Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Abortion and the Flower Pot Women

Although I'm a big supporter of women's rights and the pro-choice movement, and despite my occasional battles with the formaldehyde forces of the Big Blue Bigot, I've never really tackled the question of abortion.

One... because bloggers like Unrepentant Old Hippie and Birth Pangs are doing such a fine job of keeping these no-choice fanatics at bay.

Two ...because I have so many other battles to fight. And I'm lazy.

And three...because let's face it...as a guy it's pretty hard to get wrapped up in the issue when no matter how hard my boyfriend tries...I'm NEVER going to get pregnant.

Which may sound crazy....but is not as wacko as the gibberish spouted by the followers of the hairy desert dwellers who believed that life sprouted from THEIR "seed" (i.e. cum).

And that women were just flower pots.

The bible uses the kind of "sexual language" that one would expect from an ancient agrarian society that associates male sperm with "seed", the woman's womb with "the soil" and the result as "fruit". I think that ancient men believed, because of a LACK of knowledge about human reproduction and a lack of knowledge about ova, that they were the instigators of life through their "seed" and that women were the "soil" which bore their "fruit."

Which of course explains EVERYTHING. From the way women are treated as second class citizens....and the ban on abortion. To all those tie a string around your dick stories....so you don't spill your cum on the ground. (i.e. wack off)

To why religion is such absolute nonsense. If those hairy desert dwellers could get THAT so wrong...what does it say it say about the rest of their "holy" texts?

Never mind....

You know I've never understood why men figure THEY should have a say in the abortion issue...except to support a woman's right to choose... when THEY can't get pregnant

And now I can't understand why women would join the anti-choice movement when all they're doing is carrying the banner for the patriarchy....the daddy knows best crowd.

Like these inhuman monsters who would put their flowerpot patriarchy....and their superstitious mumbo jumbo... before the lives of rape victims.

But at least that makes it more than clear what drives these religious monsters.


Just as I figured. I may not be getting pregnant anytime soon.

But even I know THAT...

If you want to read another great Beep Beep It's Me post about the same subject you can find it here.


JJ said...

That was wonderful. Wonderful!!! You rock, Simon.

Anonymous said...

Terrific post, Simon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying! keep trying!

awesome post!

beepbeepitsme said...


I think the articles you are referring to are these 2. Hope they help in your discussions.:)


It's All About Sex Baby...

Simon said...

Hi JJ and Skdadl!!! I'm glad you liked my post. But since Beep provided the idea, the link, and the YouTube she's the one who deserves the credit.
She also sent another link which I put up at the end.
You know it seems like a simple thing....but when you think about the whole women as flower pots or potting soil concept...it isn't simple its frightening. To think that they built the patriarchy out of such rot.

Hi Rashid!!! Hey thanks..and thanks for the link. As for the keep trying part...you KNOW I will.
But only if I can play daddy too... :)

Hi Beep!! Thanks for that...and as I mentioned above thanks for EVERYTHING. I'm not dumb or anything but I never did understand where men got the idea they should rule the world. When it's quite obvious that if women ran it we'd be so much better off.
But now I do :)

Anonymous said...

ok this is just a thought ... in your article regarding Manning, your new gay hero, you say, "I want people to see the truth, regardless of who they are. Because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.” Alot of anti-abortion peeps feel that women are not given full information before making such a drastic choice. They don't show an abortion film, or what stage the fetus is at .. planned parenthood lied to me when I asked if they could tell me what sex the baby was, and what it looked like (I was three and half months along) ... they told me it was like a blodclot, with not form or shape, or sex. A few years later when I was reading the stages of a fetus, my heart broke, and it has effected my whole life. They need to give women the WHOLE truth so that women can make a more informed decision. That's all I'm saying. I too, like you, believe, without information, you cannot make informed decisions. Decisions that will touch your life forever. Keep it cool, Simon.

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