of the dumb. A fitting end for an unfit president.

Jackie Blue said...

LOL JD -- "Typhoid Donnie" another perfect moniker to add to the litany of Trump nicknames. Two can play at that game, since he's so quick to hurl insults at "Crazy Nancy" "Two-Face Meek and Mild Justin" and "Crooked Hillary", it's about time he got a taste of his own bitter and scientifically questionable medicine.

Covid might not have done him in, but if/when he loses he'll get crushed by a landslide of votes and the weight of his own ego. I don't think Cheeto Mussolini removed his Covid mask just to emulate his favorite strongmen. I think he noticed it was the wrong kind of face covering, then went back into the "White" House to put on a proper Klan hood.

What sickens me the most about these past four years, though, is that all this could have been avoided if millions of my countryfolk weren't so racist and misogynistic as to support a charlatan turned outright domestic terrorist and walking bioweapon, because they couldn't abide a successful Black man being president followed by an accomplished woman. Hopefully nice guy Joe and the formidable, precedent-setting up and comer Kamala might be just the right remedy to start bringing this country back from life support.

I don't know what's going to erupt among that 40 or so percent of deplorables who support him no matter what, but hopefully they follow him down the Covid cliff. It won't bring back the 200,000 dead, but hopefully it at least puts the sickness of Trumpism into remission. This country is going to need the kind of serious rehab of the soul that no amount of hydroxychloroquine or remdesivir can cure.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

This is Bible Thrumper head exploding material! Trumps miracle cure was created from fetal tissue. Although tempting, cartoonification of this dichotomy would bring us down to their level.
COVID drug Trump touted as a "cure" was developed using cells derived from aborted fetal tissue. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/regeneron-trump-covid-cure-aborted-fetal-tissue/


Simon said...

Hi RT...I choose to believe that Trump will not gain new followers after his reckless behaviour. But the Trumpanzees are like a cult so who knows? What I do know is that many of our front line workers are exhausted, and unless people can start behaving responsibly health facilities all over the world could collapse. More on that in another post...

Simon said...

Hi JD....I believe that Trump is now so mentally impaired, that he can't be removed from power soon enough. He has always been a psycho, but some of the drugs he is receiving have the potential to give him wild bouts of euphoria, followed by devastating crashes. I also fear that his addiction to adderall could interact with the other drugs, and make him too dangerous to remain in office. In his addled state he could very easily start a war just days away from the election. We live in dangerous times...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I try not to thinks about the last U.S. election because it makes me too angry. And you know I agree with you that misogyny played a huge role in Clinton's defeat. The polls in this country show it's also a big problem here, with most women supporting the Liberals and the NDP, and most men supporting the Cons. It's sickening and makes me ashamed to be a man, but luckily most younger Canadians don't go for that shite. So we're never going to be as dumb and as ugly as many of our neighbours. And if O'Toole and his Trumpy Cons get in the way they will be crushed by our righteous anger...

Simon said...

Hi Unknown...Thanks for that poll. I saw John King on CNN going over his magic map, and if Biden and Harris can win a couple more red states, it could be a rout. I'd celebrate right now, but I'm afraid that Trump is now so deranged he would try to burn down U.S. rather than concede defeat...

Simon said...

Hi RT...Yes I saw that, and I was shocked, shocked I tell you. In fact I sent several anti abortion/anti-gay groups the story in case they hadn't seen it. If only two out of ten of Trump's religious fanatics stay at home on voting day, their Lord Master will burn in hell....