Sunday, October 24, 2021

Erin O'Toole and the Nightmare of Leslyn Lewis

Erin O'Toole is trying so hard to make us believe that he's no longer the monstrous leader who flip flops all the time like a fish out of water.

But it's just not working.

For first he was against a House of Commons vaccine mandate. Then he changed his mind.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says his party will respect a new ruling requiring all MPs who enter the House of Commons precinct to be fully vaccinated – even though some of his MPs have objected to the policy.

And now the fish is flip flopping again.

Now he's against vaccines for his Cons, claiming it's a matter of member rights.

After first saying that he “will respect” the House of Commons’ internal management committee ruling that MPs need to be fully vaccinated to enter Parliament on Wednesday, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole now insists that the decision “infringes” on members’ rights.

Which is absurd, for since when does being an MP give anyone the right to threaten the health and safety of others?

And this is the real reason, O'Toole changed his mind in a hurry.

A tweet from the Con's new "star" MP Leslyn Lewis.

Which is garbage science, from a woman who is NOT a medical doctor. 

And was rightfully scorned all over the country by those who know what they're talking about.

But because Lewis is the darling of the social conservatives she quickly received the support of others like her.

Which sent Lewis diving into the deep end with this revolting tweet:

A tweet so deranged and so deeply disturbing, Erin O'Toole should have immediately condemned it, and demanded that she apologize.

But he didn't because there are now so many social conservatives in his party he's scared to death of them.

And he knows that Lewis is almost certainly after his job so great is her ego and her sense of entitlement.

And this must surely be his nightmare….

Which as many have since pointed out, almost certainly marks the beginning of the end of the Cons.

And who can really be surprised? 

They are bigots, they are misogynists, they are homophobes, they are infested with religious fanatics.

The kind of religious fanatics who are always talking about love, but would destroy the rights of women, and cheerfully condemn gay kids to be tortured.

For they are that cruel and that evil.

They stopped being a Canadian party a long time ago. 

And Leslyn Lewis is just the latest reason the Cons must never govern this country again...


rumleyfips said...

One born without a spine and one borne without a brain. Some choice.

Jackie Blue said...

Not sure if you saw my earlier comment referencing Gary Mason's piece about the cons tearing themselves apart. Moar popcorn plz. The so-cons are clamouring for Blarney O'Toole's swelled bald head on a platter, and it seems Canada's equivalent to Candace Owens is the Salome they've chosen to deliver it. Another copy of a copy of JWR and Annamie-who, abusing her identity status to spew bad-faith bullshit and libel critics as racists. Unfortunately, politics has no shortage of them. Rosa Parks (!!!) must be rolling in her grave.

I thought Doris had ridden his jet ski off into oblivion. A ringing endorsement from the low end of the bell curve. But I still don't think the Cons would run Lewis as leader. They'd just as soon pick Pigeon Pete as their standard-bearer. A (spoiled) child shall lead them. He'd make some fire-and-brimstone speech anointing her as bizarro Freeland, then mouth off about how unlike Trudeau, he "respects strong women." Expect a floor-crossing endorsement from Sister Celina on the platform that "Scripture tells us" Trudeau is the great Satan. What a hot mess.

Skippy will definitely be cozying up to her soon. He is just the type of narcissistic weasel to tell the religious freaks what they want to hear, and play-act in whatever role satisfies the base. Remember that self-aggrandizing ad he ran in some newspaper? "He is risen"! More like "he is risible". Get ready to rumble, because he "leadership" race (to the bottom) is on.

Stand on guard Canada, because the kind of batshit crazy that the GOP has become subsumed in always seems to come about a little later on up north. Skippy the pigeon is the Josh Hee-Hawley of Ben Shapiros, and Leslyn Lewis is the Stacey Dash of Sarah Palins. Doncha know!

The best thing that could happen for this country is for the cons to undergo a permanent, acrimonious divorce. Pastor Lewis could recount the pathetic parable of Moses O'Toole and the parting of the Blue C.

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips....Yes, they make a good combination. What I find funny is that the Cons were promoting Lewis as the Great Black Hope, who would help improve the image of their neanderthal party. Now they're finding out that she would take them back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition, and are wailing like banshees. They really are getting dumber by the day...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but yes I saw the Mason piece and was actually thinking of including it in my post, but there was just too much good stuff. In fact there is so much good stuff all over the place, I can't help thinking that the Con media fail campaign has shaken some sense into them. As for whether Lewis could ever make Con leader, I doubt that too. But she does have a big and faithful following, and if she runs for the job and fails, that could alienate a lot of the SoCons, so for us it's a win win situation. Hallelujah!!! As for Poilievre running, I don't see it either. He repels too many people, and as I've mentioned before we have some great dirt on him which can be taken out at a moments notice. I think the Cons will opt for a woman to try to improve their image, but I can't think of any possible candidates. And whoever they decide to go for, the party is now both divided and demoralized, and we are going to have a lot of fun watching them fight each other...

ottlib said...

One of the reasons why I believe Mr. O'Toole will hang on in the end is the total lack of viable candidates to replace him.

The two big guns in Alberta and Ontario have shit the bed so badly in their respective provinces that they are no longer viable. There is only so many times Mr. Mackay can keep trying before he gets the hint. All of the current Conservative front bench are repulsive in some way. I do not know of anybody who is not in Parliament or in a provincial Conservative party that would have the stature to take on the Liberals only months after they are elected party leader and win.

I have said many times that this is still the party that Stephen Harper built between 2004 and 2006. They have not even tried to renew themselves since 2015, in fact, doubling down on not renewing the party. Eventually, Canadians will grow tired of the Liberals and want to replace them but as Tim Hudak demonstrated they will not necessarily to with the change available if it does not appeal to them.

Anonymous said...

Erin O'Flipflop reminds me of a tattered flag I saw the other day, blowing all over the place with seemingly no direction. Much like his torturous party whose members run the gamut of vile racists to the downright looney tunes. They're all over the place as well. Keeping the crazies in check is proving to be an impossible task for the tool as he lacks the intestinal fortitude required to keep the insane asylum locked. Hopefully he explains his trials and tribulations in his memoir, "One Flew Over the CPC Headquarters".
As for their rising "star", this so called "Doctor's" ignorance towards science is shocking. Add to that her preemptive act of playing the victim is quite the head shaker as well. I think the CPC need to look at their other rising "stars" if they want to ensure they remain the official opposition as opposed to third or fourth party status. Michelle Rempel comes to mind but keeping her sober for a 40 day campaign could prove difficult. Pouty puss Poilievre could be the key to a truly embarrassing campaign. He's so obsessed with JT's trust fund that he'd be off the rails within a week. He brings up the trust fund so often that I wonder if he has deep seated emotional issues stemming from his childhood? Just because they had to tie a bone around his neck so the dog would play with him is no reason to grow up into a class A asshole is it? I could go on but I tire from wading in such a shallow gene pool.
The one positive we can all take away from this is that the Cons are as fractured and depleted as Harper's ego was after the 2015 ass kicking at the hands of JT. And now, in their desperation to own, defeat and destroy JT, they are too stupid and blinded by hate to see that they are only destroying themselves.

Steve said...

At least she resisted playing the race card early/

Anonymous said...

The cult like mixture of "live free or die" and evangelism works well in certain parts of the US. Why not in Canada as we also have the kooks and media infrastructure in place. Perhaps there are insufficient hydrocarbon fumes to generate mass psychosis or diversity prevents the reaction from reaching critical mass. Whatever it is we should be thankful and use the opportunity to address real threats to our freedoms and well being. Climate change, the unethical use of technology and nuclear proliferation are a few that come to mind but unfortunately as long as the freak show is in town it is unlikely to happen.


Steve said...

The usual suspects have ignored the Tool flopping around like a fish that knows its about to be devoured.

Jackie Blue said...

CTV is attacking Margaret Trudeau again. This time it's over another nothingburger again. Remember that speech she gave to Canada 2030? The agency didn't even receive any money for that speaking event. What is she supposed to do, be locked in her apartment in perpetuity and become a recluse?

Leave this poor woman alone and stop using her as a weapon to harm her son. I recall reading somewhere that Mike Duffy once caused her to break down in uncontrollable tears on the steps of the church at Michel's funeral. Vicious vultures who took notes from what the Brits did to Diana. CTV hasn't changed one bit. They were the ones who chased down Gerry's wife at the peak of the Jody tantrum. The nerve they have to bristle when Liberals bombard them with #CdnMediaFailed.

Meanwhile IDK what's happened to Chrétien, but he needs to stay out of meddling in Justin's government instead of... uh, pulling a Paul Martin. All he's done with those interviews this weekend is to prove JT did the right thing in cutting out the "old guard". It's clear that the "old guard" has never forgiven him since. SMH.

Sounds to me like the "old guard" are clamouring to turf le dauphin and sow discord in caucus so they can do so much from third place again. As an American this seems incredibly stupid on their part. Democrats didn't axe Pelosi or Schumer from their seniority positions or push Biden to resign just because we didn't win a supermajority in Congress. I love the scrappy old fella but he's just giving fodder to cons now. He needs to go back to the golf course.

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib...You may be right. The Cons are in such a state they are practically paralyzed, like a rat caught in the hypnotic stare of a cobra. But O'Toole's latest flip flops have enraged so many Cons that they may go for a leadership review, and hope that some white knight will magically come to their rescue. For as you point out, there are no Cons in the caucus, who could replace O'Toole and even hope to win the next election. Especially not now that Leslyn Lewis, the would be Joan of Arc of the SoCons, has torched her own chances of ever being leader. We'll find out at the caucus meeting on Wednesday whether O'Toole has a fighting chance of holding off all the Cons who want him to go...

Simon said...

Hi JD...Great comment.

Keeping the crazies in check is proving to be an impossible task for the tool as he lacks the intestinal fortitude required to keep the insane asylum locked. Hopefully he explains his trials and tribulations in his memoir, "One Flew Over the CPC Headquarters".

And so true. The "warrior" O'Toole is one quivering slab of Jello, who doesn't have the guts to bring his own party under control. And as their humiliating defeat at the hands of Justin Trudeau continues to sink in. And their "But...but....but...what about Tofino?" starts to sound like the ravings of some drunk with dementia. I wouldn't be surprised if those losers start fighting each other, and as you say are too blinded by hate to understand that they are destroying themselves....

Simon said...

Hi Steve....Leslyn Lewis has only been an MP for just over month, and already she is accusing people of "lynching" her? I always knew she had an ego the size of Mount Everest, but now I have to wonder whether she's mentally unstable. As you point out, the Con media is trying to cover up this scandal. But we'll make sure it doesn't remain covered up for long...

Simon said...

Hi RT....I couldn't help but make fun of Lewis' absurd tweet. But the growing strength of the religious right in this country is no joke. They are a growing threat, they have lots of money, and sooner or later they will make their presence felt, and God help us all if we're not up to the challenge. They have infiltrated almost ever corner of our government, so they are not only involved in their normal obsessions, like abortion and the rights of LGBT Canadians. They are also active in climate change issues, where they argue that interfering with global warming is interfering with their Godzilla's plan for HIS world. In short, they are crazy, and very very dangerous...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Yes, I saw the Glenn McGregor tweet and the CTV article, and needless to say I was totally disgusted. As I said on Twitter, how low can those bastards go? At a time when polls show that most Canadians now recognize the need for more services to deal with an explosion of mental illness, they go after the gentle Margaret who in her humble way is trying to do something to end the suffering that she herself has endured. I hate Cons, I hate bullies, and when you put the two together, there is nothing more revolting. And as for Chretien, he is a good example of why Justin Trudeau decided to give the old guard the boot. He's a grand old man, but hopelessly out of date, and he needs to mute himself before he ends up looking ridiculous...

Jackie Blue said...

JC and Muldoon have really been going overboard lately trying to maintain relevance in their dotage. Based on recent public appearances, it seems Lyin' Brian is itching to stick his oar in the impending Con civil war. Good luck, schmuck. Harper however, in his global jetset life making buddy-buddy with bloodthirsty dictators like Orbán and Mohammed Bonesaw, really takes the cake and eats it too. He never had much use for the French, but I wonder if, from his IDU bunker in Munich, he's been taking the time to learn German. Rumour has it, he's been taking up poster painting too. Though his brief flirtation with sporting a toothbrush mustache couldn't compete with the sophisticated style of JT's pandemic beard.

In any event, it seems as though the supposed "powerhouse" ex-PMs haven't really done much after politics to avoid disgracing themselves, and now they're desperate to reset their fifteen minutes. The short-termers meanwhile -- Clark, Campbell, Martin -- appear to have cultivated a more dignified post-political career, à la Jimmy Carter. The rest are, of course, dead. Thus begets the question of, WWJD -- what will Justin do?

The MSM and the "old guard" Blue Grits are falling all over themselves to try and shove out Trudeau fils prematurely. Hopefully they don't succeed, but the reemergence of previous occupants of the PMO does give one pause as to what he'll do after he departs the toxic Ottawa swamp eventually. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that old man JC wants him to carry the torch of his greasy China connections once he's gone, but I see zero likelihood that JT wants to get involved with those gangsters. "What is the measure of a man if he gains everything but loses his soul?"

I do remember he told Rosie that whenever he's done he wants to go back to his calling of being a schoolteacher. Maybe he could do an educational TV/Internet project like Obama did with Netflix. Or mount a hostile takeover of Facebook and shove out the useless tosser Nick Clegg. One thing I'm sure of: he won't be gallivanting around the world making friends with dictators, and he won't be undermining or micromanaging whoever leads the next generation of the Liberal Party.

Although, he might step in give Xavier/Ella/Didi some fatherly advice on how to knock out Sith apprentice Kylo Ben Harper in both the boxing ring and the debate arena...

Jackie Blue said...

FYI I left a critique in Dale Smith's comment section chiding him for getting swept up in the tide of pundit hot takes that Trudeau is bowing out. Told him he should wait for confirmation from the boss before jumping to conclusions not borne out by any concrete evidence. Rare error on Dale's part, to rush to judgment without verifiable facts, but I guess peer pressure from the parliamentary peanut gallery is difficult to resist. FFS even Brian Lilley went against the grain.

Obviously no one is PM for eternity, and it's impossible not to think about the future (as I did above), but I have seen zero proof that this is his last term. Perhaps that's the one bit of advice they should be taking from Chretien: A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, that means it's proven. I've seen no proof. No comments from anyone but the peanut gallery. There is one and only one person who knows the answer to this question and that is Justin Trudeau.

I look forward to seeing all these hot takes on JT's nonexistent "farewell tour" -- including a new one just out from Don the Con Martin, using confirmation bias to read the tea leaves of the cabinet shuffle -- aging like spoiled milk when JT runs for and wins a fourth term. The pundits really wish it were so. I mean if anyone knows about winning elections and estimating the capabilities of a Trudeau it's Tom Mulcair. Next the pundits will interpret the patterns of JT's socks to determine that he's preparing to quit. Ooh, they're insulated woolen socks. That must be a sign he's going to spend his 50th birthday taking a walk in the snow. SMH.

He's up 10 points in Ontario according to the latest Abacus poll. He just spit in Kenney's face appointing Guilbeault to Environment. The errant old fool is getting tortured on his own party's medieval stretch rack. Singh is irrelevant yet again yipping from the nosebleed section of the HoC. If anything JT's getting bolder as he matures and finally learning how to not give a fuck. Why quit now? Because he didn't win a majority thanks to Shachi Kurl? Right, and an Anglophone from Alberta would do better? Why otherwise was Blanchet so eager last year to push Trudeau to resign over WeGhazi? Nobody seems to take into account the possibility that majority governments are becoming the exception rather than the rule in a system that has six viable parties?

I seem to have missed that part of the cabinet shuffle this morning where JT announced his resignation. Why won't these "pundits" stop trying to make fetch happen? Five minutes ago they were all "you can't replace Tool because it's a minority government and the Liberals will bring down their own government!" -- uh, but you can replace Trudeau and the opposition won't force an election on their terms? That's some intentional, hypocritical BS being served up here.

Look how they're reacting to all those women ministers being put into senior positions and tell me they're not just clamouring for Freeland to be put in so they can chew her up like they did to Wynne and Notley and are doing to Margaret Trudeau. Enzo DiMatteo was spot on when he said this evidence-bereft "Trudeau is wrapping up" narrative is a wishcasting fantasy creation of Pestmedia and the Nope and Fail. Get used to it boys, he's here to stay and there's nothing you can do about it.

I can't stand @DicklessPW, but even he famously said that when everyone in Ottawa knows something, that means the opposite is true. Don the Con Martin needs to fully retire and Smith needs to socially distance from his bad-influence peers in the PPG.

Jackie Blue said...

Yaaaaaay! Hahahahahahaha! Suck it Don Martin! And Tom Mulcair! And John Ibbitson! And Wornout Thinskinna! And... all of them, Katie...

"Trudeau says he plans to lead the Liberal party into the next election."

#CdnMediaFailed: "We now go live for a reaction from our pundit panels and the opposition parties."

Sorry not sorry guys, no sense crying over spoiled milk!

Jsb said...

If Harper is really in Munich than I could visit him... also he'd be learning Bavarian not German...😉😬

Jackie Blue said...

"International Democrat Union - Headquarters: Munich, Germany"

Actually Adolf Harper is probably being a pest in Budapest, sharing a bromance with Viktor Orbán. Seems to have given up on the home base in 'Berta because he likes his fascists to be at the very least competent.

But if you do see him in your travels, make sure to have some rotten eggs available to shower him with. Sieg Heil, pffft, Sieg Heil, pffft, right in Der Fuhrer's face.

Jackie Blue said...

Enzo is on a roll and continues to sock dingers out of the park.

"O'Toole is toast -- it's only a matter of time"

(Mentions Lewis as the stalking horse)

Franky -- clip and save

ToryStar: "Insiders say O'Toole has no easy way out of caucus battle over mandatory vaccinations"

Yes, he does have an easy way out. He could resign, and find lucrative work in the private sector playing Elmer Fudd at Six Flags.