Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Westboro Baptist Church Strikes Again

Just when I thought religion couldn't get crazier...and that the saga of the Teddy Bear and the Teacher was a shoo in for my monthly Bad Monkey Ju Ju Awards.

Along comes the Westboro Baptist Church and steals the show again....

Remember my fellow Fag Beasts.

If we didn't have these crazy homophobes to make a mockery out of religion.

We'd have to invent them ....

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  1. The most disturbing part of the already disturbing video is the little girl at the end.. Not unlike the use of child soldiers, she does not look old enough to even understand what she is saying/singing.

    After being sued for their harassment of a father as laid his son, who was killed in the Iraq War, to rest (more here) why are they still at it (pure speculation on my part but with costs like that – is someone backing them financially to pay their legal costs etc) or, as the linked story says - “Most people who have experience around them contend that the only reason they bother families is because they know the odds are good that someone will violate their civil rights, and they will be able to sue. Several members of their congregation are attorneys.”?

    Simon – you said it best …… these crazy homophobes to make a mockery out of religion …

    IF THE SHOE FITS - The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is evil simply evil.

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    When will "god" do the right thing and lock these batshit insane people up? I guess the multi-million $ judgement has not yet taken effect.

  3. One word: Inbreeding.

  4. Hi Sassy!! I agree the little girl at the end....as well as those pictures of other kids holding up hateful signs...is just disgusting.
    I have to admit they are so awful that for a long time I didn't think they were real!!! I thought they HAD to be a parody. But no...Sadly they are the most extreme version of what a lot of other churches think...

  5. Hi waterboy!! you'd think some of them...especially the crazy leaders would have been locked up by now...if only for child abuse. But as I suggested in the post they ARE just showing how batty religion can be. So I'm caught between telling them to fuckoff...and shouting More More!!!! :)

  6. Hi JJ!!!

    Um....I have to admit that has crossed my mind. You don't really think Daddy Phelps is the daddy of them all? OMG!!! :)