Monday, August 27, 2007

When People With AIDS are Buried Alive...

I see the savages of Papua New Guinea have found a new way to show the world that ignorance kills.

Once they hunted human heads for sport.

Now they are burying people with AIDS....while they are still alive.

She described how one person called out "mama, mama" as the soil was being shovelled over their head.

Or torturing and killing women for the way they walk.

."There are reports of women being tortured for days in efforts to extract confessions...Women have been beaten, stabbed, cut with knives, sexually assaulted and burnt with hot irons. One woman had her uterus ripped out with a steel hook."

It makes me want to scream with anger and sorrow...and call them monsters for committing monstrous acts. But what's the point? When history, geography, colonialism, poverty, and of course ignorance are really to blame.

But what's the government doing to stop the murder and deal with Papua New Guinea's excalating AIDS problem?

Oh yeah I forgot.

Which explains a lot. But still doesn't explain why people could murder their own relatives in such a cruel way. What kind of primitive bloodthirsty gods do these poor savages believe in? I remember.

Well then.... that explains EVERYTHING.

So much for the "civilizing" influence of the Christian Church.

Somebody please do something to help the poor sick people of Papua New Guinea.

Poverty, ignorance and religion are SUCH a deadly mix....


JJ said...

Backward and horrible. And religion always helps with that, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute...canada cries foul at abortion then sends older babies to war. the u.s. has capital punishment (it's considered 'civilized' to pay someone else to kill someone).

medical and pharmacutical experimentation....slow deaths....environmental diseases...slow death.

aids was never really addressed til it hit the straight population. cultural genocide continues......putting the poor, black, hispanic on the front lines.....

perception is everything.

i'm not saying what goes on in papua new guinea is right...and the religious elements added to inflame things are gross....and that colonialistic patriarchy didn't bring in rotten stuff....BUT, please do not call indigenous people savages!