Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Day Andrew Scheer Finally Lost His Marbles

I knew that Andrew Scheer was slowly but surely coming apart at the seams, and Iooking and acting weirder and weirder.

I knew it was just a matter of time before he totally lost it

He's now only a month away from being given the bum's rush as Con leader, and the thought that he hasn't been able to destroy Justin Trudeau must be absolutely KILLING him.

But who knew he would lose his marbles in such a spectacular manner?

For that was quite a performance, the foam was flying everywhere, and all that was missing was the strait jacket.

But then who can blame him for feeling desperate, after the fake WE scandal collapsed so soon? 

The federal government's top public servant says there is no evidence to suggest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with WE Charity before the organization was awarded a deal to run a student-volunteer program.

"There is absolutely no evidence, no suggestion in anything that I have reviewed that would suggest the prime minister had any interaction with the WE Charity in relation to this program," Shugart said. "None whatsoever."

And he's not the only one who was hoping to keep that fake scandal alive. Jagmeet Singh's career as a Scheer impersonator is now hanging in the balance.

Poor dumb Jaggy. He had hoped he could ride Scheer to victory. 

But sadly for him, this latest poll suggests that they're both going down together.

For in the real world, it seems that Canadians prefer Justin Trudeau by a wide margin.

And the more the Cons, the NDP, the Bloc, and our foul Con media attack him, the more popular he will become.

And this can only help. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accepted an invitation to testify before the Commons Finance Committee about a controversial agreement to have the WE organization run the government's $900-million student volunteer grant program, the Prime Minister's Office says.

Being attacked by Andrew Scheer, Pierre Poilievre, and their new best friend Jagmeet Singh should give Trudeau's popularity another big boost.

And  hopefully set the stage for an early election.

So as I've said many times before, it may be a horror show.

But it will have a happy ending...


ottlib said...

Ya, with less than a month to go before the end of his political career I imagine that Mr. Scheer would love to go with a bang instead of a whimper.

As I stated in a comment from your last post the CPC, NDP and the media are going to continue to push this because it is all they have. They really cannot fault the government's handling of the COVID crisis and they really cannot fault their handling of the economic fallout from it.

So, they are left with trying to build a compelling case for corruption out of something that at worst was just a mistake caused by the need to get a program out the door as quickly as possible. Although, even that is a stretch considering the testimony of all of the public servants this week.

Anonymous said...

Who knew that "Less Corrupt than the Cons" was such a tough hurdle?

A Canuck's Thoughts said...

No early election. I can't help but think we're being played the same way the American's are. A mass rally demanding the full amputation of the right-wing that is out to destroy Canada is what should be happening.

Jackie Blue said...

This tired, overamplified bullshit from the attention-starved media and opposition is going to be such a celebrity circus with Trudeau testifying with the K-bros. I await Skippy subpoenaing Fife and Idris Elba for extra added tabloid trashiness. Unfortunately, I think the only way to put a kibosh on this K-bro kudatah once and for all is to shuffle and refresh the cabinet and the front office. Morneau isn't guilty of wrongdoing, but we all know politics isn't about facts, it's about "optics." Cheque-gate means he has become a liability in this age of eat-the-rich pitchfork populism. It might even be better for him to go back into the private sector, what with all the racist invective being hurled at his daughter over this. What a mess.

While on the subject of "optics," it would be a boost to Trudeau's "brand" were he to appoint Canada's first female finance minister. Freeland seems the natural choice but has her hands full (and would only fuel more speculation and meme fodder about Chretien/Martin 2.0). Personally I like Lindsay Tedds, "she-conomist" who worked on some of the other (less controversial) aid programs with the government, and Joyce Murray. If you look at her Wiki bio, Murray's specialty is putting the "eco" in economics, and she would be a good fit for putting together the kind of green "she-covery" that I know Trudeau wants to make his capstone legacy. I mean, she can't be too busy right now as the "minister of digital government" (which is what, exactly? Moderating Trudeau's Twitter feed?)

According to some Ottawa insiders, though, Murray and Telford don't get along. Now Telford is supposed to be the palace guard protecting the king from these kerfuffles and managing communications. She seems to be asleep at the wheel and I don't know why. Maybe we'll find out at the Benghazi star chamber hearing whenever it occurs. I will say though, you know who's much better at this? Ishat Reza! I love Ishat! Someone tell Trudeau to hire her! Heck, Ed the fucking Sock would be a better comms director than whoever the Liberals have now!

Trudeau needs to do the uncomfortable thing and be the bearer of bad news, which I know he hates to do because he is that much of a nice guy. Remember how long it took him to finally turf the two weird sisters because he was struggling to find a compromise? Stop caring about people's feelings, Justin! Chretien would have had this wrapped up by Canada Day! I know he doesn't want to, but he has to be like Trump for all of five minutes and tell some people yer fired. Nothing will shut up Scheer or Singh short of him committing hara-kiri on national television, but at the very least it may give the public some piece of mind that he's on top of this. There is nothing new under the sun so it's time to move on. And wave good riddance to Andrew Scheer.

All I can say is this is the dumbest and most Kafkaesque "scandal" I've ever seen and I really, really hope it's almost over. There's a second wave on the horizon, Con premiers are sending kids into death trap classrooms, and there's the small matter of post-pandemic economic rebuilding that needs to be dealt with. Fake foofaraws and other distractions for shits and giggles and bigly yuge ratings are literally a hazard to public health.

Steve said...

JT should move a confidence vote to the house. Let the chips fall where they may.

rumleyfips said...

One major takeaway from the committee hearings is what a misogynistic bastard Pierre Peckerhead is. He yelled, interrupted and insinuated that women civil servants were lying. He was not abusive towards male witnesses.

Once a reformatory, always a reformatory.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to support a finance minister that can't organize a few travel receipts ... and then writes a $41k cheque to 'make up for it'.
Morneau has to quit and be the fall guy.
If not, we're going to the polls.

Jackie Blue said...

Anonycon -- I honestly don't give a fuck about Morneau's frequent flyer miles except for the "optics" as you keep bringing up. What I find unconscionable is that anonycons such as yourself use it as an excuse to hurl racist bile at his daughter Grace and are now gleefully doxing Margaret Trudeau. Go ahead and vote down the government. You'd get crushed and deservedly so.

Rumleyfips -- it's not just Pete the Peckerhead but Charlie Anus is an abuser of women. He got Justin to testify yet voted with the cons in favor of doxxing Margaret anyway. Kinsella is creaming himself as Jeff and Ezra sic their meatheads on social media saying they want to see expenses for "her psych meds" and calling her Castro's whore. When the dust settles on this bullshit, I hope Justin and Sacha surprise those bastards in an alley outside the nearest LCBO. Heck, I hope Margaret saves a special punch for Charlie himself. The NDP's shade of orange is identical to Trump.

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib....Yes, with less than a month to go, Scheer is clearly desperate to try to force Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, or ANYONE to resign. It’s so pathetic, but it’s important to keep attacking him, because he is still the leader of the Con social conservatives, and they are about to take full control of the Cons. And of course, I want to see that ghastly bigot humiliated so much I can barely stand it....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Bill Morneau is one of the most amazing finance ministers in modern Canadian history. And he should not resign. I’m sick of Cons sliming those who have worked so hard to save millions from misery, and keep our economy so strong. Eventually in the next mandate I believe that Mark Carney will be back in Canada and Morneau can retire with the satisfaction of knowing that he has done a great job when his country needed him the most. If you give the Cons and their NDP stooges an inch they will try to take a mile. I don’t just want to defeat the Cons, I want to destroy them!!!

Simon said...

Hi A Canuck’s Thoughts....I’m not talking about an election right away. But if the Covid situation is under control I think an October or November might be just what what Santa ordered. I realize the American will be having their election in November, but I believe because the Cons are such Trumpanzees, that could be advantageous....

Anonymous said...

Scheer did not have many marbles to start with. Fortunately for Canadians Trudeau and Morneau kept theirs. Rather than accept slander aimed at them and their family for an ethics error with no criminal intent a real manly jackass would have counter attacked throwing things that matter such as Covid 19 response into a second rate political struggle. As Trump has demonstrated launching a counter attack is easy. For example find a Con with family members being paid by an excluded anti something charity and accuse them of persecution motivated by sour grapes. Facts would not really matter, just the optics, and its likely there is lots of bad optics just below the surface. Thankfully they are above that but it must really be difficult considering the outlandish integrity attacks on themselves and family members.


Jackie Blue said...

Simon, I just heard that the K-bros are preparing more lawsuits aimed at Canadaland. That's good. Let Jesse and his Brownshirts roast in their own filth and get Gawkered to oblivion. For that matter, expand it to all the Canadian news outlets. Burn the corrupt house of Cons that is Canada's decrepit fourth estate, and start from scratch.

What I hope to see beyond that is them suing the CPC and NDP themselves for their false claims as well, and for the Trudeau and Morneau families to sue them for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. You don't come for mama without some serious payback.

And I still hope to see Justin and Sacha knuckle up to give Charlie, Skippy and the rest the "accountability" they so richly deserve.

Jackie Blue said...

I should add that Blanchet just threatened to topple the government in September once Harper's next simp is installed. America's having an election in the middle of a pandemic so I guess little brother may follow suit?

What a stupid year this has been already and it's only half over.

Jackie Blue said...

Looks like Justin is going to try and kill this with a massive info dump at the Benghazi hearing. Frank Graves says they took an outrage punch in the polling but are already on the mend.

Hope it works and this is wrapped up with minimal damage by the time Parliament returns in the fall. At that point? Let's have an election and get this bullshit over with by Thanksgiving. Give the man a majority mandate for the second wave and a reset with Joe Biden. Then have a merry Christmas and put 2020 to bed once and for all.

Simon said...

Hi RT....One of the biggest reasons I admire Justin Trudeau is that he has never reacted in kind to the monstrous slander directed at him by the Cons. I don’t know how he does it. If I was in his place I would have flown at Scheer and pounded him like a punching bag. Sometimes I wish Trudeau would be more aggressive, but holding the high ground only makes the Cons look even more disgusting...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I’m with you all the way. It’s clear that the opposition cannot make a minority government work, and are actively trying to undermine the war on the pandemic. October seems like a fine time for an election with Justin Trudeau able to use the porker Trump as a weapon against the traitor Cons. And yes, with a new majority and Biden in the White House, the new year would be like heaven on earth, and a great excuse for the biggest party ever....🥳