Monday, December 07, 2020

Is Erin O'Toole Finally Going To Be Exposed As A Serial Liar?

I started pinning a Pinocchio nose on Erin O'Toole a few weeks ago because I was so angry at the way he lies all the time.

And so frustrated that our shabby Con media was allowing him to get away with murder.

But I'm feeling a lot better now.

For some in the media have started criticizing the ghastly serial liar, and his nose just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

First Enzo DiMatteo wonders whether O'Toole is turning into Rudy Giuliani.

O’Toole sold himself as a moderate when he became conservative leader – the first, in fact, from Ontario since god knows when. He was supposed to win votes for the Cons in the all-important 905. Instead, he’s fashioned himself into a Trumpian knock-off. 

After setting a more cordial tone, his recent performances in the House have become erratic. It’s gotten to the point that his line of questioning during the recent economic update had some on social media wondering whether he’s morphed into Trump sidekick Rudy Giuliani. That may be a little harsh. But the misinformation campaign he and his party have engaged in on the coronavirus is unmistakably Trumpian.

By asking questions designed to undermine Team Canada and increase the anxiety levels of stressed out Canadians for crass political purposes.

The two leading candidates, Pfizer and Moderna, have yet to receive emergency authorization from Health Canada, which has been conducting a “rolling review” of vaccine candidates since late October. O’Toole knows that. And he knows that safety protocols must be met before any vaccine can be distributed to the general population. But he would have Canadians believe the government is hiding something, and that nefariousness is at work.

Which couldn't be more cowardly, or more disgusting...

Or more pathetic.

And then there's Dale Smith, one of the few honest reporters in the parliamentary press gallery, who takes aim at the way O'Toole is deliberately trying to create confusion with a shameful campaign of misinformation.  

 Over the past two weeks, he has repeatedly lied, misconstrued, or gave facts without context in order to present a false picture on so many things, that when I started going through my QP recaps, the length of the list surprised me.  To wit: 

In an attempt to make the federal government the villain, he has lied about the responsibility of the provinces in rolling out rapid tests and in their role in vaccine distribution

– He mischaracterized Justin Trudeau’s statement on the lack of spare domestic capacity produce vaccines

– In demanding to know why the federal government didn’t secure the licences to produce vaccines domestically, he lied by omission in that we don’t have the technological capability to manufacture mRNA vaccines to scale

– He insinuated that premiers don’t know what is going on with the vaccine roll-out when it’s their jurisdiction

– He mischaracterized the CNN report on the early pandemic response in Wuhan, China (which said that the mistakes were bureaucratic and similar to what has happened here in Canada)

– In trying to sow confusion around when vaccines would be arriving (which nobody actually knows), he has taken a number of broadly consistent statements and presented them as contradictory.

-While it has been public knowledge that the Canadian Forces have been embedded within the Public Health Agency of Canada to work on vaccine roll-out planning for months, he insisted that the involvement of the Forces has been “last minute”

– He has been promulgating a conspiracy theory around the government’s hopes for a vaccine candidate with CanSino – never mind that the timeline doesn’t match up for his assertions that the government put all their eggs in that basket only for it to not pan out

It's an impressive if depressing list, and my only quibble with Smith is that he calls O'Toole's Trumpian tactics "misinformation" while I call them "lying." 

As in lying like a thief or a traitor who would try to undermine our country's response to a deadly pandemic for grubby political purposes, even if it demoralizes our frontline medical workers, and leads to the death of many Canadians.

But at least Smith does ask the obvious question:

If he keeps lying about this, how can Canadians trust him if he forms government?  Or does he hope that they will be so inured to his lies that they will believe anything he tells them if that eventuality ever happens?  Given what we’ve seen south of the border, that possibility should be terrifying to everyone.

And he's right about "terrifying." For the obvious answer is that if O'Toole and his grubby lying Trumpian Cons ever form a government this country won't stand a chance.

And what's also obvious that if we are ever going to defeat the Covid monster we must first demolish the monster Cons.

So get ready to crush O'Toole and his grubby Cons, before they kill this country and its precious values...


Anonymous said...

"O’Toole sold himself as a moderate when he became conservative leader – the first, in fact, from Ontario since god knows when." I suppose that's right, if you leave out Harper and Scheer, both born, raised and educated in Ontariariario. In fact, you could say that the Cons are the only party to have always elected a leader from Ontario. I guess Westerners like Ontarians that cater to their prejudices.

Jackie Blue said...

Chantal Hébert has also registered her disappointment, and today Elmer FUD is being laughed at for doubling down on his "Trudeau bad!" projection in NatPo and making a Beaverton article actual "news". The longer he keeps Sloan in the big blue circus tent as his Faustian debt to the so-cons, the more Sloan (and eventually the certifiable whack job Leslyn Lewis, when she runs in Haldimand-Norfolk and all her paranoid tin foil screeds about Trudeau's "socialist takeover" get dug up) will be a stinking albatross around his neck. Especially as Trudeau's announcement today effectively means their VaxScam smear campaign has been "shot" to shit. Poor O'Foole got a big lump of pigeon dump in his blue stocking. Womp womp.

Simon, if I might offer a suggestion for the next series of comics, you really should do a Con Christmas Carol holiday cartoon of Tooliani as Ebenezer Scrooge, with MacKay as Jacob Marley forever wearing the chains of his own Faustian deal with Refoooorm. Harper as the ghost of Cons past, Kenney as the ghost of Cons present, and Trump as the spectre of where (barring some fluke) they're likely to end up in the future!

Steve said...

Maybe Repel because she is not sure what country she supports does not realize that Provices are resposnisble for the majority of the roll out. She should attack Doug Ford for not putting perrie penis first in line.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon did you see this? Lying isn't even their worst sin. Their hatred of Justin Trudeau is posing the threat of collateral-damage violence to other innocent people. The CPC need to be disbanded. They're going to get people killed. Time to open an RCMP file on Bergen and Barrett and have them charged with incitement to criminal harassment. This goes way beyond "parliamentary privilege" and the scope of the committee mandate and into the realm of stochastic terrorism.

I can't believe the committee is still having a hatewank over this WE-Ghazi bullshit. I hope Mr. Perlmuter sues every last one of them into oblivion. If you read the article, Angus was particularly odious in making Mr. and Mrs. Perlmuter's suffering all about himself. Being called out for his bullshit on Twitter is in no way the same as what he and his Con cronies have done to this poor couple and the Trudeaus as well. And Bill Morneau and his daughter, and even the Kielburgers themselves. Mark Bourrie wrote about how they were getting death threats. I expect this incendiary bile from the Cons but Charlie Angus really makes NDP stand for Narcissistic Deplorable Personality.

The CPC is an active terror threat and needs to be treated as such. Enough. Dion already said he has plenty of material to render his likely anticlimactic verdict. This dead horse has been beaten into glue and needs to be buried once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I second your motion, Jackie. The disgusting actions of these lowlifes need to be amplified so Canadians can see the depths these assholes will go to get at JT. Another Trumpian tactic being employed by the Cons to gain traction on the fake WE scandal. So what if people get threatened as long as it serves their purpose, right? Wrong! They knew full well what they were doing. God they make me sick. Maybe someone can post their home phone numbers and addresses so we can call them and tell them how we feel? Of course, as it would be coming from the left, there would be no threats against them. Just a thorough dressing down of how despicable their actions are and injected with wry wit(to confuse them) would suffice. I hope they sue as well, Jackie. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

When I see the shit-show going on down south with the orange turd and his minions having millions of people believing that up is down and black is white I cringe in disbelief. When I look at the CPC/Qanon party of Canada I also cringe in disbelief. We're really not that far behind from having the CPC/Q go full blown Trump/GOP in their daily endeavors to deceive Canadians. They are a clear and present threat to our democracy and to anyone who gets caught in the crosshairs of their relentless attacks on JT. I agree there are dissenters in the media ranks, Simon, but I feel much more needs to be done in the MSM to quit the pandering to these traitors and start calling them out before they tear this country apart. Or worse, innocent people start dying because of their gross irresponsibility and negligence.
Having said that and having heard that the SCOTUS has just shut down the Tangerine Tyrant's pleas that they hear his baseless case, the media is saying the Mandarin Menace's fight is over. Kaput! In light of that, I propose a new year's election shortly after Biden's inauguration. I also propose that mail-in ballots be used because of the pandemic and because most if not all people fed up with the CPCQ will vote in huuugely big numbers. How sweet would that be to vote the CPCQ into the dustbin of history by way of mail-in ballots? I can hear the Con heads exploding already.

Simon said...

Hi anon @4:15PM...O'Toole ran a two track campaign. A public campaign where he managed, with the help of the Con media, into making many believe he was a moderate. And a secret campaign where he promised far-right extremists and religious fanatics that he would give them what they wanted. The record will show he never fooled me, so now that the media seems to be waking up, I'm feeling pretty good...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I saw that Chantal column claiming that O'Toole is another Scheer. But although she's right to a degree, she doesn't understand that O'Toole is also a Trump wannabe, and as such is much more dangerous than the loser Scheer. Chantal is becoming more Con and should retire as soon as possible. I also saw that National Newswatch story and was disgusted to see how the Con bullies are trying to terrorize small businesses in their never-ending attempt to bring back the WE fake scandal from the dead. There can be few uglier spectacles in this country than Candice Bergen in full fury. But they know that Trudeau is becoming more popular while they are going nowhere, so they are crazy desperate...

Simon said...

Hi JD....I should have mentioned that while Enzo DiMatteo and Dale Smith are good journalists, they both write for the alternative media, so we still have a long way to go before we can nail the Cons to the wall. But even the Con media won't be able to ignore for much longer what the Harper Party has become. For there is no doubt in my mind that O'Toole has been persuaded that going Trump is the way to go, and it will be the end of him and his party...

Simon said...

Hi Steve...Having Rempel as a health critic is an absolute farce. She is loud, and rude, and as dumb as they come. And like the hapless Jagmeet Singh she doesn't seem to know the difference between federal and provincial jurisdiction. But let her carry on, she is only hurting her own party...

Jackie Blue said...

But even the Con media won't be able to ignore for much longer what the Harper Party has become.

On second thought... just when you thought Postmafia couldn't sink to a new low... along comes John Ivison to say "hold my beer, laddie" -- er, meade?

Wow, front page news: Kyle Kemper is an unscientific idiot who markets digital Chuckie Cheese tokens to gullible rubes, and... somehow or another this reflects poorly on Justin? WGAF that one of Maggie's boys went astray? Serious Malik Obama vibes here. As though it isn't bad enough that the convicted felon's newsletter is now a home for anti-vaxers. Maybe they can continue "ignoring" what the Harper Party has become, but... all they're doing is exposing what it is, to everybody else. Great advertising for his company, btw. Putz.

Anyone in need of a toilet paper hoard amid the second wave should pilfer copies of the Jenny McCarthy Post.

P.S. My personal opinion... Sascha's the cuter other brother anyway. 😏

Steve said...

The so called Media is not calling Jason the Chaste to account. If this was JT or Notley they would be asking for negligent homicide.