Saturday, October 30, 2021

Stephen Guilbeault And The Battle To Save The World

I was sitting by the lake the other day, enjoying a lovely warm fall day, that almost felt like summer.

But lamenting the fact that I will not be able to make it to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

Which is sad, because the summit promises to be quite the show.

But my consolation is that at least I can be sure that our country will be well represented.

For Justin Trudeau is already there, and his climate change plan is  getting great reviews.

A new analysis suggests the Liberal climate plan could meet Canada's greenhouse gas emissions targets for the first time before the end of this decade.

The study by Clean Prosperity published today could give some heft to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's credentials as he heads to planned climate discussions at the upcoming G20 summit and United Nations COP 26 meeting.

Even Tom Mulcair is praising Trudeau's new cabinet, and his new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.

Many of the choices seem inspired and the whole exercise reflected a lot of thoughtful hard work. But it’s on the environment front that Trudeau has shown the most determination we’ve seen from him in a long time.

Putting Guilbeault in charge of environment and climate change is a remarkable, inspired decision. I’ve known Guilbeault for decades. He’s going to get it done and if someone tries to hamper him, he’ll know what to do. It’s simply too important a file to leave to the whims of politics as usual.

Trudeau’s resolve to start getting it done is refreshing and welcome. Future generations will be thankful.

Which doesn't surprise me, because Guilbeault has spent the last thirty years on the frontlines of the climate change wars. 

When he was just a boy he climbed trees in his neighbourhood to try and prevent developers from cutting them down.

As a member of Greepeace he scaled the CN Tower with a message to the world.

As well as climbing on to Ralph Klein's roof to install a solar panel...

He has never owned a car, still cycles to work even in the dead of winter, and has attended nineteen climate summits before this one. 

Which is impressive, but sadly not enough to impress the dirty old Disaffected Lib, who in one of his latest boring posts suggests that those who support Justin Trudeau are "fanboys" i.e. faggots. Swooning  faggots.

And that Guilbeault is just "window dressing."

The Dauphin has his fanboys swooning over his choice of a climate activist, Steven Guilbeault, as environment minister.  Is Mr. Guilbeault the real deal or just window dressing for a prime minister expert in greenwashing, one who prefers words, not deeds. Trudeau, disingenuous? Who says? 

Which not only exposed his virulent homophobia. Again. 

But is really rich coming from a man who sat on his big ass in some sterile office, made his money off the misery of others as a third rate bankruptcy lawyer. And never raised a finger to fight climate change, until he retired and started posing as an environmentalist to fill his long lonely days. Swoon.

But screw that old bigot. I know he likes to bring people down just to make himself feel important.

But it won't work with me.

I'm just glad that we have a prime minister who won't embarrass us.

And I'm only sorry that I can't be there to join all the young people who will be gathering in the city I know so well, and demanding a seat at the table...

It's not going to be easy. 

In addition to all the challenges facing our poor burning planet, hope has to struggle to survive against the poisonous pessimism of so many. 

But as I'll explain in another post, Glasgow just might be the place for a new world to be born...


Jackie Blue said...

He's in his natural element, and I'm happy for him. Kind of a shame though, that he didn't do so well at Heritage, because there really are a lot of parallels to be drawn between cleaning up the physical ecosystem and taking out the trash from the digital swamp. The Internet is a pipeline of sludge through the series of tubes, particularly Facebook -- I mean "Meta", as though putting lipstick on that pig is going to mean any real changes from Zuck and co. Well-funded disinfo pushed by a global mindfuck algorithim is one of the greatest threats to climate policy and in turn, to the planet itself.

Pablo was great last go-around as House Leader fending off Skippy and Chucklefuck at the WeGhazi committee so maybe he'll do a better job scrapping with Big Tech (who are as corrupt and destructive as the oil execs), while Guilbeault and Wilkinson team up on the green front. Sad to see McKenna get chased out of public life due to the horrific venom spewed in her direction, but she's still part of the solution, just on the periphery of government instead of inside it. The writing conniptions from the usual corners are a clear signal that Guilbeault is a worthy successor in the role.

Fortunately, no amount of spoiled tantrums from the likes of Kenney, CAPP or White Bread Wilson are going to deter Quebec's Green Jesus and his stoic partner from intensifying Canada's effort to fight climate change. Hopefully they can convince countries that still have their heads up their asses on this issue (like... mine...) to face reality: Going green doesn't have to kill the economy. If anything, the economy will die a natural (and very painful) death if there's no planet to actually have one on, with no people because we've all drowned or burned to a crisp. It's not just the right thing to do. It's a smart investment in the future.

I'm sorry to hear there was a death in your family, Simon. If you had been able to make it to COP26, I might have asked if you could petition Guilbeault to issue an ultimatum to our very own toothless disgrace from Sisterfuck, West Virginia, Joe Manchin. That he either give up the ghost on "clean coal" and get on board with Biden's program, or be dragged by the pantywaist to the top of the CN Tower!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but your headline has Guilbeault's name wrong. It's Steven with a V.

Simon said...

Hi anon@9:08 AM…You are not being pedantic, it is an embarrassing error. I was writing the post late last night in a hurry, so I could get up very early this morning and focus on more important things like watching my Arsenal football club take on Leicester. And that’s what happens. But at least my team won…🙄

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I never understood what Guilbeault was doing as Heritage Minister. I can only assume that Trudeau thought it would serve as some kind of farm team, but the results were predictable, and they almost ruined his budding political career. But the main thing is he’s in his element now, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he deals with the many challenges he will face. I’m glad Wilkinson will be there to offer him some support because he’s going to need it. The Cons and their oily friends will be coming after him, just as hard as they go after Trudeau, and it won’t be pretty….

Anonymous said...

Tim McMillan, head of CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) resigns his job as leader of said group.

It's coming Simon, it's coming. PMJT is going to carbon tax the heck out of ALberta, emissions will be allowed on very limited levels and with Rachel Notley looking to come back as Premier next year, Alberta can start its green transition.

(Off topic, I saw "Under the Skin" again for Halloween, it's filmed entirely in Scotland and with many amateur performances of people-on-the-street. Also has plenty of appreciation for the male and female form.)