Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flying Objects, Gays, and the Kiss of Death

When I stumbled into my backyard this morning and looked up at the sky I thought the worst was about to happen.

Or the in I was about to become a millionaire for being at the right place at the right time.

But appearances can be deceiving.

If you don't believe me check out this political ad....

When I first saw it I thought it had been made by one of Giuliani's Republican opponents.... who know that when gays support a's usually the kiss of death.

"Quinnipiac University polls of voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- the big three Electoral College swing states -- found voters by large margins more likely to see the endorsement of a gay rights group as a reason to vote against, rather than for, a candidate. "

Surprise. Surprise.

But it turns out it was just a bunch of idiot fags.

Can you believe THAT?

First of all it makes absolutely no fucking sense. Why would we go after the most gay-positive of the Republican gang? Instead of waiting to see if he gets the nomination and then using something similar during the election keep the Republican base sitting on their hands.

And secondly can you believe the stereotypes? When will ANYONE start representing gays as they really are...just like anyone else...instead of like a bunch of Bojangles in a melon patch?

OMFG. What a week. I start off fighting with the evil right-wing bigots, move on to blasting the idiot left for killing us with indifference and condescension, and end up taking shots at my own kind.

Oh boy it's lonely at the bottom. No wonder only S├ębastien loves me. But what can I do? If I didn't say it like I see it wouldn't be me. When I use the old chestnut "Speaking Truth to Power" I MEAN it. And I am PISSED!!!

But enough of that.... I've got more important things to worry about right now. Never mind the large flying objects....

These beautiful little ones are humping. And you know what that means?

Summer is getting critical. It's time to drop everything and just enjoy it while it lasts.

And before these other flying objects....apparently photographed buzzing Hawaii the other day...find me and take me away.

I've got to belong SOMEWHERE don't I?

But don't those fucking idiots know the difference between Canada and Hawaii.? Oh boy I can't WAIT to giveTHEM a piece of my mind.

Helloooooo Venus? Duh?

Have a great rest of summer everyone! See you when I see you.

Unless they find me first....


Anonymous said...

You just be you, and if you don't piss off some people in the process, you're not trying hard enough.

Anonymous said...

indeed, living the best i can this summer, is what i am trying to do.

havnt been around much, but, well, check your email... it seems i keep hitting bumps in the road, this one being one of the worst... worst than losing so amny friend comming out and rumors spread about me. that is nothing, when i could lose my mom...

anyways, mooo


Simon said...

Hi Bruce!! Thanks for all the support you've given me recently. I REALLY appreciate it. Yeah and you're right. I mean I want to be loved like everybody else...but if I couldn't be true to myself...what's the point? And I'm sure you noticed...I derive a certain satisfaction from being a real pain in the ass.... :)

Hi Rashid!!! Long time no hear. I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog as regularly as I usually do. But as you can see I've been too busy fighting with EVERYBODY!!
But I have dropped in enough to notice how well you are doing. And although I've never met you I'd be willing to bet that you are smiling a lot more than you were a year ago. And that you have more confidence and more strength. Which for a young gay man is EXCELLENT!!! I'm sorry to hear about your mum...but I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out, and I'm sure your new strength will help you with that too.
BTW when you post a comment here don't just tell me your personal stuff...although of course I'm interested in that too. Don't be shy to comment on the issues raised by this post or any others.It's important for your generation to make its voice heard. And you can do it. I remember a post of yours on gays and body fascism that really made me think. And remind me that beautiful gay people come in all shapes ages and sizes....and not to print too many pictures of muscle boys ... :)
BTW Sebastien says to say hi. I told him all the things you managed to accomplish over the last few years and he was very impressed and happy. Keep up the good work Rashid!!!!