Thursday, October 07, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Shrinking Of Erin O'Toole

As you may have noticed Erin O'Toole has been keeping a low profile since Justin Trudeau whupped his Cons by more than forty seats.

The ghastly little Con hasn't dared say a word, lest he annoy his own supporters and make them even more determined to knife him in the back.

But yesterday he was forced to meet with his caucus, and when he emerged from that meeting he was declaring victory.

And once again mangling the truth.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says his caucus is “fully united,” despite MPs voting to give themselves the power to potentially oust him after the party’s 2021 federal election loss.

Lying like a thief, just as he did a few hours earlier.

As he always does, because he just can't help it.

But somebody needs to tell old Flip Flop that the election campaign is over, his Cons lost, and that he is almost certainly living on borrowed time....

Meanwhile Justin Trudeau is continuing to do what he does best. 

Governing this country, taking care of its people.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government's mandatory vaccine policy today — a mandate that will require public servants to either get their shots by month's end or be forced into an unpaid leave of absence.

All would-be travellers must also be fully vaccinated by Oct. 30 before boarding planes, trains or marine vessels.

And in the process no doubt making Erin O'Toole wonder how he's going to get all those unvaccinated Cons onto a plane or a train and into the House of Commons.

Which BTW, now has one more Liberal seat.

After a recount, Liberal incumbent MP Brenda Shanahan will hold onto the riding of Châteauguay–Lacolle, defeating Bloc Québécois candidate Patrick O'Hara by a narrow margin.

According to the Liberals, the final tally was 18,029 to 18,017 — a difference of only 12 votes.

Which leaves the Liberals with 160 seats, and in a great position to win a majority should the opposition parties be dumb enough to bring down his government.

For the $10 a day national childcare program should alone be worth at least 20 to 30 seats.

And since the Trudeau Liberals have the only serious plan to fight climate change, we could end up looking at a super majority.

Finally I keep hearing the loser Cons trying to pick themselves off the floor claiming that Trudeau will quit long before the next election.

But like Lawrence Martin I don't believe that Trudeau will be going anywhere.

Justin Trudeau has become a punching bag. Despite his third straight election win, he’s seriously wounded, critics maintain, so much so that he’ll limp off to the exit gates in a couple of years.

Don’t bank on it.

For why would he quit? When he has a record of achievement second to none, and unlike Erin O'Toole he can count on the support of his party.

Why wouldn’t the party back him? While not getting a majority and scoring a pathetic popular vote total, Mr. Trudeau still smashed his nearest rival by 40 seats. He extended his own mandate while leaving other leaders fighting for their jobs or losing them. He gave life to the People’s Party, which suits his party just fine as it divides the right.

Also, if he wins the next election, he'll become the only Liberal leader to win four times in a row, which I'm sure would impress even his father.

For he is his father's son, and is just as tough as he was.

He had a close-up view of the abuse his father took. One of his traits he shares with him is tenacity. He’s not likely to succumb to pressures and let the haters drive him out.

Poor Cons, they still can't believe that Justin Trudeau beat them again. Boo hoo hoo hoo. 

All they have is the sorry loser and shrunken Erin O'Toole.

And with a little bit of luck.

He's going to take the Cons down with him...


Simon said...

Attention Con losers:

I've had to delete five of your pathetic comments, so far today. So let me be clear I am NOT a suicide hotline. I realize you are suffering terribly, four to six more years of Justin Trudeau must seem to you unbearable. But please understand I have a life, and I can't spend my days trying to talk you down from the window ledges of the nation. Just please make sure that when you jump there is nobody underneath you. Thanks...

Brian Dundas said...

LMAO!!!! I heard your Mic Drop all the way up here in Aurora, Ontario!!

Simon said...

Hi Brian….it’s not easy but I try to keep my sense of humour alive even in a time like this one. And I don’t normally complain about all the abusive comments I get. But the reaction to this post was extreme. Gerald Butts is also complaining today about all the “deranged vitriol” he woke up to this morning, so I guess the Cons are still refusing to accept the results of the election, and are running around foaming at the mouth. It’s disturbing and very un-Canadian but that’s who they are, and if they think they can intimidate me, they don’t know how wrong they are….

Jackie Blue said...

Martin's piece also mentions Trump running again, which we all know he will. If the Liberals can hang on until 2024, they'd have the redistricting in their favor and also get to use Trump's campaign/the American election as a backdrop.

They could paint the Cons as Trump Party North (which they are, and Tool's own statements confirm it) and/or make the ballot question about who would Canadians rather have managing the relationship with the mango madman, should he win again. And let's be honest, he actually might, because Republican voter suppression is insane down here.

Kind of disappointing to see Martin engage in some Trudeau-bashing himself in that article, but at least it seems to be more tongue-in-cheek than the vitriolic dreck coming from Coyne and Urback et. al. I think he's correct though, that the history books won't give a shit about WeGhazi or Tofinogate or even SNC-Blahghazi. Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Whatever Trudeau chooses to do, the story of his tenure is already half written, and it's why I started coming here and became such a diehard fan as have many of us south of 49: he's the one who stared down Trump. He might even get to do it again. And he looks so damn good doing it. 🤩

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor, worn out tool. The grim reality of losing Stornoway and his second biggest woe, losing the leadership is facing him and he lies that the Cons are united behind him(with knives unsheathed). He lashes out at the Liberals and PPC for dividing the country when his party has been the dividers in chief for years. Mad Max was merely building on the mega-division that Harper, Scheer and the tool have already built. He can project all he wants but it will be to no avail. Canadians are too smart to fall for his worn out narratives as evidenced by the election results.
My guess is they'll dump him sooner rather than later so they can ill prepare themselves for the next chapter of "Getting Our Asses Kicked By A Trudeau-Part Quatre". Such poetic justice it is, the party of division divided as never before. I can understand why you're inundated with so many hate comments, Simon. Con heads are exploding everywhere but to me and I'm sure to you, it's a symphony that's music to my ears.

Anonymous said...

In the real world a political leader that rewrites the party's platform to be more like the opposition and then loses the election would receive a farewell don't let the door hit your sorry ass on the way out. The Cons do not live in the real world, instead its one created by media propaganda and supported by detached belief. If the propaganda says that Trudeau is a finished corrupt politician and the Tool will emerge victorious to share the spoils with his supporters then thats what will be believed. Its all a matter of who controls the message. Poor Andy didn't, they selected the Tool instead and very unlikely those that control the purse strings see anything better on the horizon so the Tool it is.
It is a tall order for the propaganda machine. There are those that feel his feigned lurch to the left has corrupted their principles, many are not impressed with flip flopping losers, what will happen when the Tool actually has to vote on legislation he claims to support but the party rejects. Perhaps the money will decide its time for a change and shed the kooks but considering they are numerous and deeply rooted in the party its more likely they will put the machine in overdrive and hope for the best. Expect more: a) exaggerated Trudeau scandals and rumours b) emotional FEAR & HATE... economic, foreign malevolence, identity, freedom. c) We are winning hurrah for the Tool d) new circus tricks that distract from actual policy discussions. Again its a tall order but fate dictates that they give it their best shot. Be prepared!


Pierre D. said...

CPC are irrelevant, and so is Jagmeet Singed.
Singh is saying that he will withhold votes unless he gets stuff but...the Liberals just need 10 votes to pass anything; what are the odds the BQ don't back PMJT? Very, very slim, as all the GoC needs to do is offer some perks to QC and bonsoir la visite, as they say here.

It really is sad to see the media and CPC cronies so desperate to see PMJT go, while still not understanding that the longer LPC is in power, the more people become habituated to its policy and the more they will rebel against CPC/NDP shenanigans. Of course, it is not a majority but...change, it is a comin'.

Simon, Jackie, ottlib, Brian et al., did you see Justin walk out of his caucus meeting and just heelturn on Marieke Walsh, who started shrieking about it on the Twitter feed? Bad idea, getting him upset. Like his father, he can play as dirty as it gets. And handle the dirty Cons in any manner they please...

Simon said...

Jackie….I didn’t mention the return of Donald Trump angle, because for time being at least I rather remain in total denial. But you’re right, if Trump does rise from the grave, it will be advantage Trudeau. Canadians have already said they were impressed by the way Trudeau handled Trump. And goodness know nobody could expect Captain Outhouse to do better, and the loser Singh will never be prime minister, so Trudeau really has no rivals. And that alone could be enough to push the Liberals into majority territory. The universe is unfolding just as I hoped it would….🥳

Simon said...

Hi JD…..The Curse of Harper continues to haunt the Cons. He didn’t trust anybody who could succeed him so there are no Con leaders, they’re stuck with the loser Toole. Good, long may that situation continue. That ghastly liar is still trying to spread the idea that Justin Trudeau is planning an election in less than two years, so the Cons don’t dare get rid of him. But I’m sure that will change as O’Toole’s ghastly persona and lack of principles grates on Canadians. But the longer they put that off, they will have almost no time to dress up their new leader, so either way I can only see them losing. And yes, the hills are alive with the sound of music. Or is it the even more soothing sound of the monstrous Cons screaming in pain? 😎

Simon said...

Hi RT….I agree, the Cons are living in a world of detached belief. And they will do anything to get the rest of us to go along with their plan to “secure Canada” and turn us into a quasi fascist state. So yes, I fully expect more fear and hate, but I don’t think it will be as damaging as it has been in the past. The Con media is presently circling the wagons to try to defend themselves from a lot of very angry progressives, and without their full support the Cons are nothing. As O’Toole and his zombies from Hell or Hellberta grow more and more desperate I am pretty confident that it won’t be long before they start eating themselves. And all I can say to that is bon appetit!!!!😺

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….I watched a replay of Jagmeet Singh’s absurd newser, and although I thought it wasn’t possible I now have even less respect for him than I once did. I’ll reserve other thoughts I have about him for a post this weekend. And yes, I saw how Trudeau brushed off Marieke Walsh and I was very impressed. He clearly is no longer willing to put up with the Con media.’s ugly shenanigans, and all decent Canadians should feel that way. It’s time to challenge them and demand that they end their dirty games, or make them pay for them. I’ve waited a long time to see the Con media screaming that they are being bullied, and I think it will make them look even more like losers, if that’s possible …

Anonymous said...

It's just a matter of time before O'Toole is removed, not because he lost the election, but because he's not the grade A assh*le the base craves - a man like Harper or Trump, who sticks it to the libs every time he speaks.

And while I've got out my crystal ball, I predict that our man JT will soon be facing another ethics investigation. The Journal de Montréal is reporting that the owner of the Tofino house that JT and his family stayed at has offshore "investments" uncovered in the Paradise Papers. Oh dear, here we go again. Wouldn't a nice hotel have been less hassle?

Simon said...

Hi anon@7:20 AM….The way the Cons keep looking for scandals reminds me of hogs sniffing for truffles. But then that’s all they got, and why they will never form another government again. The idea that it’s a scandal for someone to stay in a place owned by a person with offshore investments is preposterous. Do you know how many owners of residential properties have money stashed abroad? No I think Canadians don’t give a damn about that, but will will care about today’s good news. The employment figures are back to pre pandemic levels. Now that’s something to celebrate !!!!🎈🎉

Jackie Blue said...

JdM is a tabloid trying to gin up populist anger at amorphous "elites". The ethics commissioner cleared it, just like he did Sophie's podcast and the tangential involvement of the Trudeau family with the WE Charity. There's no conflict to investigate here. Except of course for the Murdoch level of control that PKP has over Quebec media. He probably has a stash in the Paradise Papers too. Everyone does. It's just the way of the world. The Guardian reported the same thing about Stephen Bronfman back in 2017 or 2018 and nothing came of it besides a day or two of Con/NDP false outrage. The cons tried to have Pitfield investigated and the ethics commissioner told them to bug off.

The actual reason for pursuing these nonsensical vacation nontroversies (remember Lilley's erotic fanfic about the 2019 Christmas holiday in Costa Rica?) is because the tabloids and trolls have been trying to prove one way or another that the Trudeau couple are split. Look up Dean Blondell, he's a former talk-radio jock turned podcaster who went on a rant about MSM being corrupt, only to then turn around and mimic their worst tendencies by publishing another phony rumour about JT and Sophie. The "corruption" angle that media types go with is just so they can have a thin veneer of respectability. The core of it is sleazy sexual trash. It's Pierre/Margaret redux. Maclean's will be sure to put out a photoshopped cover of Sophie being a cougar for BTS or something.

It's one hundred per cent deep-fried steaming bullshit.

Pierre D. said...

Cons have nothing and PMJT and SGT are a fine couple. Poor saps. Sophie has dealt with mental stress issues since her time on TV, her Mother's Day mailing was really eloquent and inspiring.

I do agree the media hounds and CPC want a scandal, but Trudeau's government is as boring as it gets. Policy, policy, policy. That is all you will get from him and all is well since that is all I want from a Prime Minister.

Poor Charlie Angus, you'd think with his salary and pension he'd have other stuff besides false bravado and "reconciliation demands" for the PM.

Jackie Blue said...

This article was informational, but it left me feeling unsettled for the future. I hope the Liberals do better next time, because Tool seems to be a better liar than Blandy. He also has the media in his corner helping to polish that turd.

The Liberals had a scare because they weren't mean enough. While the Cons had the wind in their sails for a time period because they had gotten better at pretending -- pretending -- to be nice.

Really, is it any wonder the worst people thrive in politics?

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….It’s disgraceful how the Cons have gone after Trudeau and his family. They really are the most disgusting cowards I have ever encountered. But Justin and Sophie have a good thing going, and that helps protect them from the Con beasts. On the other hand Erin O’Toole and his Griselda have been seen drinking heavily, so I just hope they can make it to the getaway car when the Con mob comes for them. As for Charlie Angus, he is no doubt wondering when he can stick a knife in Jagmeet Singh’s back, because everybody know that Angus wants his job. So I’m looking forward to seeing who can draw the most blood, while Justin Trudeau takes care of the nation’s business.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….It’s funny, but I had the opposite reaction. As you know I was troubled that the Liberals weren’t bringing enough firepower to bear on the Cons during the campaign. But I was reassured by the way they were able to turn it on like a light, and without being too nasty managed to stick a fork in the very fancy, very foreign, and very expensive Con campaign. There are definitely some things that the Liberals could have done better, and candidate vetting could have been one of them. But when candidate Trudeau is measured against candidate O’Toole it really is no contest. And no fancy foreign campaign will ever change that. Unless the Cons can find a more decent candidate, and can get rid of their collection of kooks and religious fanatics, they won’t be going anywhere in a hurry…