Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Doug Ford Reveals His Dumb Inner Beast. Again.

In a better time with higher standards, Doug Ford would never have become the Premier of Canada's largest province.

And like many other Canadians, I did my best to warn people about him.

But the dumb Ford Nation went ahead and voted for him anyway.

And now many of them are dying of stupidity.

For even as Covid's second wave threatens to explode out of control, Ford is exposing his dumb inner beast again.

And it's clear that he is losing it, and doesn't know what he's doing. 

How long does it take to put a key in the lock and turn it?

Surely not five days.

Yet, on Monday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that a provincial “lockdown” was urgently needed but won’t begin until Boxing Day. And in the areas that are already in lockdown, such as Toronto, there will be no substantial changes.

Or does know what he's was doing, and is putting the interests of his ugly base before the interests of the elderly and the vulnerable.

By putting off the so-called lockdown until the weekend, the message being sent to the public is: Shop to your heart’s content until Christmas; keep sneaking over to the next jurisdiction to skirt the rules.

Green-lighting a week-long orgy of consumerism may play well to some of Mr. Ford’s base but it’s also carte blanche for coronavirus to spread.

While shamelessly trying to blame the Trudeau government for his own murderous incompetence.

After months of praise and kind words for the federal Liberals, Premier Doug Ford accused Ottawa of “shutting the door” in Ontario’s face on testing international travellers for COVID-19.

In a Queen’s Park press conference Monday, Ford raised concerns about international travellers coming into Ontario, saying “at minimum” they should all be tested. Ford suggested that recommendation was not accepted by the federal government.

Only to be made to look like a Con clown. 

In a statement, Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Ottawa has been working with the Ford government for weeks on the pilot project — which is similar to the testing regime attempted in Alberta.

Hajdu also noted that all travellers to Canada — be they Canadian citizens or international visitors — must quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the country, and have a plan for how they’ll manage that.

“The strong travel restrictions and border measures in place in Canada since March 2020 are working. Only 1.3 per cent of all known COVID-19 cases in Ontario have originated from travel outside the country,” Hajdu said in a statement to the Star.

It's hard to believe that even a beast like Ford could play cheap political games in the middle of a brutal pandemic.

But nobody should be surprised either, because it's happening to Con leaders all over the planet.

In Alberta, Jason Kenney is putting his cruel ideology before the lives of Albertans with tragic results...

With Covid AND Kenney now out of control, and more dead people than you can count.

We all know how the virus has crushed what's left of Donald Trump, and left him a broken man.

In Brazil which has one of the highest death tolls in the world, the theocratic fascist Jair Bolsonaro is claiming that the new vaccines could turn Brazilians into crocodiles and bearded ladies.

And in the U.K., the Con prime minister Boris Johnson is also under all out attack, for failing to lockdown the country quickly and strongly enough.

So the virus was able to surge out of control and mutate.

The government’s poor control of Covid-19 has increased the force of the infection and allowed more mutations to happen. On top of the economic costs of lockdown measures, the UK has now been effectively placed in quarantine by the international community. The prime minister’s repeated dithering, delays and seeming inability to make unpopular decisions have led Britain to have one of the worst death rates in the world.

So now all the people in the U.K. are paying for Johnson's many mistakes...

Their country cratered by Con cruelty and incompetence. 

And for me the lesson couldn't be clearer.

If we keep voting for Cons in this country, and giving them control of our healthcare system. 

Sooner or later, we'll end up in the same miserable place...


Jackie Blue said...

Don't forget also that Dug Smash is going to be a raging Hulk now that Trudeau gave a thumbs-down to no-strings-attached health transfers, unless provinces agree to improved standards and oversight for LTC homes. Mike Harris must have made some calls and now Bigfoot is on the warpath again. The hangry, hangry hippo wants to keep gorging on graft from the blood-money trough. Trudeau said no dice, so now Baby Huey is having a tantrum and shifting the blame to the feds for his own malicious incompetence. Canadians aren't stupid, and no amount of cheesecake recipes or "folksy concern" will spare Dug or his acolytes the wrath of a grieving electorate whenever the reckoning comes about.

You mention Boris, Bolsonaro and other IDU hacks as having shit the bed spectacularly on the pandemic, leaving catastrophic carnage in their wake in their respective countries. That failing grade goes multiple times over for the WWE tag team known as the "Maclean's Resistance" consisting of Doug Kenney, Andy O'Foole, and the rest of the interchangeable lot of eugenicist brownshirts in blue suits. A Con is a Con is a Con is a Con. They should all have their foreheads tattooed with a warning label like the ones emblazoned on cigarette packages: this party is hazardous to the public health.

Steve said...

His Chief Medical officer seems to be a covidiot

Steve said...

Stop this highway

Anonymous said...


Boris the Bozo BoJo actually has a high approval rating.

So here I am stuck with a year-end missive from an old university pal of almost 50 years from when I was there in London for an MSc, going on about Brexit and Boris, and I just cannot believe it. Our families have visited both ways many times since then. He's no fool, a Mensa member. Just as many Canadians with a brain, for some odd reason to me, vote for the Cons/Tories, I have to attribute it as a different outlook. It's not an IQ thing, here, the US or the UK, because we're all humans. It's all in our way of looking at the world as individuals.

So I denigrate Tory politicians for leaping around originating and feeding a frenzy of nonsense, to which there is a certain appeal in many different ways to many people of different socio-economic status and outlook. The one thing Cons have here in common in North America is a complete lack of vision for the future. It hobbles them on climate change effect acknowledgement or mitigation, and is dismissively thrown aside. But the UK and Europe are doing something.

In the trading nations of yore, the yearning for and achievement of various kinds of free trade pacts has hobbled internal overall capabilities in many areas. In Canada, the big cheeses both Conservative and Liberal, and the rich plutocrats who run them like puppets, have yielded to the temptation that life is only about filthy lucre. Hence, the disappearance of much manufacturing capability in both Ontario and Quebec, the selling off of Connaught Labs -- the list goes on and on. We are at heart now a place that digs up bulk resources and flogs them off to other countries, the harper mindset. The pride I knew in the 1960s and '70s is gone, leaving a precariat of citizenry. Same for other countries. "Things" are done wherever it's cheapest to do so, and domestic politicians have acquiesced every time. It's 100% BS, and the idea of caring enough to maintain core competencies in one's own country, to spend public funds on such if necessary, has been cast to the four winds. But chasing every penny of profit does not benefit general citizenry. It creates divisions between those doing all right, and the losers. Raises bigotry and fear of immigrants coming to take your own job, causing racism.

So to this septuagenarian, both major parties have been complicit in the decline of this country and in many others for literally decades. The bother is that the US and England HAVE kept up their militaries as an "essential" core competency. And the result is unmitigated disaster and the plundering of the planet for the benefit of a few, not you and me. Upper middle class people, what's left of them, are blind to the problem because they're doing fine. Empathy? What's that? Perhaps everyone needs a real scare, a metaphorical slap up the side of the head to wake 'em up. Not if the plutocracy and their subservient pols, most fervently psychopathic right wing nutters, can help it. They want to grab our sovereign wealth and flog it off for money without asking permission of the owners, us. It'll create jobs, they say. Sure, and what other fairy tales do they peddle? Rugged individualism. Stops the proles organizing into unions by buttering them up, flattering them, dividing them. Then we get to see idjuts like Doug Fraud and Emperor jason and Boris the Upper Class Twit of the Decade showing their true competency with Covid and much else. Zero. Talking blithering narcissistic twats.

Seasons greetings. Best for the new year. Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Ford doesn't give a damn for the health of the people of Ontario. He's looking to line the pockets of merchants and churches over Christmas. And for that I'll never forgive him.

I lost my step-mother to Covid last week, as the disease swept the retirement home. My father's on a vent now and unlikely to survive. No visitors allowed. The nurse was kind enough to hold the phone while I said goodbye. It's hard to know what to say so I sang the song he put me to sleep with as a child...

O wither away my bonnie May
Sae late and sae far in the gloaming
The mist gather grey o'er moorland and brae
O wither sae far are ye roaming?

O ye'll tak the high road and I'll tak the low, and I'll be in Scotland afore ye
For me and my true love will never meet again
By the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

Anonymous said...

It's sadly not a surprise. A lot of right wingers these days are based completely on the ID/animal instinct/authoritarian complex. Basically the biggest loudest bully is the boss and everyone else better get the fuck in line or else.

The problem with that is the biggest loudest bully ain't gonna take advice from someone smarter than themselves especially if they're insecure about their own intelligence (and 99.99% they usually are.)

CoVID has pretty exposed the great flaw in leading from the ID in that the ID can't deal with complexity, nuance or counter intuitive solutions that don't jibe with the ID's view of the world.

It's been argued (by mostly right wingers) that being too intelligence is a problem with lefties in leadership because it leads to dithering from paralysis by analysis. When you're too fucking dumb and rigidly ideological like most of the current group of right wingers, it leads to dithering because they can't get their heads around how a virus spreads and afraid of pissing off the Money bags who bankrolled them (and bullies are usually cowards at heart.)

Doug is smarter than most (which is why we're not in Alberta's terrible situation) but even he won't do the right thing now.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you elect populists. They kill you, albeit indirectly.

I'm so relieved to discover that Covid will wait until Dec 26 so that dutiful consumers can continue to ravage the shelves of big boxes everywhere. The lockdown delay is stupid and everyone seems to be alert to that. One recommendation is to start a campaign (literally, one that's overnight) to push people to STOP SHOPPING and going to malls / big boxes. Send the message that we aren't willing to play these games any more.

Doug Ford's 'leadership' has been a COMPLETE disaster and yet the media still seems to think he's doing a good job and reporting it as such.

It's time we woke up to the reality that populists are poor leaders and will only keep dragging humanity through the mud.

Anonymous said...

Doug is the Edsel of Fords. A failure, plain and simple. Lashing out at JT for something his own government's and the fed's data contradicts him on is a flailing attempt at passing the buck. Another obese turtle on its back in the hot sun, flailing. It just makes him look like a complete idiot to anyone with any brain activity, which excludes his base. And that, as Dougy would say, "my friends", is why he's doing this. Nobody hates the lockdowns more than his alt-right anti-maskers, anti-science and anti common sense crowd. Hugs over masks and covid kisses for the covidiots, the rest of us be damned. He's more concerned about losing their support than doing the right thing and now his playing politics over taking decisive actions from the very start has snowballed into what were seeing now.
As you point out, Simon, the right wing populist leaders of the world have failed spectacularly in dealing with the pandemic so hopefully they'll be rewarded in kind by their electorates as was the would be king Donald of TrUmpiStAn. Same goes for Doug "Edsel" Ford. The Edsel wasn't around for long but sadly, we're stuck with this clunker for another two years. Ugh! Batten down the hatches folks and take extra care.

Anonymous said...

Dougie performed better than expected but fell short of what was possible. Wonder if the elderly that supported his "screw you I am all right agenda" will recognize that they are now part of the screwed. Unlikely, once infected with the Con virus there is no turning back.


Jackie Blue said...

So it looks like Dug and co went AWOL on vaccines "for da holidays" but he found time to make a new cheesecake video. Reports are circulating that he may be intentionally sitting on (pun intended) the supply, and dragging his big feet on the rollout as an extortion gambit to force the feds' hands on unconditional health transfers. So when does he start to glow orange? Because this is exactly the kind of mobster hostage tactics we got from Trump with Democratic governors (or RINO-lite never Trumpers i.e. Charlie Baker of MA).

Navigator PR sent out that propaganda fluff piece about friendly ol' poppa being such a nice guy, the Grinch's heart grew much biglier over time (more like his gut and his ego). It's really a shame that the Canadian Press is a bought off shill network for Cons, and that there aren't more Dale Smiths to demand that Deadbeat Doug stop being given a free pass on his bullshit while the media gorges on their clickbait addiction to Trudeau derangement syndrome. This entire government belongs behind bars for gross corruption and criminal negligence. Ford has blood on his gorilla paws. Folks, folks, folks.

But but but Maggie's WeMails! Pay no attention to that Walkerton 2.0 behind the curtain (let alone Chartwell Homes profiting immensely throughout all this)! Lilley and Fife announce that eleventy billion Canadians died of the mysterious Sponsorship sickness because the Keeblebooger boys had a smug grin on their faces! At least that's what the "severity" of the respective situations look like, judging by the comparative coverage of each. Oh, the ratings, the poor, put-upon ratings! Won't somebody please think of the ratings...?

Anonymous said...

Wrong on all counts. There would be far fewer deaths if there were no lockdowns from the beginning, lockdowns causing so much suffering from loss of businesses, suicides... The 'second wave' is a fraud. It was predicted by doctors that have been censored by MSM. The cause: not any virus, but the overuse of masks over the summer months causing so many to get sick, not from 'covid', but from lowered immune system, loss of brain cells from lowered oxygen intake, isolation, lack of human and environmental contact. Death and 'case' figures all falsified as the PCR tests are at best unreliable and at worst promoting more fearmongering, leading to even more sickness from stress. History is repeating itself but even in a much more insane degree. I refer to the so-called 'spanish flu' where most died of bacterial pneumonia and not from any virus.