Monday, October 11, 2021

Thanksgiving Day 2021: And Some Reasons To Be Thankful

It's Thankgiving Day in Canada. In the place where I live it felt like a warm summer day.

And this year I have so many other things to be thankful for, I don't even know where to begin.

But let's begin with these heroes.

Our magnificent healthcare workers who risked their lives to stop Covid from killing millions of Canadians.

And are now finally winning the war, no thanks to the ghastly Cons who did everything they could to try to undermine Team Canada.

The dirty smelly bastards.

I also give thanks to Team Canada's leader Justin Trudeau, who made sure that we had enough vaccines, and kept us going through the darkest of times.

And despite the efforts of the toxic Trudeau haters, and our shabby media, when the time came crushed the Cons like roaches.

And by so doing saved our medicare system, the CBC, a national childcare program, and so many other things. 

That can only add to our already proud reputation...

While leaving the Con turkey Erin O'Toole ready to be cooked by his own supporters...

With or without cranberry  Harper sauce.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, I want to give thanks to my readers who have stuck with me through the good times and the bad times.

And contribute so many great comments that help elevate this humble blog.

They are so awesome. I am so lucky. 

And this evening even the sky looked Liberal red.

Despite all that we have been through our future has never looked brighter.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody !!!!


Jackie Blue said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Simon.

I hope Trudeau is able to stick it out for the full term (most minority governments don't, but it'd be an impressive feat). I hope he ignores the haters and the pundits and the pollsters and the academic eggheads and the fair-weather fans. He really isn't appreciated for just how much he's done for Canada. He's unintentionally done a favour to us Stateside, who really needed a salve to look towards during the era of the mango madman. And that era may be returning sooner rather than later, which is why I really hope he can stay for awhile longer. He didn't just get Canada through that storm. He got us through it too.

What do you think of the Freeland piece from this morning? Is there a faction organizing for her (at peril of foolishly splintering the Liberals again), or is he testing the waters on her behalf to get ready for more time at home with the family? I saw Sophie's pics on Instagram and they just look so happy. (Contra the marriage conspiracy theorists.) Or was the article just an interesting story about Freeland's life and times, and not much to be read into otherwise?

I like her, but I'm really not ready to see him go yet. I'm also not sure she'd perform as well as he has in QC, or that she won't face a Hillary Pillory on the same path as Wynne, Notley, and (in a different way) her own boss... Trudeau needs to stay this term, just to spite them all. Then he and Freeland (and anyone else) can decide what to do.

I think he's done a great job and it's why I started coming here. Our Thanksgiving Day holiday isn't until November but I'm grateful for PMJT and the LPC too. And for the community in this comment section, except for the drive-by trolls who only stop in to throw shit at the walls.

Great cartoon of Tool Man as a cooked turkey. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Newman was hallucinating from hunger pangs. Although with Tool Man as the basted bastard, it's more like George (fat, bald, narcissistic pathological liar) in there, instead of harmless eccentric Kramer...

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Simon. We do indeed have so much to be thankful for and by far the biggest reason is the fact that we're not under Con rule. For if we were, everything else would be moot because under Con rule it would all turn to shit. From vaccine mandates to childcare and from climate to basic human decency, all would be lost. Instead and against all odds, Justin Trudeau saved us from the horrors of a Con government and as such, everything good and decent we had hoped for will all fall into place. There's nothing the Cons or their media can do to change that. I can picture a typical Con Thanksgiving dinner where they gnaw, chew and grumble into their plates as they choke back their surf and turf. Topping it off with a healthy dose of humble pie. Yummy!
Hug your mothers and your fathers, your sons and your daughters. Your friends and your lovers, your significant others. We are truly blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Anonymous said...

Hope you took some time to enjoy the the holiday and beautiful weather Simon.
Canada is a great place to live. Covid demonstrated that although we have our differences most levels of government are willing to work together and put the well being of their population ahead of self interested ideology. As a few of our provincial governments have demonstrated one of the biggest challenges we face is the use of media spun misinformation to capture groups and build walls between them and others. If after reviewing the facts people conclude getting vaccinated is riskier than contacting Covid its their decision but if its based on headline grabbing opinion/misinformation being pushed by Facebook and others to generate clicks it borders on the criminal. As a minimum it needs to be clearly labelled before consuming. But who can be trusted to label it properly? Its a problem but there is enough evidence to warrant baby steps.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I believe Justin Trudeau will stick around until he wins the next election, and sets a new record for wins in a row. He also has some legacy items he needs to finish like the childcare plan, and the assisted death of the tar sands. With the kind of opposition he has he can dream of winning a majority, which would leave him ideally situated to hand the party over to Freeland or Carney. I do think that some in the Con media are trying to boost Freeland’s candidacy so as to try to create a wedge in Liberal ranks. Good luck with that, Trudeau isn’t going nowhere.

P.S. I did get a weird comment from some Con freak suggesting that Trudeau will soon commit suicide, but I choose to believe it’s just projection, and that the poor desperate Con will soon be hanging himself….☠️☠️☠️

Simon said...

Hi JD….Thank you, I hope you had as good a Thanksgiving as I had. I cooked a turkey and unlike the last time I didn’t almost kill anyone 🙄
But as you say, the best thing about this Thanksgiving is that we’re not under Con rule, and still living in OUR beautiful Canada. As I told Jackie, I got some truly freakish comments from Cons who are still screaming about losing the election. But knowing those losers are in great pain just made the day even greater. I know I shouldn’t be taunting them, but I just can’t help it….🥳

Simon said...

Hi RT…..Thank you, I did have a good Thanksgiving thanks to the lovely warm weather that felt like 27 degrees in the place where I live. I hope you had a good one too. Of course, I would have preferred taking the whole afternoon off in a comfy hammock, but I lost the draw to see who would cook the turkey, so I had to be at my most alert lest I poisoned my friends again, like I did a few years ago by not cooking it long enough.
Next year, if it’s safe, I’m having our feast catered, because cooking such a large bird is stressful. But I have to admit just thinking of the poor loser Cons gnawing on their own limbs was a great consolation….😉

Jackie Blue said...

> P.S. I did get a weird comment from some Con freak suggesting that Trudeau will soon commit suicide

I really do worry about his mental health sometimes. I know he's grounded and has family and friends who care about him, but this is an incredibly grueling job that he, himself, wrote in his book left scars upon his childhood that still haven't healed. The kind of things that Sophie, Margaret and even the children get bombarded with is so grotesque that I don't know how anyone could handle it.

I stopped reading down his International Day of the Girl tweet about halfway through, because of how many people were implying the most god-awful accusations against him involving his daughter. They're all over the childcare program with similar rhetoric. Scheer and Kinsella should be ashamed of themselves for unleashing that NDA conspiracy theory about his teaching career that, two years after, refuses to die. Kinsella is really one to talk, accusing Trudeau of having no soul.

The social media traffic amidst Tofinogate was full of dreck encouraging him to take a walk in the ocean instead of the snow, tagging and replying to his own account with messages that he should join his brother in hell. Now they're calling him Bisexual Superman because of the movie. This isn't policy critique. This isn't about a carbon tax or ballot reform. Seriously, what possesses these people?

Lawrence Martin wrote, correctly I think, that the one thing that drives Trudeau's critics batshit is his tenacity, in the face of an unprecedented onslaught that is having an impact on all leaders from Biden to BloJo to Scotty from Marketing. Merkel is unique in her sainthood. Now her party is falling apart. JT doesn't get enough (or, really, any) credit for tuning the noise out and ignoring the armchair (Mulchair?) analysis about his approval metrics or impending retirement. But what I really was surprised was to find Brian Lilley of all people -- Brian Lilley! -- saying that he felt JT would run again! What happened that the universe turned inside out and upside down?

Steve said...

Canada is a great country, but I have lived in a little better one. Austria 6 weeks holiday, an hour off for every hour of overtime, 14 months pay, and free education without application, show up take the courses if you pass your a DR.
I could go on and on but those are the highlights

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…. When it comes to Cons nothing surprises me anymore. They are normally dirty beasts, and now that they have been beaten they are worse than ever. I honestly don’t know how they can live like that, but it probably comes from their parents who raised them badly, and in many cases either abandoned them, or drank themselves stupid, or are or were in prison. All I know is that Justin Trudeau is a much better person and much better Canadian than they are, and his decency will protect him from those poor ugly beasts, I was amused to hear that they are calling him bisexual Superman after the new version of the caped crusader. It’s their ugly homophobia that is rearing it’s ugly head of course, but those pathetic dumbos don’t seem to realize that they are also calling him Superman, and they’re right about that….😉

Simon said...

Hi Steve….I don’t know much about Austria, but I too have a country that i like a lot, Scotland. It too is very beautiful, and has very progressive policies like free university education. But all things considered, if I had to choose, which I don’t, I would choose Canada. Many Canadians take its peaceful magnificence for granted, but I never will….

Anonymous said...

This tweet

Jackie Blue said...

Breaking news: Tool continues to be criticized for Trumpish bluster and sabre-rattling on GHINA, that cost the party at least three ridings with high percentage of Chinese Canadians. Conservative association consisting of ethnic Chinese who have been longtime Tory stalwarts is disgusted by his inflammatory, racist, cosplay Cold Warrior rhetoric, and calls on him to resign.

Response: He votes to kick out the council member who raised these very concerns as part of his justification for starting a petition demanding a leadership review by the party members. That guy also himself happens to be of ethnic Chinese extraction. Conservatives plug their fingers in their ears and go la la la condemning this Conservative Chinese Canadian group as being fundraisers for the Liberal Party. Because you know, GHINA, Justin Trudeau is Raymond Shaw, there's a panda bear under every bed, and those bears are communists who vote Liberal. GHINA!

So Erin O'Trump hates GHINA because they're repressive of dissent, promises to do better by... repressing dissent. Condemns Trudeau as an autocrat who loves GHINA and represses dissent. At the same time, Trudeau is just a puppet of GHINA, Schrodinger's dictator. Tool is no Einstein, obviously, but we all know what the man said about the definition of insanity. Response from Conservative idiots to the smartest man in history: "He's just not ready, nice hair though."


Anonymous said...

O’Toole needs to be careful. Who knows what Harper’s f’ing Canada China FIPA contains.


Simon said...

Hi anon@10:33....Thanks for that Adler tweet, pointing out that the three million jobs lost at the beginning of the pandemic have been recovered, which is an extraordinary achievement. But because it makes the Trudeau Liberals look good the Con media have almost buried the story. Our loutish media types only like bad news and fake scandals, so it's important to get the good news out...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I have been out of the loop. But I did predict during the campaign that O’Toole’s relentless and hollow China bashing would cost him some votes in the Chinese Canadian community, he was fuelling anti Chinese and anti Asian sentiment, hate attacks were way up, but O’Toole didn’t care as long as he could portray Justin Trudeau as a Chinese agent. For that alone he deserved to lose. And thanks for that video of Trump, it brought back really bad memories, but it was hilarious. It also made me wonder why O’Toole’s Ghina nonsense, which was also endangering the lives of the two Michaels, was never criticized by our ghastly media. We were lucky to get out of that election alive…l

Simon said...

Hi UU….As I just told Jackie, O’Toole’s China bashing was disgusting, and made even worse by the fact that him and his Cons were responsible for the FIPA agreement, so all that criticism couldn’t have been more hypocritical….