Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Justin Trudeau And The Election Guessing Game

I have to give Justin Trudeau a lot of credit, because he sure knows how to campaign, even before he calls the next election.

For not only is his new childcare agreement what many Canadians needed and wanted, as they recover from a brutal pandemic.

It's also a fatal trap for Erin O'Toole and his ugly Cons.

For they hate the idea of childcare, and that can only make O'Toole and his Cons even more more unpopular, and is already making them lie like thieves.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, put out an extremely bizarre “backgrounder” yesterday to claim that the Liberals never meet their promises on childcare, and it was both strange and dishonest. Strange in that this is the kind of thing you’d expect to have an NDP header on it and not a Conservative one, but dishonest because they killed the god damned system that was in place in 2006.

They vehemently opposed childcare, and still do, so for them to try and say the Liberals haven’t kept their promises when they actively worked against them and killed the programme that was created is just galling.

Which is sure to make Justin Trudeau even more popular.

If that's possible. 

But of course all that means is that our shabby media now have a new guessing game: when will Trudeau call the election?

Tasha Kheiriddin says August would be the best month if Trudeau wants a majority.

Given the complications of COVID, Trudeau would be better to start the campaign while the going is good, both in terms of mood and ability to connect with voters at low risk. Outdoor events will be possible throughout the summer; once October hits, colder weather will be sending people back inside, which will restrict the size and nature of gatherings. The last thing any party wants is for its rally to morph into a super-spreader event, something that would be minimized by gathering in outdoor spaces.

While David Akin believes that because of a possible election in Nova Scotia which could be called as early as Sunday, and held on August 17, Trudeau might have to wait until late September.  

Let’s assume Trudeau will call the general election at his first available opportunity after Aug. 17. The rules for the federal campaign are, first, the vote will be held on a Monday and, second, the campaign must be a minimum of 36 days long.

So that implies the earliest there would be a federal election would be Sept. 27, with the federal writ drop somewhere between Aug. 18 and Aug. 22.

As for me, I would prefer a date close to fall than summer, for obvious reasons...

But as for the election result, I don’t think it really matters what day we get to vote.

Not with numbers like these:

Justin Trudeau is just too popular NOT to get a majority.

So whenever he decides to go I'm ready.

As it was in the beginning so shall it be again...

First we enjoy the summer.

Then we crush the Cons.

Then we party for four years... 


Jackie Blue said...

Simon, I'm angry and I'm worried again. What about Barrett and his desperate fishing expedition that's now brought Dion aboard? Dale Smith has a great explainer about yesterday's Westminster dog-and-pony show. Now the Cons are upping the ante because they didn't get what they wanted. But you know as well as I do this isn't just about dropping a well-timed bomb on the Liberals to stop them in their tracks and create bad PR to knock them out of majority territory in the polls. For years they've complained about being behind in the data game. This is 21st-century warfare using a 20th-century parliamentary office, to attack and expose the "source code" of the Big Red Machine.

Literally every single party has the same arrangement and follow the same rules. The Liberals caught them flat-footed when they called to investigate CIMS. Beyond that, the campaign end of the research operation is not the constituency end. The only "crime" being alleged is yet another loose tangent about Trudeau's childhood friend. There's nothing "improper". Everyone does this. The company even worked for the Democrats. But Dion as usual ignores facts to suit his preferred narrative. Robocalls anyone? NDP satellite offices?

Trudeau has no control over who the party executive chooses to do data research. He is not the party executive. If the party leader were the party executive, Paul and Scheer would still be in their respective positions. Instead, weak Andy is an irrelevant back bencher and Paul is about to be cast into exile. Why investigate Trudeau and only Trudeau? Why not have BOIE ask Cowan the same questions as McGrath and Teneycke? Why does the media continue to go along with this perpetual Hillary's Emails farce?

Moreover, the Liberals have had this arrangement since 2009. Dion needs to break out a history book and a calendar because Trudeau wasn't leader until 2014. And even still, he's not the one who "awarded the contract." The Liberals correctly pointed out that this is the purview of the Board of Internal Economy. But the fucking James Comey of Canada is doing the opposition's dirty work again.

I'm furious that this incompetent stooge calling himself an "oversight official" has even given Barrett's bullshit more than a passing thought. Someone needs to start digging up dirt on Fife and get his ass fired.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jackie, that's quite the gish gallop of whataboutism. Looks like JT's stepped in la merde again. The man wouldn't recognize a conflict of interest if it hit him in the face.

Jackie Blue said...

Did you read Dale Smith's article or nah? Do you even know what BOIE is for? I guess facts are "whataboutism" according to hypocritical drive-by cons such as yourself. It's public knowledge the Liberals have had this arrangement for more than a decade, and this only pops up now? You seriously don't find the timing to be suspect? What exactly did Justin step in when he was a rookie MP? What did the Democrats step in, for that matter? The same company works for them!

All other parties have this same arrangement. They admitted to it. The Liberals even said as much at committee and offered to open up to all parties. Instead, the Cons went ahead and made this into another bogus "corruption" narrative because they don't want CIMS investigated, they want to create controversy at the worst possible time -- and because they're lagging in the data game and have been itching to bust open the Big Red Machine. Literally the only "crime" here is another witch hunt over "Justin Trudeau's childhood friend". Susan Delacourt said as much after the WE-Ghazi conclusion: politics is only a place to make enemies rather than friends. Even Coyne finally admitted it, you have nothing to offer but anger and hatred directed at the Grits. Now you want to cook up a phony scandal to kill the childcare arrangement again like in 2006.

The mere fact that Barrett himself kept repeating the line "the eve of an election" is blatantly giving away the plot. So is the thirty-day ultimatum. Ever notice how these "scandals" only appear when the Liberals hit 38-40 in the polls? How do you explain this, from one of Kenney's issues managers giving away the strategy for how they abuse process to create smear headlines? GOP dirty trickster, you lie!

Anonymous said...

The Cons and the financially dead zombie Post have a thing going on. Political noise translates into sensational headlines that sells media to a targeted audience which in turn motivates the targets to vote Con. They are now so intertwined that if one goes the other goes with it, an early fall election could bring on a two for one deal! It would be a great day for Canada.


Jackie Blue said...

PS: You want to talk about corruption and conflicts of interests?

Look no further than the den of thieves at Queen's Park.

Now tell me about all the blood money Justin Trudeau's "childhood friends" have been pulling for killing people and exploiting the poor in a pandemic. You can't, because it doesn't exist. I'll see your "Tom Pitfield" ("Hunter Biden") and raise you Mike fucking Harris. Trudeau has nothing -- NOTHING -- on Thug Ford.

And don't even get me started on the kamikaze sociopaths in AB.

Gish gallop? Whataboutism? Nope, PROJECTION!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…Don’t worry, I can guarantee that this latest fake scandal will go absolutely nowhere. There is nothing there, and it’s only another symptom of the desperate place the Cons now find themselves. They are heading for obliteration and they will clutch at any straw they can. The main thing is to keep hitting them hard, and focus on the upcoming election, because when it’s over the Cons should look like roadkill and too busy trying to pull themselves together to worry about fake scandals. They are dying and they know it….

Simon said...

Hi anon@10:58PM….Con please get a grip on yourself. There is no scandal, nobody cares, and your party has a date with the slaughterhouse. Will you scream when your Cons are fed into the grinder? God I hope so, because as I keep telling you losers, your pain is my pleasure….🤠

Simon said...

Hi RT….Yes, there is no doubt that the National Post is absolutely desperate. They know their only hope for survival is for the Cons to win, and kill the CBC so they can eliminate it’s digital competition and get their hands on all that advertising money. I had a chance to examine their (published) accounts recently, and I’m predicting that only the Sun will survive a Trudeau majority. And nobody will care what Postmedia has to say about anything at long last. How tragic.😂😂😂😂

Jsb said...

Well, while I agree that this accusations might be a bit unfair, it is the narrative that counts... and it's on the liberals that they have a narrative around them that they are corrupt etc.
So idk... also you calling for the commissioner to be fired sounds rather trumpian to me... certainty not (classically) liberal...🤔

Jackie Blue said...

Read it again JSB

I said someone should dig up dirt on Fife and get Fife fired.

Dion is nevertheless incompetent and clueless about his mandate, and a stooge for the CPC whether unwitting or not. The fact he even bothered to give Barrett's conspiracy theory any more than a passing thought proves he sucks at his job. I'll concede for the moment that either Trudeau or his team do a piss-poor job at vetting employees (JWR, Payette, this idiot). But it would be political suicide at this point to give him the walking papers he so richly deserves.

Fife on the other hand needed to go a long time ago. Right back to the smearing of Maher Arar. A reminder that it was just last year he was uncritically retweeting Rupert Murdoch gossip rag that framed their headline as though Sophie got "cozy" with Idris Elba (at WE Day, ironically) and "infected" him with COVID-19. He clearly demonstrates a blatant anti-Trudeau animus and is unfit to call himself a journalist. He even admitted to "torquing" stories during SNC, in an interview on P&P that's since been scrubbed from the CBC website. He's a hack who makes Brian Lilley look like Bob Woodward.

The Cons are the ones who should have a narrative of corruption surrounding them, but it's thanks to hacks like Fife and his ilk that they're perceived as being all about the "rule of law". As though the party of robocalls, In-and-Out, Canada Proud and True Patriot Love has any business calling themselves anything approaching "ethical".

Corporate media are right-wing through and through. Some are just better at hiding it. They pushed Hillary's Emails and Clinton Cash for months while treating Trump with kid gloves. On that account, Justin Trudeau is the male version of Hillary Clinton. There's always, always, ALWAYS an impossible double standard for liberals versus cons. It's not Trumpian to point out the truth. The old saying exists for a reason: IOKIYAR or "It's OK If You're a Republican". In Canada's case it stands for "It's OK If You're a Reformacon".

Broken cuckoo clock being right at least twice a day, however, about the only thing I'll ever agree with Trump on (for different reasons) is that the media is lying fake news and the enemy of the people.

The Globe should have to register as an in-kind PR front for the CPC.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

There was the tiniest smidgen of the database talk in Ottawa news radio, and they tried to whip it into a scandal, but no one is even talking about that now.
The important thing will be whether the prime minister has any other missteps in his past (youth...) that Fife the Knife can dig up. I am expecting this is a "no" since PMJT has been clear with the PMO about stuff, we wait for the CON machine to go back to the future with Stephen Harper has the head of the party, once O'Toole steps down.

Steve said...

The housing crisis has a simple Singaporean Solution.
Singapore is not perfect, but it works better than any place in the world
However this is a very big hill to battle on. Free daycare is a much smaller hill for the CONS to die on. Go Free daycare. We talk about gender equality every day, well free daycare goes a long long way towards the goal line. The economic benefits are obvious.

Jackie Blue said...

@Pierre D.

Fife might be digging up Trudeau's report card to feed dirt into a Barrett investigation, checking whether Pitfield might have helped Trudeau with his homework in grade 4. Maybe in junior high, Trudeau took out a book from the library and let Pitfield borrow it, but Pitfield forgot to return it, so Trudeau paid off his overdue fines as a favor. Oh noes, cue the library cop! Massive corruption afoot!

Or maybe Fife is digging into Trudeau's Amazon account to see if he ordered a different 1990s-era NBC sitcom on Prime Video. Illegal contributions made to Matthew Perry's royalties account? No, wait, Chandler used to pick on JT in school, so that doesn't really count as helping a... "Friend"... 🙄

Unknown said...

Jackie Blue, please enjoy this great tweet !
Dean from Winnipeg


#BREAKING: Pierre Poilievre is demanding an emergency ethics committee meeting to find out why a Double Big Mac has only one piece of cheese and which of Trudeau’s friends got the other slice.