Monday, October 15, 2012

The Con Klowns Strike Again (PG rated)

Gawd. Living in Harperland isn't easy eh?

Sometimes you weep, and sometimes you laugh.

And sometimes on a day like this one you can do both. Weep for the bullied children of Canada who the Cons are refusing to help.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of public safety, said everyone can relate to the issue, whether through personal experience or having seen bullying happen. 

But she hinted that the government won't back a national approach. "Our belief, Mr. Speaker, is that this problem is best dealt with at the most local level, by people who are in the core, who are closest to it. Our schools, our communities, our health, education and law enforcement professionals," she said.

Even though most civilized countries have national anti-bullying strategies, and the only reason the Cons won't go there is because, as I pointed out the other night, they don't want to upset their rabid base.

Laugh at Rona Ambrose and her on and off "award."

Wonder why she would get any award after joining all those Con men to support Stephen Woodworth's abortion bill.

Suggest something more suitable...

And then wonder why the Cons always claim they're on the side of the children, or pose as crime fighters.

When their idea of fighting crime is to throw more young people in jail, and they don't consider bullying a crime worth fighting.

Or why Stephen Harper would warn the bullies of the world not to come here.

When he's one himself.

Then congratulate Rick Mercer for coming up with this one.

And thank goodness for small mercies eh?

Around the base is a Conservative Party of Canada sticker that reads "For Display Purposes Only," lest anyone (God forbid) decide to actually take the toy for a test drive.

Yup. As I said, sometimes you weep, sometimes you laugh.

But all we can do is dream of the day we will defeat them.

Send the woody back to Alberta.

And end this horrible nightmare...

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  1. e.a.f.10:19 PM

    If the federal government were to develop an anti bullying strategy that would mean allocating resources to it. that means money & staff. Remember Stevie slime is trying to cut staff & save money so he can continue to "balance the budget" & ensure multinational corporations can continue to make huge profits & not pay much in the way of taxes. Do not expect stevie stlime & the slimers to do anything about children killing themselves. he doesn't care & neither do most of his party. Its just a bit of bad publicity & one less person's medical services to take care of.

    This is not a government which cares about its children and/or their mental health. Stevie slime doesn't care who gets bullied because he is the chief bullier in this country. He probably sees bullies as potential candidates for his party.

    What happened to Amanda Todd & other children is a national disgrace & huge tradegy. I am not surprized stevie slime & his fellow trvelloers don't care & won't do anything about it. they won't even provide funding for local organizations to do the work.

    Remember this is a governmetn which refused to sign documents to approve CMHC funding for the people of Appawskai. They are heading into this winter just as they got through last winter. Our dear leader, John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs refused to sign off on the CMHC documents to provide the funding the day after the federal conservatives lost their case in court. The band had taken the federal government to court for placing the band in third party control. This is how the slimers get even. You complain, you get to live in freezing conditions. This government will do nothing about bullying & children dying because they engage in it themselves.

    1. Anonymous4:00 AM

      And new programs staffed by even more civil servants will stop teenage bullies how exactly? Or should vast amounts of money be spent so at least people like E.A.F can say we are doing "something"? Pfff

    2. hi e.a.f...Harper has three reasons for not supporting a national anti-bullying strategy. One he doesn't believe in national programs, which is appalling. Two, because he doesn't want to alienate his religious base which is absolutely unforgivable. And three, because he himself is a bully. How decent Cons can follow the dictates of a leader so foul on this issue is simply unbelievable...

    3. hi doesn't require vast amounts of money, if they can spend $60 million promoting their fake Economic Action Plan they can spare a little money for our children. It also doesn't involve creating more civil servants since all they need to do is provide more support for the groups that are already out there trying to save lives. It's really not that hard and it could do so much good...

  2. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Fuck the federal government helping out. "Anonymous" found that bastard and posted his name and address online. Now he's the one getting threats, etc. Let's see how the brave 32 year old terrorist likes some of his own medicine. Viv La Anonymous!!!

    1. Anonymous4:00 AM

      And if they are wrong.......

  3. Couldn't we just put him out on an iceberg instead of sending him to Alberta? We have enough of those kinds of idiots here.

    1. hi Way Way Up...hmmmm...Ok...I think it floats. How about we drop it in the Pacific Ocean and float it all the way to China? ;)