Saturday, October 09, 2021

How The Liberal "Psychos" Are Pounding The Con Media

By Canadian standards it's practically a revolution. Tens of thousands of angry Liberal supporters going after our ugly Con media.

They are accusing them of trying to steal the election with their naked bias, and of using the Tofino fake scandal to try to get Justin Trudeau to resign.

The revolutionaries even have a Twitter hash tag #CdnMediaFailed that has been trending for days.

And has so disturbed the media conglomerate, the bullies are complaining that they're being bullied.

Which is of course absurd.

For while it's fair for them to complain about the vile comments they claim they are receiving from the Cons and other right-wing extremists.

Progressives don't do that, and the Con media are the ones who also need to apologize for poisoning our politics with their naked bias, and their toxic Trudeau hatred.

Like the Globe columnist Robyn Urback comparing the Prime Minister to a dog.

Or comparing what happened on that beach in Tofino to what happened on the beaches of Normandy.

Which is so disgusting, she should have been fired immediately for defiling the memory of all the brave soldiers who died there.

But if that was disgusting, how about this beauty from these two well known so-called  journalists?

Who should be ashamed of themselves, but clearly aren't.

Not when one of them is still willing to work at the increasingly right-wing Star that could produce a poll as biased as this one.

And the other is willing to team up with the NDP loser Charlie Angus and further shame himself.

Before finally admitting that he really is a loser.

And making it sound like he's proud of it.

Which of course is what the deranged Trudeau hater Warren Kinsella does all the time.

Even when it's hard to tell whether he just lost the election, or is losing his marbles. Or both.

But this from his colleague at the sleazy Toronto Sun, Bryan Passifiume, who broke the Tofino fake scandal, has to be the ugliest and most Con thing of all. 

A video of Justin Trudeau dressed up as a woman camping it up on a beach.

I can't show you the video because Passifiume blocked me after I criticized his vile misogyny, but you might be still able to see it if you check out his Twitter account @BryanPassifiume

But this other image should make it all too clear how low the Con media is prepared to go to try to debase and destroy Justin Trudeau.

As well as making it clear from what stinking orifice that Trudeau hate comes from.

It explains why the Cons launched their campaign with that monstrous video of Trudeau dressed up as a little girl.

And while we're at it, it also explains why the monstrous Disaffected Lib hates our decent Prime Minister so much. 

And why he went absolutely heaving crazy, when he first saw a picture of Trudeau at a Gay Pride parade.

So crazy he quickly turned the Canadian flag on his site upside down, like the Trudeau hating anti-vaxxers do.

Before going on to famously declare that gay kids have no right to talk about their orientation, even when they are being bullied. Which made him at least one enemy for life.

At least until he apologizes.

It's all very sordid and depressing, but if you look at the big picture, it's all good. 

The Con media's reign of terror is coming to an end, as more Canadians rise up against it. They'll never be able to try to steal an election again.

And even the incredibly tolerant Justin Trudeau seems to have had enough.

For enough really is enough.

And the Con media and the other toxic Trudeau haters have been warned. There are a lot of very angry Canadians out there.

And they are going to go after the Cons, and their filthy Con media, harder than they ever have before... 


Anonymous said...

So sad to see the Con media sobbing about getting well deserved backlash for their constant stalking and whining about JT. Boo fucking hoo. Their "journalistic integrity" has devolved into a game of gotcha with the PM which is really no surprise to me. The time and effort they put into helping elect the tool was again all for naught. Their favorite punching bag effectively though not literally flipped them the bird and fuddle duddled them at the same time and they are now in a frenzy to get JT at any cost. The fact is that this election has once again proven just how irrelevant the Con media are for the majority of Canadians who just aren't buying their brand of right wing bullshit. We see what's happening south of the border and we will not accept it here. I haven't spent a red cent on any media in years and if we all do the same, maybe these American owned douche-rags will have no choice but to cut costs and close up shop. Why waste their time up here when they have such a huge population of Trumpy half-wits to enrage. To me it's ironically, a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

Every Beach Matters. ��

Jackie Blue said...

Christ, this is sick. Besides the fact that Stephen Maher seems to have turned into Bill Maher, and is really having a public breakdown over a hashtag. But I feel vindicated now pointing out that Tofinogate was never really about Reconciliation at all. It was a perverse sexual attack upon JT, specifically aiming to get dirt on his marriage. Or break it up altogether. Remember Scheer pushing the Pedogate crap that WK was floating? Fake news Buffalo Chronicle even said that Sophie dumped him after she caught him in bed with Ben Mulroney!!!

Media has been pushing the bullshit divorce angle for months, while lining up to display their repressed fantasies about him. Lyin' Brian Lilley writing erotic fanfic about JT's Christmas holiday in Costa Rica. Bet he never wrote about Pallister like that. Wornout, meanwhile, has proven once and for all that his descent into madness emanates from a jilted, unrequited man-crush. Sorry WK, you're not his type.

#CdnMediaFailed by ignoring another friendly sausage maker who was a heavily involved CPC staffer so they could double down on their smear-attack bullshit. They think shitposting-for-hire is worthy of a Pulitzer. I'd say this behaviour is expected for a series of rags mimicking British tabloids and which are owned by the US hedge fund that operates the National Enquirer, but now that the other seemingly "respectable" publications have jumped aboard the bandwagon, it's perfectly fair to paint the whole lot with a broad brush.

#CdnMediaFailed by clutching their pearls about Reconciliation, when the Star is the same rag that put the definition of genocide up for a public opinion poll just like that one, right after the MMIWG inquiry was released in the summer of 2019. A "liberal" paper committing genocide denialism proves they're not so liberal at all.

#CdnMediaFailed by marching in lockstep with the likes of Tucker McPunchableface, an unapologetic white supremacist who clearly also has a parasocial attraction to Justin Trudeau. #CdnMediaFailed by sending Travis Dhanraj (another Goebbels News reject) out to normalize Max at the CBC, so as to make the fascist cons seem tame by comparison. Guess who also interviewed Max just a couple of months ago: Fucker Swanson. So the CBC has officially become Canada's own taxpayer-funded Fox News. Failing losers, sad!

#CdnMediaFailed to unseat Justin Trudeau by polishing the blue turd of Urine O'Toilet's "moderate" image, he who also portrayed Trudeau in feminine form as a bratty little girl in a misogynistic meme video. So they're once more intent upon doubling down on the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. The definition of insanity.

People think this is just about Tofino? The #CdnMediaFailed on multiple levels, they continue to do so without remorse, and they are an absolute disgrace to the profession. I bet they haven't listened to one damn word that Mansbridge himself said about why journalism is facing a crisis of trust. They really are enemies of the people, the lying press. A pox on all their houses. No quarter, no sympathy!

Steve said...

The cons are so sick they will support the bloc to hurt the Liberals. In some books they call that treason.

Anonymous said...

Oh that’s rich. I love when Libbies get in a tiff about the Bloc. You know if Quebec separated Justin would dump Canada and leave. Just like dear old dad said he would.

And Canada would be better off.

Anonymous said...

Wow. And the difference between you and the most rabid Trump supporter is?

Simon said...

Hi JD….We always knew the Cons are bad at everything , and now we know they’re bad losers. And of course I’m enjoying their wails of pain immensely, it’s like Mozart to my ears. But most of all I’m enjoying the whining coming from the Con media who tried so hard to destroy Justin Trudeau only to destroy what little credibility they had left. For that alone the election was more than worth it. And I am hoping we can choose some of them to boycott, put a dent in their bottom line, and hopefully drive some of them out of business. They have behaved like lowlife scumbags and as I said in my post, enough is enough….

Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 10:41 Trump supporters accuse the media of bad behaviour when they present facts. Like the election not being rigged, vaccines working, Obama not being born in Kenya/Trudeau not being born in Cuba, and Chinese people not being responsible for spreading the (racist term) "Kung Flu". For the media to countenance these kind of conspiracy theories as mere differences of opinion is why they completely fail.

Trudeau (Clinton/Biden etc.) supporters accuse the media of bad behaviour when they hyperfocus on false outrage like email servers, vacations, and MPs with an axe to grind, instead of zeroing in on the actual bad behaviour of cons. Just to maintain "balance" (and to suck up to their right-wing corporate ownership), they actually end up putting their thumb on the scale for the absolute worst people. In doing so, they become the enemies of (decent) people.

@Anon 10:40 actually there's been some recommendations that the Grits should work out an agreement with the Bloc, because for as much of an asshole as Blanc Cheque is, at least he's the only opposition leader who's an adult in the room and respects the division of powers. They didn't go full-court press attacking Trudeau's family either. Can't say that about the Cons or the increasingly Trumpish NDP. Singh is quick to cry racism when it's pointed out that his penchant for central planning is why the party goes nowhere in QC. Trudeau isn't going anywhere. But he'd win smashing majorities every election if Saskaberta up and quit.

Now will you both shut up, man? Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Simon said...

Hi anon 12:07 AM….Son of a beach, that’s deep. But sadly for you Tofino doesn’t matter anymore. I expected it would be forgotten by….umm….yesterday, and sure enough it was. Sorry….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…Yes, it is sick, but a least it has exposed the misogyny of the Con media, and stuck a fork in the sides of some of the old white men who have been getting away with murder for years. Suddenly they have been exposed for all to see, and they aren’t happy. As I said a few days ago they will never again be as powerful as they have been in recent years, and that will be good for our democracy. I think the coven had come to believe that they were the government, but not any longer. Now they’re running for cover like the Cons themselves, and we’re just beginning. And as you say, they deserve no quarter and they will get none…

Simon said...

Hi Steve….The Cons may try to enlist the support of the Bloc, but remember old Leggo urged Quebecers to vote for O’Tololr, and nobody listened to him. So I think even the Bloc isn’t as dumb to sniff that poisoned flower….

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:40 AM…I remind you that it was Erin O’Toole who tried to court the separatists in Quebec, and the Liberals ended up with exactly the same number of seats they had before the election. So I would entrust the future of a united Canada to Justin Trudeau far more than I would to any Con. You really need to read up on Canadian history, because it’s obvious you don’t know what you are talking about…

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:41 AM. If you can’t tell the difference between me and a rabid Trump supporter you are clearly in need of help. And you’re in luck. Today is World Mental Health Day and you should take advantage of that to get the help you need. 🤡

Anonymous said...

The Post media behemoth dominants the Canadian political landscape forcing the smaller outlets to use similar headline grabbing tactics in order to generate revenue from the wholesalers such as Microsoft,Google and Facebook. These entities have no interest in journalism its all about pushing user targeted political clickbait in order to generate ad revenue. There are anti trust and Canadian ownership laws but in this case Harper and a few lawyers found a way around the legislation so what we are seeing is exactly what the laws were made to protect us from. The more we throw all media into the same basket the more smoke Post and the Palideau equivalent have to hide behind. We really need to keep the focus on Post and the secondary Pushers. As long as this condition exists who in their right mind would pay a journalistic team months of salary, expenses and in some cases risk their safety to uncover a news worthy story when Shit Vision can cobble together a few sketchy facts, use or something similar to piece together the emotional projection, headline grabbing power words and have it generating ad revenue across the country by nightfall. The solutions are not that complex we just need to all be on the same page.


Dan said...

It's the same crying I heard from bullies once you turn the tables on them and return the favor.

That sort of whinging made me angrier and admittedly meaner. They make you question your own ability and strength and ruin your mental health to cover up their issues. And if you want to get them to stop picking on you is that you gotta break them (which turns out isn't all that hard.)

As for the continuing making Justin into some girly man, look at the people who keep putting that out. They're pretty much telegraphing their own issues and inadequacies. The one Trudeau loather that is sort of in my social circle is probably the most over compensating male ever. Kinda like O'Toole the self described jet fighter jock and alleged ultimate warrior supreme badass.

Does anyone actually think that O'Toole or most Tories would have dealt with CoVID in any smart decent way? I don't think so. We've seen what CoVID is doing out West and what Dougie half assed here in Ontario till he realized that he's fighting for his political survival now.

We're all going to be hit with paying off the resulting debt and dealing with the affects of inflation, but still better than letting thousands die because the money interests don't want to pay and the morons who won't listen to reason/science.

Simon said...

Hi RT…..I agree that Postmedia is the biggest problem we face. And if we could clip its wings we would we would be in a much better position. But there are other bad players that need to be taken down as well. CTV wants the advertising money that goes to the CBC, and Global that stands to lose the money it gets from Rogers is also desperate, and as biased as all of the above. So while you’re right we probably should focus on Postmedia, we can’t ignore what the others are doing to poison our politics. For add the Toronto Star and the Bell owned CP24 to the Con media conglomerate and we’re facing a total shutout….

Jackie Blue said...

> CTV wants the advertising money that goes to the CBC

I've had a suspicion for awhile that Evan has a grudge against his former employer. Another one who has no standing to whine about "conflicts of interests." Then again, Hanlon's razor indicates that one need not necessarily attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity. Equally as likely he's just a telegenic dunce who parrots the line of his employers at Bell/Thomson. To borrow a line from Don Henley, he could have been an actor, but he wound up here.

BTW, speaking of CTV-GlobeMedia, don't forget the Slop and Pail as one of the nefarious players in all of this. The parent company is connected to Peter Thiel's Palantir operation, Reuters now includes Russia's TASS among its wire services partnerships, and the editor of the G&M, Philip Crawley, was a Murdoch protege who is using A.I. to juice subscription drives. Their op-ed hacks like Coyne and Urback are Postmedia rejects or expats, so the same ideology is still being transplanted there as well. And let's not forget their abhorrent decision to platform, and thus normalize, Ezra whining about his "free speech". They all suck.

Simon said...

Hi Dan….I started blogging to take on bullies of any political stripe. I loathe them with every bone in my body. I thought that when we defeated Harper that would solve most of our political bully problem. But after ten years it became embedded in their culture so now bullying is still the only way they know how to play. If we had a truly Canadian media that respected our humble but precious values, they wouldn’t be able to get away with all their lies and dirty tricks. So it’s going to be up to us to denounce the Cons and try to defeat them from coast to coast to coast. For as you point out, if they were running the whole country at this Covid time, we would be in big big trouble. Fortunately on this Thanksgiving weekend we have a lot to be thankful for, and hopefully in the next few years we can rid ourselves of this Harperite nightmare once and for all..l

Jackie Blue said...

OT: Maggie's back! Skippy the Pigeon and Chucklefuck the Clown must be so sore. Are they going to draw up a star chamber to investigate all the other speakers on this list too? LOL, she also gave a speech on mental health to the Albany Club last year. Bet the defective detective duo won't dare open up an inquiry into them...

OK, I wouldn't mind if the Munk Debates guy (who started #sleevegate) was hauled in to explain himself. But I'd rather Chris Hadfield show them how to venture into space and never come back.

Maggie to Jane Goodall: "My son shares a lot in common with you. Did you know that training wild howler monkeys is part of his job too? No? Let me tell you about Charlie Angus and Pierre Poilievre..."

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....It's good to see Margaret Trudeau is still going strong. But I do fear for her safety. The Con monkeys are going absolutely crazy out there. as the fact that they were whupped by Justin Trudeau slowly sinks in. I have received so many crazed comments my index finger is sore from deleting them all. I do get a laugh from seeing how desperate they are, but you'd think they would accept that they are sad losers and make the best of it. For if they don't, it's going to be a long four years....

Unknown said...

Hi Simon

Agree there are others but its like small boats attempting to navigate in the wake of the Post Titanic. They point all attention towards the fashion of the day and divert attention from the real issues. Until the sucker goes down it will be chaos.


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no difference between the Trudeau cult and the Trump cult. None whatsoever. They all cry fake scandal, fake news, everyone is out to get their messiah and so on.

Jackie Blue said...

Speaking of media -- Freeland's been getting a lot of positive press lately. I like her, but should we read into this that Trudeau actually is clamouring to get out? I wouldn't blame him, and totally understand, but it would make me sad nonetheless. I'd miss him. The party is loyal to Trudeau so I wonder if he greenlighted these articles going forward. I think it's well known Chrystia is The One who has his blessing.

I just wrote about this, with the caveat that nobody knows but Trudeau and those around him. Maybe JT went to Tofino to have a private talk with Sophie about what to do next, and the backlash and stalking only reinforced the idea of who the hell wants to stick around for this shit? Plus, I think the cons' establishment wants to keep Captain Outhouse because they figure he's a better liar than Scheer was, and even the Liberals' early polling in the campaign apparently said so. That same failing media runs interference to protect him from wearing the regressive party itself as the "albatross around his neck." They're determined to polish a turd and protect him from the wrath of the base.

I can't stand JJ McCullough, but he has a new piece in WaPo that exemplifies the old "broken cuckoo clock being right at least once a day" saying. He says that if Tool stays, and it appears he might, it'd be due to cynicism that the party brass sticks with a known liar out of their craven desperation to con their way into eliminating the hated Trudeau. The party has no principles and neither does he, but they figure it doesn't matter, because "Canadians don't vote governments in but out."

Their entire strategy is just biding time and concocting more phony scandals to wear out the "Trudeau brand" (I hate that term, it's so tacky, it reduces governance to the Pepsi Challenge). They also figure there either aren't enough "true blue" cons to shift to Max, or that they can afford to shed them in favour of picking up swing voters back East. So again it's the same old reliance upon dissing Trudeau but being nicer about it, or faking well enough after eight or nine years.

Nobody else wants the job leading the cons, while the Liberal bench is deep. I still don't think Freeland would do as well in Quebec (otherwise why would Blanchet have wanted to run against her), so the Liberals would probably end up about where they are now, and misogyny would definitely be a factor, as it was for Wynne, Notley, Campbell, Hillary Clinton. But they'd have a tough time ginning up as much anti-Trudeau vitriol against her as they have against Trudeau himself.


Simon said...

Hi RT….I agree, until Postmedia goes down nothing will really change. My hope is that when it does finally start to fall apart, other less biased papers will rise up to replace it, like small trees in a forest do, after the big trees blocking out the sun bite the dust. The government needs to make sure that none of our tax money goes to bail them out, and selective boycotts can bring at least some of them down. And the fact that papers are being boycotted might convince the others to better behave themselves. …

Simon said...

Hi anon@7:25 AM….You know it’s funny you sound like the Disaffected Lib, who just a few days ago was accusing me and my readers of “demonizing” the Cons. But that old bigot is going senile, so what is your excuse? Look, for the last time, I feel your pain, Justin Trudeau whupped your Cons and left you hopping around one one foot, and screaming like babies. But for goodness sake try to get a grip on yourselves. Trudeau is going to be Prime Minister for a long time and there is nothing you can do about it. Except put on your Con clown hat and start chanting “Four more years, four more years “ At this stage anything that helps anchor you to reality can’t hurt….🤡