Monday, March 29, 2010

Dr Shock and the Gay Prisoners

After reading this story.

I just have three questions. come they left out these shocking details?

Levin has worked in Canada for 15 years since leaving South Africa, where he was chief psychiatrist in the apartheid-era military and became notorious for using electric shocks to "cure" gay white conscripts.

The treatment consisted of strapping electrodes to the upper arm. Homosexual soldiers were shown pictures of a naked man and encouraged to fantasise, and then the power was ratcheted up.

Trudie Grobler, an intern psychologist on ward 22, saw a lesbian subjected to severe shocks.

"It was traumatic. I could not believe her body could handle it," she said later

Two... what was a man like that doing working with justice officials in Canada?

And at the University of Calgary no less. Ann Coulter would be so proud.

And three....if this is true:

After arriving in Canada in 1995 he managed to suppress public discussion of his past by threatening lawsuits against news organisations that attempted to explore it.

Was that really enough to stop them from reporting the allegations against him? Is that why the CBC left them out ?

Are the lives of gay people really worth that little?

And now it turns out that Dr Shock may be a closet queen. Like the Nazi Pope and all those others who get off torturing gay people.

The link couldn't be clearer. The homophobia more casual. Or the conclusion more brutal.

He could have chosen Paraguay. But he chose Alberta. And he was welcomed with open arms.

And then there's the really depressing thought.

If he was entering the country today, with Jason Kenney as Immigration Minister.

He'd be even more welcome...


  1. But... but... Simon, South Africa is one of those "safe" countries! Just like Calgary is the most open-minded city in Canada, right?

    It blows me away that the Guardian can run this story, but apparently Canadian news agencies are too scared of being sued by this monster - EVEN NOW.

  2. It's funny...the comments hae been disabled on the CBC website for this story link...I wonder why?

  3. hi Jennifer...yes I can't believe it either. If this man was such a pillar of the establishment and he denied the story, you'd think they would send reporters to South Africa to check it out.
    Because I find the allegations horrifying.
    And yes I have to admit there is a certain irony that in that bastion of Free Speech one of its professors appears to have successfully muzzled the media. After saying some rude things about Calgary a while ago I have been trying to LOVE that city ever since. But it's soooooo hard... ;)

  4. hi Erico...they frequently do that for legal reasons, but in this case they probably have some extra motivation. I can tell you one thing though, I'll be following this trial closely, and I'm going to be doing a lot of RESEARCH... :)

  5. Heh - now we're in the big leagues: Roger Ebert just tweeted the story :)

  6. hi Jennifer...oh goody he can't sue all of us. Can he? :)

  7. @ Erico:

    At one point, the CBC comments section had virtually no moderation at all, and it was filled with the filth of haters and trolls. CBC received SO many complaints about it that they have begun to moderate far more closely of late. In fact, I notice that quite often (if not usually) any story that has ANY element of, or connection to LGBT issues has the comments section disabled because otherwise trying to ride herd on the infantile, the bigots, the religious crazies and the Harpokon drones simply becomes more hassle than it's worth.

    Those are the same asshats who killed off the CBC discussion forums, and now they have caused VERY close moderation (or even disabling) of the "comments" feature. Of course, these cretins view this as some sort of great "victory".


  8. hi 'berto...I can understand why the CBC has been forced to close its comments to keep the hatemongers at bay.
    But after doing some research on the Dr Sock case what horrifies me is that this character has apparently been able to muzzle the media by hiring a big famous lawyer and threatening to sue them.
    The apartheid history of South Africa is so horrible I don't think anyone should be allowed to do that...

  9. Anonymous2:07 PM

    In the course of my daily work at the U of C Medical School, I have been hearing a growing chorus of voices demanding to know why "Dr. Shock" was hired without any kind of background check, as if his employment was "arranged" by someone else at a higher level.