Saturday, July 11, 2020

Why The Fake WE Scandal Is Going To Hurt The Cons More Than The Liberals

Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do today is write about the absurd WE fake scandal.

I had a hammock, a good book, and a big bowl of juicy Washington State cherries ready to go, and I was looking forward to a really lazy Saturday. 

But then I saw a strangely orange Andrew Scheer in his home studio, calling on the police to investigate Justin Trudeau. 

So I thought I'd better explain why the Cons and their NDP and Bloc buddies are going to be the big losers of this fake scandal.

Before their crazy desperate followers get carried away, and start wanking furiously and declaring victory.

So let's start at the beginning.

The WE organization is a large and highly respected organization that works with young people in Canada and all over the world.

In a country full of Con think tanks, it attracts many progressive kids. As well as those from all parties.

Like Peter MacKay...

Or Erin O'Toole....

Because the WE organization is present in schools all over Canada, it made sense to ask them to be the ones to distribute the program money.

Especially since that money had to be distributed as soon as possible, as this thread from James Wooten points out. 

But the Cons with the help of their sleazy stooge media still managed to sabotage the program by among other things dragging poor Margaret Trudeau into the story. Even though she had nothing to do with the awarding of the contract. 

Which really disgusted me.

As did the way the Con/NDP/Bloc ménage à trois casually crushed the dreams of all those young Canadians, in their rush to try to hype the fake scandal.

With the hapless Jagmeet Singh doing his best to out smear Scheer...  
Or out lie him, which is simply pathetic, and shows how far he has fallen.

As for the separatist leader Yves-François Blanchet he suggested that Trudeau should separate from his own government.

Which was so outrageous I can only suggest that Blanchet take his temperature to make sure that some ghastly fever hasn't run off with his marbles.

So let's face it, it's not a pretty picture eh?

Many Con and NDP supporters are in a frenzy, believing that this latest fake scandal will bring Trudeau down, where so many others have failed.

But sadly for them, most of those toxic Trudeau haters are so detached from reality, they don't understand that the opposite is almost certainly going to happen.

They don't understand that most Canadians are suffering from fake scandal fatigue.

They know Andrew Scheer and his ugly divisive politics only too well. and they're sick to death of him.

And since most Canadians also believe that Justin Trudeau has been doing a pretty good job leading this country through a devastating pandemic, those who try to smear him, risk making him even more popular.

If that's possible...

So the only thing the Con, NDP, and Bloc ménage à trois has managed to achieve is to shaft tens of thousands of young Canadians, annoy the the hell out of rest of us, and give Trudeau a good excuse to trigger an election whenever it suits him.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, because this mongrel minority government is clearly not working.

And I think it's safe to say that whenever he does, he will be rewarded with a massive majority.

The Cons will never understand what the word decency means.

And they will no doubt howl like hyenas.

But in these scary pandemic times Canadians want decency to prevail.

And they will settle for nothing less...


Jackie Blue said...

I hope so Simon. I'm not so sure how the polls are going to look next week or as more circlejerk hatewank coverage spins the wheels yet again. The (premature?) upside I've found comes from that Lean Tossup article I left on your earlier post. Don't know if you follow them, but they have a pretty good track record of election predictions, even though the author really lays into Trudeau here.

I don't agree with Evan Scrimshaw's take on Trudeau being dumb or corrupt, though I will say he has an unfortunate tendency to act on bad advice he's been given and doesn't seem to have anyone in his circle alerting him to potential pratfalls. PMO comms continues to suck. But I hope at least that he's right about the Liberals winning again based on the Covid management and the Cons being shit, and that this manufactured nonsense ends up forgotten.

My take is that I don't think Trudeau is going to stick around for a very long time anyway if the nonstop abuse continues, and riles up more "patriots" and Q truthers threatening to harm him and his family. Dragging them into it is the lowest of the low, but the con media has always hated Maggie and drove her to a nervous breakdown once before. I've seen Facebook posts calling for her to be gang raped, and people trying to dox Bill Morneau's daughters. Brown is trying to throw mud at other ministers so I think we can expect more hate flung at them as well. On top of what they get already.

The endgame is to destroy WE and the Liberals all in one fell swoop, so that Brown can satisfy his perverse vendetta against both *and* make himself relevant as a "journalist" in order to play with the big boys in Toronto and Ottawa. The sole reason he calls himself a "media critic" is because he's a hack and even the hacks don't want anything to do with him. So he concocts this scandal of a century and now he's got his big break. What a self-serving POS.

Brown needs to be held accountable somehow for the monster he has unleashed. The fact CBC is using his pathetic imitation of Chapo podcast as their "gospel" on this whole thing is a disgrace to the national broadcaster. Then again the Probe & Wail gave Ezra legitimacy with an op-ed column so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

The whole thing reeks of a manufactured hit job to staunch the Liberal polling numbers. It's a Republican tactic known as flooding the zone with bullshit, that a GOP congressman admitted to using when the Benghazi farce did damage to Hillary Clinton's public image and approval ratings. The terrifying part of this is that it works.

The Cons are garbage, and shame on the media and the phony progressives for aiding and abetting their vulgar attack campaign while ignoring the escalating threats to Justin Trudeau and now his loved ones. Heaven forbid something happens to anyone in the Trudeau family or Liberal cabinet, because the blood will be on their hands. Stochastic terrorists. Shame on them all.

Jackie Blue said...

Google ate my last comment so I'm going to have to repost.

I hope you're right Simon. I'm almost afraid to look at the next round of polling or the next round after that as it seems the media has themselves in another hatewank circlejerk frenzy again. The only (premature?) upside is that I've already seen some Con columnists hedging their bets that this manufactured poutrage proves empty, because the Cons blew their wad in the summer when nobody is paying attention.

The other thing is the LeanTossup article I left on your earlier post. I don't know if you follow them but they have a pretty good track record. I don't agree in the least with Evan Scrimshaw's take that Trudeau is dumb or corrupt, although I will say that the PMO comms continues to be idiotic or nonexistent and that Trudeau has an unfortunate tendency to follow bad advice in good faith.

What I will say is that even if Scrimshaw ends up being correct and Trudeau does end up being fortunate enough to survive this and lead the Liberals to another win, I don't foresee him sticking around for very long afterward, if only because the relentless drumbeat of abuse has now ensnared his family in violent rhetoric and threats. He loves Margaret and will not let his ailing mother be used as a cudgel to attack him.

There are Facebook posts calling for Margaret Trudeau to be gang raped, and people on the cesspool sites trying to dox Bill Morneau's daughters. I hope the RCMP is monitoring all of this but I'm not too optimistic. But all of that goes unreported, while stochastic terrorist and douchebro propagandist Father Coughlin wannabe, Jesse Brown, continues his sensationalistic infodump vendetta against WE and the Liberals. That the CBC is using this crank's piss-poor Chapo North podcast as the basis for their contrived hit job, reminiscent of smear campaigns by Breitbart and Joe Rogan against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, is an absolute disgrace to the national broadcaster. Talk about sole-sourcing. They've gone full Trump with conspiracy theories about charities now. Call me when they report on some "scandal" involving the Trudeaus and George Soros, or Bill Gates.

Shame on them all. A pox on all their houses. Fake news, nasty reporters, the lying press truly is the enemy of the people. And these phony baloney "podcasters" are even worse.

rumleyfips said...

Today we find that 445 students hired by WE for the job of helping other students who ate struggling with criminally high fees have been laid off.

Well done Jasmin get those kids. Good job Sheer no kids should get funding but yours.Boffo stuff Blanchet kick those students while they are down.

Anonymous said...

Peter MacKay and the rest of the people that the Liberal trolls are desperate to deflect to aren't in a position to administer federal money.

But Trudeau butt boys and cultists like you are too fucking stupid to realize that and are capable of nothing more than posting the talking points sent to you by the party war room.

Suck harder....when you are done Trudeau will have to use both hands to pull his underwear out of his arse.

Anonymous said...

I get what you're trying to say, but this is an amateur mistake and the Liberals should be beyond this kind of ... situation.

Of critical importance is the basic idea that NO ONE should be looking for ways to privatize public services that should be delivered by Canada's public servants. The second you start this process, you invite conflict of interest, even if it's unintentional. It also tells the public that you're OK with finding and generating lots of tax revenue sources, but how you use those funds aren't any of your business. Of course, it is. It's OUR money and we don't like it going to third-party special interest groups.

Also, why wasn't this put up for tender like all other public contracts might be (assuming you're going to ignore my first point)? WE Charity is FAR from clean. The United Way and several other organizations might be qualified for this. And if you're still not sure about WE Charity, follow Canadaland - they've got lots of stories about how morally bankrupt they are.

Unfortunately, something really stinks about this situation.

rumleyfips said...

How very silly of you anonymouse. All kinds of federal contracts are let to private construction companies who administer the finances and report to auditors. You don't see Trudeau and Freeland out pouring concrete.

So far 25.000 applications WE was processing have disappeared in a puff of smoke and 465 students ,hired to administer the programme have been fired. It looks more and more that WE was the only one after all.

Single source contracts are far from unknown.

Jackie Blue said...

@ Anon 10:20 AM

While I agree that the Liberals desperately need to tighten their ship and dramatically improve on the communications front, I'm not going to give any credence to Canadaland and Jesse Brown's bizarre ego-driven vendetta against the WE organization and the Trudeau family either. He was pissed that he didn't get a cut of the bailout, and is desperate for a "big break" because he's never been accepted among the big boys in the media bubble. The fact that CBC is lending him any credibility whatsoever is a disgrace to the national broadcaster. It's no better than Breitbart feeding bait to the New York Times about Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. It's not journalism. It's populist propaganda.

Brown is a hack, the Chapo Trap House version of Ezra Levant, the rose Twitter version of Father Coughlin. Despite self-identifying as a "progressive," he is now seeing his handiwork become a Con talking point retweeted by the likes of Spencer Fernando and Post Millennial. You could slap Keenan Bexte's name on the byline of this "scoop" and it would make no difference. He's also a misogynist who created a hostile working environment for women who used to work there. No surprise then he would weaponize Margaret Trudeau in his vicious attacks against WE and the PM. I doubt he cares that social media has now been flooded with Studio 54 pics and calls for her to be gang raped. He got his pound of flesh and his pat on the head.

Read Mark Bourrie's takedowns of his garbage at Brown has unleashed an outpouring of populist venom in the aftermath of an assassination attempt on the PM. The guy wanted to arrest Trudeau himself (or worse) for SNC. Another sensationalist hit job that came about as the result of hurt feelings and a desire for revenge.

There was no wrongdoing and there's really no "there" there regardless of what the draconian ethics commish says. His last "damning indictment" on SNC was ripped apart by legal experts. He issued Trudeau a violation over a pair of sunglasses. The department is a joke and should be abolished. Let the Auditor General handle it. The problem for the Liberals is the IOKIYAR rule and how the "optics" tend to hurt them in the same way as Hillary Clinton keeping a secretive email server in her office. Tragically, I don't think they get it, because they really are acting naively in good faith and I have no reason not to believe they have the best intentions. But you know what they say about the road to hell. The media wants clicks, they're out for the kill and they will jump on anything in order to get it. That's the real scandal here, or at least it should be. Not rapid-fire sloppiness in a pandemic that resulted with an oversight of not dotting all I's and crossing all T's.

Trudeau getting bad advice or being clumsy and clueless shouldn't be a scandal, but they need to be more careful and more aware of what they're up against because this is what happens every time.

@Anon 9:36 AM -- are you one of the MacKay butt boys who hacked into O'Toole's computer, or one of Jeff's butt boys itching for a fall election? I say bring it because it'd be electoral suicide the likes of which your pathetic party of bigots, shitposters, anti-Trudeau hatemongers, and dark money Kochsuckers would never recover. When even Lorrie Goldstein is telling you to come up with something else and an actual platform it's clear this manufactured outrage is all sizzle and no steak. Go have a wank to your poster of Michelle Rempel in her Daisy Dukes (or is it David Dukes?) and GTFO.

Meegwetch101 said...

The Liberals counted on cooperation from the opposition parties in a global pandemic, which they said they would do in the interest of Canadians - that this was not a time for partisan sniping. Well, it seems once again that is not true. What should be looked at first are clarifications of Government Decision Making and the involvement of the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) & WE.

I absolutely love your 2nd paragraph! Would you be so kind as to inform Kenney and Ford who are intent on privatizing our educational institutions and our healthcare? Kenney who has now threatened the doctors that announced they were leaving Alberta because his cuts and restructuring of their pay has them working at a loss in revenue and even if they give 90 days notice as required they will be blackballed professionally through their association impacting any future employment or practice they set up elsewhere unless they find their own replacement, however long that takes. I am sure Kenney has an order of "jackboots" on the way to his "citizen's militia" to enforce his dictates to the doctors. You're right in that it is "OUR" money and I have NO PROBLEM with how this government has been helping Canadians with their taxdollars. The election that elected PM Trudeau verified that we agree with how he distributes OUR money.

The United Way is far from clean and has it's own history but I have to wonder why Conservatives always want to give Canadian business to international companies/charities instead of supporting Canadian enterprises. What is the penchant that anything but Canadian is better when history and records show ... it usually is not. It is hilarious to find how bad WE is when Conservatives have supported the WE organization throughout, Laureen Harper - giving a fund raising party at Sussex Dr - before it fell into disrepair, McKay's wife paid $10,000 for a speaking engagement when Sophie Trudeau paid an honorarium of $1,200, Margaret Trudeau who averaged $8,500/per speaking engagement etc - Manitoba giving WE One Million to operate in the schools there, .... the list is endless of Conservative support of WE - the internet is full of the proof of this support.

The Canadaland rag??? well, a hack writer with a personal grudge against both PM Trudeau and WE - "maybe he was not hired in his student days??? who knows" but .. this answers the Canadalandrag from someone with credentials Brown could only dream to have:

rumleyfips said...

When I first heard of Canadaland I was quite interested. That lasted all the way to my second visit. Unedited drivel I thought and forgot about it.

Jackie Blue said...

So now I'm hearing that Skippy plans to call Trudeau to testify before the Kafkaesque star chamber. Fuck him.

Can you say Benghazi? How many hours did Hillary testify over nothing?

Steve said...

This is a bigger nothing burger than Jodi scorned.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're defending Twinkletoes again, as boringly expected but offer no proof of his innocence. The man is utterly naive in thinking himself a good guy. No honest charity pays speakers, but the Trudeau clan being of the privileged variety probably don't know that. $10K for a speech? I'll be there next week, you betcha. A charity relies on charity, not forking out vast dollops of money to what should be volunteers. Otherwise, what's the point of being a charity?

As for the Public Service being short-staffed to hand out money to students, tell me another one. Backdating pending legislation to get SNC-L off the hook -- unheard of even in Boris the Bozo's Blighty. Dressing up like goofs in India? What blackface planet do you come from? The Aga Khan has invited us for Xmas on his private isle - do let's go!

The Ethics Commissioner is now investigating the third Twinkletoes ethics violation, and in the past all JT has done is to promise to do better after being found guilty. Obviously the man lacks common sense because he has not done better and seems blinkered personally as to what is "right".

I only tolerate his abject BS because I regard him as naively stupid not crooked, and because the Cons are SO bad, the country would turn ino a Fascist Christian backwater like kenney is turning Alberta into right now. But for God's sake, get some commonsense into your head Simon. Trudeau and Morneau should be kicked out -- the Liberals have decent cabinet strength to draw on to give us a real leader, and let those two privileged warts chunter off to the upper crust clubs where they can waffle on to their heart's content out of their and our harm's way.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog MS and if the comments are moderated why is a comment like Anon's 9:36 am comment allowed to stand. It's just an abusive comment which adds nothing to civil discourse. It's fine to have an opposing viewpoint but I don't consider that an opposing viewpoint. It's your blog and you're free to run it as you see fit.

Jackie Blue said...

Bob Duck, you say you're concerned about the Cons turning Canada into a fascist dictatorship, but I don't believe you're really a Liberal. If only for the fact that you keep bringing up smear attacks and manufactured controversies against JT that the Cons ran with. Calling him a privileged wart is mean and juvenile and does nothing to advance the discourse. It's just populist vitriol.

But calling him Twinkletoes especially doesn't strike me as someone supportive of any of the good that the Prime Minister has done. It strikes me as someone demeaning him as effeminate, which is only something a homophobic Con would do. I'm honestly surprised you didn't call him Justine, the Fairy Prince, the Prime Menstruator, or any of the other misogynistic insults he has been faced with over the years.

The tone of your comment only confirms that the discourse in Canada has sadly gotten so toxic that it probably *would* be to his benefit were he to leave, before someone gets hurt and/or the Cons and their lapdogs turn this tempest in a teapot into a nuclear-grade volcano. Something about this man has unleashed something primal in the psyche of the ostensibly polite Canadian. Maybe he was destined to fill this role for only as long as it took to rip that hockey mask right off. Admit it and stop being smug: many of you in Canada really are no better than we ugly Americans. Just look at how you are persecuting this man and his elderly mother, hounding him out of office over lies about "corruption" and "criminality" fed to you by jealous pundits and fringe podcasters. Shame on you. You don't deserve Justin Trudeau. It's clear that you don't want him. You've chewed him up and spat him out once his "brand" was no longer palatable to your nitpicky tastes. Don't ever point your fingers at us again for electing Donald Trump if you decide based on this that MacToole or O'Kay would be better.

I confess I did send JT an email saying that while I am 100% in his corner and believe wholeheartedly that he is innocent of any wrongdoing, there is blood in the water after this most recent event outside his house, now being amplified by the media coverage portraying him as unequivocally bad. I implored him that, for his own protection as well as that of the Liberal Party, he ought to get while the getting is good. That guy wanted to place him under citizen's arrest or worse for the SNC bullshit. He wanted to execute him for treason. That just goes to show you what kind of hatred these manufactured pitchfork-mob pile-ons bring about. The Cons and the media want him gone by any means possible, whether by ballot, bullet or both. I say he ought to call their bluff and (metaphorically) burn Parliament down. The ethics department should be abolished as it has no consistent parameters and exists only as a weaponized scandal machine to sling mud at the opposition by litigating in the media and prejudging guilt in the court of public opinion. There is no mechanism for appeal, and judgments come at the mere whim of the officer. Who watches the watchmen? If it's Mario Dion, we'd all be in Gitmo for chewing gum on a sidewalk.

This is why we can't have nice things, and why nobody decent wants to run for public office. How about an even trade then? Canada gets Freeland and we get JT if you're all through with a perfectly good man for no good reason. I just wish Canadians could get some sense of perspective on what really matters instead of falling into old habits of tall poppy syndrome. I am American so I can't vote there. But sorry Bob, especially when considering the alternatives, #IStandWithTrudeau.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....The reason I’m not worried by this latest manufactured scandal is precisely because it is manufactured, and it has zero impact on the lives of most Canadians. The 35,000 kids will be disappointed, but the blame will fall on the Cons and will be useful to rally the support of young voters. And after leading them through a crisis like the one we have and are still experiencing, I very much doubt that Canadians will turn on Trudeau for a program that was cancelled before it got off the ground. And then there are the alternative. The Cons are falling apart, and Jagmeet Singh has clearly shown that he is just not ready, and in my opinion may never be. So all in all I think we can afford to relax, and enjoy this strange summer. The universe is still unfolding as it should, and the next six months should see the end of Trump and the Cons in this country. What more can we ask for?

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips ....I too am outraged by the way the Cons and the NDP and the Bloc were willing to sacrifice the hopes of all those young people for crass political purposes. Canadaland is a trashy publication whose owner Jesse Brown clearly has some sort of vendetta going with the WE organization, even though the organization is thoroughly decent and very Canadian. But as I said in my post, trashing Trudeau for trying to provide jobs in a hurry will not be looked upon favourably by most Canadians, and should help in the upcoming election campaign. As I’ve always said, the Cons are dirty people, and decency will win out.....

Simon said...

Hi anon@9:36 AM....I bet you were overwhelmed with emotion to see that I published one of your disgusting comments. But you won’t be when you find out why. And in the meantime it will serve as a good example of the kind of people read animals we are up against. Your mother must have been a very low person to have raised somebody like you. What a loser. See you soon. Happy trails...☠️☠️☠️

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:20 AM....You seem to have forgotten that we are still living in a pandemic, and that there was an urgent need to get money out to the students before the summer disappears. You also seem unaware that civil servants chose the WE for two very good reasons. One, they are ideally suited to administer a youth oriented program, and two the civil service is exhausted after working so hard for so many months, and they needed a break. No serious person can suggest that the WE got the money because over the years they have paid Margaret Trudeau to deliver speeches on the subject of mental health. Finally, I note that you make no mention of the more than 35,000 young Canadians who are being screwed because the Cons, the NDP, and the Bloc would rather play cheap politics than help them. I consider that a serious failing, and one you should reflect upon....

Simon said...

Hi Meegwetch 101.....Thank you for your excellent comment. And I agree the opposition parties are just playing cheap politics and have betrayed the solidarity that has worked so well to get us through this crisis. I also agree that WE is a great Canadian organization and the only reason the Cons are attacking it is because it promotes progressive and very Canadian values. And thanks for that fair press article, I have never been a fan of Jesse Brown and I think even less of him now.....

Simon said...

Hi BM....I see you are as vulgar and as classless as ever. Like a lot of old Cons you are quivering with excitement but are going to be so disappointed. You just can’t see the forest for the trees. Most Canadians think Trudeau has done a very good job of leading us through this pandemic, and couldn’t care less about this fake scandal. As I said in my post, they will consider Trudeau to be guilty of trying to get money to young Canadians in a hurry, and will regard him even more fondly than they do now. As they will Bill Morneau who has also done a great job getting help out to those who need it. Thanks to that and the absence of any real opposition Trudeau will win a majority government, and You who have been so wrong so often will end up wailing like a baby. You don’t have much time left, so stop hanging out with all those other senile old buggers, and try to be a better person before it’s too late....

Simon said...

Hi anon@7:55am...I’m sorry for exposing you and other readers to that hideous comments. I had to do it for reasons I can’t reveal at this point. But I hope it will show you the kind of people I have to deal with all the time. That Con degenerate has sent me about 500 versions of that comment in just the last few years. They all feature the same vulgarity and his obsession with anuses, which tells you what a pervert he is, and says more about him than it says about anyone else. And my only concern is that he be kept away from children’s playgrounds because I believe he is capable of anything. But don’t worry you won’t be reading anything from that pervert again . His day is almost done....

Anonymous said...

I chuckle at the Cons, clutching their pearls and howling for a criminal investigation for something that did not actually take place. WE didn't receive 900 million and last time I checked, it's normal practice that speakers get paid to speak. Oh my God! The humanity! The fact is this has been talked about for a while now and instead of working with the Liberals to get all these student jobs going when they are needed most, the Cons in their disturbing vendetta to destroy JT decide to politicize it by turning it into a fake scandal. The one and only talent they have. The solutions looking for a problem. They've now ensured that these potential jobs are gone and to start from scratch will delay this until who knows when. All in the name of scoring cheap political points.
A criminal investigation would be warranted if say JT bribed somebody but he did not. Even then, I recall the head of the Harper crime cartel did just that and walked away scot free while his patsy got a slap on the wrist. The bribers walked and the bribee Duff's career was shot. Now that was criminal.

rumleyfips said...

Watching CBC Newsworld today I realised the contempt for basic human rights is deeply embedded. Pundit after pundit and Trudeau himself said he should have full knowledge of his mothers finances. NO,No,No! She has the right to privacy and her business is no business of anybody unless she chooses to share. This is a basic human right. At first I thought feminist but then I thought of Justin's brother. He has the right to live his own life and the right to privacy the same as anyone else. It's a question of basic human rights.

My mother died a year ago and I was surprised to be contacted about her estate. I know nothing about anything she had or if I am a party to the will. This is fine with me, I had no right to that knowledge. Trudeau has no right to question his brother or mother about their business and finances.

Jackie Blue said...

So JT says he's not resigning and made an apology this morning. What I found really sad was that he apologized to Margaret for the hell this has unleashed for her. He shouldn't have had to IMHO, because it was wingnuts and their assorted fellow travelers in Jesse's Brownshirt factory riling up the hate machine. But that's just who he is.

I also think it's worth keeping a record of why and how all this went the way it did and, spoiler alert: it's not because he's corrupt or incompetent, but because he gets ahead of himself and gets snarled in bureaucratic red tape that the media amplifes out of control. Read this thread

After the interview @RosieBarton said PM didn't say why he didn't recuse himself and there will be questions about that, but PM did say: because he himself has worked for many years as volunteer, with Katimavik particularly, he was extremely enthusiastic about the program and thought he could bring alot to the table BECAUSE OF his many yrs working in volunteer capacity so was kind of led by that enthusiasm in not recusing himself. ie he was blinded by enthusiasm. Barton @CochraneCBC @VassyKapelos didn't mention this explanation.

FTR this is the Justin Trudeau I recognise, find believable. A tad naive, driven by his own conviction that something is REALLY good and so others will 'obvs.' feel the same, NOT driven by corruption, hidden motives. CPC must stop judging him assuming he is as corrupt as they are.

We also have some early polling. Nothing yet in terms of party voter intentions at least of Monday AM, but Bogus Reid says his approval still sits at 50% and that the base is strong, while the people angriest about this are hardcore cons, who rank "ethics and corruption" as one of their highest concerns yet... continue to vote for cons. But among those angry hardcore cons are QMorons like the terrorist who wanted to make mince meat of JT, and this other Nazi chud from QC who is now facing more charges for threats made last December and a call to exterminate Muslims. The media, which is full of white cons and "oblivious to their own privilege" (more projection smearing JT for what it is they are guilty of), continues to whistle past the graveyard. On Reddit this commenter sums it all up

It's great to see Canadaland and the right-wing social media spheres trying their best to turn the WE controversy into Qanon: Canada Edition, by sending out false information regarding the kids of politicians employed by the organization, and referring to it as a "cult".

Yellow Vest groups and adjacent far right groups are already trying to dox Morneau's daughter now, and threats against the PM's life are more prevalent on social media than ever. Maybe Brown will use some of the new subscriber money he's drummed up out of this to hire his pal, Ezra Levant, to defend this guy, too?

This kind of hysteria is exactly what led to the "friendly sausage maker" attack, and we're likely to see more in the near future, too.

I am telling you this Crooked Hillary hate campaign against Justin Trudeau and his family is careering towards disaster, and the lying press is complicit in their stochastic terrorism. Whatever he decides to do for the next election, I think it would be wise of him to keep a much, much lower profile no matter what. Canada is sleepwalking into its own JFK moment and I believe it's intentionally being set up. This will not end well.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

This won't stop, sadly.
Fife the Knife is digging up more dirt and the really cogent, kind and charming Alheli Picazo:
Alheli Picazo
It's very quiet in Canada, no?

It won't be for much longer.

Probsbly more character assassination on the way. It might actually be best if PMJT stepped aside for a bit and let Chrystia Freeland handle things until the election call. One would hope Canada would give PMJT a nice majority so he can finish off the Conservatives once and for all. I'm not a fan of permanent majorities but the Conservatives need to be eradicated and the Bloc sent back to the dustbin.

Prime Minister Trudeau must craft a coherent response plan to incoming events, lest LPC polling numbers drop back to the 33% range or so.

Jackie Blue said...

Hi Pierre

Picazo is part of Jesse Brown's clique, so are you saying she's going to drop something, or Brown is? I'm confused and I'm scared. I expect it from Fife, but so far all we have is that bullshit about Trudeau's half brother. I am afraid though of what comes next. What is clear is that this has all the makings of a vicious coup against the Trudeau family if they're bringing Margaret's other children into it.

As I said, I do think he ought to step aside even if temporarily, if only so he can have a break after working so hard, and avoid the people who are trying to kill him. I sent him a message saying so, because I am worried about not only the Cons swooping in like vultures to steal an election, but the torqued media blitz fomenting more rage among the QAnon crowd and other assorted populist vigilantes.

I think this whole thing was just a mess of being burned out and not thinking straight. But that's no reason to try and kill him and I would hope, not a reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater and dump the Liberals in favor of the party that wants to gut public health in the midst of a pandemic.

I know the Benghazi star chamber is on its way though, so that also concerns me. God but I hate these people for what they're doing yet again to a good and decent man who, while not perfect, even Trump grudgingly admitted that his biggest "problem" is he truly cares about his people. Heaven protect him from the forces of evil.

Jackie Blue said...

Hi again everyone

Thought you should see this, from Justin Ling in Foreign Policy.

Once again, you have to turn to media outside of Canada to get the real story. This is what they ought to be digging into rather than Kyle Kemper's bitcoin company. Scandal: Hadrien should have recused himself from the preschool lunch table when snack trades were being discussed. Scandal: Kenzie should have recused himself from the fire hydrant when fleas were being scratched. This is a bigger story than the Internet brewing Oswalds in the making?

Nobody is doing due diligence on *fucking Nazis running amok in Canada*. Instead, they're normalizing it. Even The Current gave Derek Sloan a platform this weekend, after spending the whole first segment talking about the fake Clinton Cash controversy!

Why is the Canadian media so invested in burying the story of the escalation of right-wing extremism and threats to the prime minister's life? It really feels to me like they want him gone by any means necessary. Ballots, bullets or both.

I'm not sure how you can get around it at this point. Not when Andrew MacDougall used the phrase "dead man walking" in his Maclean's article and Oklahoma Rempel was seen flashing the white-power OK symbol in one of her videos. They know this is happening, but they hate JT so much they don't care!

Jackie Blue said...

Sorry guys it's me again. A REAL scandal is on the horizon -- Le Devoir is reporting Blanchet has been accused of sexual assault!!! Question: Will English media care enough to report it and get off But His WeMails?

Breaking: Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet accused of sexual assault. #polcan

The anonymous testimony relates a night in 1999, when Blanchet was the manager of Quebec star singer Eric Lapointe.

The woman's statement on her Facebook page (archive)

No wonder he's been so jumpy these past few days???

Simon said...

Hi JD....I completely agree, the very idea of a criminal investigation is obscene, and could only come from the diseased minds of Andrew Scheer and his loser Cons. They are the ones who should be arrested for trying to sabotage the war on the coronavirus. And let’s not forget that the scummy NDP is right in there with them licking them like a lollipop. But the good news is that they Are just showing that the mongrel minority government isn’t working, and the only way to fix that is with a Trudeau majority government...

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips....I agree with you, the way the Cons and the Con media have gone after Margaret Trudeau is beyond disgusting. Margaret is a distinguished Canadian in her own right, and has been speaking up for the rights of the mentally ill and should not have been dragged into this fake scandal. But unfortunately the Cons are bullies, and trying to hurt her drives many of them wild with excitement. We need a majority government to finish off that Harperite party....

Djb said...

What was this written by Justin Trudeau? I feel dumber reading this