Friday, October 05, 2012

The Northern Gateway Pipeline is Dead

Or so says Jeffrey Simpson.

The Northern Gateway pipeline that Enbridge proposes to build from Alberta’s bitumen oil to the Pacific coast of British Columbia is, for all intents and purposes, dead. 

Yes, regulatory hearings before the National Energy Board will continue until the NEB approves the project. And yes, Enbridge will keep pushing for it. And yes, the Harper government, which is so publicly committed to the project, will continue to extol its virtues as part of the need to get Canadian resources to Asia.

But the project is dead. It has too many obstacles now, and there’ll be more in the future.

And for once I agree with him. And he's also right when he says it was defeated by Canadians not "foreign interests" as the Cons claimed.

What’s not standing in the way are U.S. environmentalists, whom the Harper government accused of being the principal reasons for the project’s problems. This wild statement was, then as now, completely at variance with reality, since British Columbians are hardly to be led around by their collective nose by a handful of folks from south of the border. To suggest otherwise is to insult their intelligence.

For the only foreign interests in this story are the sellout Cons, Exxon, Enbridge, the Koch brothers, and of course the Chinese Communist Party.

But...but...but...what do the tar sand babies at "Ethical Oil" have to say about this?

Er...nothing. Because they're deader than a Dodo. Their ridiculous site hasn't been updated for almost a month. And their bimbo in chief Kathryn Marshall seems more interested these days in making sure prisoners can't order pizzas.

Surely, there must be more constructive ways to foster good behavior than junk food. And barbeques are not necessary for rehabilitation.

And who can blame her eh? For surely flogging salads must be easier than flogging dirty oil.

But what about the grotesque nerd Ezra Levant, who delivered "Ethical Oil" through his large rear orifice? How's he taking the slow collapse of his beloved project? 

Oh badly, very badly I'm sure....

Although these days he hardly mentions "ethical oil" for some reason.

Of course, we will still have to drive a stake through the heart of the dirty oil pipeline. Because it's still alive, and Harper is still crazy. So it doesn't come back from the dead like the Con zombie Vic Toews, and threaten us further. 

But the fact that someone like Jeffrey Simpson is declaring it dead already, shows how far the anti-pipeline movement has come, since the Cons set out to shove it down the throats of the people of British Columbia.   

My congratulations to them, and all the others who support them in the rest of Canada. It just shows what we can do when we stand up to those ghastly bullies and their Big Oil masters, and tell them to take a hike.

Now let's take what we have learned.

And REALLY finish the job...

Ezra, Ezra, you loser.

Isn't Chiquita DELICIOUS?

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e.a.f. said...

I just love the picture of stevie slime in the red suit. I don't know where you got the idea. I just keep laughing.

I do hope the pipeline is gone, dead, buried, etc. There isn't enough money in the world for me to ever be in favour of it. I want my water clean, my forest pristine, the wild life running around healthy & clean. I don't need Communist China or anyother country for that matter running Canada. Its bad enough with harper & his cons.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....well as you know I frequently call Harper an oil pimp, because I believe it sums up his mission in life. So I went to the Pimp Store and bought the flashiest pimp suit available. I'm not sure about the orange suit, but the fake Zebra trimming, and that fabulous hat, more than make up for it... ;)
As for the pipeline, I do hope Simpson is right, and by any reasonable measure he should be. But then Harper is a fanatic, and in my humble opinion practically deranged, so this one isn't over until the pimp sings...

Anonymous said...

Hello boys and girls. It (the pipeline) aint over 'til it's installed and running black goo to texass or out B.C.'s ass. That anthropomorphic miscreant and his merry band of schmucks aren't going to stop until they have a pipeline or else they aint real men/women for letting their country run their own country. This isn't just about some goddamn pipeline. This is about Canada being turned into another 3rd world cesspool by these fascist pigs like what has already happened to the u.s. "Be afraid . . . be very, very afraid . . ."

Beijing York said...

K. Marshall should brush up on her economics. The majority of jobs being created outside of resource jobs in Alberta and maybe Saskatchewan are in the retail and services sectors - you know, McJobs. Think of the hit those purveyors of fast foods are going to take if Corrections Canada enforces a gruel only rule. Isn't she on board with Harper's plan to create more non-union, shift and part-time jobs?

Simon said...

hi may be right. As I told e.a.f., all of this assumes that Harper would not do anything irrational, like force his pipeline through at gun point. But since he is a right-wing extremist, and he's not all there, I suppose anything is possible...

Simon said...

hi Beijing...exactly, the Cons are taking good full-time jobs and turning them into McJobs, where job security is non existent, there are no benefits, and you can't live on what they pay you.
The Cons keep going on about all the jobs they have created, when the reality is far more dismal. And a whole generation is being put through the meat grinder...

Anonymous said...

This whole pipeline issue is an interesting one for me as I hope to entire in northern BC one day but I make my bread and butter here in Alberta. I really get the feeling sometimes that expansion here is like a run away train. Any idiot with half a brain can see that infrastructure in Fort McMurray can't keep up with the growth of things here as it is. I really wish we would put more effort into refining our oil here rather than simply sucking it out of the ground and piping it away.