Tuesday, October 05, 2021

How The Tofino Farce Set Off An Anti-Con Media Revolt

It was the shortest fake scandal this country has ever known, and the lamest.

It only lasted two days, before it fell as flat as the waves on the beach at Tofino.

And while Justin Trudeau must have been disappointed by having his well deserved holiday disrupted by the Con media.

Nobody was more disappointed than the Con fluffer David Akin.

For he clearly believed that he had uncovered a scandal that would revive his sagging career.

And would force Trudeau to resign in disgrace.

Which of course is hilarious, and is definitely NOT going to happen.

Not when Trudeau just won an election, has a comfortable minority, is one of the most admired progressive leaders in the world.

And has a very popular national childcare program to implement, a war against climate change to fight. And so he isn't going anywhere.

Which is more than we can say about David Akin, because his future looks very uncertain.

He has had to endure a Twitter storm which had to be seen to be believed...

For hours and hours the tweets rained down on him, until what was left of his credibility was shot, and he was clearly on the defensive.

And if that wasn't enough, he also has two more good reasons to be on the defensive:

One, if Rogers is given permission to buy Shaw, Global News could take a big financial hit.

In a document filed with the CRTC in July, Rogers said if its acquisition of Shaw goes forward, it does not plan to continue the payments to Corus’s Global News network.

“We are concerned this decision will have a detrimental impact on local news production and delivery, including in markets like Kelowna, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Regina, Peterborough, Kingston, Saint John and Halifax, where Corus operates local stations but Rogers does not,” the submission from Corus reads. “Already in a difficult financial situation, Global News can ill-afford to lose this support.”

And Akin could find himself on the street selling pencils, or working with Ezra Levant at the filthy Rebel, like he once did at Sun TV News...

And two, the other reason Akin is sounding so defensive, is that the fake Tofino scandal has triggered an uprising, aimed not just against him.

But also at all the other members of the Con media who have been poisoning our country for years with their Con bias, and their obsession with destroying Justin Trudeau.

Old white men like David Akin, John Ibbitson, Bob Fife, Don Martin, Brian Lilley, Warren Kinsella, and all the other relics of a uglier time, who wanted the Trudeau Liberals to lose the election so badly they are refusing to accept the result. 

Or even understand that the times they are a changing.

There's a new feeling in the air. A feeling that enough is enough. A feeling that the time has come to fight back.

How far this uprising might go remains to be seen.

But three thing are for sure:

One, the Con media in this country will never again be as strong as they have been in recent years.

There are a lot of angry people out there determined to challenge their bias, their lies, and their grinding mediocrity. And the Cons will be lost without their support.

Two, Justin Trudeau is in a classy world of his own.

God bless him. I could never be as high minded as he is.

And three, when his run is finally done, in another six years or so, his decency will have helped saved this poor sick country. 

And his legacy will soar over all the others...



ottlib said...

The problem for the media is the distrust of them goes back a long way. When I was a kid I was always told not to believe everything you read in a newspaper. Therefore, I was not to believe everything I saw on the news. This was an attempt by people telling me this to think critically about what I was seeing and reading.

Personal experience taught me just how true those warnings were and I have not paid for news for almost two decades. I do not have any kind of subscription to any newspaper, on-line or otherwise, and I do not watch any news on the TV. I seek my information from other sources.

By my reckoning the reason to distrust the news has grown.

I know that some in the media are saying that any criticism of the media is the same as Donald Trump's fake news trope but Donald Trump was not really wrong on that score. He told his followers not to trust the news, something I was taught over 40 years ago and the media has only themselves to blame for that.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone has a breaking point and it seems this may be it. After 13 years of the Con media trashing JT and his family, mocking his hair, his socks, his teacher credentials. Feminizing, vilifying, demonizing and basically terrorizing him, people may have finally had enough. Though I'm still trying to wrap my head around why he didn't wait until the day after the T&R day to go to Tofino, what's done is done and it's not like he didn't create the day in the first place or attend any ceremonies. The truth is that if it were the Cons in power, our indigenous peoples would be treated as the Cons have always treated them. Like shit. Maybe, just maybe, it was the plan after all. Let the Con media go on an unhinged feeding frenzy only to end up choking on their own vomit. Choke assholes! Canada's Con MSM is dead. Long live the independent journalists who tell it like it is.

Jackie Blue said...

Shameless promo alert: I have a new(-ish) blog about Canada's decrepit media landscape that I've been contributing to here and there. I call it the Canadian Fishwrap Project after PMJT's comments at the G7 denouncing their shallow coverage. Just uploaded is a link to Ryan Jespersen's interview with Peter Mansbridge where he diagnoses the MSM's lack of trust (including his own former employer, the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation), which they brought upon themselves. Starts at 45m45s:


Personally I think a Twitter hashtag is a great way to start, but it needs to go further. Use that as a jumping off point to organize offline. Contact MPs relentlessly and demand an end to the bailout. Demand that the recommendations from the Davey and Kent commissions be implemented. Demand that foreign ownership be abolished and the media barons be audited. Conrad the Conman must have some seriously juicy stuff in his financials. They made themselves fair game when they started pushing for a Hunter Biden investigation of Mama Trudeau.

Go guerrilla: Do what we Yanks do and bombard these Fox-wannabe propagandists in their private life at restaurants and whatnot. Dig into their personal affairs like how those brave tweeps found out about Brivana, about Pentagon Barbie and Tool's campaign guru, and about Laura Stone and Jason Lietaer. You just know there are others. As they howl like hypocrites day in and day out about Trudeau and "conflicts of interests", they're as corrupt as the day is long.

Hold their feet to the fire. Make them afraid. They can dish it out but can't take it? Enough already. We see you corporate MSM and we are done with all your crap! We're mad as hell and we're not going to take this anymore!


Jackie Blue said...

Alt-media continues to be much better than the decrepit party press. BTW kudos, Simon, for reminding people that Akin was once a sidekick of Ezra's and there's not so much daylight between Rebel and Global as they'd have you believe. Kamikaze media. Pentagon Barbie almost landed there too but her contract mysteriously dried up.

NOW Toronto condemns the era of manufactured outrage that has defined the Trudeau era (and compares it, correctly as I've been saying forever, to Trump, GOP shit-flinging, and Clinton derangement syndrome). He also acknowledges that the media are in a psychotic tailspin having seen him win a threepeat, and are desperate to take him down. Tofinogate is/was a sign of just how broken they really are.


Caveat: Enzo DiMatteo doesn't paint a full picture here. The NDP were just as prolific in their toxic shit-flinging as the cons. It spoke volumes today when Tool accused Max and JT of being "divisive" and deceitful... but not Jagmeet. Almost like there's a mutual pact, huh?

You know both the MSM and the "progressive left" are broken when they start aligning themselves with John Ibbitson and the PPC. But, as I've been saying all along... Bernie hated Hillary so much that he was more than happy to bash her on Fox...

Simon said...

Hi ottlib.....I suppose there has always been bias in the media, some more spontaneous than others. But what horrifies me these days is how organized or systematic it appears. I'm not a paranoid person, but when even the Star is now tilting to the right you have to wonder what's going on. And it's not hard to see the danger, especially if the Cons ever form a government. And then there's media literacy, but that's too depressing to talk about...

Simon said...

Hi JD...The Con media is so right-wing the country has been thrown out of balance. They spend all their time slagging Trudeau, declaring that Canadians hate him and that he should resign, even though he's the most successful politician in this country, and his management of the pandemic has been mostly excellent. The decision to allow Postmedia to own so many papers all over the country so they can direct them to favour the Cons, or else, has proved catastrophic. We need to find ways to pressure them to become more balanced, or else the next election will be something out of Big Brother....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...congratulations on bringing back your Fishwrapper blog !!! The timing couldn't be more perfect, although I wonder how many people have the awesome energy you have. But you're right, we can't just do nothing, and hope that the Con media will become more balanced between now and the next election. We need to challenge them openly, and find way to put pressure on their very vulnerable bottom lines, because that's the only language they understand. Fortunately the Tofinogate nonsense seems to be dying out, and the Liberals can get back to governing without having the Cons wailing like banshees and trying to disrupt everything they do. And since Captain Outhouse is going to continue steering the leaky Con barge, I'm looking forward to a spectacular shipwreck!!

Anonymous said...

Global is only one of many small to midsize media vessels attempting to navigate the wake of the Con powered Post Titanic steaming along full throttle in search of a Canadian iceberg. Harper's crappy gift to Canada that the Liberals somehow seem reluctant to return.


Jackie Blue said...

The right-wing mutation of the ToryStar continues. Alex Boutillier just announced he's jumping ship to Goebbels News. Hopefully Rogers does in fact put them out to pasture, though it's not like any of them will be hurting for employment. I mean, you know this business is corrupt by the fact Evan got dumped by the Ceeb for his art scandal and CTV picked him right up. They have no shame.

The media never hires any new voices. Global is on record as being one of the absolute worst, most toxic workplaces for anyone a shade darker than the snow at Alert. It's all just the same revolving-door churn, the same stale pale males and assorted mean girls like Robyn Urback (who had a normal one yesterday getting called out for her bullshit by Gerry Butts, as the stale pale males like Coyne donned their fedoras to cape for her).

Like I said, no wonder Obama went to Netflix. Eventually down the road, Trudeau should do the same. It's not like he's going to get a fair shake here.

Anonymous said...

I gave up on most of the MSM years ago. Only The Star remained reasonable - until their ownership change. Now they suck as well. It will cost them.


Simon said...

Hi RT.... Global TV used to be slightly better than it is now, but financial problems caused them to become more and more dependent on the $12 million they receive from Rogers via Corus. The Con grifters got hold of them and now they are awful, and more desperate by the day. And sooner or later they will find their iceberg...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I'm sorry to hear that Alex Boutillier has jumped to Global News, he was one of their better reporters. But with the new right-wing owners enforcing their filthy ideology, and even Chantal Hebert going down on bended knee, I don't blame him. I hope there are enough lifeboats for all of them. But as for Justin Trudeau, I was able to watch a bit of his newer this morning, and he was looking good. LawrenceMartin has a column today predicting that Trudeau will go for a fourth term, and I agree with him...

Simon said...

Hi UU....My feelings exactly. I too believed that the Star would remain the closest we have to a progressive MSM paper. But not any longer. They got new owners, they swapped papers with the National Post, and now they seem determined to show that they can be just as conservative as everybody else. And you're absolutely right, it will cost them...

John said...

In my opinion, Justin Trudeau made a very poor judgement call to not respond to calls for his presence by the Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc September 30 and instead go to Tofino. What has now happened is that the issues of Truth and Reconciliation have been placed on the back burner and the corporate media has focussed on Trudeau's actions instead of dealing with the horrifying legacy left from the genocide committed on First Nations people. While the Trudeau government has responded better to the needs of the First nations than the Harper government, this still leaves much to be desired. Hopefully Trudeau will make some positive steps available when he finally visits. For a better overview of the issues I refer you to this statement by the Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc. https://tkemlups.ca/statement-regarding-the-prime-minister-of-canadas-apology-and-next-steps-with-tḱemlups-te-secwepemc/