Monday, April 27, 2020

Stronger Together and the Madness of Andrew Scheer

I watched the show Stronger Together last night, which was designed to salute our frontline workers and raise money for food banks across the country.

And I absolutely loved it.

Not because of the music, or all those well known performers, but because it was so so Canadian, and had solidarity written all over it. 

And above all sent out the message, we all need to hear: WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

So you can imagine how disgusted I felt when at the end of the show I saw this...

Can you believe it? The Ugly American couldn't wait for the end of the show to try to trash that sense of solidarity, and undermine Team Canada's war on the deathly Covid-19.

And of course, go after the man he hates so much...

But can't live without.

It's all so bizarre, it could only come from the twisted mind of a religious fanatic.

One who believes that God is on his side, and wants him to be prime minister.

A Con so callous he wouldn't know what empathy was if it jumped up and bit him. Even in the middle of a devastating pandemic.

Even as the government is working so hard to help all those struggling to survive in the ruins of a collapsed economy.

It's simply beyond belief, and so are these tweets Scheer fired off today...

Which make it only too clear that he is terminally tone deaf, and intends to use the pandemic for crass political purposes.

Because he's not a team player...

And no doubt wants Team Canada to fail, just so he can "own" Trudeau.

It's so pathetic I sometimes feel sorry for the Ugly American.

For he cannot know the meaning of solidarity, cannot appreciate the bonds that bind Canadians at a time like this one.

Like last night when we came together to salute our health workers, and help the poor and the hungry and It looked and sounded like the Canada I know and love.

And I really liked this song...

Yup. We gotta be patient.

But we are stronger together.

We are going to finish off the Ugly American Cons.

And we are going to beat that bug...


Anonymous said...

Like I said. The liberals are bad enough. We dodged a bullet. Its the conservatives who've constantly pushed for privatization and deregulation.When parliment resumes they all should answer for that! Scheer put in the dust bin and Polievre to the plank ahead of his gang on the walk of shame

Cathie from Canada said...

I can't imagine what a poor job the Cons would have done with the support programs - their insistence on means-testing would have delayed support cheques for months, and they would never have directly subsidized wages.

Jackie Blue said...

I watched it too on the CBC live stream, and it was indeed a very nice concert, Simon. As for Weird Andy, he is a perversely jealous celebrity stalker who probably locked himself in his Trudeau shrine room and sang this Radiohead song while the other artists were performing a heartwarming tribute to Bill Withers. Drake's ramble at the very end after Trudeau's 30sec closer had some important advice: if people are dragging you down, cut them out of your life. This is what bothers Weird Andy so much: Trudeau did just that, practically from day 1 (remember the failed photobomb on Acadian Day?) and barely even notices him except to swat him down when he's sabotaging relief efforts for everybody else. This is a good example to follow, and since Trudeau has said he intends to model good behavior, it's long overdue that the rest of Canada socially distanced away from Weird Andy and everyone in his toxic disease of a party. "What the hell is he doing here? He doesn't belong here!"

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, and after today's awful headline and what the PM has gone through already with Sophie being sick from covid-19, her dad suffering from cancer and now this, Weird Andy and his trolls can by all means shut the fuck up for the rest of the decade.

Margaret Trudeau in hospital with smoke inhalation after fire at her Montreal apartment

Get well soon, Mama Trudeau. Ignore the haters, they're trash.

Steve said...

no bailout for airlines or news spreaders

Anonymous said...

Greg Perry's cartoon is a perfect description of the irrelevant, childish bully Scheer. Andy should release a K-Tel greatest hits album with his flogged to death whinings his numbskull base can play over and over again.
"We Shoulda Shut the Border Sooner."
"I'm The Taxman, yeah, the carbon tax man."
"WHO Are You?" WHO the fuck are you, Andy?
"The Long and Whining Scheer".
"Golden Blunders".
"Carry That Hate".
"The End". Thank Christ.
Suffice it to say that Canadians are tone deaf to the Conservatives and their stink tanks. However, as they're using hindsight as a means to attack I must ask, where were you and your "brilliant ideas" Andy when the shit was hitting the fan? And of course the Libs will and have wished they had done some things differently for this unprecedented pandemic. They've enhanced, they've corrected and will continue to do so as they listen to Canadians concerns. They're listening to Canadians, tuning out the ugly American and I love it.

Jackie Blue said...

Hi JD -- you, Simon and others may enjoy this article, about the nitty-gritty of just how much work Team Canada is doing nonstop on these decisions, and pivoting on a dime as circumstances require. Fife couldn't resist getting in a stupid dig at the end about the yearbook photos and the infamous fake scandal he created. But overall it's a fascinating behind-the-scenes profile. And there's surely more to come.

My takeaway from this: Bill Morneau seems like a nice guy, a little stilted but still a nice guy. The Finance ministry, however, unfortunately seems to be something of a silo that doesn't play well with others. I think Trudeau himself wants an even bigger transformation, but it seems there are still some old-guard Blue Grits and the donor class who he has some friction with because they're clinging onto some sway.

An example of this would be the NDP's simplistic, performative poutrage for screen time about tax havens, after Trudeau already gave an answer to Blanchet at yesterday's virtual QP and is working on putting together the details for how to go after the cheats without harming the workers (sound familiar?). Bernie Singh is just jealous that corporate Canada actually hates Trudeau more, because he's a "class traitor" rather than a champagne socialist and is the only one actually in a position to get things done. Shame on Singh for spitting out clickbait to salvage some relevance, and calling Trudeau and the Liberals "callous" like nattering nabob of negativity Scheer. Easy to heckle from the bleachers when you don't actually have to face a firing squad. He knows damn well that Trudeau has to tread lightly so he doesn't get stabbed front and back 100 times by the money men in striped pin suits and turfed or worse for pissing off the wrong crowd. But I digress.

I also think (or hope) that it's too early to talk about Trudeau's legacy yet. I know that he and his family have been through a lot, and like anyone else I have no idea what's going on in his personal life (nor is it anyone's business), or where his career trajectory will go yet. But he has definitely gotten Canada through some very choppy waters in spite of everything that's been thrown at him, and he's been a beacon of hope in a Trumpified, Obamaless world. I don't ever want to hear anyone say again that he's a "lazy trust-fund kid" who hides in his house and doesn't work hard. I actually worry about him working too hard and suffering burnout. But in any event, I agree with Bob Hepburn: He definitely deserves a lot more credit than he gets.