Saturday, October 20, 2012

The War on Bullies and the Harper Cons

Could it be true? Could it really be happening? After all this time. After all those dead kids.

Has the death of Amanda Todd ignited a war on bullies? At last.

For this looks promising.

Eight teenage girls are facing criminal harassment charges stemming from a bullying investigation at a London, Ont. high school.

It's about time bullying was treated like the crime it is. It's about time the bullies got a taste of their own medicine. I bet they're sorry now eh?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Louder, louder, I can't hear you.

But of course this is even better.

On Friday, nearly 300,000 students and staff in Toronto schools honoured the victims of bullying with a moment of silence at 11 a.m. – an act normally reserved for remembering the nation’s military dead.

It was one of dozens of vigils scheduled for across the country and the globe – a testament to rapidly changing attitudes on the issue.

For it's the best way to beat the bullies. The best way to make bullying socially unacceptable. And the bigger the issue gets, the more it will hurt the Harper Cons.

They won't be able to support Dany Morin's call for a national anti-bullying strategy.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of public safety, said everyone can relate to the issue, whether through personal experience or having seen bullying happen. But she hinted that the government won't back a national approach.

Even though it makes sense, even though most experts say we need one, even though many other countries have one. They won't do the right and decent thing, because their rabid religious base won't let them.

Jim Hughes, Campaign Life Coalition president, called the NDP motion a “royal crock” and said that it was “just more of the same pro-homosexual agenda.” “The NDP will not lift a finger to stop bullying in the womb by abortion and now they want us to believe that they are suddenly concerned about saving lives with an anti-bullying strategy?”

And for that they will pay a terrible price. For we will ask Canadians to decide what kind of people would jump into bed with hatemongers like those? And lick the cream off their knees like these poor children.  

What kind of monsters have no money for a national ad campaign that could save the lives of Canadian kids?

But would spend more than $60 million dollars promoting their fake Porky Action Plan...

And I think I know what their answer will be eh?

After they stop vomiting.

Organize, unite, defeat them, CRUSH them.

Show those bullies no mercy...

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Anonymous said...

While I know we'd likely butt heads politically on a few issues, Simon. This is certainly one issue I know I won't budge on as I have exactly zero patience and tolerance for bullies and bullshit.

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up...I don't mind butting heads with you at all, as I find you a very reasonable person, and I have learned a lot from you about what it's like to work in the oil sands or live in the north.
I saw what you said on another blog to a person who thought Canadian history was boring, when of course as you pointed out it's absolutely fascinating. Good for you.
And I am glad that you and I share the same views on bullying, because it is a cruel thing, and it should never be a partisan issue...