Thursday, July 29, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Con Covidiots

Justin Trudeau couldn't hide how happy and proud he was. And he had every right to feel that way.

Many months ago, during the darkest days of the Covid pandemic, he promised that Canada would have enough vaccines for all Canadians by the end of September.

The Cons, the Con media, and other toxic Trudeau haters heaped scorn on that promise.

But yesterday Trudeau made them all look like idiots.

By delivering the vaccines way ahead of schedule.

Canada now has enough COVID-19 vaccines to fully vaccinate all eligible Canadians, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday during a stop in New Brunswick.

“Back in the winter, I made a promise that we would have enough vaccines for all eligible Canadians by the end of September,” he said.

“So not only have we kept that promise, but we’ve done it two months ahead of schedule.”

It's a stunning achievement, and it should make all Canadians proud...

But sadly, there are still some ghastly so-called covidiots who are actively resisting the vaccination campaigns.

Like these losers who paraded through my neighbourhood the other day in the pouring rain...

Chanting "Freedom" "Freedom" "No More Lockouts" and waving signs like this one...

If it wasn't raining, and there weren't a lot of police officers around, I might have let those covidiots know EXACTLY how I felt about their criminal behaviour.

And how I wish this could happen to them...

Instead of them helping to kill the innocent and the vulnerable. 

But just seeing them close up convinced me that unless we use vaccine passports to control those covidiots the pandemic could go on forever.

So I agree with the Globe and Mail's André Picard, the time for debating Covid-19 passports is over.

In public health, there is an age-old debate about using persuasion or coercion to get the public to embrace measures such as vaccination.

In general, the preference is patient persuasion. But sometimes, when the carrots don’t work, you need to bring out the sticks, or at least the roadblocks.

People are, and should be, free to refuse COVID-19 vaccination. But that does not mean there will not be consequences for the choice.

It's depressing to have to coerce people into doing the right thing to protect the lives of the sick and the vulnerable.

But something good did come out of my encounter with the ugly covidiots.

I saw who was leading that large march through my neighbourhood...

And it helped me understand why Erin O'Toole, with his large number of SoCon supporters, doesn't dare criticize the covidiots.

And worse, hasn't raised a finger to encourage Canadians to be vaccinated. 

Unlike Justin Trudeau... 

So when the election campaign begins, we will be able to remind Canadians who stood up for them.

And who was too cowardly to take on the religious fanatics...

Too chicken to try to convince them to end their war on science, and get vaccinated.

And by so doing, has once again proved himself unfit to ever govern this country...  


Anonymous said...

The amount of people that are refusing to get vaccinated is astounding.
I won't begin to guess at their political leanings but the majority appear to be old, white and ...Tim Horton's afficonados.


The amount of people who have NOT been vaccinated yet is mind boggling..
Unbelievable. Frightening.
And it could be a major game changer when we move into flu season in Nov./Dec.
Last Summer Covid infections fell off a cliff...
THIS Summer the Delta Covid is INCREASING.
Scares the crap outta me and I've received both vaccinations.

I have friends( Libs, Cons, NDP) who refuse to get vaxxed and when I ask them why.
"The vaccines are a new type of untried vaxx (true).
Too many conflicting statements from govt. (True).
The pharma companies are getting rich ( True).
Its getting better ( Used to be true)
5G phones are causing the illnesses (WTF?)
The vaccines have tracking microchips.( OMG !)
On and On and On.

This isnt over by a long shot and when the Delta Covid Mutates AGAIN..... The sh!t really will hit the fan.... will there be any nurses and doctors that arent burnt out.... to deal with it?

The Hundreds of billions Trudeau has spent already....will look like a drop in the bucket...

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Simon, what do you think of this? Not sure if it's true or not, but... Kenney Killing his Kult to own the Libs... er, the Tool?

Wackiest vaccine conspiracy theories I've heard so far:

- It's a lethal injection. We're being executed one by one. (Popular meme in Texas, lethal injection capital of the Yoo Ess Ay)

- Dr. Fauci invented AIDS. AIDS is in the vaccine. Therefore, by making everyone get vaccinated, Dr. Fauci is giving everyone AIDS.

- The COVID vaccine causes autism by uploading Internet code to your brain. Bill Gates was the first person to have autism because he tested it on himself.

- COVID stands for Certificate Of Vaccine Identification. As for the 19, A is the 1st letter and I is the 9th letter so it's COVID A.I. as in artificial intelligence. A nanobot life form (sentient tracking device) is injected like a parasitic worm into your bloodstream and alters your DNA using CRISPR technology.

- Canada-specific: Trudeau did not get the vaccine. He a) is undergoing hormone transition treatment; b) already has immunity from adrenochrome harvesting; c) is already dead or in jail, and the person in that promo video at Shoppers is a lookalike; d) e) f) ... z) some other QAnonsense from the diseased minds and comment boards of "friendly sausage makers". Also, Sophie did not get the vaccine. She is not really there. That's a deep fake hologram in the video.

Nature gave us a test with this pandemic. This species is revealing itself more and more to be just too damn stupid to survive. 🤦‍♀️

Simon said...

Hi anon@11:15 PM....Yes, the number of people who are not yet vaccinated is frightening. Some of them are members of minority groups where language is a barrier, so they at least have an excuse. But there are far too many others who have no excuse and are just ignorant and criminally selfish. That's why I am in favour of vaccine passports. If you are endangering the lives of others you need to pay a price, by being excluded from places like shops, restaurants, and movie theatres. Justin Trudeau and his Team Canada have done an amazing job in providing enough vaccines for everybody. And healthcare workers have worked so hard to vaccinate as many people as they can. So I have no tolerance at all for the anti-vaxx movement, and believe that we need to crack down on those crazies as hard as we can...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I'm not surprised that some Cons are freaking out over the way Jason Kenney is behaving. For it can and will be used against Erin O'Toole, who if we remember owes his job to the foul Kenney, and has more SoCons in his Bigot Party than anyone can count. As for the anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories I've never seen anything like them. At a different time they would be merely laughable, but during a medical emergency they are criminal, and those who spread them should be punished severely. Enough is enough...

Anonymous said...

According to the Alberta Cons, science has spoken and effective mid August they are going to treat Covid like any other respiratory infection. No masks, no testing, no isolation, no contact tracing.... Should be exciting for their devout base that have resisted the global elitist plot to zombify the population through vaccination. Why do Cons always hurt the ones that love them the most? Its unfortunate they don't have their own private island somewhere as the damage is not restricted to the believers.


Steve said...

Why cant all politicians have the wisdom of Kenney, pass a law and the problem becomes illegal.

Simon said...

Hi RT...I can't believe what's happening in Alberta. It's criminal and Jason Kenney and his UCP stooges deserve to be arrested. I'm also very disappointed that none of these Con clowns give a shit about the heroic health workers of this country who are exhausted by this never-ending nightmare. So o I really like your idea of finding a private island where those maniacs could he housed, until the happy day they hopefully eat each other...