Saturday, October 02, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Tofino Farce

It's been more than ten days since Justin Trudeau won the election, leaving his Con and NDP opponents lying on the canvas licking their wounds.

And/or licking each other.

But still some in the loathsome Con media are refusing to accept that the election campaign is over.

And are still looking for fake scandals to try to bring him down.

So when the Con fluffer David Akin noticed that the prime minister wasn't where he was supposed to be, he sounded the alarm.

And the stalking was on.

Even though Trudeau had been at a sombre ceremony in Ottawa the night before.

Even though this is the time of the year when the Trudeau family gathers to remember  Pierre Trudeau, and Michel Trudeau who was killed in an avalanche in 1998.

And even though revealing where the prime minister was vacationing could have endangered the lives of him and his family.

It's disgusting, an absolute farce, but sadly it's just more of the same from the many toxic Trudeau haters who infest this country.

Like the Harper acolyte Paul Wells, who penned this absurd piece where he admits that Trudeau has a mandate for real change.

Trudeau’s government returns to work with a mandate to impose vaccine requirements in federal workplaces, trains and planes. It will proceed with a plan to triple carbon taxes and the rebates that go with them, in provinces that don’t have ambitious carbon-pricing regimes of their own. It has the go-ahead to keep building a national network of low-cost daycare spaces.

But laments that it all felt like a waste of time.

So Trudeau’s victory is legitimate and impressive. It sets a distinct course for the country on things that matter. Why, then, do so many people feel the country isn’t any better off for having dragged itself through this campaign?

Even if he can't explain why he believes that people feel that way, or why his article had two titles. One like this one...

And the other one, the headline of the article you are reading, that was changed to the BROKEN victory of Justin Trudeau, no doubt after one of his Con bosses saw it and demanded it be changed.

But of course most of the toxic Trudeau haters are not "journalists" but ordinary Cons who have been driven mad by the way the Liberal leader raised their hopes, only to dash them so cruelly.

And have been reduced to looking and sounding like big blubbering Con babies...

You know, I have read a lot of comments like that one from Cons devastated by the results of the election, and I have been struck by the failure of so many to accept that they lost, and that the man they hate so much won. 

But this should help.

Tell them that Erin O'Toole, who used to pretend he was a Top Gun pilot when he was a only a helicopter navigator, who couldn't fly a thing.

So when he tried to pretend he was a leader, went straight up, and then came straight down with a bang...

Which will almost certainly be O'Toole's fate, and the fate of that silly little Tofino story. 

So please raise a glass to the Cons and their scummy media who have exposed themselves as bitter losers...

And have a great weekend !!!


ottlib said...

Ya it is the usual suspects that are making a big deal of it. Even the Indigenous voices they have trotted out have been people who have a history of being very critical of the Liberals. I noticed no media have published the comments of most of the mainstream Indigenous leadership.

For most Canadians September 30 was just another day as they did not have it off. They went to work as usual and I would bet a great deal of money that the majority of Canadians were unaware of the significance of the day. The silver lining of all of this is that maybe it will raise that awareness.

My apolitical wife has been left wondering what all of the fuss is about. I have always found her to be good indication of just what is penetrating the consciousness of those of us who do not live and breathe politics and the fact she is asking this question is all I need to know.

Also let's remember that the media got drunk on the election campaign and e-day followed by the usual media speculation about the fates of the various leaders in the two or three days afterwards. Then they were feeling the hangover from all of that where nothing was happening and their editors were screaming at them to find something to fill time, column inches and to drive clicks. The go to for the media in that case is to see what Justin Trudeau is doing. In the end it really did does not matter what Justin Trudeau did or did not do our media would have found something to criticize about him this week.

Anonymous said...

Journalistic propaganda 101. If its a slow day with no stones to throw at the PM, try throwing pebbles instead. Its the act that counts not the actual size of the projectile.

Although there are likely other factors involved such as big oil support the strategy seems to be costing Post Media ad revenue declines of 10% per year. Why is it Cons seem to latch onto self destructive strategies that take themselves out instead of their target?


Jackie Blue said...

I wrote a thing about Tofinogate if anyone wants to read it.

I agree Simon, this is more rage-baiting waste from the garbage media. BTW, my Internet has been on the fritz for the past few days, so I almost missed the Tofino nonsense. Am I correct in from what I'm seeing on Twitter, that a CPC staffer just committed a mass shooting in Trinidad? He killed his whole family? WTF? Why isn't this a bigger story than Justin and Sophie walking on a beach?

ToryStar just refers to him as a "student" -- he was a CPC gun nut! Aiding and abetting these people with their complicit silence, tipping off the PM's location -- are they trying to get him killed or do they just not care if someone does their worst?

This party and the corrupt media that enables them are absolute monsters. I thought Fox News and OAN were bad down here, but they at least don't even pretend to try and be "respectable". Canadian media is omertá on crack.

Myworld1916 said...

''Trudeau has a responsibility regarding this day!''

Keep in mind that all other provinces are not on board with making it a national holiday. Although the logic does point out that a ''Holiday'' is when you can go anywhere else you want to reflect on the issue. And you're talking to someone who would've taken the time to watch a CBC Gem movie/documentary about the issue as he has to go to work like everyone else in Quebec and risk facing some frowning if he would call another day off on short notice which is not a medical excuse. Oh well, the con media strikes again with the fact that Trudeau isn't by the book like they want him to be. And by hoping it was clear because one of my pals is on me for this situation like many other bullcrap regarding Covid restriction rules.

Jackie Blue said...

So some QMorons in the bowels of social media are taking Tofinogate to a new level of stupid by parsing the pictures and video pixel-by-pixel, and coming to the conclusion that he isn't with Sophie. That either the Sophie in the pics is a doppelganger (cf. "Fake Melania") or it's some other woman entirely (the "divorce" conspiracy theory). They're basing this nonsense on Sophie being blonde while her hair in one photo appears brown. Uh, ever heard of Clairol, you idiots?

Or maybe it just changes with the seasons? My father (now grey) was blond in his thirties and forties, but his hair got darker during the fall and winter months. Regardless, it's the dumbest fucking thing the Trudeau tinfoilers have come up with, and I still remember the "ankle bracelet" crap from the COVID peak when he was supposedly under arrest by the FBI and going to testify against Tom Hanks.

Bonus stupid points: the third asinine conjecture being floated is that Fake Sophie is actually a transgender person. Because you know, hurr durr Justine haz teh gay hurr durr, the official party platform of the Conservative Party of Canada for fourteen years and counting. And literally nothing else.

I give up. The Internet was a mistake.

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib....It was a one-day wonder, but I think it did the Con media a lot of harm. I have rarely seen the internet so angry. I started denouncing the direction the MSM was heading in years ago, and yesterday the beast finally completed its transformation into a right-wing monster. The way the Con media behaved during the election campaign was already scandalous, but the way they went after the Trudeau family in Tofino was beyond the pale, and it revealed that even the Toronto Star is now a right-wing rag. You may be right that for most Canadians yesterday was just another day, but there will be another election soon, and if something isn't done to neutralize those Cons, they will make a mockery out of our democracy...

Anonymous said...

That’s because no one cares.

Simon said...

Hi RT....The Con media's strategy does seem little self destructive, but I blame that on their ideology which is striving for a total right-wing takeover of societies all over the world. I also believe that the Con media was desperately hoping that O'Toole would save them by killing the CBC so they could feast on its advertising dollars, and are now not just disappointed but bitter. Then there's Global News that was leading the Tofino charge. Rogers' bid to buy Shaw could cost Global's owner Corus millions of dollars, and threatens the survival of that network. So there could not be a better time to take on the Con media, and do some real damage...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...What an absolutely brilliant post, the best essay on the Tofinogate farce out there. I urge everyone to read it.

And needless to say I agree with every word you wrote. I wish I could have written a post half as good as that one, but I don't have the talent, and I was too angry to think straight. So my post somewhat resembled the short flight of that model plane. I must admit that even after having gone after the Con media for years, I still don't understand their behaviour, or why they hate Trudeau so much. But you are right, there will be a day of reckoning...

Simon said...

Hi Myworld 1916.... Justin Trudeau has done more to advance the cause of native rights than any other prime minister in the whole history of Canada. He created the Day of Truth and Reconciliation, and attended a special commemoration on parliament hill the night before he left for Tofino. So what more did they want him to do? The media's feeding frenzy made no sense and was absolutely disgusting....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I missed that story about Sophie, and thank goodness I did because I fear it would have sent me flying over the edge. Right-wingers really are the scum of the earth, and perverts of the lowest order. I can't even conceive of what it must be like to live like them. I wish I could say I pity them, but I don't. I just want to destroy them before they corrupt our world further...

Maximum said...

Six Aboriginal teens walked 1600 Kms from Hudson Bay to Ottawa in the middle of winter as part of the Idle No More protest to raise awareness of the problems facing Canada's First Nations. Instead of greeting the teens when they arrived in Ottawa, Stephen Harper was at the Toronto Zoo welcoming Chinese Pandas. Where were the Right Wing Drama Queens then?

Jackie Blue said...

Very relevant after this weekend. Greg MacEachern has been pleading for awhile now for CBC to run a version of CNN's "Reliable Sources". 'Course, the problem with that show, as we've seen, is that CNN (cough -- Joke Tapper) isn't a reliable source itself.

Peter Mansbridge says media's biggest threat is a lack of public trust.

Who was that MP who said the root causes of terrorism is terrorists? Was that Skippy? Anyhow, the root causes of the media's lack of public trust is $$$ corporate corruption, and corporate tilts to the right.

Just look at the swift downturn of the now "ToryStar" or Toronto Death Star. I used to like Chantal, I once thought she was Canada's answer to Christiane Amanpour but she appears to have sold out to the new landlords herself. She's one to talk about Trudeau's swan song, when she's displaying the pathetic twilight of a once proud career. And she co-hosts a podcast with Mansbridge and Abacus Research's Bruce Anderson. I subscribe to Sirius-XM, but I can't listen to it anymore after the dreck she's published since the election. Though I did listen to just Mansbridge talking with Ely Alboim (sp?) about just that subject: faith in the fourth estate is on the decline and it's their own fault. They don't do journalism, they do sensational crap. Seems 95% of good journalists are retired, dead, or... not on TV anymore.

I saw it happen with Clinton here, the character assassination by MSM. It's a travesty to see it happen in Canada with Trudeau. Never underestimate how the hatred of one person can override love of one's own country. Probably why Obama went to Netflix and the Windsor duo went to Apple. They never got a fair shake from the MSM either. Maybe once Trudeau is sick of the vulgar TMZification of Canadian political news, he'll do something positive and happy for kids at Disney Plus.

Simon said...

Hi Maximum...I remember that famous walk, and how inspiring it was, as were so many other Idle No More protests. I also remember Stephen Harper. And he was no friend of native people. So the hypocrisy pf the Cons and the Con media is absolutely nauseating.
To what awful place would they take us?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how deeply our "National Enquirers" such as Akin, Lilley, Kinsella, etc. cared about our indigenous peoples or more specifically, Canada's first National Truth and Reconciliation Day. As they clutch their pearls in horror that our PM would spend the day with his family I'm trying very hard to envision them spending the day at countless ceremonies, championing the indigenous causes while simultaneously stalking the PM and his family. Talk about multitasking. I am so moved by this that I would like to know exactly what they did in the lead up to and on September 30th so Canadians are reminded of just how much they care for indigenous Canadians by making September 30th all about our PM.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie... The Star has lurched to the right so much it's barely recognizable. And I got a good reminder of where it's going, when about ten days ago, and out of the blue, I was blocked by of all people Chantal Hébert !!!!!!! I have never directed a solitary tweet at her, or to my knowledge bad mouthed her in any way. Although I did once run a picture of the ghastly At Issue gang, and suggested they looked like Con mummies. But yes, all the columnists at the Star are tilting to the right. I guess the big bosses want to make sure that the Star goes after Trudeau like all the others, well before the next election. We've got a real fight on our hands...

P.S. Did you know that Hébert's worth is estimated at $17 million?

Cathie from Canada said...

So many excellent comments here. And thanks, Jackie, for the well-written article! (Always flattering to be quoted too!)
I dearly hope that Tofino will be over by tomorrow.

Jackie Blue said...

For seventeen million bucks she could afford a better haircut.

When comes the time that Justin rejoins the board of his father's foundation, he should cut her endowment and boot her off the mentorship program. Along with Mother Superior Delacourt. Take a swing at the king, you better not miss. They've been tag-teaming so much on Trudeau-bashing as of late, you'd swear it was Jane and Jody under pseudonymous bylines. "Justin sucks" is a tired narrative but apparently it pads the portfolio.

Be interesting to see cousin Andy's financials. I mean now that "speaking fees" for Trudeau kin are fair game, after all. A whole year during a pandemic was wasted pursuing the contents of Margaret Trudeau's pocketbook. Makes you wonder, how much coin belongs to Andrew Coyne?

Jackie Blue said...

AFN chief calls out the media's one-sided narrative focused on one white guy and ONLY one white guy, instead of Indigenous stories. David Akin, white guy, runs away with his tail between his legs.

Too little too late. You fucked around and found out, and you will never be forgiven. #CdnMediaFailed -- they need to grovel this time. Bend the goddamn knee. Learn to code, you pieces of shit. Learn. To. Code.

Simon said...

Hi Cathie...The Con media will try to keep this fake scandal going as long as they can, but it's already past its best before date. And the more the Cons keep trying to hype the Tofino farce, the more people will get angry.... at THEM.
But unfortunately what all this shows is that the Cons and the Con media are prepared to go to any lengths to try to bring down Trudeau, by whatever means necessary. So if we thought we could take a well deserved break after all of this, we're shit out of luck. Damn.... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I think Akin has been shaken by the reaction to his original "scoop." The one where he revealed that Trudeau wasn't in Ottawa, he was in Tofino. *gasp*
I've never seen him so agitated, firing off one Truth and Reconciliation tweet after the other, as if he was a leading advocate for indigenous rights, when he most certainly has not ever been. While attacking Trudeau, who created the Day of Truth and Reconciliation, and is the best friend native people have ever had in Ottawa. I realize the Covid pandemic has scrambled a lot of brains, but that's madness....

Jackie Blue said...

Ibbitson says this will accelerate Trudeau's departure. I'm sure he wants it to be. He goes on to mention all the other nothingburger nontroversies that weren't the death knell for JT's career either, but for some reason this one will be.

I would hope the LPC brass isn't so stupid as to take advice from a hack at the Globe who stans for Mad Max. Or anyone at the Globe, really. Or, honestly, anyone in the "fake-news crooked lying media."

BTW, sports analogy incoming. I know Canada was caught up in Jays fever for the moment, but there's a lesson for the Liberals in tonight's primetime TV NFL showcase, should they have the inclination to do something very ill-considered. The Patriots ditched their star winner and now they keep losing. To him, tonight. As I said right after the election. You don't dump a successful quarterback because he won the last two Super Bowls by a field goal instead of a blowout.

You don't dump him just because of a media-frenzy publicity stunt either. Let's talk headlines. Brady went rock climbing and jumped off, his daughter in tow. He wore orange pants to a party in L.A. He had a kid out of wedlock. He got dinged by the, um, ethics commissioner (NB: Roger Goodell has no ethics). None of it matters because he keeps winning games. Trudeau has half as many rings as he does right now.

None of this noise should matter to the LPC higher-ups either, because Trudeau keeps winning elections. All these nontroversies are Deflategates full of hot air, invented and "pumped up" by sore losers with shriveled balls. Tales told by idiots signifying nothing. I doubt it even will matter by the time the next election comes about.

If they do take a risk of changing horses, I'm sure they'll accomplish a whole lot with 120 seats. Ask Bill Belichick how's that working out for him. JT23 and TB12 should compare notes.

Jackie Blue said...

AFN Chief Archibald:

Let's remember that Truth and Reconciliation is about Survivors and those children who died in the institutions of assimilation and genocide.

Therefore, I ask media outlets to give as much time to Survivors' stories as they are giving to the Prime Minister's behaviour on September 30.

Media: "Let's remember that Truth and Reconciliation is about how much shit we can, in truth, reconcile throwing at Justin Trudeau."

Day 5 of Surf and Turf. The media deliberately omitted AFN Chief Archibald's second paragraph in her statement. Meanwhile, the Irrational Post (Conman Black's propaganda outfit) says there are "calls for JT to apologize publicly" for offending their delicate sensibilities. Translation: he should apologize publicly for winning the election in spite of all the crap we hurled at him.

It should be clear by now that the entire purpose of this nonsense is to have him be the proxy vessel by which white colonizer media types can project their virtue signaling on an issue they don't actually give a damn about, without actually having to do the work themselves.

See also, the Lavalamp Affair, the railway protests, etc. Let Trudeau wear the hair shirt so we can get away with pretending like we care.


Steve said...

There is a constant bubble of totally fake headlines in some papers Like The I HAVE BEEN MOONED, the Natioal Disgrace, the Global Fail and even the newly minted Tory Star.

78% if liberals do not want Trudeau to get a majority
etc etc
Today in the Fail we have, Toffio I wound that Trudeau can never heal. Like its D Day on Juneau beach and private Trudeau bails.

Jackie Blue said...

So here you have it. More proof that it was never about Reconciliation, though we knew that already. Just populist gravel-throwing from the guttersnipe media to rile up class-warfare jealousy of the PM. Media will never apologize for this. They're deliberately sending their mob to follow him and they don't care if he gets hurt.

Bryan Passifume is the Sun hack who chased the PM's airplane, possibly in breach of his security. (Akin is circling the wagons to protect whoever the video cameraman was who filmed him on the beach.) Now Passifume is taking his lowlife audience on an HGTV tour inside the vacation home. Senator Twatwaffle retweeted it.

Archived so as not to give him undeserved clicks. The fuck has this got to do with Reconciliation? Nothing, obviously. It's Postmedia trash.

But sure, Trudeau is at fault here and Liberals are the ones exhibiting cult derangement by going after "the free press". In much the same way that Democrats were being divisive by going after Judge Winebox Pirro when she stalked Hillary Clinton out in the woods of upstate New York.

I keep saying that whenever he does decide to decamp, he should get out of the country and this is why. Ibbitson is full of it. Media will never be able to quit him. Media killed a princess. Media is scum.

ottlib said...

This is the swing set at Harrington Lake all over again.

The election is over. The speculation about the fates of the various party leaders had lost steam. The media needed something to talk about to justify their salaries and perks. Talking about Truth and Reconciliation does not drive clicks. Torqueing the PM's annual trip to BC on the other hand...

The media have been keeping this alive like the swing set because it is all they have. If they would have been smart the lot of them should have taken a page out of the PM's book and gone on vacation but the financial state of the MSM is so bad that they all might have feared that they would not have jobs waiting for them when they returned.

We are seeing some blowback towards the media for making September 30 about the PM instead of T&R but do not expect any kind of reflection or mea culpa from the media on that score. The arrogance of the media makes politicians look humble in comparison.

As for PMJT he is not going anywhere. Any suggestion otherwise, in the media, is just wishful thinking by them. They have been trying to take him down since he became leader of the Liberal Party and it has all been for naught. And their frustration is really beginning to show.

Jackie Blue said...

So Tool looks to be staying on for now, and says the first order of business the Cons want to get down to is... reactivating their conspiracy theory about COVID and the Winnipeg Lab. Einstein said that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Tool is no Einstein, but the cons are insane.

I guess they're also perfectly content to permanently lose the Chinese Canadian vote. This guy needs an orange wig -- he's a one-note hack who just thumps his chest and shouts GHINA GHINA GHINA and lets his conspiracy caucus run wild on the "Wu Kung Flu". Media so desperately wants to portray him as "moderate" even though he's Canada's own version of Cheeto Mussolini.

Anybody good with deep-fake apps? Someone please put his stupid mug superimposed over this.