Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Canadian Resistance

Ever since I was about twelve years old two of my favourite words have been RESIST and RESISTANCE.

The other boys had hockey or soccer stars as heroes, I had Nelson Mandela.

Back then I was fighting against bullies, and bigots, and sexist pigs, and those who would hurt poor people.

Now I find myself fighting against all of the above by refusing to submit to Stephen Harper's evil Cons.

So although I was a bit shocked to read this.

“For now, we’re members of a resistance movement,” Duceppe told the crowd. “But members of today’s resistance movement are tomorrow’s victors. Long live a sovereign Quebec!”

It's only because our side didn't think of it first. Because resistance means resisting any evil regime. The Cons may not be Nazis but they are fascists. And who wants to live in a country with ReformCon values?

A jungle of a country where ghastly Amerikan-style theocons violate the rights of women and gays, attack decent human rights organizations, defecate in our Parliament, cover up torture, torch the planet, throttle medicare, and destroy our social safety net.

Which is why I am glad I can still resist those bastard Cons, and still fight for my beautiful Canada. Because there is a new word for resistance. And it's called CRUSH.

It's a peaceful resistance. A democratic resistance. But it will come from the heart, because I'm sure of one thing; if Stephen Harper ever gets a majority this country WILL break up.

Because who wants to live in a country with ReformCon values?

So that's why I am happy to join C.R.U.S.H. or any other group that puts my beautiful battered Canada before partisan politics. Because our country and its values ARE worth fighting for.

And these hideous ReformCons ARE evil.

And also because you know how I like to end some a lot of posts by writing this eh?

Defeat them, CRUSH them, send them back to Alberta or Amerika where they belong.

Before they destroy our Canada.

Well now it will feel even BETTER...


  1. Funny that Harpercon rhetoric: accusing Gilles Duceppe of calling Steve a nazi because he calls his movement, 'resistants'. Just another way for Harper to get the provinces to push Quebec out of Canada.

    I have a feeling Alberta is going to separate before Quebec and/or Quebec will be booted out before they can say 'souverainte'.

  2. hi CK...yeas I think you're right, Harper will try to use this to advance his agenda. I hope both Quebec and Alberta stay in Canada.
    But I'll take Quebec any old day, just like I'd vote for Duceppe if I could. And if anyone forces Quebec out I'm going with them...