Friday, July 10, 2020

Covid 19:You Can Run But You Can't Hide

I took some time off to soak up some of the finest summer days I can remember, and get back on the water.

As well as celebrate these hard fought victories.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario declines, some hospitals in Toronto are now reaching new milestones — zero coronavirus patients in their intensive care units.

But unfortunately I can run, but I can't hide.

Because even as I dream of final victory, my worst nightmare is back.

For now even the WHO agrees that that the coronavirus can be airborne.

The coronavirus may linger in the air in crowded indoor spaces, spreading from one person to the next, the World Health Organization acknowledged on Thursday.

In an updated scientific brief, the agency also asserted more directly than it had in the past that the virus may be spread by people who do not have symptoms: “Infected people can transmit the virus both when they have symptoms and when they don’t have symptoms,” the agency said.

And if that's true it means that a lot of mostly old people are going to die, and even toilets could become deadly weapons.

Scientists have found that in addition to clearing out whatever business you’ve left behind, flushing a toilet can generate a cloud of aerosol droplets that rises nearly three feet. Those droplets may linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by a shared toilet’s next user, or land on surfaces in the bathroom.

It's scary, but the good news is that it's yet another reason people should use masks.

And another reason to hate those who don't, like these kooky clowns.

Or this depraved Trumpanzee.

Or the miserable Con loser Andrew Scheer. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was seen at a departure gate at Toronto's Pearson Airport Tuesday without a mask on — an apparent contravention of the rules that apply to all travellers passing through the terminal.

Who would not only try to lie his way out of an embarrassing situation. 

"Mr. Scheer wore a face mask while travelling to Ottawa [Tuesday]. He removed it to make a phone call. This picture must have been taken before he put it back on," said Kelsie Chiasson, acting director of communications for Scheer. 

The pictures do not appear to show Scheer talking on the phone.

But also made it clear he doesn't think it's a big deal.

For apparently he couldn't care less about setting a good example. 

As if he and his deathly followers were already suffering from covid brain damage.

Scientists warned on Wednesday of a potential wave of coronavirus-related brain damage as new evidence suggested COVID-19 can lead to severe neurological complications, including inflammation, psychosis and delirium.

But that's then that's why Trudeau is prime minister, and a real leader....

While Scheer is just a pathetic Con clown...

Who never understood the meaning of decency.

And whose time is almost over...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your horse manure spin on Trudeau and WE.

Bob duck and weave him out of this one with your head held high, for if you defend this utter ethical nonsense, you tar yourself with the same brush.


Jackie Blue said...

I don't know who Bob Duck is but apparently BM stands for Bowel Movement. Go shitpost your utter nonsense somewhere else.

Jackie Blue said...

P.S. Hey Bob Duck, you loonie goose, are you one of Ezra's Rebel scum stormtroopers, or Jesse's Brownshirts? Not that there's really much difference at this point. Simon doesn't have to write anything about the Clinton Cash Canada conspiracy theory, because plenty of ink and pixels have already been wasted on it. Read this guy. Evan Scrimshaw is a number cruncher whose seat model proved more accurate than Fournier and Grenier in the last election. He knows his stuff.

He can't stand Trudeau, and even he says that the reason Trudeau won't be hurt too badly in the grander scheme of things (or the Liberals, in toto, if Trudeau decides he's sick of the abuse and quits in disgust) is because the Cons, as usual, are shit, and that goes for Airhead MacKay too. And because it's a juicy media blitz in the summer about something that doesn't affect people's lives.

Either ask Dumbo and the Tool why they cozied up to WE until it became cool to paint it as a Laurentian slush fund in the tunnel vision hivemind groupthink of the Con media, or listen to what James Carville used to say: it's the economy, stupid.

Can't wait for your horse manure spin on why a QAnon fanatic trying to kill the prime minister is less of a problem than some kind of George Soros/Bill Gates tin foil crap being relentlessly pushed like Hillary's emails while the greater threat remains ignored. This is a Kielburger nothingburger, as it were. Certainly compared to a Canadian Oswald and, you know, a fucking pandemic.

Because if you defend the utter vulgar nonsense of Dipper-Con trolls threatening and making attempts on Trudeau's life, making libelous accusations and insinuations, going after his kids and those of his ministers, and tweeting infamous photos of sweet Margaret Trudeau to drag her through the mud, you tar yourself with the same brush. Got more Fife gossip to share about Sophie and Idris Elba, jackass?

Now go have another wank to Canadaland Crap House. Quack!

rumleyfips said...


After watching CBC Newsworld and Power and Politics yesterday I can give you my impressions.

David Cochrane kept correcting politicians who tried to say WE was getting 900,000,000 instead of the true honorarium of 19.5 million ( 5% administration fee). Everyone ignored this fact, which to me shows bad faith.

By attacking deputy ministers as corrupt the Cons admitted their knowledge of the advice from staff that WE is the one. This is confirmed by the pundits complaining that the programme is not going forward. DOH!

Sheer should have been wearing a turbin and carrying a chrystal ball. The crime , he said, was Margaret Trudeau getting a gig with We ( through a speaker's booking agency ) ten years ago to be paid by a pandemic relief programme that was not remotely expected. That's some pretty good predicting. Sheer had that haunted manic look he has when afraid someone will see through his bullshit.

Duff Conacher made absolutely no sense: He had nothing to say but craved attention. When the host asked him intelligent questions, he just shouted over her and kept shouting to run out the clock. His accusations were not supported by anything.

The ethics commissioner will find against Trudeau because her salary depends on affixing blame. Finding no problem would make her look irrelevant.

rumleyfips said...

During my time with the Ontario Public Service, I negotiated single-source contracts. There are times when a contractor who can do the job and can work within the time constraints is hard to find. They always worked out for me and the institution and the programming.

lungta said...

Oh, for a comma
Bob , duck and weave............?
Simply the contortions that will have to happen in an essay to have the WE fiasco look good on JT
But the response Jackie Blue
Over the top as usual and with little comprehension shown
Real classy
Bob Duck ffs...that's almost Daffy

Gyor said...

What you fail to take into account is that there is likely going to be a sponship scandal style inquiry pushed by the opposition parties eventually, they will drag it out at least until autumn, perhaps right into 2021. And its a minority so unless JT wants to call an election on this issue, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Gyor said...

Perhaps, but lets be honest this is not one of those times, there is no evidence the WE charity was better equipted then the civil service to do this.

rumleyfips said...

Pundits and polls on both sides as well as students are now complaining that the programme is not going forward because there is noone to administer. WE had 25,000 applications and a student manager programme up and running. The proof you need Gyor is the lack of anyone else able to do the work.

Sheer , Blanchet and Singh will not hurt me, nor you but they are mistreating our student population for cheap political points.

lagatta à montréal said...

Jackie, this has NOTHING to do with the NDP, or the Green Party and the Bloc for that matter. This shit all comes out of the Cons, and occult forces even farther right.

The guy wearing knickers on his head literally has shit for brains. And the métro woman should be arrested.

Jackie Blue said...

@ Gyor

Lorrie Goldstein says the cons have to come up with more than just another Benghazi

Chris Selley remarks on how his kerfuffles have been mostly "minimized"

John Ibbitson: "The good news for the Liberals is that this is all happening during the summer doldrums – and at a time when voters have much, much bigger concerns. The Liberals will probably ride this out."

Do I think he should step aside? Only because the media feeding frenzy is now posing a threat to his life and that of his family's. But in the grander scheme of things I still don't think this is going to register as all that important. Certainly not once the dust of history settles and people begin to realize that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

I still go back to, Canada needs to learn its lesson from how we overemphasized the severity of Hillary's Emails and Clinton Cash. It wasn't worth putting a Nazi in the White House and Justin's Emails aren't not worth sending one to Ottawa either.

Careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Peter MacKay's wife Nazanin was also a WE guest speaker. MacKay tweeted about it at the time, but has now just deleted it. Erin O'Toole has spoken for WE Day as well. WE also hosted Stephen and Laureen Harper while Harper was PM. And Premier Scott Moe once spent a winter vacation in Kenya with WE charity.

Since so many prominent Conservatives seem to think WE is a worthy cause, is it unreasonable for them to entertain the possibility that Trudeau chose them to run the student grant program simply because they're competent, honest, and already had the organizational structure in place to administer the thing?

Anonymous said...

@ Gyor

There is no evidence the WE charity was better equipped than the civil service to do this, but such evidence may yet emerge. Governments at all levels are designing and implementing new programs on a scale not seen since WW2. If speed is of the essence, then a public-private partnership might make sense. There are lots of conservatives who constantly maintain that governments are bloated bureaucracies mired in red tape, yet they're all apoplectic over WE getting the contract, despite the fact that WE seems to have as many ties to prominent Conservatives as it does to Liberals.

Jackie Blue said...

@Lagatta then why was Charlie again jumping aboard the Con bandwagon on PnP this week by picking on poor Maggie? Lying that she's an "employee" of WE? Why has anyone brought her into this, and even Sascha? Jesse Brown is a "brogressive" and the venom that he's unleashed against this poor woman is incalculable. He just hates the Trudeaus and wants them to be collateral damage in his longstanding vendetta against the WE organization and drive to "prove" himself as a legitimate "journalist". He wants to be the Joe Rogan of Robert Fifes when Fife finally hangs it up or dries up, and he clearly sees this shakedown operation against casa Trudeau to be his big break. Maggie doesn't deserve this.

The NDP proclaim themselves the conscience of parliament. They should get a conscience instead of smearing a 71-year-old woman with mental health issues and using her as a cudgel to attack a Liberal PM.

Anonymous said...

Normally a political scandal of this type would involve a snippet of information showing an exchange of favor for favor such as the contract was awarded in exchange for money funneled to the PM or party. Nope, no whistle blower or audit trail to suggest that is what happened. Once you strip away all of the bullshit the crime is that Trudeau breached ethics protocol by not recusing himself because of personal involvement in the charity when the procurement contract was discussed in parliament.... bad optics. If he had recused himself the contract would have been awarded and benefited the youth with no come back. It is somewhat amazing that he set himself up for another ethics inquiry. If he or his high priced advisers cannot keep track of all of the potential conflict of interest scenarios, perhaps someone could give him a voice monitoring algorithm that would track his words like charity, protecting jobs,contracts, companies and raise a RECUSE alert when personal and government interests could be perceived as conflicting. Seems simple but likely everything government is connected at some level and it ultimately depends on how far the political porn stars are willing to go to excite their audience. This one however does seem like a freebie!


Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 8:42PM

And where is Jagmeet, Charlie or Peter Julian to get on Horgan's case for "giving money to his rich friends". Sorry Lagatta but the NDP are being just as deceitful in their pincer warfare yet again.

B.C. NDP gave WE $200K in FY18-19